Natsu looked around, trying to form any sought of plan. His mind was a mess, everything was happening so fast. Even his battle ready mind couldn't form a coherent plan, his blood was boiling and not just out of adrenalin. He was excited, fired up like he had never been before. Here he was in the capital city of Fiore in a mass war with Dragons! Dragons! If only Igneel could see him now, he knew he'd be proud.

But right now was not the time to think about that, he needed something any form of idea that he could muster. This war with the dragons he was so very much enjoying, they were losing it. He may have been having fun, but it was dangerous and people were scared out of their minds and he too had to admit that he was nervous. The only real Dragons he had ever seen where Igneel and Acnologia, the latter tried to kill him and his friends. With all these Dragons being controlled, it didn't sit well with him, they deserved to make their own choices not forced into battle.

His black eyes flashed up to the sky to see the largest Dragon Rogue had called Motherglare, bigger then Igneel ever was flying high above the city. That's where he needed to be, where he needed to stop the Rogue from the future. He didn't care about details, all he knew was that he had to kick the future guys ass. He needed Happy to fly up there but the Exceed hadn't been at his side for a while now, he just hoped that his best friend was ok. Running through the streets he was watching the buildings, some crumbling in the onslaughts of the Dragons that littered the city. Finding the highest building he let out a roar of frustration, he'd still never make the jump to the large Dragon.

"N-Natsu?" A voice questioned making Natsu turn at the familiar voice, his eyes widening as he saw Ultear standing there, injured and covered in dirt. She was favouring her arm as she leant up against a crumbled building to support herself. Natsu's eyes shot wide open and he dashed forward as he saw Ultear about to collapse. Catching her as she fell she leant into him, exhausted.

"Ultear, what's going on?" Natsu questioned looking down at the pained woman's face, even after seven years here beauty was still something to behold.

"I... couldn't do it." She told him softly. "Rogue being the innocent man, and not the one who has caused all of this suffering." Natsu watched as tears leaked down her cheeks from her closed eyes. "You were right." She continued opening her eyes to stare into his smiling face. "I... I don't know what we can do Natsu." She told him clenching her eyes shut. "This is horrible, everything happened so fast, half the Wizards fighting were already injured from the Games, we don't stand a chance against them."

"Idiot." Natsu mumbled. "Fairy Tail is here, we're going to kick ass like we always do." He told her. "We'll worry about injuries later." He smirked at her standing up still holding Ultear close to him. "Even if everyone else gives up, you'll still see Fairy Tail fighting because we don't know the meaning of those words." Ultear opened her eyes as she stared into his determined face before it cracked into a grin. "Then we'll party into the night." Ultear had to stifle a chuckle at that last remark as she pushed herself away from Natsu being able to stand on her own.

"I've always known you to be so impulsive, reckless and honest." Ultear told him, wiping the tears from her dirt stained cheeks before she smiled at him. Natsu tilted his head to the side, still not understanding how the very woman standing in front of him had been that masked man known as Zalty from so long ago. "But that's why you are who you are. Why you're going to be great." She closed her eyes. "Do what you can Natsu Dragneel, protect everyone you can."

"Why does it sound like you're going to do something stupid?" Natsu questioned, Ultear glancing away from him. "Answer me!" Natsu roared, he may have not known Ultear well but he'd refuse to let anyone who had helped him and his comrades throw their lives away.

"There's a spell Natsu, a spell that can reverse time." Ultear told him, hugging her arms around herself as she began to back away from the Dragon Slayer. "It takes a massive strain on the user for why it is a taboo spell. After I use it, I doubt that we'll be meeting each other again." She said glancing up at him, his eyes widening. "I'm glad." She smiled at him tears beginning to fall down her cheeks once more. "I'm glad that in my last moments I'll be doing good." Natsu eyes widened as Ultear's body radiated enormous amounts of magic power, veins all over her body were beginning to bulge as the magic surrounding her grew more intense.

"Ultear!" Natsu roared trying to rush forward through the intense magic that was surrounding the Time Wizard. He watched as Ultear held her arms out to the sides, the veins up her arms bulging beneath the skin, her head shot back as her mouth let out a soundless scream. She felt the magic power surrounding her just like the book she had memorised so long ago explained, she knew that she wouldn't survive this spell, knew that she would be leaving everything in the hands of those she left behind. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she remembered the last seven years of her life which had been spent doing good with Jellal and Meredy. In truth she didn't want to leave anybody behind, she had gained so much in the seven years, friends, family everything she had wanted her entire life.

