"You know, Natsu's been gone a while." Ur said off handedly as she glanced around the guild hall from where she was sitting on the bar stool, she honestly missed the teenage ball of fury that ran a muck through the guild hall on a daily bases, she had spent most nights learning about Natsu's past, things that even Ultear didn't know about the Dragon Slayer, along with teaching him all she could about the fairer sex.

She found it fun to spend time with Natsu and the ever persistent Virgo who wanted to further Natsu's teachings every night, she also enjoyed her time at Fairy Tail along with training Gray and Lyon who now mostly came to her with questions instead of actual training thay had grown strong from her teachings, she was like an older sister to them now and not their teacher simply guiding them when they needed it.

"It's been a week." Ultear told her. "It's not like he hasn't been gone this long before." She reminded the older woman.

"Yeah but still, he told Mirajane that he'd be back in a few days, he's usually good to his word." Ur reminded her.

"That's true." Ultear nodded as a frown rose on her lips. "Has something gone wrong?" She thought as she glanced over at the guild doors wandering if they would burst open with the ever loveable Dragon Slayer everyone knew so well. "No, Natsu's stronger then anything in this time frame his fight against Gildarts during his S-Class exam proves that Gildarts or someone of the Master's level would only be able to stand toe to toe with him, or myself." She mused remembering having been in the same S-Class exams with the Dragon Slayer the only one other then Natsu having passed that test.

Travelling back to Tenrou Island for her first eve S-class exams had brought deep memories back to the surface for her. about what had happened back on Tenrou Island the first time around how she had watched it be destroyed by the fearsome Dragon. But after she saw Natsu's grinning face as the island came into view, at least when he wasn't puking over the side of the ship, she truly felt that she was apart of Fairy Tail. Now she could believe that she was.

"Missing him that much huh?" Ur questioned with a small smile as she saw Ultear's smiling face, not even a teasing tone in her words. Ultear looked side long at her mother to see her smiling. "You really picked a good one Ultear, he'll make you happy, you know that right?" Ultear sighed as she rose a hand to her forehead. "Plus all the other girls that he's got." Ur winked.

"Why did I know that you were going there?" Ultear questioned.

"What, Natsu's a healthy teenage boy. He needs to sate his urges." Ur grinned.

"Urges that you put into his head! Need I remind you of that!?" Ultear snapped at her making Ultear laugh slapping her knee as she did so. "Geeze mother, why are you so adamant about this?"

"Because you deserve to be happy Ultear, and I think Natsu would make a fine son-in-law." Ur nodded.

"Or is it because you want to seduce Natsu yourself?" Ultear questioned with her eyebrow twitching. "I've seen the way you eye him mother!" She snapped.

"Oh jealous are we?" Ur smirked.

"Mother, he's fifteen." Ultear sighed getting her anger under control.

"Only in body, in the mind he's so much more you know that more then anyone, plus it's not like I'll make my move for another few years yet. Let you girls get a head start before I show you guys the big guns." She told her daughter who face palmed.

"You might want to save the big guns for Natsu himself mother and not the entire guild." She told Ur who raised an eyebrow making Ultear sigh. "Your clothes." Ur looked down to see she was in her bra and panties once more half the guild having passed out because of blood loss once more at the sight of the incredibly beautiful half naked woman.

"Ahaha! I still don't know how I do it." Ur laughed not bothered in the slightest at her sudden half nudity. "It's amazing really, Gray picked up on this habit long before I did, and now even Lyon is doing it." Ultear simply hung her head, she never remember her mother being so perverted like this. Sure her mother always had a strong personality but she never remembered her being like this, maybe now that she was older and knew more about the world she was able to understand more about her single parents personality that she couldn't when she was a kid.

Still she loved the time she was able to spend with Ur, sometimes even now when she was seventeen she would still sleep in her mothers bed just to be close to her, making up for all of the lost time that she couldn't be the daughter Ur always wanted.

"I know, how about we both date Natsu!?" Ur grinned.

"No!" Ultear shouted at her. "That would be wrong on so many levels mother!" Ur laughed as she placed a hand on her daughters head and pulled her to her bra covered chest making the teen pout and blush slightly.

"When do you... you know? Go find her?" Ur questioned softly making Ultear frown knowing what her mother was talking about.

