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Cover Girl Epilogue

It had been five wonderful years for Edward and Bella in Las Vegas. Bella had finished her Master of Science in Computer Science and was working on her Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. Edward was about finish his Masters in the same field and was deciding on whether or not to pursue his Doctorate. It wasn't that he did not get accepted in the program, he did; it was that he had also been offered a job at UNLV as a software designer building and maintaining a new online interface system for students. Apparently, his graduate thesis project was well received by the heads of the school and they wanted him to tailor it for their specific needs.

He was leaning more towards taking the job and finishing school at a later date, but he wanted to discuss it with Bella first. She had been gung-ho about going all the way before taking a position somewhere, but had received several offers. Her dream job had not come through yet. She wanted to work with disabled children, developing software and hardware to assist with their daily needs and rehabilitation. One of the hospitals in Vegas was interested in her but expressed their desire that she have more medical knowledge, so in addition to getting her Doctorate, she was also taking nursing classes to comply with their request.

They had actually moved in together the summer after his freshman year. The trip back to Forks, together, where Charlie and Edward's parents found out had been tense and interesting. Esme had been thrilled that Edward and Bella had finally gotten together and Edward could practically see the gleam of wedding bells in her eyes. That wasn't happening for quite a while, not if he or Bella had anything to say about it. Carlisle had taken Edward aside and given him the 'safe sex' talk, complete with diagrams, demonstrations, and a hefty bag of condoms to take with him when they left. Charlie, or Mr. Chief Swan Sir as Edward had called him when they went to his house, was red faced and silent, his eyes constantly darting to his gun holster that hung by the front door. Edward was grateful that he made it out of there without extra holes in his body.

Emmett had actually been happy for them, but didn't waste any time before teasing them as he had done so many years before. Edward really considered super-gluing his mouth shut if he heard Emmett sing 'Edward and Bella sitting in a tree…' one more time. He finally let up when Bella slyly stuck her foot out and tripped him as he walked by singing it. His face hitting the wall and busting a hole in it was enough to end the teasing, plus he had to fix the damage while Edward and Bella sat and snickered.

However, everyone seemed to settle with the Edward-Bella news and they quickly eased into their new living arrangements. Edward was amazed at how easy and natural being with Bella was. Sure, they had their fair share of arguments, like when Edward stayed up late studying and did not rinse his dishes, leaving the food to dry and stick on when it was Bella's turn to wash them. Then there was the time when Bella went to the grocery store and bought the wrong kind of macaroni and cheese – Edward was a blue box, powdered cheese kind of person and Bella was a squeeze pouch of cheese sauce lover. Then there were the arguments over what to watch, where to go eat, where to put Edward's belongings, and who needed what space in the closets and dressers. Nevertheless, Edward relished every minute of it and his love for Bella only grew.

He knew he wanted to spend forever with her, but they had the talk early on that they both wanted to finish college and start working before they even started marriage talk. Both of their course loads were so heavy that neither of them wanted to handle the extra stress that planning a wedding would bring, so they settled happily into their domestic co-habitation and enjoyed one another. And their sex life, god…Edward was in absolute heaven.

He had been a virgin when they got together, and he was nervous that he wouldn't be able to please her, but then she confessed that she was also still a virgin, though she did have a vast collection of toys that she knew how to use on herself. Edward found out exactly how well she could utilize them when he came home early one day after class being cancelled. When he saw her lying on their bed, head thrown back, one hand fisted in the sheets while the other held a massive vibrating thing that plugged into the wall and the sounds and screams she was letting out. Yeah, Edward wasted no time diving onto the bed and joining in. He later found out that the huge vibrating thing was called a Hitachi Magic Wand, and when he used it on Bella, bringing her to heights he had never seen before, he was in love with it for what it could do to his woman.

It still didn't beat when it was just the two of them, and Edward and Bella had learned a lot about one another over the years. One night, as Edward lay between her legs, kissing down her soft stomach, he ran his tongue down the crease where her thigh met her body, and Bella hissed, her hands fisting in his hair, and his fingers, which had been buried deep in her heat, quickly became coated in a flood of arousal. Bella discovered that if she bit down on the curve of Edward's neck, right on the tendon that ran from his neck into his shoulder, about an inch above where it met the collarbone, that he groaned loudly and was instantly hard. The night she did it while he had her pinned beneath him on the bed, slowly making love to her, had made him so filled with desire and lust that the romantic night he had planed suddenly shifted into a raw, visceral, primal fucking session and both were sweaty, limp, incoherent mumbling fools afterwards.

