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Out the Window and Through the Tunnel

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Chihiro was riding on a dragon - Haku. The wind whipped past her, carrying her hair, her worries, and herself atop of Haku. Holding on to his horns, she slowly started to remember the time when she was small: The slipper. The fall. And the river that carried her to the shallow end when she thought she drowned.

She told Haku, leaned forward and whispered in his ear against all that wind, and she gave him back his name.

The Kohaku River.

But then it was time to choose which pigs were her parents. And time to leave...

"Will we meet again?"

"I'm sure we will."

And Chihiro felt Haku's hand stretch out.  She knew that he was trying to hold on to her even though he knew he should let get, and that he couldn't. Chihiro didn't look back, couldn't look back. She belonged in the 'real' world, a world where spirits didn't exist.

It was back at the tunnel.

"Chihiro, where have you been?"

"You shouldn't just run off like that. We were worried."

A little voice in Chihiro wanted to shout out, but she restrained it. Instead, Chihiro bit her lips and said sorry. Chihiro was worried too, when her parents went off wondering.

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"Sen, Sen!" Mitsuki whispered into Chihiro's ear. "Sen, the teacher is talking, you have to pay attention! He said that this is going on the test!"

Mitsuki had been Chihiro's best friend since she moved here in second grade. And she insisted that Sen was a nice nickname. Chihiro didn't mind, it would remind her every now and then of that Other World. And of Haku.

And life went on.

Only problem is, she is already in high school. And still a klutz, but Misaki insisted that guys didn't mind that. Mitsuki stated, confidently, that as long as Sen cared for him, was true to him, and gave him a little mushiness to chew on every now and then, then they would be happy. Chihiro just smiled, not wanting to tell Misaki that she was, in fact, in love already.


Chihiro sat up, startled. Then, she took a look around the classroom and slumped back down into her desk. "Mi-cchan! You scared me!" She whispered back.

Mitsuki simply glared at Chihiro. "Well, you were the one staring out the window. Listen, we have a field trip tomorrow!"

Chihiro complied to listening. There weren't that many places to go in the town. There wasn't even a museum or movie theater.

The teacher droned on, explaining, "...the tunnel at the end of the trail. It is made of wood and painted red and it looks fairly new. There are statues of spirits around there to make it clear that it was a shrine. The place is mostly deserted. So, everybody stay together and don't get lost.

"And everybody has to fill out this permission slip." So saying, he went around and passed everybody slips of paper that declared that the school is not responsible for anything that happens and that the parents know where the kids are on that day.

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