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We're all human's and that's all there is to it.

Two hours later.

The former members of the group stirred. After fainting they could barely remember what had transpired. Then flashes of their memories came back to them. They started to hyperventilate when their memories returned.

"Oi don't tell me you guys forgot about what happened. Why don't you calm down for second? We are here to celebrate not look after your broken mental states." Hachiman suggested forcefully.

"Please don't be so harsh Hachiman. They just woke up. It would be shocking to anybody." Yukino reprimanded her fiancé.

She offered the frightened souls with some chocolate which did calm them down. Yuigahama began to speak slowly.

"Sorry you two, I think I speak for everybody when I say that we were sincerely surprised. True we did end up creating this mess at the end of the line but still you did keep it a secret from us." Yui spoke out.

"Did you guys do it already? Surely you guys have done it already!" Zaimokuza screamed out insensitively.

"NO! We agreed that we wouldn't do it until we got married!" The two shouted back.

They all looked at Zaimokuza and shook their heads. Now was not the time for such questions.

"I want to know. How did you get engaged Yukino san, Onii chan?" Komachi wondered

"Yeah was it romantic?" Hiratsuka asked

"Or was it surprising?" Yui suggested.

"Hachiman's the sort of guy to do it over the top, I'm sure he did that. I mean look at how he dealt with us over the years!" Totsuka suggested.

"Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. You're all so far from the truth! You don't know him all" Yukino shouted.

"Please don't recount that Yukino. I'm pretty embarrassed myself about the ordeal." Hachiman bemoaned.

"Tell us more Yukino san!" The group implored.

"Fine we'll tell you. I'll help since I don't want a bias view!" Hachiman complained.

Flashback talk sequence.

"Well I suppose I should start from the very beginning. As you all know I became an author. The reason for this was because I needed to prove myself worthy for Yukino and because I needed to prepare for the future of house husbandry!" Hachiman declared.

"What you're still fixated on that? I thought that marrying a good lady would change your view!" Hiratsuka protested.

"I thought that at first. But since he is contributing to society, I no longer have a problem with that sensei. However what I did have a problem with was how he had to do that to prove himself worthy to marry me. I told him that I didn't care about what other people said." Yukino complained.

"Hey I needed money to buy the rings in the first place and besides you may have been fine with it but what about your parents? I doubt they would have wanted their daughter to marry a jobless hobo." Hachiman reasoned.

"Enough with the lover's spat, get on with the story!" Yui protested.

"Fine we'll change it to three days ago." Yukino compromised.

"Well I invited her that day to watch an anime series….." Hachiman began

"What you wanted to propose to her after you watched anime?" Cried out the group.

"Hey I promised that I would show her the anime from the keychain I gave her six years ago and besides I wanted to calm myself down!" Hachiman retorted to cover up his decision.

"I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I surprised even myself before you say anything. Anyway we watched the anime series and then Hachiman left to go get something….."

"Before you continue, did it get intimate?" Hiratsuka asked.

"Ah no." Yukino and Hachiman stammered.

They all looked at Hiratsuka.

"What? Mangakas need inspiration too." Hiratsuka complained.

"Anyway, I returned to cook the meal. Unfortunately the pocket where I put the ring box was too small so it bulged out quite a lot." Hachiman recounted depressed.

Yukino consoled him.

"It wasn't that bad. You at least kept me guessing for 30 seconds." Yukino attempted to console.

"Yukino san. That's pretty bad. The male is meant to keep the whole affair a surprise until the end." The group reminded.

"Hey I don't want to hear that from a group that failed to realise that their friends and students where dating for six years. Even we thought we were a bit showy at times." Yukino responded icily to defend her fiancé.

The group got even more depressed all of a sudden. Realising that they had more reason to be depressed Hachiman carried on.

"Well Yukino came up to me after those 30 seconds and demanded to know what was in the pocket. I was already nervous before this and she made it little better. I made several attempts to get her away from the situation of the ring but this was Yukino we are talking about so she kept demanding until I gave up. I told her about the ring in my pocket and how I was going to propose to her. She looked at me expressionlessly and I thought for a second that she would declare that she was actually going to break up with me after this. I even imagined myself crying in my bed screaming like I did way back in middle school." Hachiman confessed.