"Next year." Ultear told her. "It has come up so fast. I wish that I could just go see her, once to see how she lived before everything happened to her." Ultear said honestly. "To know that she was at least Happy with her family..." Ultear trailed off.

"I recommend you don't." Ur told her truthfully. "If you saw that she was happy, it'd only destroy you now to see how much you had taken away from her." Ultear clenched her eyes tight to stop the tears from forming at her mothers words, she knew them to be true all to well. Ur wrapped her arms around Ultear as she felt her daughters body beginning to shake and pressed her forehead into her dark hair. "You'll save her Ultear, you'll make up for your mistakes, I'm so proud of you because you're doing this." Ur smiled as she hugged Ultear. "How about I go buy you some ice cream."

"I'm not a little girl you know." Ultear said as they both pulled back from the hug.

"True, but every girl needs ice cream when they're sad." Ultear wiped at her eyes.

"I'm not sad." She told her mother.

"We'll you're going to be when I steal Natsu right from under you." She winked making Ultear's eye twitch. "You're so jealous and don't even know it, it's so cute Ultear." A dark aura began to form around Ultear. "I still think we can both date him!" She laughed as she sprinted from the bar still half naked, Ultear chasing after her out into the streets of Magnolia.

"It was the best decision the Master ever made allowing Ur to join the guild." Wakaba sighed.

"Agreed." Macao nodded wiping at his nose a small trace of blood remaining.

"Yes my children praise me!" Makarov laughed a drunken blush on his cheeks half a mug of beer in his hand as Gildarts and Laxus lay unconscious behind him looking as if their souls had left their bodies.

"Really Master, you're still dealing punishment to them two?" Macao asked. "I know they destroyed a large district of Magnolia but wasn't 'that' enough of a punishment for them?" He questioned.

"Do you know how much they caused in damage!? The cost's alone turned up to be thirty million jewels! I don't care how much they plead and beg that it wasn't them! They will suffer punishment until I have said so!" He roared, sure he didn't have to pay any of it because of Ultear reversing the damage that had happened knowing by a hunch that it was Natsu, but he wanted to get a point across that there would be consequences to peoples actions no matter what.

"Yes Master." Macao told him with a swift nod not wanting to endure the Master's wrath.

Mirajane was smirking from where she sat across the guild, her arm bandaged and in a sling along with her stomach being bandaged, and her right leg was also in a thick cast. She couldn't believe that Natsu's idea had worked out so well. Makarov didn't even suspect that herself and Natsu were to blame. She truly couldn't believe how strong Natsu was, he had caused so much damage and he said he hadn't been using all his power. It sent a shiver down her spine at the though of how much power the Dragon Slayer truly had.

"Stop thinking about Natsu you harlot." Erza told Mira making the goth looking teen turn and glare at Erza who was seated across from her, both were now seventeen and their bodies and begun to mature in ways only woman could. However no matter how beautiful the two had grown to be nobody had taken them out on dates not for the lack of trying mind you, nobody asked Mira out since everyone was scared of her and a swift glare from her would send a Vulcan running for Mt Hakobe while everyone in Magnolia knew Erza's fondness over the resident Dragon Slayer and she turned everyone who asked her from other towns down quickly and with purpose which instantly made, as Elfman would put it, the manliest of men cry their hearts out.

"I'll think about anyone I want any time I want." Mira growled back at her. "Or do I have to ask your permission you tin wearing cow!?" Erza's eyebrow twitched as her glare intensified. "Or are you just scared that Natsu pays more attention to me these days then he does you?" She questioned with a cocky smirk. "How's being second best?"

"I wouldn't know, maybe you could tell me." Erza glared heatedly back at her.

"They are really going to start up again aren't they?" Lisanna questioned, standing next to Levy who looked up at her from where she was sitting at the table as the two S-class females started their heated argument.

"Yeah, I never really understood why the two were always at each other like a pack of wild dogs." Levy nodded.

"It couldn't just be Natsu, I mean sure that plays a part in it all but even so..."

"I didn't think Mira liked Natsu all that much, I mean she spent the last couple of years just trying to fight him..." Levy said off handedly. "Unless it's subconsciously wanting to spend time with him so she made the fact of fighting him apart of her usual routine so she could spend more time with him..."

"You think to much Levy." Lisanna smiled however Levy could tell it was slightly forced.

