An AU using an anthropomorphised Senketsu. Not much excitement. You may see this as light romance or friendship. Either one works, and either one is just as lovely. Using a design by a cool person- though I do like to imagine in this fic he has a bit smaller hands. You can find the design here; post/76598881342/ferdisanerd-anthrod-senketsu-from-kill-la

She let him follow her to the bath. He was, in a sense, clingy. Albeit she was just as much so; what could one expect between two beings who shared mind and body with one another? To put one on and let them bite deeply into ones skin, to the point that they might as well fuse to it, is not something a person can take lightly in a relationship.

So yes, she let him follow her to the bath. He was taller than her; navy skin with dark crimson highlights and a body that was- although humanoid- alien. His build was lean, wider at the shoulders than hips, and tightly compressed into muscle. She was most certain ever inch of him was no more than extremely thin wound thread. He liked this form when things were at ease, and there was little thought that he would be needed to give her strength.

He watched her idly as she removed her clothes, bath already full to the brim. She didn't pay him too much mind. He knew every nook and cranny of her body, and even so felt little to no desire. His body was sexless, despite what gender he took on in mind. Because of this, he was essentially "naked."

"Are you just going to stand and stare?" Ryuko asked him, and he noticed she had already sunk into the hot water of the bath. He wondered when she got in, for he didn't realize she had settled.

"No, sorry." Senketsu replied polity, padding over on his bare feet. He let himself sit down cross-legged beside the tub. The floor was cold despite the heat radiating from the water. He scooted closer and sat his head down on the edge of the receptacle, looking up at her like a dog wanting water from the bath.

Her body lay relaxed in the liquid; legs crossed at the ankles under the surface and arms floating beside her. She pushed herself up more to allow her right arm to emerge, petting him on the head. Sometimes his face looked sad, but that was just his face. She knew he wasn't really sad at all, at the moment at least. "You want a bath later?" she asked.

His bright eye looked off a moment in thought before returning to her blue ones. "I don't think I'm in need of a washing, no."

She smiled at him amusingly. "You'd think with all the fighting you and I do, you'd get dirtier quicker. God, how can you stand it? I must sweat all over you." she wasn't the sort to sugar coat human anatomy when it came to its functions.

"I suppose I don't notice. I'm usually much more focused on your blood levels and your commands." Senketsu replied. "In any case, I usually don't feel dirty often. But a cleaning now and then can be much needed for therapeutic purposes."

Ryuko nodded. "As long as Miss Mankanshoku isn't the one doing it!" she joked, reaching for the soap to begin cleaning herself.

This got a smirk from the beast at her side. "Certainly."

The two became more quiet while Ryuko lathered her skin in bubbles, making sure to get everywhere, including delicate private areas. She wasn't really embarrassed in front of Senketsu; he wasn't watching her, anyways. He had slung a heavy arm over the edge of the bath, letting the water cover his hand and half of his forearm. His fingers wiggled, feeling the liquid move around them, and he stared blankly down watching them.

"You sure you don't want a bath?" she asked him suddenly, breaking the silence while she rinsed off the of the foam on her skin.

He tilted his head, having before smooshed his cheek into the edge comfortably when they had stopped talking. She was smiling at him, implying something. He let one of his ribbon like eyebrows raise, guessing her intent. She, however, answered for him. "If you don't get in now, the water will be too cold."

Without a word he sluggishly removed his arm from the water, stood, and moved his bulk of a body into the depression one leg at a time. He sat down opposite her, and there was barely enough room for the both of them. His legs were forced to splay on either side of her, knees bent so that they did not get wet. The water that encased their bodies had risen significantly.

Ryuko scooted forward on her bottom, having to scrunch her legs up due to her friend in front of her, and dipped her head back into the water. She effectively soaked her mess of hair through and popped back up dripping. She grinned up at Senketsu, who had been watching boredly, then promptly handed him a little clear bottle.

He took it between his middle finger and thumb, rolling his eye. "You want me to wash your hair for you." it was a statement, not a question. "You are not a child, you know."

"Ah, oh well." Ryuko replied lamely, having already turned herself around so that her back faced her partner. "But you're not going to say no."

He let himself laugh internally, already having took the cap off and carefully oozed some of the sweet smelling goop into a big hand. "Of course not."

She tilted her head forward in preparation, exposing more of her neck and head to his hands. "Gonna punch you in the face if you get soap in my eyes!" she warned as he began to lather it into her hair gently, as if scared to break her.

"This was your idea, Ryuko. It would not be entirely my fault." he reminded. His spindly fingers combed through her wet locks easily, and he tried not to pull. The hair further down her head was pushed up so that it would gather soap with the rest of it. He massaged it into her scalp until he made certain all of her dark strands where covered with the white foam, then let his hands fall into the water to rinse them off. "Happy now?"