One of Edward's favorite memories of he and Bella together was the night of his graduation, when he received his Bachelor's degree. Both of their families had come in for the event, and after Edward stood before the thousands gathered, received his diploma, and celebrated with their combined families, Emmett had begged to go out for a night on the town, especially since Edward was finally of legal gambling and drinking age.

Their parents had passed on the debauchery, heading back to their hotels for the night, and Bella tried to keep up, but given that she had been up early that day and late the night before thanks to Edward's horniness, she kissed him goodnight and headed back to the house leaving just the brothers to bond and have fun. Edward kept trying to get out of the bro session, but Emmett continued to drag him to casino after casino. It wasn't until Emmett ran into some girls, quickly falling into a trance with one of them, that Edward got a chance to escape. Emmett didn't even notice when he left and caught a cab back to their house.

Just thinking about what he found when he got home that night made the memory vivid once more and Edward found himself replaying it in his mind…

Edward arrived home and halfway expected Bella to be waiting up for him, or at least passed out on the couch, but the house was dark save for a bedside lamp in their bedroom. He showered in the guest bathroom so he wouldn't disturb Bella, and then went to slip into bed, but the sight that greeted him as he opened their bedroom door was more than he or his dick could take.

Bella was laying on the bed in heels and his cap and gown. The zipper was completely undone, revealing absolutely nothing but her luscious flesh underneath. But Edward had to stifle a laugh when he saw that she was passed out, drool coming out of the corner of her mouth, and the heels were halfway hanging off of her feet. Edward fought with himself to not disturb her, to leave her be, drooling on her pillow; but when she shifted and her legs splayed open more, the sight of her spread for him was more than he could deny himself.

He carefully climbed up the bed and began to tentatively lick at her, taking his time to gently, but sensually wake her up. It wasn't long before she began to moan, and then he knew when she was fully awake and ready to participate because she leaned up in the bed and grabbed fistfuls of his hair, her thighs trembling around his head.

"Oh, fuck, Edward…" Bella moaned and Edward laughed into her slick folds as he continued to lap and nip at her sensitive flesh.

He knew just how she liked it, had perfected his technique to the point of being able to get her off in just a few minutes if he so desired, and he went to town, wanting to lift her up until she snapped around him, and then, only then, would he give her the rest of him.

Bella was moaning, fisting his hair tightly; her thighs nearly clamping closed around his head more than once, and Edward slipped two fingers into her heated core.

"Ugh, yes! More, Edward, please fuck me!" Bella panted out but Edward wasn't done with her yet.

He focused his attention on her clit, sucking it between his teeth and biting down gently, flicking his tongue quickly over the captured flesh. His two fingers curled inside of her, Edward wiggled them rapidly, and he felt Bella's walls began to convulse around them. Her breathing hitched, her fists tightened in his hair to the point of pain, her entire body seized up, and then the most erotic sound poured forth from Bella's mouth, a deep and lusty moan signaling her climax.

Edward slowly pulled his fingers out of her, released her clit from his teeth, and sat back on his heels as he sucked his fingers clean of her tantalizing nectar. She was lying there, limp with the sheen of sweat on her body, and Edward still could not believe that he had his perfect woman. No woman, not even the one she had previously portrayed, was as erotic, sensual, lovely, beautiful, and perfect as the one lying before him. Her half-lidded stare was beckoning him, and as he crawled up her body and settled on top of her, pulling her into his arms, he knew he was home.

"I love you, Bella," Edward said on a breath, and then he took his time slowly making love to her.

Their bodies moved together, pushing, pulling, legs intertwined, and their mouths fused. Soft pants and moans filled the room as Edward reacquainted himself with Bella's entire body, not leaving a single inch untouched. It had only been a day since their last act of intimacy, but he couldn't get enough of her, always desired her, and constantly craved more.

"Edward, god, more…" Bella panted and Edward could feel her body rising toward another orgasm.

He was getting close as well and slid his arms under her body, wrapping his hands over her shoulders as he began to thrust harder, rotating his hips each time he was flush with her body. Her pants became grunts, her moans rose in pitch, and her hands clawed at his back. With just a few more rough thrusts, Bella was crying out and Edward was grunting as he came.

He collapsed on her, sweaty and in need of another shower, and when Bella brushed his damp hair out of his eyes, meeting his gaze with one full of love, he knew that he'd never complain about needing a shower after spending time with her.

Every time with Bella was just as wonderful as the night of his graduation, and Bella had been hinting since then that she had something planned for him for his birthday. The problem was that both of their families were going to be in town for it, including Chief Swan. His parents had been in town since his Master's graduation ceremony and were staying through his birthday on an extended vacation.

