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Chapter Four

God her head was pounding and…everything was a…was a blur. What happened last night? The last time Caroline remembered feeling this foggy was at that freshman kegger she got dragged to last year, let's just say she and tequila got a little too friendly that night, and the end result wasn't pretty.

Something was different this time though. There was no bitter taste left in her mouth from too much consumption of cheap beer, and she's pretty sure she didn't spend the night doing body shots off a very drunk and very shirtless football player…so why did her head feel like it had been acquainted with a very large mallet?

She blinked opening her eyes slowly adjusting them to her surroundings. Feeling the soft cotton sheets beneath her she came to realisation that she had been resting on a bed, a very comfy one at that and far more snug than her own.

Guiding her sight around the room briefly…it looked like she….was she in a hotel room? She sat up leaning on her elbows.

Looking down, she could see her clothes were all intact save for creases marking her dress and quickly peering at the other side of she could see no bed partner present…Okay so that's a good sign she thought, at least she wasn't going to have to deal with the embarrassing aftermath of a one night stand.

Okay so moving on, what does she remember about yesterday? Her face scrunched in concentration.

Well she does recall that stupid essay that had been driving her nuts all day, maybe she passed out from the stress of it all? No Caroline Forbes thrives if anything when put under pressure, it's practically programmed within her neurotic and perfection personified mind…plus that wouldn't explain the expensive hotel room she was currently residing in.

Right so that's not it then, what else? Well there's her conversation with a tearful Sophie, her head throbbed with the memory of her friend's broken look. Caroline just couldn't say no to her when she asked for help, and that's how she ended up at the cemetery with the jerk face known as the hy…the hybrid, her eyes widened.


The memories came thrashing back to her, pelting her with the events that had taken place the previous night.

"…and what tactic would that be?" she asked shaking not sure of what would happen next but knowing it wouldn't be good.


That Son of a Bitch!

She leapt up from the bed in unbridled rage ready to find the hybrid and give him a piece of her mind, but then quickly registered her mistake, grabbing her throbbing and pipe clanging head once more in pain.

She fell back down into a sitting position on the bed ungracefully and groaned, feeling the world spin around her.

"Careful there sweetheart, we wouldn't want you to fall unconscious for another eight hours."

Caroline jumped at the voice; taking her hands away from her face and searched the room instinctively for Klaus.

Finding him positioned on an arm chair at the bottom of the bed, one leg crossed over the other, that infuriating smirk cemented across his face.

Oh she would give him something to smirk about; she breathed and prepared herself for battle.

"What the hell did you to me?" snarling through her teeth, she stood up slowly this time not making the same mistake and clenched her fists in frustration facing him.

"Easy love," Klaus held up his hands amused at her stance "I just gave you a minor bump on the head, nothing to get yourself worked up over" he reasoned.

"Nothing too….nothing to get myself worked up over?!" she shouted shaking her head in disbelief.

"You're an ass!" she affirmed moving her hands to her hips. Seeing his eyes follow her movements and zone in on her now pushed out chest, she scoffed at his heated gaze bringing his eyes back towards her, a cheshire grin prominent and as smug as ever upon his face.

"Maybe" he replied indifferently "but please do remember I could have killed you if I wanted to, I didn't" his expression becoming one of a more serious nature.

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?"

"Certainly love for if you really know all the stories about me you know I'm not one to extend an invitation of mercy often."

Of course she knew that, Caroline remembers sitting around a burning fire on the night of a full moon when she was a child, the witches would lay thanks to the ancestors who kept their powers burning bright.

One of the elders Marie Bouchard, who was the oldest in the coven at the time, would tell twisted and disturbing tales that left Caroline and the other children lacking in peaceful sleep for nights on end.

Marie would venomously tell the tale of how her grandmother met her fate with Klaus back in 1919 before he had fled; she made an attempt on his life after he slaughtered her husband. Klaus, as you can imagine, did not take well to this.

Marie's mother was pregnant with her at the time, and found her own mother's body mutilated; apparently Klaus had torn her body to shreds and left pieces of the corpse at the doors of the rest of the coven's homes as a warning for those who would rise against him. Marie's mother was greeted with the sight of her dead mothers head, the cold eyes left open in shock.

She told Marie who was but a child at the time this story, and in turn Marie would tell the rest of the children who were bred into the coven,. It was a harsh reminder of why the witches despised the monstrous creations known as vampires and how it was the originals fault they were here in the first place.

Marie faired unfortunate a few months back, she was rounded up with the rest of the witches that Marcel killed to show us what would happen if the witches caused an up rise, he's patently no better than is his sire.

God if Marie could see her now. Making a deal with devil himself, why she'd be positively rolling in her grave. Caroline was actually surprised that given her link to the other side Marie hadn't tried to contact her to give her a few choice words about working with Klaus. Perhaps she wanted Marcel dead more than the original which seemed to be the general consensus at the moment.

"So then why do it?" She shot back bravely poking the beast who she would love nothing more than to introduce to her mean right hook.

"You have your uses" he replied vaguely.

"Oh right…leverage how could I possibly forget?" she laughed bitterly and waved her arms.

"It's nothing personal love," he shrugged.

"You're disgusting" she spat at him and his emotionless words.

Klaus didn't take well to the way she spoke to him and grabbed her arm tightly bringing her into his chest.

"You should choose your words more carefully in the future Caroline, for you never know when they will be your last" he whispered the words with malevolence in his voice.

She fell silent at this outburst of his, realising that if she wanted to survive to see tomorrow it might be best if she tried to keep her mouth (that unfortunately had a mind of its own) shut for now.

So, as much as she wanted to tell him to shove it, and give him a good kick where it hurt the most for touching her, she decided to ignore her impulses and listen to what her brain told her instead which, in case you were wondering basically screamed "shut up you stubborn idiot!"

Caroline swallowed her next sharp retort away, and kept quiet, giving him a reluctant nod.

"That a girl" he grinned approvingly "besides I do have other interests when it comes to you" the wild guise he adorned was enough to send a frightful shiver down her spine.

"Wha…what interests?" she stuttered nervously.

"Well for a start, you my love, have a very rare gift, and judging by your little disclosure last night I assume that one power you were so comeuppance about is not where those gifts end" he smirked at the wandering eyes betraying her.

"That's what I thought, yet I cannot group you into a specific supernatural species, so why don't you help me out, since we're such good partners now and tell me; just what type of creature are you Caroline?"

Great this again, Caroline internally sighed and rolled her eyes. Screw keeping her mouth shut.

"Okay seriously," she laughed incredulously . "I may be blonde, but I'm not an idiot" pulling her arms away from his strong grip, and crossed them over her chest. "Why would I give you the only piece of information that I have as what was the word you used again…Oh yeah leverage?"