"Will I finally see you again mother?" Ultear thought as she opened her eyes and looking into the sky, not hearing the shouts of Natsu over the roaring blare of the magic swirling around her. A small smile graced her face as she saw a vision of her mother caressing her face. More tears began to fall from her eyes as she collapsed to her knees, her legs not being able to hold out underneath the magical strain. "Last Ages." She whispered out into the roaring magic before she was engulfed in Natsu's arms, her eyes shot wide open as she stared at the Dragon Slayer holding onto her, it was to late, the magic had already been cast.

Both Natsu and Ultear roared in pain but it went unheard in the roars of the magic as everything was engulfed in a blinding white light. The last thought running through Ultear's mind as the spell went into effect was, why had Natsu done it?

Unknown Time

Ultear was the first to awaken, she was surprised that she didn't feel any different, had the spell not worked? But glancing around from where she was laying on her back something had obviously changed. She was no longer in Crocus and Dragons no longer littered the sky. The only thing that remained were the cries of horror and pain along with the same visage of the burning unknown city around her. Trying to sit up she found a weight laying across her and looked down, however what was across her lap wasn't the first thing that she noticed, it was the most bazaar thing that she did notice. Her breasts were gone and she was incredibly smaller then what she once was. Her outfit that she had been wearing in Crocus was way to big fer her now.

Looking down to see what had stopped her from sitting up she saw a much smaller Natsu, in the same outfit he had been wearing but it was much larger on his much smaller frame. Her eyes were wide as she looked around the burning ruins. They were in an unknown city in the forms of their childlike selves. How much had her spell reversed time and where were they? Why hadn't the spell did what it was said to and taken the years of it's user?

By rights both Natsu and herself should be older or dead, it always considerably aged the caster. Had Natsu somehow affected the results of the spell? Pushing the now young Dragon Slayer off her she sat up and pushed herself to lean against the broken wall behind her so she could survey the town she was in. She didn't recognise it at all. A massive roar shook the land before more explosions and crys for help. Ultear's eyes went wide as she recognised the roar. Pulling herself up she looked through the town and her mouth opened wide in shock.

"Deliora." She whispered aloud as she the massive monster created by Zeref rampaged through the city. Looking over to Natsu she began to walk over to him struggling to readjust herself with moving in her now smaller body, holding her much too baggy clothes closer to her so that she was still decent. Crouching down beside his now smaller frame she tried to get him to wake up. "Natsu, wake up! Get up! We need to move out!" Ultear called out to him, wanting to get far from the raging monster as possible. Shaking Natsu by his arm he mumbled before his eyes cracked open to see Ultear looming over him a panicked look on her face. "We need to move, now!"

"Who're you?" Natsu questioned, not knowing who the small girl with short black hair was.

"It's me Ultear." She told him. "I'll explain everything later, right now we need to move!" She ordered pulling him up to his feet making him let out a cry in surprise as his much larger pants began to slip down his legs but he grabbed them before they fell.

"Why am I tiny!" Natsu cried in disbelief struggling to hold his pants up. "What is going on!" He cried.

"Natsu, you need to calm down." Ultear told him, struggling to hold her own clothes to herself. "I told you I'd explain everything to you lat-." She was cut off by another cry.

"UR!" Ultear turned at the sound of the voice and her eyes shot wide open as she saw the woman who she once thought had abandoned her walking through the rubble of the streets towards the rampaging monster.

"Mother." Ultear thought as she hesitantly took a step forward, Natsu looking between Ultear and the woman in the distance before he spotted the one who cried out.

"Gray!?" He shouted in surprise. "Why is Gray a kid!" The roar of Deliora brought Natsu's attention to it making him gain a puzzled look. "Ain't that Deliora!?" He questioned in surprise, his head beginning to swirl not knowing what the hell was happening.

"MOTHER!" Ultear screamed running as fast as her smaller legs could take her, stumbling slightly still getting used to her reduced side she continued to call out to her mother who had yet to hear her over the sounds of the rampaging monster. Wanting to stop what happened in the past, wanting to save her mother she continued on. "MOTHER!" Ur turned finally with wide eyes as she saw Ultear running towards her.

"Ultear?" She questioned with wide eyes as her daughter was running towards her. "Ultear!" She cried as she went down on one knee as her daughter rushed into her open arms. "I thought you were dead!" She cried hugging her close to her. "I missed you so much."