His dad had retired earlier that year, working on a consulting basis only. He had confided in Edward that the big reason was Esme's empty nest syndrome leading to her taking up sitting again. Carlisle had been enjoying the empty house, just the two of them, and then their space was invaded by toddler toys, Lego's that he found with his bare feet, crayon doodles on the walls, and the rancid smell of dirty diapers.

Carlisle didn't mind children, loved them in fact, but he had gotten used to his house being an adult space and wasn't ready to give that up until he became a grandpa. He talked Esme into giving the parents notice of closing shop with the compromise that he'd retire as well. The hospital begged him to continue to serve on the board, in limited capacity, and he agreed so long as he could do it remotely when needed. That was how his parents began travelling the country, actually enjoying the cities they had previously seen but never enjoyed for the medical conferences that had brought them there. They had visited Edward and Bella more than he was happy about, always just dropping in when they were least desired to be there, but they were his parents and Bella adored them.

They were at least granted a reprieve during football season as his parents followed the Seahawks, like literally followed them to all their games. Emmett had called several times to grumble about them ruining his 'after game pickups' and Edward had just laughed at him. He was eternally grateful he wasn't an only child. However sometimes, like that week, he had wished that he was an only child because everyone was coming in for his graduation ceremony, and siblings, or one in his case, meant more people around.

Edward didn't hate his family, or Bella's, but he relished their little bubble and became irritated when people invaded it. However, he had to let them in, had to open their bubble to other people because he was graduating with his Masters and everyone was coming into town. Everyone had hotel rooms booked as the second bedroom in Bella's house had been turned into a dual office for them and she refused to put a bed back in there. In addition, Edward was sure no one wanted to run the risk of hearing them doing anything – that had been an awkward trip back to Forks when his parents had overheard him and her in his childhood bedroom.

He was just glad that they would have the house to themselves, but that didn't mean their families wouldn't keep them out insanely late. Sure, there was the obligatory dinner after the ceremony, but then he hoped they would all excuse him and Bella so they could celebrate in their own way. He had something planned for her, something that he had been dreaming about for some time, and he was planning to do it the night of his graduation. All he had to do was get through the few days leading up to the ceremony when everyone would be arriving, and arrive they did.

It was hectic keeping up with everyone, all the sightseeing they wanted to do, the shows they wanted to take in, and the nightly group dinners were exhausting, especially considering that Edward still had two finals to take. However, he made it through and woke up the morning of his ceremony, his grades posted showing he graduated in the top of his class, full honors, and Bella squealed behind him as he looked at the grades online. He knew he was going to graduate with honors, but the actual GPA was still up in the air and a 3.94 was definitely nothing to scoff at.

"I'm so proud of you, Edward, and tonight, after we escape the family, I've got a reward planned for you," Bella said as she slid between him and the keyboard, straddling his lap and threading her fingers through his hair.

"Mmm, what would that be?" he asked, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her to him as he grew hard.

"You'll have to wait and see, Graduate," Bella said before kissing him sweetly, her tongue gently tangling with his.

Just as Edward moved to deepen the kiss, pulling Bella further into his erection, a knock at their front door broke up the party and Edward groaned loudly. Bella laughed and rolled her eyes at the same time, then climbed off Edward and went to answer the door as Edward attempted to hide his big problem in the waist of his shorts. Soon, the sounds of his parents and Bella's mom and step-dad filtered through the air. Edward logged off the computer, stood, and went to join the group.

Two hours later, everyone else had arrived except for Emmett. He had chosen to drive down, instead of fly, and had been expected an hour earlier, but texted to say he was running late. The ceremony was scheduled for later that day and they had five more hours to kill before then, though Edward had to be there two hours before the ceremony to line up properly. Bella, her mom, and his mom were in the kitchen making lunch for everyone, and Edward sat listening to his dad, Chief Swan, and Phil Dwyer talk about baseball. Edward tried to join in the conversation but his gaze kept wandering to the kitchen where he would catch occasional glimpses of his Bella, moving around, laughing, and enjoying herself thoroughly.

He kept watching the time wondering when Emmett was going to arrive, and the telltale rumble of his Jeep signaled that he was finally there. Edward went to the kitchen to let the women know that Emmett had arrived, and then headed for the door, anticipating Emmett's knock. When it came, and Edward opened the door, ready to hug his brother, he was stopped short by his brother's arms already being full of a giggling redheaded woman.

"Edward!" Emmett boomed and he released the woman with one arm and pulled him in for a hug, squishing him against the girl he still held.

"Emmett," Edward replied as he tried to back away, feeling completely awkward about the forced group hug with his brother and some strange woman. "Uh, come in?" Edward said, stepping further back and opening the door wider.