Klaus moved even closer to her then, his face directly aligned with hers, he replied "Because I could tear out your heart without so much as blinking an eyelash."

"Ah but then you'd lose your edge," she smirked at him "and just a tip" she said taking a step back "I think you have a serious issue with proximity, some people actually like their personal space okay?" indicating to the air between them.

"You dare to manipulate me?" he asked disconcerted at this young girl's foolish bravery with him once again.

"Hey your words, not mine pal" she replied putting her hands up "I'm just trying to keep my head attached to my shoulders here, excuse me if your words don't exactly inspire trust."

They halted in a staring contest, each one waiting to see who would cave first, who would give into who's demands.

Caroline arched her eyebrow kindling him to fault her for playing his own game.

Finally, Klaus was the one to break the silence, and exhaled slightly irritated at his loss.

"You're quite the obstinate one aren't you?" he gave a half smile, seemingly amused at their game.

"Takes one to know one" she shot back in victory smiling at him coquettishly.

Their game was now taking a more flirtatious path as the two beamed at each other and suddenly the alarm bells rang in Caroline's head, reminding her of who exactly she was engaging in this tête-à-tête with.

She cleared her throat and gathered herself.

"So…I…uhh just meant that you should know there will be no chance in hell that I'll be telling you anything anytime soon. So sorry, but my tongue is very much tied when it comes to the all about me paragraph" she quipped, trying to regain the upper hand she previously held.

"Well, I'd be more than happy to loosen it for you love" his voice laced in more carnal thoughts, as he whispered to her "All you have to do is ask."

She got caught up in his gaze; her body hummed with secret desire at his suggestive and lust filled comment.

Ugh! She just couldn't control it no matter how much she wanted too, this stupid reaction to his words and his touches just wouldn't go away.

She couldn't let herself go there though; never in a billion years would she ever think of doing something about it. Klaus just oozed danger, craziness and unpredictability, and you just didn't know when he was going to snap. He was everything Caroline had spent her time trying to avoid lately, trust her she's been through this before, and it didn't end well.

Caroline didn't want him to know about the way he affected her, so she did what she does best and buried her feelings scoffing at his words and crafting her expression to be one of distaste to fool him, trying to fool herself too in the process.

Klaus on the other hand, did not respond remotely well to this rejection, she saw his face hardening and winced as he grabbed her by the arm and drew her near once more.

"Well now I see my oversight" he sighed clicking his tongue.

"Evidently, I miscalculated in trying to extend some form of benevolence to you out of respect," she let out a hollow laugh at the use of the word "respect", but he paid no mind to it and continued.

"You should be nicer to me Caroline, as I begrudgingly have to remind you yet again, that I have much more efficient methods of extracting the information that I need."

"Go ahead!" she snapped back at him. "You'll probably kill me anyways when you have what you need; I mean that's what you do right? Use people until they give you what you want, and then dispose of them, like their worth no more than a chunk of gum on the bottom of your seriously overpriced shoes."

Caroline waited for his fit of rage that was surely on its way, she shouldn't have let this get as far as it did, but it's not like she could help it; people like Klaus cared about nobody but themselves and it drove her nuts, she couldn't just let him get away with acting so smug all the time; someone had to put him in his place even if the end result left her victim to his cruelty.

Klaus's outburst never came astonishingly, and as usual, he shocked her into silence with his next words.

"You have fire Caroline. It's a…refreshing quality for someone of my years to see." He softly smiled, and released her taking a step back.

"So that's it?" Caroline questioned once she found her voice, baffled and suspicious at his sudden change of heart.

"No," he shook his head smirking. "I still intend to find out all I can about you Caroline Forbes, and believe me I will."

Caroline laughed shaking her head "Yeah good luck with that," she snorted then stood stupefied at his use of her last name, but before she could ask him, he knowingly intercepted her…

"It's amazing what technology can do these days isn't it?" he grinned pulling his phone out of the back pocket of his jeans.

"You Googled me?!" she asked incredulously. "Seriously!"

He chuckled at her frown and adorable stomp "Of course I did love, it's not wise to make a deal with someone if you don't know their background; unfortunately I couldn't find out more than your name, that your family originated from Atlanta, and that you moved here when you were ten years old with your aunt, who apparently is now of the deceased, my deepest sympathies" he offered her.

Any person would think he was generally being sincere, but Caroline knew he was just fishing for more information, gathering the fact that the article he had read declared her Aunt's mysterious and untimely death unsolved, her corpse found burnt and disfigured and tied to a large oak tree.

"We're not going to talk about that." she commanded blinking away a tear that threatened to seep through thinking about her Aunt; she wouldn't let him see her be vulnerable.

"As you wish," he bowed his head in understanding.

"How about we discuss more pressing matters then," he smiled, all seriousness from before gone. "Breakfast?"

"Excuse me?" His surprising change of topic confusing her. God his mood swings were going to give her whiplash.

"Breakfast" he nodded his head towards the bedside table where a red menu lay.

"Feel free to order whatever you wish, I shall be back soon" he stated pulling his black leather jacket on over his tight Henley.

"Wait, what?" Caroline exclaimed taking her eyes away from his distracting body. "You're not leaving me here" she placed one hand on her hip and pointed at him with the other, her sassiness fully returned.

"No need to fret love, I will be back as soon as I have made preparations for more suitable accommodations for us both." He waved his hand in disdain signalling at the room.

Apparently five star places weren't up to his standards, go figure; Caroline rolled her eyes then froze capturing the meaning behind his words.

"Hold on, us?" she questioned pointing back and forth "As in you and me…Me and you...Together…Occupying the same space for an extended period of time?"

"Yes, that is the general idea" he nodded affirmatively looking at her as if she was the lunatic in this situation.

"No." she shook her head in panic.

"Caroline," Klaus gritted impatiently.

"No Way! I am not, and I repeat not going to be staying with you in any way, shape, or form in this life or the next…I mean have you lost your mind?! What the hell are you even thinking?!" she moved around him and kept her distance, the extra space making her feel less trapped.

"I was thinking that I won't be letting you out of my sight for the time being" he stated firmly, not enjoying her insolence.

"Do not misunderstand me Caroline, just because I have agreed to take a step back in my questioning does not mean that I will be letting the only "edge" as you so charmingly put it slither from my grasp and back into the hands of the witches so you can all band against me and take away everything I worked for in the last 1000 years!"

His voice had risen greatly as he finished breathing heavily tired from her disobedience.

Caroline didn't let his temper waver her though in her argument, and replied "But you can't do that! I have an apartment and college and a job that I'm actually supposed to be at right this second by the way" she exclaimed looking at the 8:30 mark on her small white watch.