"I can't believe that you would actually think that I would break up with you after all we have been through. Anyway I immediately elevated his fears by saying yes and hugged him. I did however ask him to try again in a more romantic fashion but then the food burst into flames. Hachiman quickly extinguished it but the food was ruined." Yukino continued.

"Wait you burnt the proposal dinner? That mustn't have been good for your self-esteem." Yui pondered.

"No in fact it took him a while to realize that the food was burnt. He kept mumbling "that's right youth, I managed to win when the moment counted," honestly I was very disturbed." Yukino retold to the group.

"Aside from that…. I was very happy until she reminded me that we still needed some food for dinner. So I called the local ramen shop and bought the two most expensive ramen noodles…" Hachiman began.

"Nice!" Hiratsuka commended as she high fived Hachiman.

"What?! Ramen! That's not something you should eat when you are trying to propose. In terms of food you should have bought one big pasta dish!" Komachi and Yuigahama protested.

"Hey you try proposing to the person of your dreams! It isn't easy! Especially since I ruined the food." Hachiman retorted.

"I thought that it was good. Considering we do share a favourite food in ramen. Besides that it was a good dish. I do commend him for using his wits at that moment. Who knows what would have happened if I didn't say yes at that point." Yukinoshita defended.

"Well since we had nothing to do she forced me to try proposing again and at that point she hadn't even seen the ring yet! It sure was tough to do what I was planning to do, but I think managed to nail it with the words "I can't promise you much Yukino but if these six years have taught me anything it's that I love you dearly. I love the way you look expressionless sometimes, I love the way that you dote on the next door neighbour's cat, I Love how you managed to back me up when we got into that Yakuza street brawl….." Hachiman started.

"Wait a Yakuza street brawl? When did you get into one of those?!" Komachi complained.

"Stop interrupting! It was really good. We destroyed them and everything. We even took down the Yakuza group head by the end of it!"

"Is that why the Yakuza stopped attacking people these days?!" The group shouted.

"Enough of the brawl. "I love how you accepted me even with this weird personality of mine but above all Yukino Yukinoshita I love you simply because you are you. Will you marry me?!" I said as I opened the ring box with the beautiful rings you all see now." Hachiman recounted.

"Great! It got really good at the end. Man I would have wanted to be their Hachiman, the tension you must of felt!" Totsuka declared.

"This will make great material for the next story arc!" Cried out Zaimokuza and Hiratsuka.

"That was beautiful Hikki!" Yui commended.

"Onii chan I didn't know you had it in you to be able to compliment someone." Komachi applauded.

"Hachiman you forgot the part where we…."

"Hah ha ha… Forget about that Yukino we don't want them to know about that!" Hachiman told her quickly while the both of them blushed heavily.

"Wait was that! Don't tell me you guys actually did it!" Zaimokuza asked.

"No it's not that. We just kissed a bit….." Yukinoshita confessed.

"Damn." The group cursed silently.

They started to celebrate their friend's engagement and it lasted all through the night.

3 months later – Night before the wedding!

"I'm pretty glad that our parents sorted out the wedding for us!" Hachiman cried out through the telephone.

"Yes it seems that we own both our parents a debt of gratitude, which I intended to pay up on." Yukino declared.

"Yeah that dress that they made you have. How much was it? As for me I can't believe that everyone suggested that I wear a suit vest for my wedding! I admit it looks good but it's a serious occasion!" Hachiman mused.

"It does look good on you I must admit that, remember our first date? I can't believe that you of all people would talk about seriousness. I bet that you would have wanted to come in sleep clothes." Yukino teased.

"Hey I want to be a good family man myself! Besides….." Hachiman began.

While he was talking to Yukino he glanced over to the news on the TV. Immediately the spurted out all his coffee when he saw the news.

"Yuki-ki-ki no. Are you watching the news by any chance?" Hachiman asked over the phone.

"Just saw it. What the hell! Who could have pulled that off!?" Yukino replied angrily.

Hachiman replaced his shock with anger. How dare the new channel make their wedding a televised event! He knew that the two of them where famous they still didn't want to make their wedding a public matter.

He called up the TV channel and demanded that they stop the live viewing of their wedding. Unfortunately they couldn't stop it and he found that they didn't know who leaked the wedding. He knew that not even the 'group' would try something like this.