Emmett filled the doorway with himself and the woman, unwilling to let her go, and Edward closed the door behind them before going to join everyone else. Emmett was hugging all the women, still not releasing the redhead, and then shook hands with their dad, Chief Swan, and Phil. Everyone was eyeing the giggling redhead with obvious curiosity but was waiting for Emmett to introduce her before bombarding him with questions. Edward stood behind Bella, his arms around her waist, and started counting the seconds until Emmett finally introduced the woman. At long last, Emmett took her hand, stood proudly in front of all the people looking at him expectantly, and said the last words that Edward had expected to hear.

"Mom, Dad, everyone else, this is Maggie…my wife."

The volume erupted in the house, mainly from Esme and Carlisle, as they propelled question after question at Emmett. Bella eyed Edward with shock, and Edward couldn't do anything but just stand there and try to process what he had heard. Phil, Renee, and Chief Swan excused themselves to the kitchen, but no one really noticed their absence, as they demanded explanations from Emmett.

"Well, we met because of the Seahawks, Maggie was hired as one of the new team physicians," Emmett started to explain, and then the little redhead interrupted and surprised everyone when she spoke with a thick Irish accent.

"The big brute thought it'd be funny to fake a hamstring injury to meet the new doc, and when I discovered he was faking, he wished he would have really been injured," Maggie spoke, he voice nearly mesmerizing everyone from the lyrical way the words poured out. Bella smacked Edward, snapping him out of his daze, and he realized that he had been staring directly at Maggie's mouth as she had spoken.

"Sure did, Mom, she gave me the meanest pinch I'd ever had, and my muscle cramped up worse than I'd ever felt before," Emmett laughed at his own explanation but everyone else just stood there silent, waiting to hear the rest of the story.

"Yeah, he was a big ole baby after that, and I had to be a good doc and rub it out for him. Afterwards, he kept hounding me to go out with him, and finally wore me down," Maggie continued, giggling as she looked up at Emmett and Edward could clearly see the love she held for his brother shining in her eyes.

"By the second date I had proposed, and on the way down here I suggested getting married because you'd all be here, but we, uh," Emmett said, his voice tapering off at the end as he seemed suddenly uncomfortable.

"What the oaf is trying to say is that he just couldn't wait and I couldn't say no to his puppy dog eyes, so we went to one of the little chapels and got married, which is why we're late," Maggie explained, and Emmett looked down at her with a soft smile before pulling her in for a gentle kiss.

The tender moment was quickly broken up when Esme lurched forward and began slapping Emmett in the head. He released Maggie and she stepped back, wringing her hands together and biting her lip, suddenly seeming nervous and full of apprehensions at marrying Emmett.

"You stupid boy! How could you go off, get married, and not even tell me, your mother! Do you know how long I was in labor with you? Do you know what it was like to go through twenty-nine hours of labor, barely sleeping, not allowed to eat, and then when I was utterly exhausted I had to push out your ten-and-a-half pound ass?! Do you know the suffering you have put me through? Then you deny me the right to meet my future daughter-in-law, help plan the wedding, and see my first-born all dressed up? How dare you!" Esme yelled, and then she ceased her smacks on Emmett, whirling on Edward with a fierce look in eyes.

Edward let Bella go and pushed her behind his back. She giggled at his chivalrous act but stayed tucked behind Edward's body as Esme started yelling at Edward.

"And don't you get any ideas from your brother, young man! You don't even want to know how I'll react if my baby boy goes off and elopes because his big brother did it. You're going to give me the big wedding of my dreams, young man!"

"N-n-no, ma'am," Edward stuttered and he heard Bella giggle behind him, but he was finally out of the heated spotlight and letting out the breath he had been holding as Esme turned to the now timid redheaded woman and held out her arms with a warm smile and a sweet, soft voice.

"Hello dear, I'm Esme, this idiot's mother. Please don't hold it against me. Welcome to the family," she said, the happiness truly evident in her voice and Maggie only stepped forward after a nudge from Emmett, and then she was embraced in the amazing motherly hug that only Edward's mother could provide.

After that, Maggie was quickly integrated into the family, but Esme more than hinted that Emmett wed her properly so that she could be there to see. She even went as far as alluding to the fact that she didn't consider a drive-thru chapel to be legitimate or legal. Thankfully, Maggie brushed it off and confided to Esme that she understood. All too soon, the time for Edward to head out came, and he kissed Bella goodbye, told everyone else that he'd see them after the ceremony, and he took off in his car to get ready for his graduation.

