Some people say that Aizen had no time for romance; and they'd be right to assume this. After all, anybody looking from the outside never saw him pining after anyone. However, things are not always as they appear to be. This is a story of what happened one night when Aizen was alone in Hueco Mundo.

The traitorous captain was bored. Bored and lonely. He'd tried to tempt his lover many times, but she never responded. Unrequited love was so painful. Sighing, Aizen looked at his wondrous beauty. "Ah my love, it is a quiet night tonight."

". . ."

Aizen didn't understand what he was doing wrong! He had tried everything from yelling to flowers to singing love ballads. Yet, he still got nothing. He was starting to get so frustrated, that he nearly broke down in tears. "Where's Harribel when I need her?" *sob* "How can I make this work?" *sob*

He decided to try once more. "My dear spring beauty," he began, full of confidence, "Let's make passionate love and then go for a magical walk along these timeless sands surrounding our palace!"

". . ."

Suddenly, Aizen became aware of someone standing behind him. He turned around, ready to berate the intruder for well, intruding. "As you should be aware this is my private room. . ."

Ulquiorra stood before him, face expressionless (as usual.) My lord, you requested that I report to you as soon as I got back, and no later. If I have done something wrong, I apologize."

Aizen waved his hand. "Never mind. Go ahead and make your report."

Ulquiorra made what could have been a confused frown. "I will sir, but I witnessed something a short time ago that confuses me."


"Well sir, the woman has been teaching some things about the heart recently. It's been rather interesting. However, I don't recall ever learning that people had relationships non sentient objects. Yet here you are, trying to sweet talk your hair curl."

". . ."