He couldn't help but worry but then he realised. He didn't have to worry about what other people wanted to do with him. Hadn't his whole life been a testimony to that. So long as he remained completely himself all the way through what damage could they do? Despite the fact he stared down a future where society would have rejected him on a normal basis he lived his life as he knew it and look he gained himself a beautiful wife and a successful career.

So in the end he resigned to the fact that the broadcast would go on. However that didn't quell the feelings of revenge that burned in his heart.

"They want to embarrass us right! Then will give them a surprise! No, we'll give them a heart attack!" Hachiman thought as he grinned in a way that matched his eyes.

"Yukino, I have a plan, but we will need some things…" Hachiman informed.

"Hachiman, I may have an idea as to who it is…." Yukino whispered.

"Well I suppose we'll have to call them up. Along with some extras!" Hachiman wondered out loud with a slight evil grin.

Day of the wedding.

Their parents had arranged things for them. They pleaded with them not to go so crazy with it but they didn't listen. As a result they had to come in a limousine. They problem with living next to each other was that the chances of catching a glimpse of the other was pretty high. But they managed but disregarding tradition as they were known for.

Hachiman was shocked to find that his suit was actually a suit vest and a black blazer. He suspected that everyone recommended it to his parents but since he couldn't do much it he went with it.

At the same time Yukino was dressed in the most wild, formal looking wedding dress she had ever laid her eyes on. She couldn't help but think that her sister and her "friends" thought it was funny to see the normally serious Yukino wearing a dress that was decorated like a flower garden mixed with a mass of fireworks, you clearly see the white base but you really found yourself looking at other things.

At the same moment they received a phone call.

"You guys it's completed. The people with you will give you the keys to weaponry." The mysterious voices informed.

"Well done, how does it feel to be on the sending side of one of our plans?" Yukino asked.

"It's pretty scary! Especially since you only came up with this yesterday and contacted enough people to make it work." The not so mysterious voices replied.

Hachiman went through the front door of his apartment and met Yukino there. Hachiman had tried to force himself not to gape at her but it was futile, luckily it was their wedding and she forgave him. They went out of the apartment block hand in hand whilst breaking a major wedding tradition and doing so while blushing. As expected of them.

Inside the limousine they were greeted by their closest friends or at best acquaintances (people like Hayama Hayato and Yumiko Muria came along since they were the only people they knew that could fill up their ratio of family to friends).

Site of the wedding – (Personally I have no idea where this should be as their most likely Buddhist but I have no idea how a Buddhist wedding goes).

They arrived to a mass of cheering people. Turns out they had to walk a bit to the place where they were getting married. With all the publicity their wedding had received they had masses of screaming fans some of which weren't even Yukino's or Hachiman's.

"I know it's their wedding but I have the honour of seeing the 'Anti society hero' and the 'immaculate perfect doctor' before my very eyes!" Some fans screamed as Hachiman and Yukino walked past.

"Oh isn't that the mangaka of the most popular shounen manga "Code King Hearts" Hiratsuka Shizuka!" Fans screamed.

"My God it's the writer of the light novel "Blazing fighter love comedy" Zaimokuza Yoshiteru." Another couple of fans bellowed.

"Isn't that the famous tennis player Totsuka Saika along with the famous in Chiba 'bubbly veterinarian'?" Asked other fans.

"That group of three! Isn't that the famous motivational speaker Hayama Hayato, the newest hit on the modelling scene, Yumiko Muria and Ebina Hina the famous yaoi manga writer!" Other people bellowed.

"Isn't that the girl that was surveyed by most university students in Chiba to be the one that they would like to have as a wife." Some fan boy's screamed as Komachi walked past (you can be assured that they got a few death glares).

As they got to the place of the wedding the two of them looked behind to see their friends smiling and in their mind's eye they saw the past they had together. They were compelled just to say "I'm lucky to have you" and went on the future they had that lay ahead.

The end.

Jokes….. It isn't over in long shot! (I'll skip the boring wedding parts and go to the action) – Site of marriage.

They were nearly married just the all-important wedding vows and the kisses. As expected the cameras where completely on them the entire time. It just so happens that they last bits of the wedding where the parts that they didn't want all of Japan to see!

"Please say your vows now." The person that guided the wedding indicated.