Seven long hours later, Edward was finally able to extract himself and Bella from their combined families and head back to their house. Chief Swan, who finally asked Edward to call him Charlie that evening, had excused himself two hours earlier, needing to sleep before heading back to Forks in the morning. He didn't like taking too much time off being Chief of Police and all, plus he wasn't much for large gatherings and you couldn't get much larger than the Vegas nightlife.

Phil and Renee were living it up in the casinos with Carlisle and Esme, and Emmett and his new wife Maggie had disappeared just before Edward and Bella had finally escaped. Tired and spent, they slowly made their way off the beaten path and to the quiet suburbs that they lived in. As they pulled in the driveway, Bella suddenly shot up and said she forgot to get more milk and begged Edward to go get some from the store. He started the car once more, grumbling the entire time and pleading with her that they could do without milk, but she shook her head and demanded that they needed it.

As Edward started to put the car into reverse, Bella opened her door and Edward looked at her with an appalled expression.

"Aren't you coming with me?" he pouted.

"I really need a shower and I'm so tired," she whined and Edward was helpless against her big brown eyes, sighed, and motioned for her to get out of the car.

Alone and tired, Edward went to three gas stations before he found the gallon of two-percent milk that Bella would want. Seven dollars – gas station milk was freaking expensive – and thirty-five minutes later, Edward was finally back home and he slowly shuffled inside. When he went to put the milk in the fridge, he became livid when he spied the half-gallon already sitting in there, waiting to be drunk. He tried not to slam the fridge shut, but he was tired and pissed off.

He took a deep breath, ran a hand through his hair, and then reopened the fridge and grabbed a beer. Standing in the kitchen he twisted off the top and downed it quickly, letting his frustration dissipate before he went to find Bella. With the last drops down his throat, Edward deposited the empty bottle in the trash and headed for the bedroom, hoping to cuddle up to Bella and get some sleep.

When he walked into the room, he paused, taking in the surroundings. Yes, it was still their bedroom, but it was all wrong. The bed had been covered in a bright red sheet, the bendable lamps were all shifted and the light they cast was pointed directly at the center of the bed, and in the middle of it all knelt his Bella. Only it wasn't Bella.

Blonde hair replaced her dark brown waves, her eyes were made up to appear larger, more seductive. Her lips were painted to match the sheet, and her body… God, Edward was instantly hard as he took in her attire.

She was… God she was every nerd's fantasy! There she knelt in simple black Converse, a jean skirt with a frayed end, and a Star Wars shirt that featured Hans Solo and Chewbacca. Only, she took the nerdy girl next door look a step further, shortening the skirt until it was no more than the waist to the crotch, the white pouches of the pockets sticking out from the frayed edge. Her shirt was probably two sizes too small, stretched extremely tight across her luscious breasts and riding up to reveal her toned stomach. Moreover, the look she had on her face…it was enough to make his dick begin to weep.

"Bella…" her name was but a whisper on Edward's bewildered lips.

"Rosalie…" she corrected him with an arched eyebrow but a pleading in her oddly blue eyes, begging him to play along.

Edward simply nodded and stepped forward, shutting the bedroom door behind him before crossing the room to the edge of the bed. He'd play along with her game; he'd do anything for his woman.

"You look…fuck!" Edward fumbled with his words as he mindlessly adjusted his quickly hardening dick, his pants making the situation quite uncomfortable.

"That's what I want you do to do to me," she said, batting her long lashes at him and Edward swallowed once, twice, and then just nodded his head once more.

He was out of his league with the woman before him, but utterly thankful that he had been blessed with the gift of her love. He reached for her, but hesitated at the last minute, not sure if she had a plan for the evening or not.

"You can touch me, I don't bite…much," she purred through her plump red lips as she grabbed his hand and pulled him forward until his knees hit the mattress and he was kneeling in front of her.

"Touch me, Edward. I've wanted you to touch me for so long," she said in a breathy voice and Edward's dick twitched in his pants when she placed his hand on her silky thigh.

He tentatively brushed his fingers along the skin, up and down, entranced by the soft flesh that continued under the skirt. Each sweep of his hand brought his fingers higher until they were teasing the frayed ends of the skirt. Rosalie moaned and pushed her hips forward slightly so that the next pass of his fingers had them slipping underneath the denim.

Not satisfied with just one hand on her, Edward's other hand joined in, caressing her other leg as he shifted forward on his knees. His eyes locked on where his fingers kept disappearing in the shadowed area hidden by the skirt, and he licked his lips in anticipation of possibly tasting what was there.

"More, Edward, more… I've dreamt of your touch, your hands on my body!" she cried out as she let her legs slide further apart, enticing him to discover what lay further under the skirt.

