(I posted something on tumblr yesterday wondering if when Ash ended up on the news while jumping from the Prism Tower in Kalos the story made it to Kanto as well, and if Misty saw it. I ended up writing this.)

Friends with an idiot

"A new Grand Festival is about to start in Hoenn…"

The TV blabbers quietly in the background as she mops up the floor in the hallway. It's a trouble with running a water gym—wet footprints always leave trails everywhere. Now and then she catches bits of sentences, splinters of what's happening all around the world.

"Let's now have a look at the Kalos region, where something nearly unbelievable kept Lumiose City holding its breath today."

Kalos—that's where Ash is. Of course, she thinks, shaking her head a bit: it's only fitting that as soon as he gets somewhere something crazy should happen. She dips the mop in the bucket again, paying a little more attention to the speaker's words.

"When a rampaging Garchomp went out of control and flew to the Prism Tower, a brave young trainer from Kanto took it upon himself to try and stop it, climbing to the top of the tower with his Pokémon."

She stops. Hands tightening around the handle of the mop, she turns to look at the TV, not quite knowing why, not yet, not fully.

The Prism Tower stands out dark against a sunset, a ball of smoke spewing from a side.

"The attempt, while managing to free Garchomp from a device that appeared to be controlling it, resulted in the trainer's Pikachu getting knocked off the tower…"

Her stomach crumples in a ball. The shots are shaky now, falling out of focus. She sees a tangle of black hair under a red hat.

"…and the trainer, without a moment of hesitation, jumped from the tower himself to catch it."

Her breath hitches stuck in her chest as she watches him fall, and she doesn't need to know—she does already. Her fingers are clasped so tight that they've gone numb, her knuckles white.

Please, she thinks. Please, please, please.

There's a flash, a ball of fire catching them moments before they hit the ground. She blinks. The speaker starts talking again.

"Fortunately, the adventure had a happy end, as both the trainer and his Pikachu were rescued just in time by a Mega Blaziken that disappeared shortly after. Its provenience is still unclear."

She lets out a breath so relieved and sudden that it sounds almost like a sob. On the screen, a slightly battered-looking Ash stands with Pikachu on his shoulder and smiles at him and then at the camera. Her knees feel a little wobbly. She loosens her grip on the handle and brings a hand to her face, shaking her head.

"You're— dear Arceus…"

The newscast goes on, talking about unusual weather in Sinnoh. She takes a moment to allow her heart to slow, her fingers shaking just a tiny bit.

She hears footsteps. Daisy pokes her head in the hallway, her hair wrapped in a blue towel. "Hey, Misty, could you— hey, are you okay? You're like, really pale."

She needs to think about it for a second. "Yeah, I'm fine." she assures her then. She looks back at the TV screen, now showing images of a storm; she shakes her head again. Daisy stares at her, her eyebrows in a frown.

"I'm fine." she repeats. It comes out a little choked. "I'm just… friends with an idiot."