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Chapter 1

Difficulties With Life In General

**A rolling stone gathers no moss, but leaves a trail of busted stuff.  "Busted Stuff"  Dave Matthews Band**

Sirius reread the parchment for the eighth time that morning.  It still refused to make any sense whatsoever.  There were too many 'therefore's and 'if then's for his liking.  The Ministry could have at least considered that a normal person would be reading it, not a sub-human dictionary encyclopedia.  On top of that, the entire gods' forsaken document was one hundred and fifty seven pages long of cramped handwriting.  Who ever had written it had way too much free time on their hands for their own good.  Of course, they had said that it would be a simple assignment, but no, he didn't think so.  What ever they wanted to force him to do, it involved reading an instruction manual first.  The damn thing was giving him a tension headache.  He chucked it across the room into a corner pile.  His eyes closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose to attempt in relieving the pressure.

A light touch of someone's hands was felt on his shoulder.  He ignored it, not really caring about who ever it was.  The hands slid down to his chest, holding there.  He felt the warm breath of the person by his left ear as her head settled on his shoulder.  He cracked open one eye, glancing at the hands wrapped around him.  They were hands he knew very well.  Who they belonged to was obvious enough for him.  Honestly, he was thrilled to have her back.  After three months without her, that was all he wanted, to have her with him again.  "Hello, Andy.  What brings you to my humble abode?"

Andy gave no reply, content with using his shoulder as a pillow.

"Earth to Andy, are you still there?"

"Maybe," her voice tickled his ear.

"Then what do you want, woman?"


"Which succubus are you and what the hell did you do with Andy?"

"It's only me.  Don't worry; I couldn't get Remus to summon up a demon."

"So you came here just to tell me that you wanted me?" Sirius teased her.

"Be quiet, you pervert."

"Now that's the Andy I know."

"I told you to be quiet," she unwound her arms from his neck, moving around the chair to perch on the arm next to him.  "You look frustrated."

"First you play prostitute and now you play psychiatrist?"

She raised her open palm, hitting him lightly on the cheek.  Her balance had been precarious and was lost easily as she stretched out her hand.  She slid ungracefully into his lap.  Sirius, by instinct and haunting memories, wrapped his arms around her.  "That was uncalled for, woman."

"Was it now?  You call me a street corner whore again and I'll hit you harder than you've ever been smacked before."

Sirius gazed into her dark, inky black eyes.  They reminded him of the shade of the midnight sky between the stars and moon.  He kissed her softly on the lips, silencing any more comments.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Remus had walked in after noticing the door was ajar.

"Not really," Andy answered trying not to sound embarrassed.  It could have been someone else finding them this way.

"Good."  He settled himself in a chair across from the other two, not minding that Andy was using Sirius as her own chair.  "Have you read it yet?"

"I've gotten to page four."

"It's only six pages."

"It is?"

"What are you talking about?" Andy asked curiously, not enjoying being left out from any conversation.

"This," Remus gestured to the large stack of parchment on his lap.

"What is it?"

"The Ministry has decided that Sirius and I are going to go on some secret expedition that this thing is supposed to explain."

"Oh.  Can I see it?"

"I don't see why not." He tossed her the pile.  Andy flipped through the pages stopping on a couple to read bits and pieces.

"So how is it only six pages?  I counted on hundred and fifty seven!" Sirius complained.

"Did you check the language that the pages were written in?"


"Then that would be your problem.  It's written in twenty three different languages."

"No shit!" Andy injected.  "The English is the most confusing to get through, though.  I looked over the Spanish.  It was a bit more self explanatory, but not by much.  Some of the others made no sense at all."

"Would you kindly explain what exactly we are supposed to be doing?"

"Not yet," she sounded hesitant.  "I want to cross reference a few things in the library first.  You don't mind if I borrow this, do you?"

"Not at all."

Andy squirmed off Sirius's lap and raced out the door, parchments firmly gripped in her hands.

"I have never in my life been able to understand her," Sirius glanced out the door when she had vacated the room.

"I don't think you ever will."

Andy rushed down the library, intent on finding answers to the questions left by what she had read.  Some of it made perfect sense to her, but other parts were hopeless.  Yet more of it was connected together in ways that she hoped were not true, even though she knew they could not be disproved.  Deep inside she wanted them to be wrong.  She threw the pile of parchments onto a deserted table.  The only other person in the library at the moment was Hermione Granger, but the girl nearly lived in the library, so it would not be a problem.