"Ur?" Gray questioned as he walked past the frozen Lyon. Ur looked over at her pupil then back to her daughter before an even louder roar came from above, everyone looked up in the direction of Deliora only to see that it wasn't Deliora that had roared. It was something much more fearsome.

"IGNEEL!" Natsu cheered from where he was standing on a broken wall dancing in his excitement unable to hold still at the sight of his father after so long, holding his pants up with one hand and waving at the dragon that was on a collision course with Deliora. "Over here!" The mass red fire dragon crashed into Deliora sending the two titanic beasts into the city floor, the ground shook causing Natsu to steady himself on the wall, the grin never leaving his face. "Yeah! You get em!" Natsu cheered. Igneel in all his Dragon Glory dealt with the Demon of Zeref with ease, every strike the demon tried to hit him with Igneel counted, tearing the beast apart with his massive jaw.

Ur watched with wide eyes as the massive red Dragon tore into the demon while the pink haired boy cheered him on from the wall, Ultear clutched her mother as she watched as Igneel truly showed how terrifying a Dragon could be, even within the war she had been in she didn't see this kind of ferociousness in any of the Dragons that had come from the past. Everyone watched as Igneel flew above the downed Deliora before cocking his head back and engulfing the demon in flames, ending the fight and ending the demon. The Dragon looked around and spotted the pink haired boy dancing on the rubble before flying over and landing on the ground.

Ur cradled Ultear and rose to her full height as the dragon approached, her left leg that had been lost in her earlier fight with Deliora still holding strong with her maker magic. Backing up to Gray she ushered him to fall back. Never in her life had she seen a Dragon and the way it took down Deliora, if it wasn't friendly she doubted even her Ice Shell could take it down. Placing her hand upon the ice rose that Lyon was encased in, it shattered under her touch, Gray grabbing Lyon from falling to the ground and began to drag him back before the voice of the dragon made them freeze in place.


"What are you talking about old man?" Natsu questioned still standing on the broken wall. "I didn't mess with time." The dragon narrowed his eyes at the Dragon Slayer before growling and turning his attention to the others that were gathered. "Although Ultear does use time magic, the Arc of Time I think it's called." Ultear stepped away from her mother, who was very reluctant to let her go but after a smile she did so.

"Igneel." Ultear said gaining the great Dragon's attention. "Natsu isn't to blame for this." Igneel shot a glare at his son who grinned at him before lowering his head so that the time mage was closer to his level, the heat of his breath was more then overwhelming for the now young girl.

"What spell did you use, girl?" Igneel questioned, Ultear glanced at her confused mother and then back at Igneel.

"Last Ages." A roar from the Dragon made Ultear step back, Ur picking her back up, her motherly instincts kicking in to protect her daughter, ready to fight the Dragon if it came to it. Igneel turned to Natsu and came as close to him as physically possible without knocking him off the wall.

"What year did you come from Natsu?"

"Uh..." Natsu thought for a moment before he scowled and ignited his fist with flames before punching Igneel right in the snout making the Dragon recoil slightly from how much power was in the attack. "Hey! You're answering my questions first!" He roared. "Where the hell did you go! You disappeared in X777!" The dragon scowled as he glared at Natsu once more. The three conscious wizards watched as Natsu and Igneel got into a heated argument which ended with Igneel flicking Natsu off of the wall he was seated on and sending him flying across the ruined city.

"Ultear, what's going on?" Ur questioned placing Ultear on the ground. Ultear looked up into her mothers eyes before letting out a tired sigh of someone much older then she currently looked.

"Mother... I... I've come from the future." She said softly. "Natsu and I, we were fighting together and I needed to use a spell. It went wrong and we reversed time." She told her honestly, Ur staring at her with wide eyes.

"If... that's true then... you never died?" She questioned, tears beginning to pool in her eyes as Ultear shook her head.

"The Bureau of magic lied to you." She sniffled.

"Girl!" Igneel roared, Ultear turning back to the large dragon before Ur stepped before her.

"Leave my daughter alone!" Ur shouted up at him, holding her arms out wide to protect Ultear. Igneel moved his large head forehead to confront Ur before huffing sending Ur sliding back to where Ultear sat just by his breath.

"Your magic, is there anything different in it?" Igneel questioned turning to Ultear once more, promptly ignoring Ur for the time being. Ultear gained a confused look before testing out her current magical abilities and her eyes widened. "I see, no wonder Natsu's punch had so much force. You've reverted to your child like selves but your magic is still that of your older forms."

