Davis: Tai, what are you doing with Zero's laptop? You know he hates it when anyone other than himself looks through his personal stuff.

Tai: I'm not. Zero fell asleep before he finished writing the next scene for Forbidden Tales so I'm just trying to finish it for him.

Kari: Are you sure you're not just trying to fit a romantic scene between you and Sora?

Tai: What?! No! How can my little sister even accuse me of that?

Yolei: But that's exactly what you're doing.

Tai: Sh-Shut up!

Matt: Move! You should let someone who's actually done some real writing handle this. Besides, I know exactly what Zero wants for this next scene.

Davis: Yeah right, you're just replacing Tai's name with your own. And by the way, I don't think "I run around, you run around!" counts as "real writing".

TK: I hate to say it but, he's right Matt. You've got to let me do this. After all, I'm the one who becomes a writer when we all grow up.

Matt: Based on our adventures, yeah, totally great writing there little brother. And I'm doing some real writing here! I've barely shown up in this fic in comparison to the rest of you! This face deserves some more screen time!

Zero Unit: And you all need less free time so get off my laptop! Besides, did it never occur to you guys that I had the outline for Forbidden Tales right here! Not to mention I would notice if something had changed about my script.

Tai: We were just trying to make some improvements. No need to get angry.

Zero Unit: Get out!

Takato: Zero Unit RGB does not own any of the characters from Digimon, he just loves to write about us.

Zero Unit: That means you too! You shouldn't even be here!


"Our honored guests will be here at any minute" the king told the chefs as they were setting up the table. "Can one of you call my sons down here so they can be properly seated? I swear, the two of them will be the death of me."

As one of the chefs ran up to the bedchambers to fetch the princes, Queen Nancy walked over to her husband.

"You're just feeling a bit stressed this evening" Nancy said to him. She reached over and pulled his hand away from his face which had been rubbing the bridge of his nose as if he was really tired. "You have nothing to worry about. This evening will go perfectly fine."

"I hope so" Hiroaki sighed. "I just want my boys to grow up happy but I have this dreadful feeling in my heart that one of them may have to grow up to fast and take my place as king before they are ready. What if that happens?"

Nancy planted a kiss upon her beloved's cheek. "You're just being paranoid. Relax, if you're so apprehensive, our guests will be able to tell and then they'll be uncomfortable."

"Yes, you're right" Hiroaki nodded. "Thank you Nancy. You have always been there for me."

"And I will be until the end."

"Thank you" the king repeated.


"Your leg is shaking" Mimi said for about the fourth time that evening in the carriage.

Kari paused and looked down to notice that in fact, her leg was bouncing up and down for the fourth time that evening. Since Kari was sitting rather close to the princess, her jittery ligament left a vibrating and rather uncomfortable sensation on the princess. "Sorry, I guess I'm more nervous than I thought."

"That's okay" Mimi replied. "Although it makes me wonder…If you're feeling so nervous about the turn-out of this evening, could it be that you actually have feelings for the young prince?"

Kari wasn't quite sure how to respond. It's true that if she was this shaky then she must have feelings stronger than friendship for the royal but they had just met. Maybe she was just thinking that they could become something more but all she knew was that there was something compelling her to the blonde. It was almost as if she was under some sort of spell which kept her captivated but it felt to real to be something like that.

"I'm honestly not too sure myself" Kari said. It was all she could say and something she felt like she's been saying a lot lately.

Mimi nodded in understanding and very soon, the carriage came to a stop. The door opened and Tai let them step outside where they were met with an entourage of knights leading them into the castle of the high royal family.

"They've really increased security on this place" Mimi muttered despite knowing that it was simply to greet the guest of honor.

The princess exited the carriage with some help from her knight who also helped his sister out as well, although he had to coax her a little. Tai stood by his sister's side while the other knight, Kiriha, accompanied them from the princess's side. They walked into the castle and this time, they were greeted by a line of maids on one side and a line of butlers on the other. They basically made a path leading right into dining room.

"Good evening and welcome Lady Kari and friends" the servants greeted.

"Lady?!" Kari repeated, clearly not used to being addressed rather than the royal beside her. "I can't do this."

She turned around and tried to escape the castle but her brother stopped her. "Everything will be fine" Tai told her. "You're just being paranoid."

"He's right" Mimi nodded. "Now come on and relax. These servants don't show it, but I'm pretty sure they're trying not to laugh because you look pathetic right now. So put your hands, head, and legs, off the door and let's go."

"I can't now" Kari muttered. "I feel embarrassed."

Tai pried her off the door and herded his red-faced sister through the path with their other two companions following right behind them. Tai let go of Kari once they were through the doors though as it would only succeed in embarrassing the maiden more if she was practically carried into the room.

As soon as the doors to the dining room were opened, they were met face to face with the king and queen as well as another entourage of knights.

"It is an honor to welcome Princess Mimi to our humble abode" Hiroaki smiled as he shook the princess's hand. He then took Kari's hands and shook them as well. "And you must be the girl that my son has been infatuated by. You are certainly beautiful, no wonder he fell in love at first sight."

"Father!" TK shouted from somewhere inside. "You don't have to spout such nonsense!"

