My youth romantic comedy may be the key to our happiness.

My picture of Society

I sometimes wonder. What did I do wrong? What was it that caused people to call me Hikkifroggy and made fun of me all throughout my past? What did I do to make my self alone and ignored by everyone else? I keep racking my brain but nothing comes to mind. My conclusion is that I did nothing wrong, I simply acted my life out like any normal person would but somehow I must have been different to the rest so that I was hated and shunned.

It must be that many schools and even society hold a form of social hierarchy. The people who are just smart enough, good and kind are accepted without fail. People that are too smart and too unpleasant are rejected without fail. To conform to social norms people will act out their roles placed by their standing; the averages are used to shun and the higher ones to rule over all and place fake mercy to those at the bottom. The people at the bottom have no chance. It's disgusting.

This is my picture of society and social norms.

Hikigaya Hachiman

"You have done it again haven't you Hachiman. It seems that being in the service club hasn't changed you one bit." Hiratsuka sensei remarked pointing out another one of Hachiman's essays.

The boy with the dead fish eyes groaned. He didn't like having to be told to change constantly by everyone. He was perfectly happy to be himself.

"Why don't you try looking for the opportunity to change yourself, instead of being like this?" Hiratsuka sensei suggested.

"People only need to change if they find something dissatisfactory about their lives since I feel that my personality is fine to me then I do not seek to change it." Hikigaya responded.

Hiratsuka sighed. She had expected this and let him go. There was no use in preaching to a person that won't listen.

She glanced at another paper for the same task. It was severely anti society or at least it pointed out the flaws of society far too much. Its writer was Yukinoshita Yukino. She was reminded that she was almost as corrupted as Hikigaya was.

Suddenly a bright idea came over her. If they couldn't change their views by conventional means then she simply has to force them into a situation where they must change. If she simply pulled the strings a bit she could force the two of them to change no matter what.

Shizuka Hiratsuka grinned. This was going to be interesting indeed.

Next day – Local Park

If people where observing the park that they would find three high school students and middle school student surrounding an adult wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses. It was an obvious act to try to be inconspicuous but she stood out far too much.

"Well you four you must be wondering why I called you guys here right?" Hiratsuka questioned.

"Hey where are Yukinon and Hikki? I thought they would be here at least." Yui Yuigahama questioned.

"You have just touched upon the subject of this meeting Yuigahama. I sure that all of you have noticed a certain amount of corruption inside the two people previously aforementioned. With Hikigaya it obvious enough and with Yukinoshita her haughty personality might piss of the wrong people in the future. This is why I propose a plan to force them to change themselves and look at people differently for the better." Hiratsuka declared.

"Well it seems interesting enough, especially since my brother personality is as the dead as his eyes but how are we going to do anything? Helping people hasn't exactly worked that much has it? And for Yukinoshita san, its seems that her beliefs are strong as well." Komachi wondered.

"Easy we'll make them fall madly in love each other!" Hiratsuka sensei announced enthusiastically.

Everybody looked pretty shocked especially Yui who harboured a certain amount of romantic feelings.

"Well I suppose that is a good idea but I don't think it's a good idea to forcefully pair up two people without the two of them being good matches with each other." Totsuka relayed to Hiratsuka sensei.

"Have you ever seen their essays before? Here I'll show their version of the 'your view on society' essays I made everyone in my classes do." Hiratsuka prompted.

Hiratsuka handed a copy of one to everyone. It took a minute for them to read the essays and all three of them looked stunned once more. Their eyes were full of sadness.

"I had no idea that they had such as past." Yui responded depressively

Yui had known Hachiman and Yukinoshita for a only a short time so it was no wonder that she didn't know at all. Their words only made her feeling slightly sad for them. She never knew that they both distrusted people that much.

"I will never be able to help him myself. I was always under the impression that if I could make him fall in love with me then I would be able to change him slowly but if I don't understand him at all how can I help at all? But at least those to could understand each others loneliness. Maybe if our plan works then both of them will be happier." Yui mused in her mind.

"Judging by the sad looks in everybody's eyes I can see that everyone is in motion to agree with this group's formation and our primary objective has be successfully been agreed upon." Hiratsuka sensei judged.