"Bel…" Edward began to say but stopped with the look that she gave him. "R-Rosalie," Edward amended before licking his suddenly dry lips, his mouth parched from panting he hadn't known he was doing.

"Yes, Edward?" she asked, bringing her eyes to meet his in a searing gaze.

"I…I want to…" Edward started to say, but he didn't know exactly what he wanted.

He had fantasized every possible way to touch, taste, and experience all that was Rosalie Hale. He had dreamt of her, caressed her photos in the magazines, and devoured every single minute detail of her that was printed. Yet when he finally got the moment to be with her, in every way possible, he felt completely inept in what to do.

"What do you want, Edward? All you have to do is ask. I'm yours for the taking," she breathed and Edward suddenly knew what he wanted, more than anything.

"I want you to take me, do whatever you wish. I'm yours to command, I'm yours to enjoy. Do to me what you will," he told her, his eyes staring straight into hers, his voice finally strong and steady.

As he said the words his hands quit trembling, his fingers tensed and dug into the tender flesh of her thighs, and his dick twitched once…twice…and grew impossibly harder in the cramped confines of his pants.

He watched her lips part slightly, her delicate pink tongue dart out and taste the plump, red flesh, and then her gaze hardened into a determined and lust-filled expression.

"Stand up, strip, and lay on the bed, arms and legs stretched out, eyes closed. Do it now, Edward," Rosalie said, her sweet southern twang increasing as she slipped further into the moment.

Edward complied quickly, not wasting a moment as he toed off his shoes while undoing his pants. He dropped them and his boxers at the same time and stepped out of them while he ripped his shirt apart, spraying buttons across the room. When all the fabric was removed from his body, he crawled onto the bed, his eyes locked on Rosalie's as she shifted to the side, and then he lay down and assumed the position she had demanded of him.

"Close your eyes, Edward, close them and just feel," she spoke sweetly and he complied, his lids drifting slowly shut until his lashes rested against his cheeks.

He was breathing rapidly, not knowing where she was in the room as she was utterly silent save for the sound of rustling fabric. Was she undressing? Was she moving stuff around? He tried to sense her in the room, but it wasn't until he felt the bed dip between his legs that he knew where she was.

"I've wanted you since I first saw you. Do you know that, Edward? I've watched you, studied you, and I know you've been dreaming of me. I know how you have those photos of me, the things you do while looking at them. I know you touch yourself while you look at them; I've seen you do it. And you know what?" she said and Edward swallowed past a rock in his throat before he spoke.

"What, Rosalie?" he barely formed the words.

His dick was impossibly hard and he could feel the drops of fluid seeping from the engorged head. He shifted, hoping to entice her to touch him, do anything to him, and he groaned in an animalistic manner when he felt something hot, wet, and soft yet rough sweep across the head of his dick, gathering the escaped fluid and leaving a tingling trail in the wake.

"I touch myself thinking of you," she purred in that orgasm-inducing drawl, and then Edward nearly came when he felt the wet heat of her mouth close around his cock.

He groaned loudly, his hands instinctively flying up towards her head, and when they were almost there, the deliciousness surrounding his erection was gone and a disappointed 'tsk' was aimed at him.

"Hands on the bed, and they stay there, or I'll tie them up," Rosalie threatened and Edward forced his arms to stretch back out, his fists gripping the sheet and twisting until they were ensnared by the fabric.

"That's a good boy," she praised him, and then the mattress dipped again and he felt the deliriously delicious wet heat surround him once more.

It was all consuming, the feeling of her lips, tongue, and teeth sliding over his rigid flesh. The suction and the saliva, the heat and the pressure, it overrode all of his senses and he could only feel. And god, the feeling of her was more than he had ever imagined, better than any fantasy, better than anything he had ever felt before. It was like everything he had ever known and everything he had ever desired to know all rolled into one.

He felt the heat from his body, increasing and surging, flooding through him as it converged on one point, one area engorged with blood and desire. His stomach clenched, a coil tightening deep within, a burning that signified something explosive to come. And then come he did, in thick spasm inducing waves. His teeth clenched, the muscles of his neck were corded and straining, and the guttural sound that erupted from his throat was primitive.

Rosalie took it all, sucking harder, deeper, drawing it out as she consumed all he gave her before releasing him with one final slow lick. Edward was panting, grasping for control as he felt the mattress shift with her movements. He jumped slightly when he felt her weight settle on his upper thighs, his sated cock resting against a heated part of her body.

"You taste divine, Edward. Tasting you made me so wet," she purred and he felt her hand slip between them, shifting as her body rocked over his.