"Caroline" he walked over to her and grabbed her jaw in his warm strong hands forcing her to look at him.

"I know this is a difficult situation for you, and it will take some time to adjust too, but like it or not you are staying with me even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming through Bourbon Street" he promised her.

"And this situation we have ourselves in will become a lot more pleasant if you stop your reluctance and your questioning of my every move" he declared powerfully not allowing her to break free of his hold.

Caroline could see he wasn't fooling around, he would go to any lengths necessary to make sure he kept her here, whether she was locked in the room, or if he had to tie her to the bed. His patience was wearing thin, and she needed to play it smart for now, her hot head be damned.

She would humour him for now, after all she could always make an escape plan later, but right now he was a ticking time bomb. After the news he was given last night it was only a matter of time before he exploded, and she didn't want to be caught in the crossfire when that happened.

"Okay" she shrugged simply willing her eyes to not flicker and betray her.

"Okay?" he queried, taking his hands away from her face not quite believing her this time.

"Yeah. That's what I said, are you like having hearing issues in your old age?" she huffed mocking him, annoyed at his persistence and the tingling sensation and heat left in place from where his hands had previously lain.

His eyes addressed her slowly trying to decide whether to believe her or not, Caroline willed herself not to break a sweat at his observation holding her breath.

"Very well then."

She exhaled in relief at his choice, even if he was just indulging her at least he wasn't going to strap her down and gag her while he gallivanted through the quarter all day.

"Now as I was saying, I will be leaving for a short while, I trust you will find yourself comfortable in here for the time being?"

She gave a quick nod to which he approved of with a smile of his own and continued ,"Please feel free to order room service, and do not trouble yourself over expenses."

"Oh, and before I forget, I had some clothes procured for you while you were sleeping. They are over there," he pointed, gesturing to the bag by the large closet.

"I think you will find them to your liking…now I must be off" he proclaimed bringing her attention back to him.

"I shouldn't be too long…but just in case you get any ideas about fleeing in my absence, I'll have you know that I have every member of this establishment compelled to stop such an incident should it happen" he warned her raising his brow as if taunting her to make an attempt.

Caroline gritted her teeth in indignation, "just go with it for now and yell at the jerk later" she told herself.

"Fine" she huffed. Couldn't he just leave already?

"Splendid," he grinned mockingly and picked up her hand "It's been an utter pleasure Caroline" he pulled it towards his mouth but instead of kissing on the top of the hand as he did last night he instead turned it over and laid a delicate peck to the palm, keeping his blue orbs locked with hers to gauge her reaction, which happened to be one of absolute beguile.

She felt his hot breath upon her hand once more, sensitive to the way his soft lips met and his prickly stubble scratched at the area, she almost let out a soft mewl, but bit down on her own lip hard.

It was too late now to diminish the look that told him of how he affected her though as he moved away, dropping her hand and grinned proudly too himself…the smug bastard.

"Goodbye Caroline," he said opening the door and leaning against it "I look forward to my return, to once again be in your delightful presence" he finalised. The words were sweet, but Caroline knew that they were a subtle warning.

Caroline was broken out of her stupefied stance by the sound of the door closing; she chastised herself for acting like a bumbling bimbo for reacting that way to his kiss.

Okay yes, he was attractive, and he had that delicious accent that she was sure made girls swoon with his whispered sweet words of empty promises; but Caroline wasn't just any girl. No she will not fall prey to his charms, and let him manipulate her into doing what he wants; she's done letting people use her. That neurotic, ready to please, sappy teenage version of her was gone; she was stronger now, and some dumb 1000 year old immortal breezing into town wasn't going to change that ,no sir.

Caroline nodded determinedly to her own inner monologue and made her way over to the dresser to take a look at her appearance.

Sheesh…she hissed at her reflection. Her hair was sticking up at weird angles, her eyes were wide with dark circles, and her clothes were completely mussed.

Well, if she was going to ever step foot out of this hotel room she wasn't going to do it looking like this ,she decided.

She sighed and grabbed the black Weinstein's bag reluctantly, of course Klaus would get her clothes from one of the highest upscale boutiques in New Orleans. Any single purchase in the carrier she held would probably cost more than Caroline's whole wardrobe alone.

However what other option did she have? She could continue looking like a walk of shame in the making, or she could shower and wear designer labelled clothes that she's always dreamed of owning.

Weighing her options there wasn't really much of a choice to make as she clutched the bag and entered the bathroom ready to prepare for the day ahead…

Klaus walked out of the Roosevelt hotel ,and into his car with a spring in his step practically giddy at the way his conversation ended with the lovely Caroline Forbes.

She truly was a magnificent creature, so full of life always keeping him on his toes with her witty come backs and brutal honesty. Most would cower and hold their voices when graced with his flamboyant temper, not her though she would rather risk his wrath and put him in his place than run away when provoked. It was a quality to be admired, and one he enjoyed very much when it wasn't making him want to strangle her for the lack of respect she showed him.

She was positively glowing this morning as the sun had hit her peaceful body. He hadn't even went to sleep himself, finding it much more thrilling to just sit and watch this golden girl sleep, that ever present crease on her forehead vanished, all her troubles gone. Before he had known it morning was here and she was waking. He had truly been lost in a haze.

He liked the way he startled her, the way she frowned at him with that adorable pout that he wanted to kiss away, everything about her was quite intoxicating; and even when she angered him he wanted nothing more than to throw her down onto the first hard surface, and ravish her until the sun went down.

He wanted her mouth filled with sweet sighs and desperate whimpers calling out for more, sharp nails scraping his back and uninhibited moans attacking his ears generated from the power of his thrust, and from the way his bloodthirsty fangs would plunge into the exquisite slope of her smooth neck tasting the sweet nectar she would bear.

He broke himself out of his desirous thoughts and tried to forget about the obvious tightening on his pants remembering that first and foremost, he had a job to do. He would deal with this sordid business and ensure his safety; there would after all, be plenty of time later for games of seduction.

Evidently Caroline wasn't so opposed to his advances either, he smirked thinking back to the way her small gasp threatened to break through when he placed his lips on her pale skin, it was exhilarating to say the least and there was nothing more Klaus liked then being the winner in any game.

He made it easier for himself too by getting her to stay with him; he had of course tampered with the truth when he explained that he needed to keep her so close at all times. It would have been just as simple to compel a few vampires of his own to watch over her at all times, but he found himself not wanting to be parted from her company for too long. Don't judge him, he just saw an opportunity and clutched at it without hesitation.

Yes, this month should prove to be incredibly entertaining. The gallant Miss Forbes can help him work out all his 'tension', and prove a delicious distraction from the current predicament he was in.

