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"Therefore, to look responsible in the city council's eyes, I have decided to initiate a curfew."

"A curfew?!"

Robin, the fearless titan leader, sighed in exasperation. He knew breaking the news would be difficult, but the Titans were looked up to by thousands of adolescent citizens. And since half of his team were still minors, the city board was concerned that the heroes were setting a bad example.

"Friend Robin, what is this 'curfew' you speak of?"

The boy wonder opened his mouth to reply, but was quickly cut off by a very amused half-robot. "Well Star, it really won't affect you. You're not a minor; unlike our two babies over here."

The three titans directed their attention over to the seemingly bored empath and the fuming green changeling. "We are not children! We're seventeen years old for crying out loud!"

Cyborg continued to smirk while Robin tried, in vain, to defuse the situation. "Beast Boy, you just turned seventeen-"

"Like three months ago!"

"-and it's not like I'm setting a bedtime. You two will just have to be back in the tower by 10:30 every night; eleven on Friday and Saturdays."

"Ten-freaking-thirty?! That's so early!"

"It's the rules. I'm sorry, but it's for the sake of our reputation. Besides, you're rarely out that late as it is."

Beast Boy huffed in defiance as he desperately turned to the pale girl beside him. "Come on, Rae! Isn't this insane? There's no way you'll agree to this, right?"

Slowly the girl lifted her head to acknowledge the green boy. "It's Raven. And I honestly couldn't care less."

Beast Boy gasped as he feigned shock. "But Rae! You won't be able to hang out at your creepy café and listen to the midnight poetry!"

Finally the empath gave the changeling her full attention. "First of all, it is not creepy; it happens to be one of Jump City's 'hot spots.' And secondly, how did you even know I go to 'Midnight Musings'?"

Beast Boy smiled sheepishly as the purple-haired girl glared at him. "I uh, I don't know... Lucky guess? I mean, I might have passed by and saw you in there..."

"More like followed you there," Cyborg fake-coughed, grinning mischievously.

"Hey!" the green changeling yelped in embarrassment. "I totally did not follow her! They just happened to have a midnight showing of the new Wicked Scary movie at the theater down the block!" He then turned to the pale girl beside him. "I didn't follow you!"

Her face still set in a glare, the empath let down her mental shields to quickly get a read on the green boy's emotions. Though she usually refrained from this type of invasion of privacy, she really wasn't in the mood to just take his word for it; especially since this curfew was upsetting her more than she let on. To her surprise, Beast Boy was being sincere, though she felt a small trace of guilt, probably stemming from remembrance of a similar situation. But since she didn't have all the details, the pale girl decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. "Whatever."

Starfire, the resident alien princess, curiously watched as the other titans interacted. She still wasn't sure what this "curfew" was, and decided to ask Robin later in private. But for now, she felt there were more pressing matters at hand. "Friends, I request your attention!"

Immediately the boy wonder redirected his sights on the beautiful girl, while the others reacted in a slower, non-obsessed way.

Confident that she had their undivided attention, the alien began to speak. "I have an idea of glorious proportions!" she announced cheerfully as the titans began to look more curious.

"What is it, Star?" the fearless leader asked eagerly.

The orange girl smiled in response. "In order to do the bonding, I propose a surprise celebration of friend Cyborg's birth!"

The half-robot smiled appreciatively. "Well Star, you're usually supposed to keep that a secret from the birthday boy."

The alien's brilliant smile morphed into a look of realization. "Oh! Then perhaps you can do the forgetting of this?"

"No problem, pretty lady. I'll just conveniently leave the tower for a while, since I'm not bound by a curfew," the robotic teen mused as his best friend resumed a look of aggravation.

"Wonderous! Then we shall resume the planning in your absence!"

Cyborg smirked good-naturally as he began to make his way towards the common room doors. "You kids don't have too much fun, now. I'll be back around, oh, I don't know, ten-forty-five-ish."

Feeling the obvious glare on the back of his head from the green changeling, Cyborg smiled victoriously as the doors slid shut behind him.

"Let the planning commence!" the red-haired alien began once she was certain the robotic teen was no longer in ear shot.

"Alright, Star. What do you have in mind?" the boy wonder smiled warmly as he watched the orange girl float higher in excitement.

"Well, I have only planned the parties in which we celebrate the aging of the teen years. I am uncertain of the requirements of a non-teen celebration," Starfire admitted shyly, lowering back to the floor.

Robin continued to grin whole-heartedly at the innocently clueless alien. "Well, there's not much more to it; honestly, it's pretty much the same. It's the 21st birthday that really changes the means of celebration."

Realization dawned on the orange girl's face. "Oh, yes! The year of the alcohol consumption!"