His eyes began to open, to watch her with a rapturous hunger, but she ceased her movements and commanded him to close his eyes once more. He did so, reluctantly, as he had only received a glimpse of her body settled above his, her fingers seated deep within her folds, and the sheen of delicious fluids glistening on her inner thighs.

Once his eyes shut tight, the movement recommenced and then he felt something wet against his lips. Instinctively his tongue darted out, capturing the offered nectar, and Edward moaned deliciously as Rosalie's fingers slipped between his lips. Her musky and sweet flavor coated the digits and Edward lapped it up, sucking until there was not a remnant left.

"More!" he begged, his voice hoarse with desire, and she complied, recoating her fingers and feeding him what he craved. "More, I need more!" he growled, and he finally felt Rosalie move, her body sliding up his until her ass sat on his chest and her thighs were on either side of his head.

He felt her shift forward infinitesimally, and then her core was right there, right at his lips begging him to devour it savagely. Her fragrance superseded his olfactory system until the only scent that remained in the world was hers. Small hands fisted in his hair, lifting his head until his lips met hers, and then he dined. He licked…nipped…sucked…completely consumed her. He took in all she would give him, his tongue, lips, and teeth working her as she rocked against his face. Her scent and taste coated him and all that remained in the world was simply her.

She moaned, rocked, panted, and rode his face until high-pitched noises erupted from her throat. She was almost there and Edward searched out her clit, isolating it as he sucked it in deeply. The engorged nub pulsated in his mouth as he trapped it with his teeth, biting down gently as his tongue flicked rapidly against it. The high-pitched squeals shifted abruptly into deep, lusty moans as she stilled suddenly. Her entire body froze, all her muscles rigid as her thighs clamped against his head, trapping him. He bit down harder with his teeth, sucked again, and when his tongue brushed across the fiery nub once more, she erupted against his face.

Wild thrashing overtook her as her delicious nectar surged into his mouth, coated his face, and filled him with the primitive urge to take all she had to offer. He growled low in his chest, his eyes flying open to lock on her half-lidded ones, and his hands released the sheets to grip her thighs so tightly she whimpered. And then he was on top of her, quickly flipping her over so she was flat on her back, her legs bent and trapped by his biceps, her eyes wide with surprise, and her mouth dropped open in an inviting manner.

"Better shut that mouth or I'll give you something to fill it with," Edward said in a low voice, his tone laced with a deep desire to consume, claim, and lay to waste all thoughts of anything else her tempting mind had ever allowed to grace her thoughts.

Her lips closed quickly and her gaze turned from one of shock, to one of submission as she yielded to his raw masculinity in the moment. He thought he was hard before, but her desire had destroyed that thought. His cock was like hot granite, large, steadfast, and determined to be buried deep within her that very second.

"I'm going to take you…hard…fast…rough… I'm not going to stop until you know that you're mine. I own this," Edward said as he brushed one hand across her soaked and swollen pussy.

"I own this," he repeated as his fingers grazed her mouth.

"And I'm going to have fun with these," he finished as he sat back slightly and brought his hands up to cover her breasts, pinching the nipples roughly between his thumbs and index fingers.

She cried out deliciously, her head thrown back passionately and her body glistening with sweat. Her legs trembled when he twisted the puckered flesh. And her pussy, god her sweet pussy, it radiated heat when he gathered her breasts in his palms and roughly squeezed them.

"Please…" she panted, her head thrashing back and forth as he slowly rocked his hips, his cock brushing across her drenched slit in languorous passes.

"Please, what? You have to ask me, beg me for what you want. You're no longer in control, I am," Edward growled and Rosalie whimpered underneath him, her head shifting so roughly that glimpses of chestnut showed beneath the blonde locks.

"Please fuck me!" she cried out as he grasped her breasts tightly and angled his hips to press his cock harder against her.

"I will. I am going to fuck you, erase every fantasy I ever had of you and replace them with this single moment. I'm going to bury myself so deeply within you that you'll only ever think of me when you get aroused. I'm going to brand you so thoroughly that all will know that you are mine," Edward said in a deep voice.

His cock somehow became even harder, clear drops of lubrication seeping from the slit. And then in one swift thrust, he pushed his shaft down, pressed against her bent legs with his weight to tilt her core up to receive him, and he was buried within her so suddenly that both of them cried out at the sensation. As they became one…joined in the most intimate and primal of ways…the arousal erupting from their bodies increased tenfold.

Edward groaned as he felt her spasm around his shaft, her orgasm swiftly surging through her body making her tremble deliciously. Edward stayed seated deep inside of her, the fiery heat of her pussy engulfing his cock, and he waited until the ripples of her release began to subside. Just as they almost ebbed off, he moved, pulling his hips back and plunging in promptly.