"Well we say vows but that does mean a promise. Unless the future is certain I can't really commit to any vows however I can make a pledge to the beautiful woman that stands before me as my very soon to be wife. Yukino, I do love you that won't change, I know that you and I included don't believe in forever but I can hope that this love of mine will last. I know that perhaps I won't be the best guy in the world but that's the good thing about dating me for six years, you'll probably understand me as well as you understand those complex medical books. Maybe I won't live up to your standards but still I try my best not disappoint you, or hurt you. Really the only hope I have is that you won't find other man that could live with your personality. Perhaps to a lot of people this 'vow' of mine seems very half hearted however it's the best I do whilst taking the future into account." Hachiman 'vowed'

"Idiot. Of all the things you could do on our wedding day you turn it into a lecture on how the future is uncertain and how and how the best you could possibly do is hope that your love last? Well I suppose having known you for six years it shouldn't be surprising. However I'll make the exact same 'promises' because as you say circumstances change. Hachiman Hikigaya my husband, you are the weirdest man I have ever met but that fine seeing as I'll be the only one to understand you and you the only one that will understand me. As such I will hope that our understanding of each other grows and grows in hopes that our love will do so the same. I once thought that if you ever got married that you would have to be nursed through married life but it seems that now my role will be to walk with you side by side. In fact without me vowing to help you through sickness or in health most likely you'll be in your own little world and you won't need me to help at all. In that case I 'promise' to love you as much as I can seeing as that probably the only and the most crucial thing you need from me." Yukino concluded.

The former group despaired. It was well within expected limits that they would turn their vows into a lecture on the improbability of 'promises' and the uncertainty of the future however they secretly hoped that it wouldn't turn to that. On hindsight it was probably an unlikely hope anyway.

"I pronounce you man and wife." The man announced.

"You may now kiss the bride!" The man leading the wedding declared.

This was the crucial moment. The moment that the media wanted the most. It was already a wonder why these two even got this close in the first place. Now all they needed was the big kiss. However Hachiman and Yukino wasn't going to give them that chance. Even before the man had had declared that they were married already the plan was already in place.

Hachiman who had his hands in his pocket just before the man told them to kiss immediately pressed button. This generated steam that came from different parts of the site. It came from literally everywhere. It came from the ceiling, from hidden parts in the floor. Everyone was in a state of confusion and shock who would dare try to prank such a wonderful time. Hachiman and Yukino acted stunned and shocked (the key word is 'acted'). Very few people realised at the time that the group was gone.

Using the shock of the crowd the group headed towards the main TV van. They barged through the door of the news van and bounded and gagged the men operating the media van. Across the screens in the van they saw the camera showing the scenes of the fog and the confused guests. They knew that they had very little time to act and they quickly inserted the CD they wished to play.

In the church the fog had cleared. The guests had calmed down but noticeably a group of guests where fidgeting worriedly. The man urged them to carry on with the kiss. They obliged with a grin. Luckily they had six years to practice and where now able to kiss without signs of awkwardness. The fidgeting men leapt up and laughed.

"Ha ha our revenge is complete. Your wedding and the most important part of it your kiss is now on Japanese national TV!" the men shouted as if mocking them.

"Your kiss will be broadcasted live! How embarrassing!" other man shouted.

The two looked at the men carefully with beady eyes. Their suspects where confirmed. They smiled and not a smile that you smile when you just got married. It was a smile of utter deviousness. They laughed so that everyone in the church could hear. They regained their composure quickly. Their grins remained.

"You sure that our kiss appeared on TV? Should I show what is on the TV right now?" Hachiman declared as if mocking them.

The group had immediately came back and Zaimokuza bought out his laptop with live streaming. It was on the local news station was covering the story. Instead of the wedding story being played on the new channel there was a constantly looping five minute video.

It depicted a couple walking pass a dark alley way, whom everyone recognised as Hachiman and Yukino. They looked towards the dark alley and looked surprised as a gang of men in tidy suits came up to them. They were immediately restrained. The head of the group obviously respected as their boss threatened them with unknown words. The man was even attempting to get underneath Yukino's skirt. The video zoomed in closer and shown that when the man tried to flip her skirt in a sudden burst adrenaline Hachiman broken free from their grip and jumped landed right on the man's hand. The man surprised crumpled to the ground. He quickly came to but not before the two suddenly sent out their aura across the street. If any on lookers where present at the time it could of clearly been identified as miasma. One by one the group of men crumpled to the ground unconscious. The former group shuddered as they recognized the evil miasma like move. This video kept looping and looping.