The masked boy's smile faltered as the idea of his team under the influence passed through his mind; more specifically, an inebriated alien princess, who sober, was cluelessly trusting as it was. "Uhh, yeah. But we don't need to worry about that till next year."

"Unless Speedy brings some! He would if we asked, right?" Beast Boy piped up excitedly.

"Not for free, that's certain," the empath replied monotonously, resulting in a look of pleasant surprise from the green changeling, and one of pure terror from her leader. "What? I'm not opposed to all types of fun."

"Sweet!" the changeling cried in excitement. "I'll call the Titans East!" At that, Beast Boy sprinted from the room.

Robin turned to glare at the purple-haired girl, who returned his look with one of annoyance.

"Don't encourage him! Did you not hear my speech of setting a good example? What if the board finds out that there are under-aged super heroes drinking alcohol at an under-aged birthday party?!" Robin snapped as he frantically began pacing back and forth. "This is bad; this is so bad! Once Speedy gets this idea in his head, there's no way to talk him out of it- I have to stop Beast Boy!" And with that, the boy wonder raced after the changeling, leaving the two female titans in his wake.

Starfire curiously eyed the pale girl before her. "You are not against the under-aged drinking?"

Raven returned her look. "Are you?" she retaliated.

"Well," the alien began sheepishly, "I am quite curious of the effects. On my planet, we hadn't a similar substance. And the televised programs I enjoy always paint the intoxication to be a delightfully ignorant experience."

The empath arched an eyebrow in surprise. "You know, Robin isn't too keen on it. Doesn't that dampen your curiosity?"

Starfire looked down in shame. "No, it does not. I want to share this experience with him, but even if he does not wish to participate, I still want to know the feeling of the drunk," she admitted quietly.

Raven smirked in understanding. "I'll admit I'm morbidly curious as well. I'm sure Robin will come around; he's just a little tense after his meeting with the board- you know how he gets."

Starfire sighed in disappointment. "Yes, I do know. I wish he wasn't so concerned with the outer appearance of the team. If he focused more on the team itself, then maybe..." the alien trailed off shyly.

"Then maybe he'd focus more on you?" Raven guessed.

"Maybe..." Starfire finished lamely as she hung her head in embarrassment. Raven, along with every other titan, was well aware of the mutual attraction between the alien and the boy wonder, and was honestly stumped as to why the two tip-toed around it.

"This party is gonna rock!" the voice of the green changeling suddenly broke the silence as he reentered the common room, cradling his left arm gently, but smiling a brilliant smile that rivaled Starfire's. The titan leader followed behind, a defeated look plastered across his face, detectable even through his mask.

"I'm guessing Speedy is on board?" Raven deduced out loud.

A huff of annoyance from the boy wonder answered her question as he settled himself on the couch.

Beast Boy elaborated anyway. "Duh! Heck, even Bumble Bee was on board! Though she's planning on keeping Mas and uh... the other one in the dark. They're a little too young."

"We're all a little too young," Robin mumbled angrily.

Beast Boy and Raven both rolled their eyes at their leader's childish display of defeat. "Come on, Rob! Don't act like you're not going to join us!"

The masked boy sunk lower onto the couch, ignoring the green changeling.

"Please do the upward cheering, friend Robin!" Starfire pleaded joyfully, masking her previous disappointment. "We now have a surprise for friend Cyborg!"

At the insistence of the beautiful alien, Robin reluctantly gave in. "Fine. But we cannot let anyone know about this- especially not the Justice League! I don't want another visit from Batman," he ordered, shuddering slightly as he remembered their past experience of mandatory supervision, due to a city-wide prank pulled by the dynamic duo that was Beast Boy and Cyborg. Since that incident, Robin became even more uptight, resulting in more training and patrols to try and get back on their superiors' good sides.

"No problem-o!" Beast Boy agreed cheerfully.

"My lips will do the sealing!" Starfire assured warmly.

"Who would I tell?" Raven deadpanned.

Robin sighed in appreciation as Starfire resumed her planning. "Glorious! Now we must decide on a color scheme for the decorations!"

Beast Boy glanced over at the empath directly beside him, who was busy pretend-listening to the alien's plans. He smiled a knowing smile as he felt his cheeks heat up at their close proximity.

Unbeknownst to the changeling, Raven had left her empathetic shields down and was growing increasingly curious as to why she felt strong waves of affection rolling off the boy beside her. Perhaps Robin isn't the only one harboring feelings for Starfire, she thought bitterly, surprising herself at her own disappointment. She quickly spared a glance at the changeling, only to blush like crazy and look away immediately as their eyes met. Or perhaps not?

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