He set a punishing pace, his hands cemented to her breasts, squeezing, pinching, and kneading the supple flesh. His hips slammed against her thighs, the slapping sound ricocheting around the room. He filled her repeatedly, his pace never wavering, his stamina never ceasing, and he forced her to soar multiple times.

She was pure seduction, all he had ever desired in a woman, and all his as she lay beneath him taking everything he gave and more. Her voice grew hoarse with her cries of passion, her lips were dry from panting, and her knuckles seemed permanently white from the grip she had on the sheets. Edward released one of her breasts, sliding his hand between them until his thumb found her scorching nub, pressing on it as he thrust harder than ever.

The desire in him began to converge in his body, surging to one point, focusing everything he had and was on one singular area. His stomach tightened, his muscles tensed, and his teeth clenched together. His hips began to pitch erratically, deep guttural grunts poured from his chest, and he pressed harder on her clit, rubbing it roughly until he felt her walls begin to compress around his cock.

Her words were mere incoherent phrases, and his entire being focused on their mutual release. Three more thrusts, three powerful surges of his hips, three more pummels of his cock in her addictive pussy, and he roared as his body froze. He was flush against her, her walls clamped around his pulsating cock, and he filled her with his essence, giving her all of his release.

With one last twitch, his body relaxed suddenly, and he collapsed. Falling to the side, he rolled her with him, sliding out of her heat as they fell together against the bed. The blonde hair was completely gone, forgotten on the pillow where her head had lain. Her makeup streaked across her temples, her face flushed with the enrapturing luster of a completely sated woman, and her eyes shone with the delirious peace that followed in the wake of carnal pleasure.

"Edward," she whispered as she attempted to raise a limp hand to caress his face.

He barely captured it and pulled it to his lips, kissing each fingertip before he pressed her palm to his cheek, covering it with his own hand.

"I love you, Bella," he said in a soft voice and she smiled at him, her resounding love for him evident on her face.

"As I love you," she replied but then her smile fell slightly as she looked at him with trepidation.

"What is it, Love?" he asked her, not understanding the sudden change in her demeanor.

"Now that you've had Rosalie…" she started and he shushed her rapidly, pulling her in for a deep kiss.

When he finally released her, he gently grasped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes so she could see the truth in his words.

"Never, for a moment, ever doubt that you are the one for me. Rosalie is a part of you, and I love her too, but you, Bella, my girl next door, my best friend…You are my one true love and my cover girl. There is no one that can ever compare to you. I love you," Edward said as he wiped a solitary tear from her cheek.

"I love you too, Edward," Bella breathed against his lips before he kissed her again.

It was a sweet, slow, sensual kiss. A kiss full of promise, love, ultimate desire, and all Edward was and wanted to be. It never grew in speed, but the passion held in that kiss built until Edward gently covered Bella's body with his, slowly slid himself between her legs, and passionately made love to his woman, his heart, his one and only.

It had been a long road for the two of them, full of love, laughs, anger, and tears; a road that Edward would traverse for the rest of his life so long as Bella would be at the end every time.

"My Bella, my love…" Edward murmured against her lips as they slowly reached their releases together. Their mutual orgasms were physically less than stellar, but the emotional bond forged between them made them soar.

Fully sated and completely spent, they curled together on the bed, their bodies so intertwined that it was impossible to tell where one ended and the other began. With the last of Edward's quickly waning strength, he reached behind him to the bedside table, slid open the drawer, and blindly felt for the box within. He quietly opened it and pulled the item from the velvet cushion.

With a deep breath, he gently lifted Bella's left hand that rested on his chest, and slid the ring onto her finger. He felt her stiffen and heard her gasp, and when he turned his head to meet her gaze, he didn't even have to ask the question that was perched on his lips.

"Yes, yes! A thousand times yes!" Bella cried as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her until they were both breathless.

After what could have been hours, Edward finally slid from the bed, turning off the last of the lights before he shifted Bella's naked and sleeping form to cover her up. She was laying on her right side, her left hand resting on the pillow in front of her face where it had been when she fell asleep admiring her engagement ring.

Edward didn't know where life would take Bella and he, but what he did know was that he was absolutely in love with her and that his life would never be complete without her in it.

Sliding under the covers behind her, he pulled her back to his chest, molding himself to her body, and he fell asleep to dreams of their future. Bella was all he needed to conquer the world; his best friend, the love of his life, and the only woman he would ever desire through all of eternity. She was his cover girl.

Once again, I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope to see you again soon. This is not goodbye, merely a 'see you later' as I go back to the world of my original characters. I love you all and I hope you take care.