His devilish monologue was interrupted by the sound of his phone beeping. He unlocked the screen, and set sight upon the text message from one of his compelled vampires, 'Nathan' telling him that his belongings had arrived, and were currently being moved into one of the properties he owned here that had managed to not burn to the ground when he left and surprisingly hadn't been taken over by Marcel. He snarled sourly thinking of his soon to be dead old friend, who if everything went according to plan would be dead before the month's end, leaving his throne open for take over.

Speaking of the plan he should mention that he was actually not on his way to help move boxes around, and make his new home pristine as he had alluded to Caroline; no he was on his way to see the one and only Sophie Devereaux who had gave him a very angry phone call this morning while Caroline slept, demanding her best friend back.

He had laughed at the petulant witch, and told her he knew of her real plan to take him down thus ending his vampire bloodline including Marcel to which she had silenced at, unprepared at being outed.

He had then went on to tell her about the deal he made with Caroline, and assured her that if her word was kept, Caroline would be safe, Marcel would be dead, her niece would be saved…and most importantly his immortality would remain intact.

Clearly hopeless, and without another choice, Sophie had reluctantly agreed to his demands, but warned him that if he even touched Caroline she would find a way to kill him regardless; he had huffed at her insinuation, but had calculated the loyalty between these two girls, honing the information ready to use at his advantage for the foreseeable future.

Sophie had told him during their phone call that if he wanted to see their deal honoured he would meet her down by the docks in an abandoned warehouse that the witches held meetings time and time again. She told him it was a safe spot to talk, as they would use sage to keep the place secret from the ears of Marcel's followers.

He arrived to the crumbling building shortly after, making good time. Climbing out of the vehicle he did a quick scope of the area to make sure he wasn't being watched.

He carried out this task as he knew that Marcel was suspicious of his abrupt return and could have had people following him. He had sussed this revelation out last night when he was driving away from the cemetery with his sweet Caroline unconscious in the back seat.

The followers were not subtle with their blue Rolls Royce chasing after him down the highway trying to keep up with him; he lost them easily however taking a few sharp turns into the night…and judging by the complete deathly silence at the docks it seems that they had not been able to find him again.

The building he assessed was dark, damp and draught. He knocked the hanging chains from the door and entered the establishment searching for any remote signs of life. He stuck up his nose at the muck and the cobwebs that adorned the walls and the crates that were littered and piled up throughout the large space. Sophie was unfortunately nowhere to be found, there was not a light to be seen and no single creek to be heard.

Klaus decided it would take far too long to search the building aimlessly until he found something and to put it frankly he just didn't have the forbearance; so he tuned in on his supernatural hearing, which was advanced luckily since he was a hybrid and he listened for something, anything.

Hearing nothing but the echoes of the wind drafting through the halls, he was about to give up and leave this foolish endeavour when he just barely recognised the smallest and almost inaudible gasp coming from one of the rooms above him.

He super sped up the stairs and followed the noise that he was sure came from the last door on the left. Stopping in front of it, he hesitated reaching for the knob, the gasp had sounded painful and if he was about to walk into another trap he solemnly swore that he would kill them all regardless of the problematic circumstances his impulsiveness would create.

Breathing in he turned the knob and entered the room slowly. His look of calculation soon became one of confusion and his hand fell fast from the door as he took in the dead bodies of five women scattered bloody across the room.

Witches, he gathered acknowledging the marks adoring their wrists. Some of the women had torn, and disfigured necks while the others lay with gaping holes in their chests, their hearts ripped out and dropped carelessly on the floor next to them. All however wore the same horrified expression etched bluntly on their faces. Blank of identity, and eyes wide open in shock of their attacker.

Who could have done this? Marcel? Coming to terms with what this would mean for him, he madly searched the faces of the dead witches and gave a breath of relief when he found that Sophie was not among them. Don't mistake him he didn't care about her life, but he did need her for she was the only one who could lift this curse set upon him.

But wait…if she wasn't here dead, yet nowhere to be found; then where the hell was she?

The old scratched floor at the far edged corner of the room suddenly gave a teeth grinding screech; Klaus's stance instinctually became one of a defensive nature, fists clenched and teeth bared at the dark shape taking form.

"Show yourself" he snarled growling at the intruder.

"Don't snap your teeth at me like a dog" a voice that mirrored the British accent of his own scolded him.

He peered at the feminine figure that walked out of the dark corner, a confident posture clad in blood red heels, dragging a terrified and sniffling Sophie out with her.

He stilled in bewilderment at the face he was greeted with.

"I mean really Nik, is that any way to treat a lady?" She smirked at him like the cat that got the cream, using one of her perfectly manicured nails to wipe away a stray line of blood that was caught on her delicate chin.

Klaus's look of shock soon become one of absolute vexation, enraged with his visitor, someone he had been sure to leave behind and had thought himself free of…

"Rebekah" he spat the word venomously.

"Hello dear brother, did you miss me?..."

Caroline had managed to shower and towel dry her hair in record time. Seeing as she was lacking in appliances she left her golden locks down opting for the messy curl look.

She had then debated getting back into her own clothes if just to piss off Klaus that she would refuse his gifts but ultimately decided against it telling herself that she shouldn't suffer just because Klaus is an egotistic, smug, prick…well that, and she could honestly say that she wanted to make out with the clothes he had gotten her, the clothes that fit her down to a T by the way, Creepy Much?

Looking in the bag she had first picked out a black bodycon skirt. It ended just above her knees so that it didn't seem too short, but fit her like a glove accentuating her full hips giving it that sexy yet classy vibe.

She had then found a ruffled navy, chiffon top that tucked into her skirt making her figure look voluptuous which she had to say she enjoyed very much, the beautiful blue shirt also set off the colour of her eyes; apparently Klaus paid attention to detail…not that it really surprised her, living for as long as he had, he's going to pick up an eye for finer things.

To finish the outfit off gracefully, he had also left her a short navy and white blazer that matched in perfectly as well as a pair of black suede ankle boots that she fell in love with and would gladly marry.

Overall looking in the mirror she felt great, wearing clothes that just simmered in the latest fashions made her feel a little bit like the old Caroline again, the Caroline that would walk down the street with confidence in the way she looked and felt; not this neurotic and paranoid shadow of the person she once was, she would never admit it out loud, but Klaus himself seemed to bring that spark back to her too…

Well never mind that, whether she looked great or not it didn't change the fact she was still a prisoner here and even if Klaus had this place on lockdown she had to at least try and get out.