"This is what is being shown on national TV right now. I'm sorry but your pathetically thought out plan has been crushed by us and our "friends". I'm sure that all of Japan realises that the top Yakuza boss in Chiba was knocked out by top defenceless people without a weapon no less" Yukino announced to the men.

The guests never tried point out that the two of them were certainly not defenceless.

"How? You couldn't have planned this all in one night! The men shouted.

"We did. You simply misunderstood our abilities. Jeez on would think that if your boss got knocked out by aura only you would back down but no you try this to try to embarrass us! We'll looks like you guys need some more punishment." Hachiman declared.

"Yukino shall we." Hachiman offered Yukino as he held out his hand.

She accepted his hands. Immediately the two began to channel all their anger at the men. Fear could never really take a distinct form however those who were there on that day could of swore that true fear was a massive twin headed dragon. It seemed to roar at the men and the men broke down in fear. It was so intense that most of the crowd fainted immediately. (Note I did not change this story into a battle story).

"Jeez, these guests can be very troublesome." Hachiman whispered as he looked at the fainted crowd.

"Well I suppose they need some rest. Let's wait for them come to." Yukino suggested as she and Hachiman began their new married life.

Two hours later.

The guests stirred. Unknowingly they had all been transferred to the site of the after party. They looked up and on the stage was Hachiman Hikigaya and Yukino Hikigaya the new weds.

"Uh sorry everybody for that mild interruption. Luckily the after party was close by we could transport you guys. Don't ask us how long it took to get you here!" Hachiman spoke his voice louden by the microphone on stage.

"For now we would like to start the after party with a few words by my husband Hachiman." Yukino indicated whilst blushing slightly still not getting use to the fact that she was now married.

"Alright. Now I know that some of the media are here right now so I need to make this speech a bit more appropriate. Let's start with trip to the past specifically six years ago. Six years ago I had still had my famous view on society. My former teacher and currently a famous mangaka probably has the original essays of my work. In short I hated youth. I hated the social hierarchies and norms that was built in place. To me it was a mass of hypocrisy and lies. Even today I believe such things. Six years ago people decided that due to my nature I would be unsuccessful in society and decided to pair me with at the time my soon to be wife Yukino Yukinoshita but of course her last name is Hikigaya now. Thankfully their planned worked or else I wouldn't have been here today. You're probably asking me what the point of all of this is. The point is that if even some cynical bastard like me can attain happiness with a wonderful wife why is it that people that are different from me attain the same happiness. It not like I'm special or anything. Nothing links me to them apart from one fact; we are all human. Sure at times we can be selfish, weak, greedy, angry, upset, sad, lazy, hurtful, spiteful, liars and hypocritical but other times, we are compassionate, kind, selfless, brave, outgoing, strong , unified, merciful and competitive to a limit. You're right our nature is a mass of contradictions but that does not stop most people with being happy with their lives, no in fact it is because of our nature that we can obtain happiness in the present. So really if people are watching this in sorrow then I encourage you to find your happiness. Ignore what society asks you do to and attain that happiness because at the end we're all human and that's all there is to it." Hachiman concluded.

The crowd cheered and whooped. Hachiman's and Yukino's parents cried and their friends shouted out their congratulations. They looked at each other and smile, they had much of a future together to experience from this point onwards.

15 years later.

One boy and one girl walked towards a relatively large clinic in the middle of crowded street. Upon inspection the two children were wearing the local Soubu middle school uniform. Upon closer inspection they looked very familiar. The two walked with an aura of pride around them and entered the clinic labelled "Clinic Hikigaya."

"Hikaru, Akiko. Yahallo!" Exclaimed an older but still very enthusiastic Yui Yuigahama.

She was wearing a white lab coat and was drinking chilled coffee. The two children named Hikaru and Akiko looked unsurprised.

"Auntie Yui didn't we tell you that "Yahallo" is completely outdated? If you are still insist on using that old saying does it that mean you are beginning to regret on your current mid age?" The boy asked with a slightly curious tone that resembled a familiar tone.