"Still hurt?" Levy questioned making Lisanna nod and whimper, the day Mirajane had stumbled upon Lisanna after her little early morning make out session with Natsu and Mira's own fight with the Dragon Slayer, Lisanna had gotten a spanking of a life time from her older sister, a week later she could still feel the sting of Mira's hand on her ass.

Levy had the unfortunate chance to walk into the Guild's infirmary to see the sight of a teary eyed Lisanna bent over Mirajane's knee as the older sister spanked the younger one... yep that image was burned into her mind for the rest of her life. "When do you think Natsu will be back?" Levy questioned wanting to get her mind off of the slightly erotic sight she had caught the sisters in.

"He'll be back sooner then we know." Lisanna smiled. "He said he'll be gone for a few days." Levy nodded as a thoughtful look came over her face. "Something wrong?"

"No, it's just I saw a request on the board I wouldn't mind taking him on is all, actually I whole group would be better I think, it'd be fun like a mini vacation... that we get paid for." Levy smiled making Lisanna chuckle lightly, even though the two girls knew one another had affections for Natsu they were still friendly unlike a certain goth and knight.

"Um... Miss Levy." Levy looked around and smiled as she saw a thirteen year old Kagura holding a book to her chest.

"How are you today Kagura?" Levy questioned with a warm smile. "Did you finally finish the book?" Kagura nodded her head at the question.

"Yes, I was just returning it." She said handing the book over to the blue haired girl making her smile.

"Just come over any time you want, I've got a whole library full of books, don't be shy alright." Levy told her making Kagura nod with an eager smile before she bowed and rushed off back to her brother's side who nodded at Levy making her smile knowing how much Simon pushed Kagura to talk with other members of the guild she had been shy ever since joining. The only two people in the entire guild she wasn't shy around was Erza and Simon... or that one time she was forced to spend an hour with Natsu because of a job... nobody knew that the girl could have such a menacing look... Natsu had cowered before her and nobody knew why.

"I wish Natsu would hurry up." Lisanna pouted as she rubbed her butt. "Maybe he could rub my butt for me."

"You wish." Levy said poking her tongue out at the youngest Strauss sibling before Erza and Mira smashed into their table in a fist fight making both younger teens sigh and move away from what would more then likely turn into a large fight that would cost the Master lots of money, like it always did.

Worthwood Sea


"Find anything?" Natsu questioned as he stomped out the flames of the fire they had created as Happy stood on a stump with his nose in the air.

"I'm not sure..." Happy told him. "I can smell something... it's a familiar scent." He added with slightly squinted eyes. "Maybe a fish? Possible someone I gave a fish too? A place where I hide fish? No... that's not it." He said as he brought his hand up to his chin. "I don't know what it is Natsu."

"Well it might be Wendy, we've been following their tracks for days now." Natsu said as he pulled his pack onto his back and walked on the path for a bit before crouching down and running his hand through the grass before seeing a set of footprints smaller then his hand. "Defiantly a kid, so it's gotta be Wendy."

"But I don't know Wendy's smell." Happy told him. "Can't be her."

"Just trust me Happy." Natsu grinned at the exceed. "We're on the right track." Happy ponded for a moment before nodding and flying up to sit on Natsu's head as he walked through the dense forest. The two continued to walk, idly chatting as they did so. The forest was just as Natsu remembered it, large trees, massive roots coming up from the ground that they could walk under. In the past week that they had been travelling through the forest Natsu had been tracking Wendy easily enough, no heavy rains had happened so the scent was still lingering around and her tracks hadn't been washed away and she wasn't making it so she couldn't be tracked.

"We're getting close Happy." Natsu said with a grin making Happy slap Natus in the face with his tail.

"You said that four days ago Natsu." Happy complained.

"Yeah but this time I'm sure." Natsu huffed blwoing the tail out of his face. "Want to know why?"


"Because she's right over there." Natsu grinned as he rose his hand up and pointed, Happy glancing over to see where he was pointing too. Happy's eyes widened slightly at the sight, he saw past the trees lay a large cavern with an island in the centre surrounded by water, several waterfalls flowing into it, on the centre of the island was a young girl standing and looking around with a confused look on her face. To Happy's amazement there was another cat standing at the girls feet. "See, I told you we were on the right track, now let's go."