The king and queen separated so that their guests could see the inside and they were greeted with an air of elegance. The dining room was all lit up with glittering chandeliers and the table was adorned with only the rarest of delicacies. The princes were already at their seats, patiently waiting for their parents and their guests to join them.

"You really went all out with the décor" Mimi praised.

Mimi and Kari were both seated by knights, as were the king and queen. Tai and Kiriha were asked to wait outside but they were given to permission to roam the castle as long as they were accompanied by other knights. It gave them the feeling that they weren't really trusted but then again, the evil warlock is rather infamous for disguising himself so these precautious measures made sense at least.

As the girls were left alone, Kari's leg started pumping up and down again so when it struck the down the seventh time, Mimi stomped on it.

"Eep!" she yelped quietly.

"What was that?" TK asked.

Mimi tried to laugh it off as she lifted her foot off of her companion's. "Oh, nothing. That was just a nervous sounding jitter. She's not used to this kind of extravagant thing."

"That is perfectly understandable" Nancy smiled. "I remembered when the previous king and queen had invited me to a dinner. I felt so out of place there and was pretty embarrassed by my simplest of actions. But you should relax Kari, we're all friendly here and we mean you no harm."

"It might help if there weren't so many knights" Mimi pointed out. "Although I understand why they're here. Better to be safe than sorry."

Kari had turned a bright hue of red from head to toe as she struggled to look up at the prince but instead, she was solely focused on the hem of her dress. She kept pulling and tugging on it, like somehow, that was going to take her back home, away from this feeling of awkwardness. Although the princess, king, and queen seemed very comfortable.

"I really can't do this…" she mumbled.

From across the table, TK could see how uncomfortable the maiden was and how the conversation that was bouncing between his parents and the princess weren't helping so he reached over and took her hand in his. She looked up abruptly and blushed harder when she that he was gently holding her hand in his.

"Don't worry" TK whispered to her. "Everything will go just fine tonight. You don't have to be so on edge."

"It's not really easy when I'm not exactly familiar with my surroundings and your parents seem to be expecting something from me" Kari replied. "TK, I know you like me and I might have some feelings for you but even if I did, I don't think I can be a queen of this land or anything. If it turns out that I do like you; then is it possible that we can wait for your brother to be married before we do. I mean, he is the older one and by tradition, he should be the rightful heir to the throne."

"I'm not a big fan of traditions" TK chuckled. "But I'm also not a big fan of big responsibilities. But even if Matt becomes king after my father, I'll still have to help him out from time to time. As if I could ever leave him to such duties by himself."

"That is so noble of you."

It was a female voice who had replied but it didn't come from Kari. They turned their heads and noticed how everyone else who was seated at the table was just staring at them with bemused expressions. Both their cheeks became a bright red as they pulled their hands away from each other.

Cody, who stood nearby, chuckled. "It's so good to hear that the burden of the kingship will be shared between the two princes."

"Indeed" Nancy nodded in agreement.

"Don't mind us" Matt grinned. "Just continue your conversation as if we're not here."

TK sighed as he looked away from them. "You guys can be so annoying sometimes."

"That's what we're here for, little brother" Matt chuckled.


Tai didn't feel very comfortable leaving his sister alone in the dining room, although she wasn't really alone. He was also rather concerned about the wellbeing of the princess as well. Now he was starting to get worried about himself because he needed to go to the restroom and somehow lost his way. Now he was separated from his two guides provided to him by the king and queen and his fellow knight of Mimi's court.

"Where am I in this huge place anyway?" he muttered.

The castle was significantly larger than the one he lived at and surprisingly, the corridors were pretty much empty. So there was no one who could give him directions leading him back to the dining room.

Not for the first time that night he was wishing that the king and queen had placed maps on the walls or something. He was fairly certain that even the people living there get lost half the time.

"What am I supposed to do?" Tai sighed in a defeated tone.

Actually, it kind of reminded him of his first day on the job when he transferred from Yolei's castle to Mimi's. He wondered if there was a kingdom out there with an even bigger castle than this one and the very thought of it made him fear for the poor visitors. That was when he caught wind of some voices around the corner.

"Thank goodness" he muttered as he was about to call out to them.

Tai paused when he realized that they were two knights, judging by their bulky shadows flickering on the wall, talking to each other and their conversation was very intriguing considering it involved their master, his mistress, and his little sister. He stood there, at the corner, out of their line of vision as he eavesdropped on their conversation.

"I still can't believe that the girl the prince had fallen for isn't of royal descent" said the first knight. "She is absolutely gorgeous and would definitely make a perfect wife. She's probably too good for that snobby prince anyway."

Tai could see the shadow of the second knight nodding in agreement. "He doesn't even realize how good he has it. Always trying to help the common folk but when he's back in his bedchamber, all he does is complain about how he wished he was a commoner rather than a royal."

The first knight started laughing. "If that's true then I'll switch places with him right this instant! I'd give anything to be in his fancy shoes, sitting in that dining room with the beautiful princess and her pretty little friend."

"With that kind of power, we can just say the word and they'd both be coming back with us for a steamy evening in our bedchambers" the other one cackled.