Okay, so he said he had the staff compelled to not let her leave, but as long as she didn't go out the front entrance, and ducked into a corner whenever an employee walked by she might be able to find a back exit or something she could escape out of; it was worth a shot at the least, she reasoned heading to the room door with confidence and a sway in her hips.

Opening the door she wore a proud beam at her cunning plan. Her happiness was short lived however, when she ran into something hard with a great "Oomph."

Caroline caught herself from falling and staggered back only to set eyes upon what she could only describe as a human wall.

This guy was a giant! Standing before her was a large, burly and obviously compelled man. He had to be like at least seven feet tall, and his arms that were crossed over his well-toned chest were practically boulders.

He stared down at her void of emotion…if looks could kill she grimaced.

"Whoa…hi there…ummm…" she searched curiously for his name tag on his doorman uniform

"Jo" she beamed in victory looking up at the bulldozer "So is that like short for know like Joseph or John or…Joey?" she laughed nervously attempting small talk.

The only response she got was the blink of an eyelash.

"No? Okay then" she nodded awkwardly "…Uhh… so I was wondering if a really…really generous tip could persuade you too oh I don't know…let me go?" she fluttered her eyelashes at him.


"Right" she shrugged uncomfortably. Seriously! She didn't work well with awkward silences.

"So I guess I'm just gonna wait back in here then" pointing behind her she backed up slowly and away from Jason Voorhees over here who still giving her the stink eye.

God, she was going to kill Klaus when he came back, she sulked shutting the door and leaning back against it, trying to forget Mr. talkative on the other side. Geez when Esther had told her that Klaus was always one step ahead, mother dearest really meant it.

Caroline dragged her pouting and defeated self over to the menu that Klaus had pointed her to earlier; she was in desperate need of some pick me up food.

Well if she couldn't foil Klaus by getting away at least she could take her anger and revenge out on his black card she smirked readying herself to have the ultimate feast delivered to her room…

Klaus, unlike Caroline was not having such a splendid time, if there is one thing he had learned in 1000 years it's that no one can drive you more insane than family…

"Little sister" he acknowledged her "You know when I told my vampires to pack up my belongings I didn't intend for you to be brought along with them."

The short tempered blonde gave a sarcastic smile and snapped back at him.

"Oh, but Nik I thought there was nothing you loved more than seeing your family boxed up in a coffin, daggered and portable for your extensive moves."

"That may be true sister but I much prefer the nice sleeping Rebekah who can't whine and drone about her pathetic life. In this form however" he waved his hand towards her "you have no use to me I'm afraid."

Rebekah grimaced at his cruel words, always so quick to lash out and hurt her in whatever way he could find. It's why she was doing this, why she wanted to make him pay. Before she could throw his comment back in his face however he continued…

"I have to say I am surprised to see you, I had betted Elijah would be the first one to break and trot up here on his high horse seeing what mess I had gotten myself into this time" Klaus rolled his eyes.

"He's too busy whispering sweet nothings into that bitch Katerina Petrova's ear" she replied in disgust to which Klaus reciprocated the expression.

"I'm sure he'll pop up sooner or later though, he always does."

Yes, Elijah had this annoying notion that his little brother could be saved, that their family could be rebuilt, and that 'Always and Forever' still meant something. Poor noble fool, Klaus thought, knowing he was 1000 years past any sort of redemption.

"And what of you Rebekah? What are you doing here?" he sighed tired of playing of games.

"Can't a girl just visit her big bro without having an ulterior motive?" she feigned innocence.

"Not when she loathes me as much as I know you do." He replied sharply, aware of how his own family felt about him.

"Well it's not like you don't give me good reason too, the last time we saw each other you were busy snatching away my only chance at becoming human again" she spat at him angry.

"Ah yes, your current obsession of the month…sweet dreams of a suburban life in a small town with a washed up quarterback at your side" he mocked her. "Should I send word to replace your Porsche with a Volvo Waggon next?"

"You bastard!" Rebekah yelled her nature getting the better of her, and used her free arm to grab the closest thing to her which turned out to be a ragged wooden chair throwing it towards him.

Klaus, using his hybrid reflexes moved out of the way of the flying object just in time, hearing it smash against the wall next to him.

"Come now sister, you can do far better than that" he laughed provoking her.

Rebekah composed herself. She couldn't let him get to her; she had a plan to put in motion.

"You're right Nik I can do better…I could start by snapping this pretty little witch's neck with the flick of my wrist" she gave him a menacing smile tightening her grip on a frozen Sophie who watched the back and forth between the two siblings in fear.

"Go ahead" Klaus replied keeping a straight face that told nothing "What would it matter to me?"

Rebekah smirked shaking her head knowing his game, this front he put up.

"Well it could have to do with the fact that she's your key to keeping your immortality" she saw his face slip and go into ask "Yes Nik I know about your business with the witches, I followed your trail and ended up in this sordid place, overhearing this one" she grinned at Sophie "cavorting with the rest of them, as you can see it didn't end well for the others" glancing at the dead bodies around her and then carrying on "after all I couldn't let them have all the fun, you know how I hate to share."

"Then why keep Sophie alive?" he shot back suspiciously.

"Oh don't mistake me she's going to die; I just wanted to see your face as she took her final breath taking your power along with her" her nails dug into Sophie's neck making her choke for air.

Klaus took a step forward then stilled seeing his sister's face daring him to make a move; of course he was stronger than Rebekah but the question was would he be able to get to her in time before the life was drained out of her? He didn't want to risk the chance.

"Why are you doing this Rebekah? What could you possibly have to benefit from seeing me human?" he gritted his teeth at her frustrated, not liking being backed into a corner for the second time in just days.

"You're kidding right?" she chuckled. "There is nothing I would love more than to see you become the one thing you truly fear…weak."

Klaus was beyond the point of rage, he couldn't put in words this anger he felt towards his sister, his own blood. The first chance he got, he would stick a dagger in her; it seems that yet again she needed to learn a lesson.

Right now however, he had to be the smarter one, the better rival. It shouldn't be too hard considering Rebekah's idiotic tendency to allow her stubbornness control her; it made her jump in head first to attack without having any strategy.

It was her one fatal flaw, of course his temper and abruptness was no better but he knew how to think ahead, to wait for the moment and seize it efficiently. All he had to do was pick some more at wounded sores, and she would be play right into the palm of his hand.

"You should watch your tongue Rebekah" he told her stoically, not revealing anything.

"And why would I do that you narcissistic wanker!" she replied adamant, pushing him.

"Because my dear sister, we both know that the only reason that you're lashing out at me is because you're mad and petty and jealous" he wore his signature smirk knowing what he was doing.

"Jealous?" Rebekah raised her brow and let out a haughty laugh "You cannot be serious?"

