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16. Take sarcasm seriously.

"Oh Gary, your abs are SOOO hot..." Serena muttered, while Gary was nearby. Suddenly, Gary ran up to Serena, and kissed her square on the lips.

Shit went down.

Gary ended up in the ICU, after getting bitch-slapped by Serena 60,000+ times.

17. Light fireworks on Bryon's behalf.

When Cynthia came back to Sinnoh from her Unovian vacation, she found out that Sinnoh was in total anarchy, with people using fireworks as weapons.

When she found out who helped, his son promptly packed all of his belongings, and fled to Almia for a 1-year paid leave.

18. Find someone's evil side.

Serena's evil and ruthless side was only shown every 5 years, when she was really pissed off, and couldn't de-stress, in which she did something big.

She disappeared for 4 months.

When she came back, she had conquered Veilstone City, and annexed it for Kanto.

Kanto promptly claimed that land for itself.

19. Join Twitter.

Ash Ketchum ( TheMaster): Hey guys!

Misty Waterflower ( The4thSS): You finally joined!

Viola Bonnefoy ( CameraSnapper): Here's a video!

*video entitled 'KANTO SHUFFLE' attached'*

Brock Stone ( COMETOMEJENNY): That's insulting!

Bruno Smith ( SmashingEverything): I can agree...

Giovanni Vargas ( JOINTR): JOIN TEAM ROCKET!


Lance Edelstein ( STOPPOSTINGLEMONS): I've got it...

*Givanni Vargas has been banned from 'Gym Leader Network'*

Ash Ketchum ( TheMaster): OK...

20. Discover things you wish to unsee.

Although most of the Gym Leaders knew that Ash did...stuff..., they assumed he wouldn't threaten anyone else unless really pissed off.

Gary found out otherwise, when he went to Cinnabar Island for a vacation. When he went to Ash's main house, and opened the door, he found Ash and Lance, holding pistols, and Bowie knifes, swearing at each other.

"Bastardo! Dovevi solo di costruire un altro albergo cazzo sulla mia isola!".

"Hey! Ne pas aller mafia mon cul, juste parce que l'Association a besoin d'argent! Vous êtes celui qui est un salaud putain!"

"Stai cazzo morto Lance! Compreso il vostro cugino e città!".

"Essayez-moi, fils de pute!".

"Oh hey Gary, how are you doing?" Ash casually asked Gary, when he saw Gary watching. "Listen, we've got to duel something out. Can you wait?" Ash requested. Gary just went white-faced, and ran out of the house, mentally noting Ash's mafia side.

Bold = Lance


You bastard! You just had to build another fucking hotel on my island!

Hey! Don't go mafia my ass, just because the Association needs money! You are the one who is a fucking bastard!

You're fucking dead Lance! Including your cousin and the city!

Try me, you son of a bitch!

(Lance is speaking French, and Ash is speaking Italian, just noting.)

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