Tai had try his very hardest not to pull his sword out of his sheathe and point it at the two knights. Their disgusting comments about his two female companions and their lack of respect for their own master were absolutely appalling to him but there wasn't anything he could do about it without getting his head chopped off at the guillotine.

He was trying to compose himself before turning the corner and asking for directions on how to get back to the dining room when he saw abrupt movements with the knights' shadows.

One of the knights suddenly fell to the floor, his head making a resounding thudding sound as his lifeless eyes stared back at Tai's. The knight took a step back as he heard the other one swear from around the corner.

"What the–?!" was all the second knight could get out before getting slaughtered himself.

Tai felt sick to his stomach as he heard the second body fall to the floor. His hand reached for the hilt of his sword and he calmed himself down as he hid himself into a crevice in the wall. He watched as the mysterious shadow started turning the corner, moving towards him.

"I know you're there" the shadow said. The voice was androgynous, too difficult to tell if it was a man or a woman but Tai was nearly certain he knew who it belonged to.

Tai jumped out from his hiding place and pointed his sword at the murderer only to drop his weapon to the ground in shock and surprise. "You–!"

The assailant grinned and in a second, the knight's blood was smeared along the walls of the dark corridors. The torches flickered as Tai's body slumped to the ground and the culprit walked away from the three immobile knights.

"Some guards you all were."


One of the knights of Hiroaki's court barged into the dining room despite all the guards trying to stop him from interrupting the meal. It was obvious that it was of an urgent matter but what could be so serious that he felt the need to go straight to the king and queen for?

"Two of our knights were found dead in the west wing corridors and another was severely wounded" the knight reported, grabbing all of their attention.

TK stood up immediately, it was clear that he wanted to go see for himself and Kari was immediately worried for the safety of her brother. But before the prince could make a move towards the door, Cody stopped him.

"Take the injured knight to then infirmary" Cody instructed four other knights on guard. He was the commander of Hiroaki's court so he had the authority to tell the knights what to do in a moment of panic despite being disabled from fighting. "Noriko, Taiki, Zenjirou, and I will investigate the dead bodies. Everyone is to stay absolutely calm about this and be sure to protect the royal family; we can't have this breach in security take anymore lives."

"Wait, what about the princess?" Kari asked. "She went to the bathroom earlier but hasn't come back yet."

"I'll go and get her" Matt said as he stood up.

"No, you're not" Cody immediately objected. "We'll just have some other knights go check on her."

At that moment, Hiroaki stood up and walked towards the door. "I'll go see her. Don't worry yourself over me Sir Cody, there are several knights from here to the bathrooms and I will be okay. Matt, you just stay and enjoy the rest of dinner."

"I'm going with you" Matt insisted.

Hiroaki figured there would be no arguing with his son so the two of them just went off despite the protests from the knights and the other two members of the royal family.

The two of them rushed through the corridors until they made it to the female restroom at the exact same time Mimi was stepping out of it. She was surprised to see them there as they were surprised to see that every single knight in the halls were gone.

"That's strange" Hiroaki mused. "I was pretty sure I asked for this hall to be heavily guarded."

Mimi blinked. "Well, I didn't see any knights here. Maybe they misheard your instructions or something. I know Davis and Tai had trouble like that before."

"Maybe" Matt nodded before remembering why they had come there in the first place. "Princess, we have to go back to the dining room right now. Someone has perpetrated the castle and killed two of our knights and injured another."

The princess's face became pale. "Do you think that it's Ken again?"

"It's possible" Hiroaki nodded. "If anything, he probably wants revenge on my since it was my parents who ordered that he be sealed all those years ago. And since my parents aren't here anymore, he's transferred those feelings of anger over towards me."

"But it wasn't your fault" Mimi said.

"I know but…" he trailed off as they heard footsteps coming closer to them.

"King Hiroaki, Prince Matt, what are you two doing here?" the person whose the footprints belonged to asked. It was a female voice and even though her face was in the shadows, her dress made it very obvious who it was. She gasped when she took another step forward.

Matt's eyes widened but he knew exactly what he needed to do, he was just a second too late. He swiveled around in time to see the princess grin maliciously as she pulled out a dagger from her sleeve. She grabbed the king by the back of his throat, pulled him back and stabbed him in the throat.

"Father!" Matt shouted as the king fell back, blood spilling to the floor.

The imposter laughed and as she did, her voice morphed back to the male, familiar cold one belonging to the dark warlock. His dress whipped around him as it changed into a blood red cloak. His hair became shorter and his eyes shimmered in the dim torchlight. "Long live the king!" he cackled as his body faded into the darkness.

Matt collapsed to the floor as he cradled his father's head in his lap. "No…" he shook his head, voice cracking. "This just can't be happening…"

Mimi was speechless as she fell to her knees.

Only seconds passed before knights started pouring in upon hearing the princess's horrified scream which even she wasn't aware of releasing. The knights of the king's court just stared at the lifeless body of their master and could do nothing but send their condolences to the prince.

It was quiet that night and as they stood there, it started raining outside. Even the heavens were grieving for the death of King Hiroaki.