"Yes, I am satisfied." she chimed, opening her eyes where she had closed them comfortably before. She put enough distance between his chest and her back to be able to lie in the water, hair flaring out. The fighter was pleased when Senketsu washed the shampoo out for her without asking. She looked up at his blank face contently.

He softly brushed through her hair in the water to get the soap out. Then, when it felt finished, he waited for Ryuko to sit up before he spoke. After all, it was a bother to try and hear through water. She cozied up between his legs rather than turn to face him, naturally; back leaning onto his chest. "Ryuko." he stated, thick arms loosely wrapping around her waist.

"Hm?" she hummed in acknowledgment.

"My blood reserves are low."

He heard the girl sign with irritation. "So soon?" she whined. "You ate like, a few hours ago."

Senketsu wiggled a bit, straightening his back and forcing them both to sit taller. "Eight hours ago isn't exactly 'a few hours.'" he commented without sarcasm. "May I?" he understood the importance of asking before taking, especially when it came to Ryuko. He would not do something that she did not want, unless it was for her betterment; such as when he would stop giving her power in battle so as to not bleed her dry.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Go ahead. Just don't take so much! I don't want to stand up and get dizzy." she complained, glancing back a moment.

Senketsu tried not to appear hungry. His entirety ran off of blood; and he had since found his taste was Ryuko's blood alone. He was unsure if this was something spun into him at creation, or an acquired taste from when she had first soaked her blood into his fabric. In any case, the form he possessed now took more out of him to sustain than any other. He would try to comply to her wishes to the best of his ability, if his senses so let him. And, usually, they did.

The girl had areas on her body with scars. She, as well, had areas with scabbed over wounds, and then others with fresh marks. Senketsu felt a mix of possessiveness and pain when he looked at the markings that were most certainly from his teeth. So, he tried to keep feeding areas to a minimum. His earlier feeding was not in this form, so no teeth wounds had been opened up that day. From this position, she sitting up and back facing him, he had a couple options. He did not find it favorable to pierce her neck in any way- that was risky. So the only other choice was to re-open a bite mark on her right shoulder.

The Kamui leaned over, and Ryuko was silent. His breath almost gave her goosebumps, until she felt the pain of his jagged teeth sinking down into her flesh. She was used to being in pain so did well not to whine about how it felt. "This was a bad idea," she remarked, arms crossed. "if it drips too far then we'll be in dirty water."

He, after biting her, released his teeth and licked up the gush. He did try to refrain from eating sloppily, but in places with tight skin it was tough to do so. Sucking the blood from there became hard with less skin to grab onto. And, even so, he wasn't really trying at the moment. "Should have thought of that before." he teased breathily, then removed an arm from her waist to try and slow the trickle that oozed down to her back.

"Ah! That tickles!" Ryuko squeaked, remarking about the blood that he set to stop.

That got a genuine laugh from her friend, who moved his finger up to try and pool the stream closer to the top and away from the water. He licked it away once it was closer to his reach, then lapped over the wound more. If one could ignore the ache, it was an interesting experience. The bite was enough to bleed a decent enough meal for Senketsu, and he only drank enough to sustain himself for the night and a short portion of the morning. Though it no longer bled heavily, blood still would slowly pour from the wound, so he took a wet cloth and draped it over her shoulder. She pressed her hand down on it and sighed with relief.

"Did you let any get in the water?" she asked threateningly.

"No, I made sure not to." he replied, replacing the arm he had before removed back around her waist. "The water is getting rather cool."

She laid her head back on his chest. "Guess we better get out then, before Mako comes bouncing in screaming that it's time to go to bed."

"That sounds reasonable." Senksetsu replied, watching her tilt forward to pull the plug. "But we did not get a chance to wash me."

Ryuko had already stood, the cloth still pressed to the bite as she carefully removed herself from the tub. "You said it yourself! 'I don't feel like I need cleaning' or whatever." she took a towel and ruffled her hair vigorously, after having laid the bloody cloth over the side of the tub, so that it would not simply fall to the floor. Then she went about drying the rest of her naked body from top to bottom as Senketsu got out and stood a short distance away.

He wasn't that wet. Only the lower half of his body, part of his legs, and his arms had gotten in the water. His upper torso was nearly perfectly dry, if not slightly damp in places Ryuko leaned against. The Kamui tried to reason why it was he always felt the need to watch Ryuko. He let his eye stare as she finished toweling herself, and jumped slightly when she threw the damp towel right in his face.

"Dry yourself off a little." she demanded. "Can't have you getting the floors wet."

He sighed in defeat, shaking the towel from his head into his hands to comply. "Agreed."

After clothing in pajamas and having Senketsu dry to her liking, the two came out the room and were ready for a night's sleep. Tomorrow would likely be just as stress inducing as any other day; Ryuko was grateful to have Senketsu there to mull her through with moments as insignificant as bathing together. She knew that he would absolutely agree.

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