"Are they in any danger?" Ur questioned.

"No." Igneel told her. "As long as they use the excess magic and not let it build up over time, they will be fine." An explosion rocked the area and the ones gathered to see Natsu roaring and causing destruction about how he was being treated after so long by his very own father. "I honestly don't think it'd be a problem for that one."

"What year are we in?" Ultear questioned.

"X774." Ur told her.

"Three years before the Dragons disappeared." Ultear muttered, Igneel narrowing his eyes at her as she stood up, her baggy clothes still causing a hindrance to her. "Thank you Igneel." She bowed surprising her mother and the Dragon. "If you hadn't come along, my mother would have been forced to use Iced Shell." Ur turned away from her while the dragon huffed once more.

"Demons of Zeref don't deserver any mercy." The Dragon told her. "Now girl, what do you plan on doing now. Last Ages can not be undone."

"The only thing she can do." Ur said with a smile. "Live her life how she couldn't."

"What about Natsu?" Ultear questioned making Igneel turn to the still destruction causing Dragon Slayer.

"I have three years until X777." Igneel spoke. "Three years to teach him what I wouldn't of had time to had he been progressing at the pace he was before today." Igneel sat, raising his head to it's full height towering over everyone and looked around the surrounding area out of the city before raising a massive clawed hand. "Should you need us for any reason, a large forest rests to the east. We'll be there." Ultear nodded her head, Ur glancing down at her daughter before smiling. "Natsu!" Igneel shouted gaining the attention of the Dragon Slayer who pouted at him. "We've training to complete!"

"Alright!" Natsu cheered rushing over to them. He stopped and looked at Gray who looked back at him curiously. "Put some clothes on stripper." Gray growled at the strange stripping habit he had picked up from his mentor.

"You could talk! At least get some clothes that fit you, fire breathing pyro!" The two butted heads with one another before Ur pulled Gray back, Igneel doing the same with Natsu.

"Kids, am I right?" Ur questioned with a smile the Dragon who simply chuckled before gripping Natsu in his claws before spreading his wings out wide and ascending into the air with a simple flap of his massive wings.

"That was really a Dragon." Gray breathed out as he watched Igneel and Natsu disappear into the night sky.

"He was kinda cute." Ur said. "The boy that is, not the dragon."

"Mum!" Ultear whined.

"Oh, did I embarrass you in front of your boyfriend?" Ur teased.

"He's younger then I am!" Ultear said stamping her feet before her eyes widened as Ur embraced her in a hug.

"I'm still not entirely sure how this is possible." Ur told her as she hugged her daughter close. "But I'm glad you're safe." She whispered. "Now, let's go home." Ultear nodded as she felt the tears begin to fall down her cheeks as her lips rose in a smile.

"I'm home."

Forest, Land of Isvan

Natsu sat across from Igneel in the snow, this wasn't the same place he knew and remembered training with Igneel when he was younger. But the Dragon had explained that this was where he had told Ultear and the others where they would be remaining until he had to leave Natsu once more.

"I've three years to train you Natsu, you've already master several Dragon Slayer arts but there are probably things I didn't teach you the first time around." Natsu nodded, eager to start his training with his father once more. They were some of the best years of his life. "Currently you're seven years old, three years and you'll be ten and I'll need to leave you again. I can't tell you why." Natsu scowled at that, no matter how much he prodded and pried Igneel refused to tell him anything about why he had left. "But this time, you know it's coming."

"Yeah I know." Natsu mumbled.

"Now Natsu, I'm going to teach you something I should have." Natsu turned and looked up at Igneel. "By now I'm sure you've heard of it, may have even used it. But I'm going to teach you how to master it. Dragon Force." Natsu's eyes widened.

Now before I'm barged with questions about past Natsu and Ultear let me say this. Last Ages isn't like the Eclipse Gate, it doesn't send people back in time, it Reverse's time. So no past counterparts to worry about.

Another thing, other people will have senses of Dejavu about already meeting some people or already doing some things, just like what happened in the Manga when Ultear used Last Ages. It'd only make sense that way.

The story from here on out will drastically change the outcome of the Fairy Tail world, for obvious reasons. Also the reason why the spell didn't affect Natsu and Ultear will be explained.

This will be Natsu/Ultear/Harem, so ideas on pairings would be nice.