"Aye sir!" Happy cheered before picking Natsu up and flying him out of the trees before swooping down towards the island. Wendy let out a little eep as a thud resounded behind her before turning to see Natsu stretching his arms above his head before twisting from side to side.

"A-Ah, hello." Wendy greeted nervously taking a step back.

"Hey Wendy." Natsu grinned at her.

"H-How do you know who I am?" Wendy questioned shyly.

"You're the sky Dragon Slayer!" Natsu laughed making Wendy's eyes widened. "Igneel told me Grandeeny was teaching someone and her name was Wendy. I came to look for you. I'm the Fire Dragon Slayer." Natsu explained her eyes widening even further as she stared at him before the young white exceed stepped in front of her.

"I don't believe you." Carla announced. "Nobody just goes searching for someone without a reason."

"N-Natsu... she's really pretty." Happy said from behind the Dragon Slayer's leg making Natsu grin down at him. "C-Can you give her this fish for me?" He questioned.

"Be brave Happy, remember what Ur always said." Natsu told him as he crouched down. "Don't hold back, say what you want to say no matter what." Natsu smiled making Happy nod before he took a deep breath and walked past Natsu before he saw Carla look at him and he ran straight back behind Natsu's leg.

"I can't do it Natsu! She's too pretty!" Natsu simply smiled and placed a hand on the exceeds head.

"No need to worry little buddy, it'll come in time." Happy nodded as Natsu turned back to Wendy and Carla. "I've actually come to invite Wendy to Fairy Tail." He explained as he showed his guild mark to them on his arm. Both Wendy and Carla looking at the guild mark curiously. "It's full of people that you'll love I'm sure of it." He told her.

"B-But I've got to find Grandeeney." Wendy told him making Natsu frown, in the years that he had re-spent with Igneel the Fire Dragon had told him not to waste his life searching for him again, Natsu had protested but Igneel had told him that Natsu wouldn't find him and promised that one day he would see Igneel again, that all Dragon Slayers would once again see the Dragon's they called parents again, he just had to be patient.

"You know, I'm still searching for Igneel." Natsu told her, it wasn't exactly a lie, he always kept an ear out for rumours on Dragon's just encase it was indeed Igneel and there was a chance to see him again. "Even in Fairy Tail I'm still able to search for him, and I know that if I ever need it, they'll be there to support me. We could help you search for Grandeeney and you won't have to be on your own." Carla huffed making Natsu smile. "Neither of you will have to be, you'll get to meet great friends, have great adventures all the while searching for Grandeeney. I've been a member for the last five years and I haven't regretted a day." Natsu continued to smile. "So what do you say!?" Wendy glanced up at Carla who huffed once more and turned away as she folded her arms. Wendy looked over to Natsu to see him smiling.

"I... I don't know why... but you smell so familiar." Wendy told him nervously as Natsu continued to smile at her. "And I believe that you're telling me the truth."

"Aye, Natsu doesn't lie." Happy said climbing up Natsu's back to sit on his shoulder.

"That's right." Natsu grinned.

"He's too stupid to lie."

"Hey!" Natsu pouted, he thought he had gotten a lot smarter then usual over the last couple of years, sure he still blamed half the incidents he got into because of his brain but that was beside the point! He sighed before running a hand through his hair as he turned back to Wendy, he could get Happy back later. "So Wendy, want to come join Fairy Tail?" Wendy looked to Carla again who simply shrugged before Wendy looked up at Natsu and smiled.


"Then let's go!" He cheered Wendy smiling brightly at him.

One Week Later - Magnolia

"Your Troia magic rocks Wendy." Natsu grinned as he stepped off of the train without having any sickness, he was just glad that Wendy had learnt her Troia magic so early and from Grandeeny herself not having created it herself, although he did often wonder why Wendy was the only Dragon Slayer he knew that didn't get motion sickness, Gajeel and Sting did and he presumed that Rogue would, so why not Wendy? Perhaps Grandeeney had taught her something? If so why hadn't Igneel taught him the same damn thing!?

"Are you alright Natsu?" Happy questioned as he saw Natsu glaring at a wall.

"Every thing is just fine." Natsu told him with a sigh as he folded his hands behind his head and turned back to the train.

"I don't think it is." Carla huffed. "But it's probably the buffoon's fault anyway." She continued as she stepped off the train with Wendy following her who smiled at the unfamiliar city. It was her first time using the train before, having walked everywhere after having been left alone by Grandeeney, she had never had the money to make a train trip before but Natsu had paid for her and told her not to worry about paying him back.