"I am in fact very serious sister, I know that it just eats you up that I'm getting the one thing you want…the loss of a life forever lived."

He saw Rebekah's face drop slightly at this before she caught herself, ah ah ah too late baby sister I can see right through you.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she shrugged posing indifference.

"Really?" he questioned "So it doesn't make you burn with anger that my punishment for all sins I've committed is a life free of what you would call the 'burden of immortality'?"

"Stop it" she demanded.

Her twitching lip and the blackness in her eyes was enough to make him go on…

"It doesn't make you hate me even more that the one thing you would see as a gift and almost killed yourself fighting for is being handed to me so easily, the one thing as you said I would hate to have, that I would go to any lengths to reverse?"

"I SAID STOP IT!" she screamed.

She had let her grip go on Sophie for a brief second in her frustration, but that second was all Klaus needed before he picked up one of the legs that had broken off the chair when it hit the wall and sped over to her, chucking Sophie out the way and plunging the makeshift stake into her stomach.

She let out a gasp of pain and grabbed at his arms attempting to keep herself up straight.

"Sophie go" he commanded the silent girl who hadn't spoken a word during this confrontation in fear of her life.

"But I…" she trailed off not knowing what to say.

"I said GO!" he shouted to her to which she responded by scrambling off the floor knowing when to cut her losses and raced out of the building as if her hair was on fire.

His sister's grunt of discomfort made him turn around a storm towards the blonde in writhing agony.

"Shh there there sweet Rebekah" he cupped her face "You knew how this was going to end, how it always ends."

"Not…this…time" she spurted trying to keep herself from passing out.

Her convicted words surprised him as he inched the stake tighter into her abdomen making her let out a strangled scream.

"What do you mean?" he asked seriously.

Her eyes were flickering shut, her body trying to relieve itself of the pain.

"Answer me!" he growled pulling out the stake allowing her to heal but keeping a tight unwavering grip at her shoulders.

Rebekah let out a gasp as the stake left her body, feeling her wound stitch back together she looked at him with a sly smile and went on to speak her piece.

"Let's just say that when I followed you earlier, your abrupt leave from that hotel room made me curious as to whom you were hiding, so I compelled the valet you forgot about to tell me all about your dashing blonde…tsk tsk Nik you really are getting sloppy" she teased him and bit her lip to contain a laugh at the stupefied look he gave her, not believing someone had gotten the best of him.

"Anyhow, after speaking to him I came here, heard our dear Sophie venting about your great kidnap, put two and two together…and well like I said brother I hate to share" she simpered, the beam growing wider on her face.

"There's only room for one pretty blonde in this town."

Klaus lost the last bit of his patience and probably his sanity at that final statement, gripping her shoulders in bruising strength he pulled at her and sped over to the next wall which she hit with a painful "Oomph" the wind knocked out of her.

"What did you do?" Klaus snapped at her "WHAT DID YOU DO?" he then screamed bearing his hybrid face at her, the steam practically dripping out of his ears.

Rebekah jumped back at the view of his yellow eyes and sharp teeth but then giggled in taunt at his desperation and replied "Well you have your vampire minions Nik, I have my own…and one of them was more than happy to get his hands on the little bimbo you keep locked up in that tower."

He growled at her words, his mind losing train of thought where only one message repeated itself over and over and over again 'Get to Caroline' it said 'Get to Caroline Now', and with that he threw Rebekah carelessly across the room briefly seeing her land in a pile of dust and wood before took off needing to get back; but not before he heard Rebekah's parting words that left a stroke of fear slicing through his body.

"Do hurry my darling brother for if she's not already dead I would love to meet your shiny new toy…so I can do the honours and rip her heart out myself"…

Caroline had just finished flipping through a Cosmo magazine she had found in the bathroom when she heard a knock on the door.

"Finally," she huffed getting up from the bed and patted down her clothes, the food she had ordered over an hour ago at last arrived.

She began opening the door to let the room service guy in and vented her frustrations…

"You know for a five star hotel you should really work on your…OH MY GOD!"

She screamed jumping out of the way as her silent giant of a bodyguard fell through the door panel, his neck snapped to the side, very much dead.

"No need to scream sweet cheeks we're all friends here."

Caroline looked up to the man advancing towards her, correction vampire, she scampered to the other side of the room as he bared his fangs at her, kicking the dead body out of the way and closing the door behind him.

He had dark hair, wore a dirty wife beater with a musty leather jacket and had those red eyes pointed at her that had seen a lot of death met by his rough looking hands.

"What do you want from me?" Caroline questioned frantically, cursing when her back hit the wall and she found herself trapped.

"I'm just doing the grunt work as usual, kid" he sighed raising his eyes to hers.

His expression of boredom soon become one of dangerous malice as he took in her form, assessing her body to which Caroline nearly gagged in disgust.

"Not that I mind if I get too spend some quality time with you" he grinned boxing her in to the wall and running a finger down the column of her neck.

"You're disgusting" she spat at him.

Squirming endlessly she managed to break her arm free of his grip and sent him one hard punch in the nose.

Now considering he was a vampire it did more damage to her than it did to him, but at the least it did send him staggering back a bit which gave her the opportunity to duck under him and make a dash for the door.

She had just touched the door knob when she was flung back through the air colliding with the back wall, and hitting it with a yell of pain.

Before she could scramble to her knees to pull herself up she was dragged and smacked back into the wall she'd just hit, her arms held on either side of her by the now fuming vampire.

"You have spunk," he bellowed "I'm gonna enjoy draining it out of you" his face came closer to her neck as she struggled with no use against him.

"Feel free to scream" he told her smirking before plunging his fangs into the milky column of her long neck.

Caroline gave a whimper, the pain unbearable. She had to do something, anything, refusing to be beaten by this vile beast.

She felt herself starting to lose consciousness and knew whatever she was going to do; she had to do it quick.

Feeling his grip loosen on her as he lost himself in a blood haze moaning at the sensation, she realised she could break her arms free, but then what? She couldn't just hit him again; he'd be attacking her within a few seconds.

There was one thing she could do, one thing she knew would work. But could she do it again? Did she want to? She asked herself these questions and crumbled in defeat, what other choice did she have?

She would have to ignore her heart thumping loudly, and the way it tugged and pulled with her mind begging her not to do this, that she will regret it.

Her aunt always taught her 'do what you have to do to in order to survive Caroline' she repeated that phrase to herself over and over as she felt the blood draining from her body and shut her emotions away, doing what needed to be done…

Meanwhile, Klaus had been having his own tug of war with his head and heart. On the one hand he reasoned that he was speeding in fear, growling like a rabid dog trapped because Caroline was his leverage, if he lost her then why would Sophie even attempt to break the curse put on him? In fact, she would probably try speed up the process if it meant killing him for allowing Caroline to die. His head rationalised that was the only reason he was acting the way he was, clawing at the air trying to get to his beautiful blonde.