Everybody nodded in unison and grinned.

"Yoshi, I was already planning to try some new romantic comedy elements to my light novels already maybe its time to test their effectiveness." Zaimokuza shouted.

"Hold your horses every one we still need to discuss our plans. There is no doubt that these two will no doubt be tough opponents." Komachi reminded.

The group moved in closer and started to plan to get them closer.

Plan one – Saturday – Komachi and Yui's plan

It was Komachi and Yui's plan to get them to go shopping that day whilst they would drop hints of romance like going to rather couple orientated shops whilst the two of them left mysteriously. However the two of them underestimated Hachiman and Yukinoshita's obliviousness.

Whilst they started to drop romantic hints, the two of them would appear unaffected. When they led them to romantic shops they became bewildered as to why a middle school girl and a girl with no boyfriend would ever have a need to come here. The closest they got to them talking about romance was how Hachiman demanded to know if Komachi got a boyfriend. When things got even more desperate they told the two the of them suited each other however suddenly the mood dropped to absolute freezing temperatures and the two denied such an idea with looks of disgust and intimidation.

When the group reconvened the two of them started to cry and started to babble about "seeing the face of fear" and "I never knew that they could make such faces" over and over whilst they curdled up in a ball rocking them selves. They where comforted and re encouraged to move on from the experience.

It was definitely a failure but the group was reminded of the power of the two of them.

Monday –Zaimokuza and Hiratsuka's plan.

To say the least the plan was a complete failure. It was a plan based on the delusions of budding light novelist who wished to put romantic comedy elements in his writing and an adult that shouldn't really be reading shounen mangas at her age. It was a simple plan but in essence one that was bound to fail immediately.

Their plan involved getting Yukinoshita to play some tennis at the request of Totsuka whilst everyone else distracted Hachiman. When Yukinoshita was finished and was starting to change the others allowed Hachiman to enter the clubroom where she was changing.

The result was terrible. Yukino immediately inflicted critical damage upon Hachiman with the tennis bat and due to a misunderstanding in his mind; Hachiman believed that everyone that was distracting him was trying to get him to be in pain. He gave out quite evil death glares.

The members involved went into a mild case of depression and fear.

The group sighed again especially the two who thought it was bound to work.

Thursday – Group meeting.

Today club activities where cancelled for the day so the group gathered in the service club room. They where in serious need of a another plan as they haven't even remotely successful in the past few days.

"Okay we need another plan!" Hiratsuka declared for the tenth time.

"How about getting them on a fake date!" Yui suggested.

"No if we say it's a fake date then they will think of it as such and their feelings wouldn't increase. If we say it's a real one then they won't come at all." Hiratsuka disagreed.

"What if we constantly make them fall on top of each other!" Zaimokuza shouted.

"Perhaps that would work if those two where normal but they are on the highest tier of abnormality." Komachi reasoned.

"I was wondering something. Why haven't we tried to get the two to express their own feelings to each other? All we have done is tried to force them to become a couple but if they don't know how in common they truly are then there isn't much of a chance of that happening." Totsuka discussed.

"Well then have you got an idea Totsuka san? We could use some of your ideas." Yui suggested.

"Well I read in a book once that people are more likely to express their feelings when they come into a situation where fear things the most. So if we get them into a fearful situation then maybe they could express their true feeling." Totsuka described.

"That a great idea!" Hiratsuka sensei screamed out shocking the members of the group.

"Yeah I know exactly what situation to put them in!" Zaimokuza joined.

"I know my brother in and out. I know all of his fears and hatreds. He'll be crying on top of Yukinoshita san by the end of this ordeal." Komachi declared.

"I don't want to have to scare Yukinon like this but it for her own good. I managed to find out her fears as well." Yui shouted enthusiastically.

The group continued to plot for the rest of the night.

Well this is my improved idea for this pairing. My last story for this pairing just didn't work out in my head. If you liked that one then please say so, maybe I'll revive it after this one is done and after my big project is over. Sorry again to anyone who liked or was interested in the previous story but hopeful this one will be just as interesting. Please review (unfortunately its pretty hard trying to pair up two people like Yukino and Hachiman together without thinking a bit but it does make it fun).