"Shouldn't you be focusing on work Auntie? We checked your timetable last night, it says that you should still have several appointments before your six o clock closing time and it is currently 5:30." The little middle schooler girl asked knowing that she was lacking off.

"Damn those two. I can't believe they used the kids to tell me off for slacking off even though I have no clients. And those words of theirs, aren't they growing up just like their parents? They even look exactly like them with slight differences. Yui whispered as she looked at the two kids.

"Hey are you cursing our daddy and mommy again? You're our Auntie but we can't forgive you for that. Jeez when they you things it's for your own good, Auntie. You could be in trouble later on you know?" Hikaru and Akiko her off

Yui simply smiled and ruffled their black hair. Hikaru's hair re straightened to its usual spiky shape and several strands of hair popped out and reacted in anger. Akiko's long hair re aligned to its previous shape. Hikaru looked angrily with his small thin beady eye. Akiko did the same but with eyes that had different eye colours; one onyx coloured and one blue-ish irises. She laughed cheerfully and with onwards to her work. The two kids looked displeased.

They continued towards the stairs. Up the stairs the path branched into two doorways. They turned towards the right one and freely enter. Inside was a large lavishing furnitured room. Around it was were shelves of complex books and surprising two whole shelves filled with manga and anime. In the end centre of the room was a man lying down on a lounge chair with a book on his head. The two children looked excitedly as they pushed the man off the lounge chair. He woke up and immediately got annoyed until he saw the two children's faces.

"Hikaru, Akiko did your mother tell you to wake me up like that?" A 38 year old Hachiman Hikigaya questioned with his eyes shifting to the two children.

"Of course papa! Mama told us to wake you up if you were sleeping during work time, she even told us to do the same thing to her if she was sleepy during work!" The children responded as they hugged their father.

Hachiman smiled and returned their hugs. The door to Hachiman's physiology & Psychiatry ward opened and in came the still beautiful Yukino Hikigaya who was 38 now. The kids turned around and hugged and greeted their mother.

The two little kids looked exactly like their parents. Hikaru inherited Hachiman's looks and eye whilst Akiko looked like a carbon copy of her mother save for the hetrochromia iridis that affected her eyes. They were twins but not identical to each other and where turning thirteen this year.

"How was your first day in middle school?" Yukino their mother asked.

Suddenly their bright faces saddened and looked grim. They twiddled their thumbs and refused to look into their eyes.

"Mum dad, were you ever immediately hated upon your first day of school?" Hikaru asked their parents with saddened eyes.

"Yeah, it was the first day and we were put in the same class for ease. We introduced ourselves together but they noticed our eyes. They saw how we normally acted so after class they started to call us the 'weird eye siblings'. Did we do anything wrong? How is that fair?" Akiko cried out with tears streaming down her face.

"I guess you must have inherited our ability to alienate yourselves from your peers. I'll tell you now that you aren't wrong. In fact we shared a similar pain in our time at school. If your father would like to tell you…" Yukino told them as she indicated to Hachiman to tell their story.

"Well Hikaru, Akiko the story I'm about to tell you involves many characters, most of whom you have met during your thirteen years of existence however they centre on your mother and I. I call it "my youth romantic comedy was wrong as I expected then but now it is my happiness." Hachiman told the kids.

"Papa. That title is ridiculously long! It even sounds like you planed on telling us that even without our problems existing." The kids complained.

"Well they are our kids. Did we expect anything less?" Hachiman and Yukino thought.

"Well that aside this story starts 21 years ago when I met your mother for the first time….."

And Hachiman began to recount his story to his children as they inherited the wills of their parents and of the future.

The real end.

Wow this was very long and this is the end! I told you it would end with their futures. Just to clarify Yukino is a clinic doctor and Yui is still vet doctor. Pretty much they opened a clinic that had a physiology & Psychiatry ward, a general and a vet ward, odd combination but it's my story. Hopefully you liked the ending of this story and of the entire story in itself. It feels weird having to time skip so many times but it was worth it in my eyes. Please review especially if you want me to continue this story later on with their kids (however don't expect me to get right down to it, I have a bigger project to finish in the Code Geass section). Even if you wish to review for minor things please do, it always warm my heart to see people supporting me. Now that I mention supporting I would like to thank Zeroexist (or previously) Knightscales for helping me with ideas for the names of the kids and other ideas.

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