His heart however told a different story, there was a pang in his chest where the thought of a cold soulless Caroline laid, that spark void from her eyes. He wasn't sure why, these feelings were very new to him.

Don't mistake him; he wasn't by any means saying that he had genuine, caring feelings for the girl. No, just that it would be a shame to lose something so bright in such a dark world, something that made this weight he carried with him just the slightest bit lighter.

Well that is what he told himself anyhow. Besides he was sure that if he pulled his own heart from his chest it would be a shrivelled, blackened and a beaten thing, drained of its sustenance and damaged beyond repair; what good would it do him now?

As he entered the hotel coming back from his darkened thoughts he could see that a lot of the staff and guests in the foyer were either dead or severely injured, lovely he rolled his eyes making a note to diminish any trace of his presence here as Marcel would surely find out about this event and start asking questions, questions he couldn't nor needed to answer.

He sped up the staircase and onto the thirteenth floor unknowingly pleading that it wasn't too late. Coming to the door at the end of the hall he braced himself for what was about to greet him on the other side, but before he could even turn the knob he heard a deafening scream come from the room; the scream wasn't female though it was a very distinct…manly bellow and the male was certainly in extreme agony.

Sprinting into the room and knocking the door off its hinges Klaus almost tripped over the lifeless body of the doorman he had compelled to guard Caroline. Searching for the girl in question he all but gaped at the sight he was greeted with…

There standing tall at the edge of the room was Caroline, eyes closed with both of her hands on the head on the now teary and pasty looking vampire who was screaming and begging her to stop.

Klaus wasn't sure what was happening, he walked forward determinedly yet still hesitant, and gasped at the sight of the vampires face. His eyes were glowing a blank white colour and there were thick red and purple veins distinguished, and ugly upon his profile.

Caroline distracted and startled by his abrupt approach and presence, lost her concentration and gazed at him in fear, her expression one of sorrow and pain.

He saw the tears in her eyes as she released her hold on the sickly vampire letting him drop to the floor.

He hit it with a thud, his eyes still open and blank, his body shook and his teeth chattered; he seemed to be in a paralysed state of a sort, the only way to describe it would be witnessing someone who was having a severe seizure except this looked worse.

"What have I done?" were the first words that came from Caroline's mouth he peered at her, the girl was shivering looking at her unsteady hands, her orbs burning holes into them as if they were bathed in blood and she wanted to scrub the theoretical substance away as Lady Macbeth once did.

"Caroline," he said hesitantly careful not to touch her for he was sure she would leap away in fright.

She guided her eyes to his, and what was left of his cold unbeating heart went out to her seeing the confused and lost expression she wore, this girl truly felt sorry for what she had done to this malicious vampire who attacked her.

Klaus not exactly being the personification of self-blame and sorrow wasn't sure what to say to her; so he shrugged her look to the back of his mind and asked the question that currently plagued him.

"What's happening to him?"

Caroline let out a loud sob looking back at the seizing man juddering on the floor and sniffed "he's in a sort of cationic state" she paused then, and took a deep breath before continuing "except he's seeing and feeling all the pain that he's caused in his life; every kill, every torture and every ounce of hurt, he's experiencing it all…"

She had looked back up at Klaus then to gauge his reaction which was a bad idea considering he must have looked like a gaping fish, his mouth opening and closing struggling to find the words to reply to her revelation. He stuttered lost in confusion, disarray and panic.

He found his mind bare of any words, vocabulary or reasoning; there was only one phrase that reiterated over and over and before he even realised it, he had voiced the statement…

"What are you?"

Klaus regretted the words as soon as they came out, seeing her quivering lip and the tears streaming down her eyes at capturing his expression of complete terror. God, she must be thinking about how awful she must be if she could make he who had committed horrendous and atrocious acts look at her in such fear.

He didn't think that all, he wished he could tell her without a doubt she was one the most caring and angel like creatures he had ever met, he just didn't understand what was happening; and Klaus, you see never reacted well to things he couldn't explain.

But before he could even harbour the chance to explain himself, she took violent and heavy heaves of air followed by a line of ugly sobs and replied to him hopelessly and full of self-deprecation…

"Something awful"

The deafening cries racked her body as she shook her head and moved around him, sprinting like hell out of the room away from him and the mess she caused…and well Klaus just let her. He just stood there, staring after her; completely powerless to do otherwise.

Now the next logical step for Klaus would be what comes next? And for the first time his very long and cultivated existence he didn't have an answer...

He stayed in the room for a time after the incident, trying to compose himself of the way Caroline's power had shaked him. He also had to deal with the mess that was left for him by his sister. He had killed the vampire she'd sent; not that it made much of a difference to the seizing individual but he decided it would be best to put the pathetic chap out of his misery with a clean stake to the heart.

He had then fed his blood to the few staff that weren't dead and compelled them to forget what had happened. He commanded them to close the establishment for a portion of time so they could clean up the mess, throwing the dead bodies out back where a couple of his own vampires would finish them off; burning the evidence.

When he finally left the hotel, he found her outside, sitting on a white bench just across from the building that she had took off from just a short while ago.

She was sitting with her head down, both hands clutching her hair and from the way her shoulders shook up and down it seemed she was still lost in her own sorrow.

He approached her slowly not wanting to say or do the wrong thing again and act as foolishly as he had before.

"Caroline" he uttered softly standing directly in front of her.

She gave a sniff and lifted her head peering up at him with swollen eyes, red puffy cheeks and a broken expression.

"Hi" she said it so simply it made him give a small chuckle, the term outweighing all the madness they had both seen tonight.

"Love…" he began to speak but was suddenly cut off.

"I know what you're thinking" she nodded to him "that I'm a freak, an evil and dangerous freak of nature that you should stay far away from" looking at him she finished "and you'd be right, I'm a monster."

She dropped her head, not wanting to see his reaction and began to weep again at her own admission.

He took a seat beside her and hesitantly placed a hand lightly on her shoulder making her look at him in surprise of his gentle and comforting touch.

He couldn't tell her why he was reacting this way even if he wanted too, he just felt the strange need to protect and shield this girl from her delusional thoughts. He missed her smile and her sass. The broken look didn't suit her, and he wanted to make it disappear for the rest of eternity.

"I've seen monsters Caroline, I am one" he gave a bitter laugh "Trust me love, from one freak of nature to another, you didn't do anything wrong" he consoled.

Caroline's surprised expression became one of anger then, which he had to say completely baffled him.