"Natsu is kinda like a buffoon huh Carla?" Happy questioned making the white exceed sigh as Happy smiled at her, during their trip back to civilisation from deep within the Worthwood Sea Happy had gotten the courage up to talk to the fellow exceed, even if the only thing they talked about was Natsu's idiocy. But hey, if Natsu could help Happy in some way and that way just made his best friend in the whole world insult him... what's a few harmless words... right?

In Ur's words, it was being a good wingman.

"Let's go! Fairy Tail awaits!" Natsu cheered walking off down the street, his pack on his back as Wendy chased after him, Happy and Carla flying after her. When they came up to fairy tail Natsu had to tilt his head slightly and Wendy and Carla were staring with wide eyes, the guild hall of Fairy Tail was slightly tilted. "This is new."


"What you mean the building is not usually tilted on it's side, my gosh." Carla said sarcastically making Natsu glare slightly down at her.

"You're really rude, you know that?" Natsu told her making her turn away from him.

"I'm sorry about Carla." Wendy bowed to him before her eyes widened as she felt Natsu's hand atop her head.

"It's ok." Natsu told her just as a large magic circle appeared over the guild hall and the building began to go back to it's original position of standing up straight. "Ahaha, Ultear's awesome when it comes to fixing stuff." Natsu grinned before eh pushed the guild doors opened and stepped tot he side to let Wendy walk into to see the guild in total shambles, the reason for why the guild was in such a state was standing right across from each other in the forms of a red headed knight and a white haired goth. Other patrons had tipped tables over to shield themselves from the two female S-class Wizards.

"Hey it's Natsu!" Macao called out. "Natsu's back!" He cheered.

"Help us Natsu!" Wakaba cried. "They're out of control!"

"Natsu?" Erza questioned turning to see the pink haired Dragon Slayer who grinned at her, a slight tinge of pink gracing her cheeks as she was met with that charming, handsome grin of his before she felt a hand in her face push her away.

"Took your time getting back Natsu!" Mira laughed as she hobbled forward, her leg still in her cast.

"What happened to your leg Mira?" Natsu questioned as she approached.

"What do you think genius?" Mira asked in a hushed whisper. "Our fight remember."

"Oh right! Totally forgot about that!" He laughed before whispering. "Did the plan work?"

"Like a charm." Mira grinned before spotting the young girl hiding slightly behind Natsu. "Who's the brat?"

"This is Wendy!" Natus laughed as he stepped back and placed his hands on the blue haired girls shoulders. "She's our newest member of Fairy Tail!" Cheers erupted as another party started in honour of welcoming Wendy who was pulled around by Happy to meet some of the members of the guild he wanted to introduce her to, Carla following along with her surprising members of the guild as they saw another flying cat.

"You said you'd be back in a couple of days Natsu." Mira told him. "Not two and a bit weeks." She told him with a slightly glare making him chuckle lightly.

"Natsu!" Lisanna called out as she raced over to him with Levy who was blushing slightly, she was shy around Natsu still. "We've got a great idea!"

"Yeah?" Natsu questioned before a piece of paper was thrust in his face making him take it and look it over and read it. "Getting old maps from a sunken ship?" Natsu questioned.

"Yeah, I thought you might be interested in checking it out, I was thinking of taking a group with us." Levy told him. "So what do you say?"

"Sounds great!" Natsu grinned at her making her beam back at him. "Let's go!"

"Hold on a second!" Mira snapped pulling the paper form Natsu's hands making Lisanna pout at her. "There will be no what I saw two weeks ago happening will there?"

"Mira!" Lisanna cried.

"That's it, I'm going, I've got to keep my eye on you two."

"I won't for a second let you get ahead of me Mira!" Erza snapped pulling the request form from her hands making the two glare at one another.

"Well you're all going to need an adults supervision." Ur smirked as she pulled the request from Erza's hand. "How about it Ultear, up for some sunken treasure!?" Ultear opened her mouth to speak however Ur grinned. "Great you're coming!" Ultear simply hung her head, why had she even bothered?

"Alright sunken treasure here we come!" Natsu laughed as he pulled Levy in close with his arm. "Great idea Levy!" He wasn't aware that Levy was going red like a tomato at being in Natsu's arm.