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Out the Window and Through the Tunnel

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Back Again to the End of Beginnings

Chihiro exited the cafe with Haku after Haku paid the bill. He said that it was a 'compensation' for shocking her, and she complied quietly. If this Haku was really her Haku, she would be happy, and relieved, maybe even ecstatic... but she would be upset too. Why would he make her think that he was a different person for such a long time? She didn't even want to think about the possibilities.

She could feel him being nervous about telling, as if their relationship was merely a bond of curiosity, and that once the secrets were exposed, they wouldn't need to be near each other anymore. She sighed in her mind. They were at least friends, if nothing more.

She felt him grab her wrist, firmly, and noticed that she was walking faster because of thoughts and he was walking slower because of his. Unsure of what to do, she stopped and waited for him to catch up, and made sure to follow his slower pace after that.

"I want to start at the beginning," he spoke, abruptly.

Chihiro merely nodded at his back, which had stopped moving. She took it as a prompt for her to stop too.

He took a deep inhalation before speaking again. When he did, he turned around to look into Chihiro's eyes, silently pleading for her to understand. "Magic is the power of belief. And when humans started science, most lost faith in spirits. We could not live with those who do not believe that we exist. So, we created our own world where we knew and believed in each other.

"Your parents never remembered any of the happenings in the spirit world, because they don't believe that such a world exists, but you were able to survive because you believed that we could exist, and so you could see us and live alongside with us."

Chihiro nodded in response to his pause.

"The pill was fused from my spiritual powers to help you learn to draw on your spiritual powers since material things are merely a luxury for spirits. But when you came back here, your friends believed that you could exist, making your existence possible and making you strong.

"So, in reality, you are stronger than me because they believe in your essence when they only believe in my appearance." Haku hurried through the last part.

Chihiro gaped a little. Was this one of the reasons why Haku didn't want to tell her? Certainly, he couldn't have thought that she would mind him if he wasn't as strong. He still hadn't answered her question yet. "So, why did you come now, and not tell me that it was you?"

He spoke softly. "Chihiro, I'm here because you willed it possible for me to be here. 'Magic' is merely use of spiritual power. And... I wasn't sure that it was you, or that you wanted me to be here. So, I had to... make sure of your intentions."

Chihiro knew that she should be mad, or upset over his distrust in her. But she did almost fall for the other Haku - well, the Haku she thought that wasn't Haku. Mentally, she sighed, she knew what she meant well enough even if it wasn't put into words.

Suddenly, she brightened again as she ran up to him and grabbed his hand. "But that means you can stay here with me, right? Because of this power I have of wishing."

He looked at her seriously before he broke into a smile and a nod.

Then, they ran off together, toward their homes, hand in hand, and happy because of 'now', and because of 'eternity'. He could stay. She could stay.

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