"Didn't do…didn't do anything wrong?!" her voice rose as she shot daggers to him "Klaus I just paralysed a man into feeling eternal pain, in what book does that get an 'It's all good' check off?!"

"He attacked you!" Klaus shot back, not sure why he was the sudden victim of her wrath…and he thought he had mood swings.

"…and that makes it all okay?" she asked disbelievingly, standing up and placing her hands on her hips.

"Yes" he declared, now the one looking up at her perplexed. This is what he gets for trying to be nice, he sighed feeling very much like a child being scolded.

"You're heartless" she shook her head at his lack of sensitivity.

Now he'd heard that phrase uttered many times in his life but coming from her he had to admit it stung; and just like that his defences were back up.

"That's rich coming from the girl who liquefied a man's brain only moments ago."

All his previous kind words were diminished with that one statement. He regretted his lash out the moment he saw her eyes tear up once more cursing himself for not being able to control his temper.

She scoffed at him knowingly and stormed off, her heels clicking against the pavement violently as she rushed away and into the busy street.

"Caroline wait!" he called out, growling to himself for having the incessant need to chase after her.

"What?!" she shouted turning around sticking out her arms, ignoring the onlookers.

"I should not have said that. I just don't understand what happened in that room, and I don't respond well to things I don't understand." He literally gritted the words out, his stubbornness refusing to cooperate with his mouth.

She shut her mouth and assessed him with squinting eyes, her arms going back to her hips, trying to decide whether to believe him or not.

His own eyes pleaded with her to do so, not wanting to show any more weakness and forbearance than he already has.

Finally deciding, she let her arms fall to the side, losing her defensive pose and gave him a half smile.

"That's the closet I'm going to ever get to an apology from you isn't it?" she raised a brow towards him.

"Absolutely" he told her exhaling in relief at her light teasing of him, showing him that she would not make him suffer any further.

This girl was so frustrating making him go against his true nature just to see her smile. He was glad that was over with for the moment at least.

She nodded to his reply giving a silent laugh then her face transformed into a look of hesitancy that was pointed towards him, clearly wanting to ask a question but not sure how to go about it.

He in turn looked at her without judgement, and tilted his head encouraging her to continue.

"Wha…what…happened to…?" she stuttered trailing off hoping he would catch on to her meaning.

When he didn't and looked at her in confusion she sighed and closed her eyes, preparing herself for what she was about to ask.

"Is he dead?" her eyes were blank, not giving away anything in fear of breaking down in a fit of ugly sobs once again.

Reprimanding himself for not acknowledging what she was trying to say, he nodded quickly and without delay, not wanting to see her go through that struggle again.

"Good" she muttered solely, no further words being needed.

Her short declarations were not giving Klaus much to work with however; he wasn't sure what he could and couldn't ask without setting her off again.

"You can ask you know" she gave him a little smile. She must have seen the way his eyes had flickered back and forth in conflict.

He breathed deeply understanding her meaning this time, and gestured with his hand back to the bench they had been residing on before.

Caroline gave a quick nod and walked over to it ahead of him, obviously agreeing that this was a conversation that should probably not be held standing while being pushed and shoved by the very human patriots of New Orleans, who could hone in on their every bizarre word.

They both sat down next to each other. Neither participant sure of where to start, they both gave an awkward silence followed by a string of stuttering laughs.

"So," Caroline went first "Why did that vampire attack me?" she questioned knowing that it wasn't just a random attack and recognising that he wasn't one of Marcel's guys.

"Ah, that would be because my currently moody sister is feeling rather petty." He told her emphasising that this was nothing new to him really.

"You're sister?" Caroline asked in disbelief that his own family would plot against him.

"Yes." Klaus nodded before seeing Caroline's curious gaze he continued "My family is very…how do i put it... complicated" he left off for lack of a better explanation.

"Now that I can believe after meeting you" Caroline scoffed.

"Oh is my presence so terrible?" he mocked offense.

"Let's just say that after 1000 years of dealing with you I wouldn't really blame your sister for wanting to mess with you," she smirked at him.

Klaus gave her a bitter look then began to laugh a long with her, knowing exactly what pest's family could be after so long. They trailed off in silence again, before he asked something that had been making him worry.

"Will Marcel know about what you did to that vampire?"

"No" she gave an automatic reply.

Seeing his confused expression she went on to explain.

"My magic is…is different as I'm sure you've gathered. He can't sense my unique abilities. It's part of the reason he is so adamant about keeping me here, he sees me as a threat and keeps a close eye, he's a manipulative bastard..." she trailed off in disgust not elaborating.

Klaus sensed some history with the blonde and his old friend, though he did not voice it. He was just starting to make progress and there would be time to dive into more personal issues later.

"So you're the only person he can't tell is doing magic, that must come to an advantage" he said, fishing for more information.

"Not really," she sighed "although I am different I still have a witch lineage which means I'm capable of preforming some simple spells, nothing too difficult, but that type of magic he can locate, so he'd be able catch me doing that; and the other abilities I have well, some I can't control while others I like to keep hidden, like the one you just saw."

She gave a sad huff "I never wanted any of this and the only reason I'm helping the witches, helping you," she pointed her eyes towards him "Is because I owe it to Sophie and I'd rather not see Marcel destroy any more lives."

He nodded at her declaration not saying anything more on the subject. They sat there in a comfortable silence for a while until Caroline once again broke it, hating the quiet.

"So what else do you want to talk about?" Caroline asked giving him a nervous smile.

"I want to talk about you." Klaus replied generically trying to relive the current tension between them.

She gave a scoff at his sweet words but laughed none the less, and Klaus gave a silent thank you that it was going well so far.

"This is gonna be one of those conversations that requires massive amounts of alcohol right?" she teased, and he gave a slight chuckle at her joke.

"Most likely love, but anywhere we go within the quarter will probably be full of witches looking for you, so perhaps you'd rather stay here for now?" he suggested waiting for her reaction.

Caroline gave him a firm nod of agreement, not wanting to be bombarded by Sophie and the other witches asking what the hell she was thinking when she told Klaus everything and made the deal with him.

She could see that although he had dropped the subject before there were still questions he wanted to ask, so she turned fully facing him and silently urged him to ask the questions he really wanted to know the answers took knowing that she was going to have to fully disclose sooner or later anyways.

"What occurred in that room," he pointed to the hotel "Judging from your words this isn't the first time it's happened is it?"

All serious from before returned Caroline looked away and collected herself before returning her eyes to his and giving him a single shake of her head.

"No it's not"

He waited for her to elaborate, seeing her readying herself to dive into memories that were better off forgotten in the past, and tell him her story.

"It all started on my 17th birthday…"