The books on Dark Arts were in their own special part of the Restricted Section.  Andy pulled out a couple that she might find useful to her thoughts.  She returned to her claimed table, quickly turning pages in search of the information.  There were small segments here and there, but it all pointed to the same place.  "¡Madre del Dios! ¡No es la verdad!  ¡Es impossible!  ¡No podemos hacerlo!  ¡Voy a matar la persona que pensó esta idea!"  She contented herself with muttering against the complete truth written in the books.

The tomes had given her only one conclusion: Azkaban.  That was exactly what she did not want to happen.  They had tried so hard to sever any ties with the cursed place.  She was going to have the head of who ever started the assignment.  "Te mato, bastardo."

"Now what are you threatening me with, McGee?"

"I'm not threatening you, just someone else.  What do you want, Sev?"

"Honestly, I want a nice house far away from people where no one can bother me and I can live in peace, but that's not going to happen any time soon, so I'll have to settle for getting you to speak in English."

"I was lapsing into Spanish again, wasn't I?"

"Yes, you were.  I suggest you be careful.  There are students around who may pick up more than you think."

"Fine, how much of it did you understand?"

"You called someone a bastard."

"I know.  That's it?"

Snape nodded imperceptibly.  Spanish never was a language he had studied in the past.  "I did not catch the beginning of what you said."

"Now if that's how much you understand, and we'd hope you were a bit smarter than the average bear, how much will a teenager, who probably does not have the education in languages and other things that you do, understand?"

"Point taken.  What were you saying?"

"Um," she paused, thinking back for a moment as to what had been said.  "Basically, I was telling the book that is can't be the truth, it's impossible, we can't do it, and that I am going to kill whoever thought up the idea, and then I threatened to kill him again."

"Very original, McGee.  I commend you on your high level of thought."

"I've had a bad morning.  Don't tempt me to smack you."

"Am I tempting you?"

"Shut up, now.  I am not in the mood for any of your sadistic sarcasm."

He looked down at her, not wanting to be smacked, but curious as to what had put her in such a foul mood.  "What did Black do this time?"  The Slytherin pulled up a chair next to her.

"He didn't do anything.  It's this that's the problem."  She gestured to the pile with her quill.

"Ministry orders?"

Andy did not want to know how he knew what they were.  "Yes."

"They aren't yours, are they?"

"No, they're for Sirius and Remus."

"You're pissed because the Ministry's stealing your precious boyfriend," he deducted coolly.

"Sev, we aren't even back together yet, so for once, you're wrong.  The Ministry wants them to do something involving Azkaban."  She shuddered at the thought.

His natural scowl changed into a plotting look.  Any thing that would be torture to his enemy was wonderful with him, even if it involved going back to a high security prison.  "Oh really?"

"Yes, really.  I'm getting to why, but they haven't explained everything in here, so it's useless and I don't know why I am telling you any of this.  I don't think I'm even supposed to have this."

"Going back to being an illegal Gryffindor again?"

"No.  Remus let me have it.  I asked permission first."

"Impressive.  You've learned something for once."

"I learn many things, thank you very much, and one of them happens to be that you are getting on my nerves."

"And that was without trying to do so."

"Go to hell, Sev."

"I've been close to there, but never actually went.  I don't think another near death experience is necessary."

"But they make life much more interesting."

"I prefer my life less interesting than attempting to get killed once a month."

"I never would have realized."

"Then again, you've had your share, so who am I to talk?"

"I like living on the edge."

"Yet which edge is it?"

"One where I know I can keep my balance without falling."

"And what balance would that be, the one of your mental sanity?"


"I suggest you give it up.  It's a lost cause to keep hanging on."  Snape realized he probably went too far.  There were too many ways that she could have take the last sentence that would result in him being painfully beaten.

Andy's temper snapped.  The concept of having to revisit a place that had almost killed both her and Sirius broke her down completely.  Snape's comments did nothing to help sooth her anger and resentment.  She slapped him across the face, grabbed the parchment packet, and stormed out of the library, leaving Snape with a red mark growing on his cheek.

Hermione listened to the exchange with interest as she copied down a passage from an old Arithmancy textbook.  She had never expected Professor Snape to be almost civil to someone, though the conversation, if that's what it could be called, was not the most civil to begin with.  He had gotten slapped in the end by a female Gryffindor.  That was priceless.  It was a sight most of the school would have paid to see.  Ron and Harry would be inanely jealous.  Oh, well.  That was they got for not wanting to study.  They missed all the fun.

Andy tried to calm her self down.  Snape had not helped at all.  Why didn't he understand?  He didn't comprehend how bad Azkaban really was.  It was at least fifty times worse than any descriptions people had of it.  Both she and Sirius had lived through it.  She could bet that he still had nightmares from the place.  She knew she did.  Unfortunately, it wasn't something to ask.  It took her a moment to realize where she was.  The gargoyle crouching nearby was the entrance to Dumbledore's office.  Maybe he would know what to do with this situation.  "Blood Pops," the gargoyle sprang aside, allowing her passage.  She knocked at the Head Master's door.

"Come in."

Andy entered, still clutching the large pile of papers and not in a very cheerful mood.  "What the hell is the meaning of this, sir?"  She tossed it onto his desk.

Dumbledore smiled.  Andromeda McGee never failed to amuse him.  She never forgot any of her manners even when she was obviously upset over something.  "These are Remus's, are they not?"

"Yes, they are," he voice still sounded taut.

"Then what is your problem with them?"

"This," she flipped to the English section.  "The partaking parties would be required to travel to the wizard prison of Azkaban under direct orders from the Minister of Magic in order to complete the task of locating the above named item."

"That would be a problem.  I apologize.  I was unable to read them before they were given out.  Does either of them know about this yet?"

"I'm not sure.  Sirius said he only got to page four out of six and this is on the last page.  I don't know about Remus.  It doesn't pertain to him as much, but Sirius is going to give someone hell when he learns about it."

"I understand.  The warning will be appreciated."

"I'm not done yet, sir.  What they're proposing to do here is fool-hardy, dangerous, and just plain idiotic.  It would be simpler to send a bunch of Aurors to find it."

"The Aurors are busy with the war against Voldemort.  After what happened here, they cannot spare anymore people to go on this treasure hunt."

"Then why Sirius and Remus?  There have got to be others."

"There are none as qualified as they are.  Sirius was an Auror and Remus knows more about Dark Arts than most other people who would have been elected into this.  They also work well together, which is a plus."

"But the whole Azkaban thing screws it all up!  Sirius is not going to willing set foot back inside there without having been strapped in a straight jacket and bodily dragged."

"That may a pose a problem, but we can't solve that until he knows what he has to do."

"So there's nothing you can do to knock some sense into the Ministry?"

"I have attempted to do so many times, Andromeda, and it has yet to work."

"Thank you, sir," she picked up the tome and left the room to break the news to Sirius.  She did not expect him to take it very well.

Andy arrived back to the dungeons to find that neither Remus nor Sirius had left the room.  She deposited the packet of parchment on Remus's lap and took a seat in an empty chair.

"What'd you find?" Sirius asked curiously, still wanting to know what had made her run off to the library in search of an answer.

"You don't want to know."

"We have to know."

"Then I suggest you open the book to page six and read the second sentence of the third paragraph."  She waited a few moments to give them a chance to do so.

Sirius paled noticeably.  "That can't be right."

"It is.  I just asked Dumbledore."

"He knew about it?" Remus spoke up.  He hadn't had the experience of staying in the prison, but he had been forced to visit it on numerous accounts during his time with the Ministry and knew the basic feeling associated with it.

"No," she shook her head negative.  "He hadn't read the assignment yet."

"He can't do this to me."

"That's exactly what I told him.  He said he'd try to talk the Ministry out of it, but there is not much of a chance."

"They don't know how it feels to be there day after day, with every happy thought sucked out of your existence and nightmares haunting you every single hour of every single day for the rest of your pathetic life.  They don't understand what it's like, Andy."

"I know what its like."

"You understand; you've been there.  They don't."

"Sirius, I know.  I've already been up to Dumbledore to explain it."

Sirius closed his eyes to clear the visions from his head.  They had shackled his arms together with Muggle like handcuffs enforced with magic.  Two Aurors had dragged him down the dark, dreary halls.  He could see the other prisoners there, their haunting eyes echoing sadness and despair.  There was no hope in this place, only pain and suffering.  He had no chance of getting away from this gods' forsaken hole.  He would live the rest of his miserable life there and die only a name in the history books with no one to mourn for his parting.  People would probably celebrate his passing.  No more Sirius Black, no more mass murderer that killed innocent people, no more traitor that betrayed his own friends, no more…  He shook his head, clearing the thought.  No, they could not do that to him, not again.   He refused to go back there.  He never wanted to set foot with in twenty miles of that place.  "I can't do this."

Remus had been studying the context around the passage.  "We aren't necessarily going into the prison part, just the administrative.  It shouldn't be as bad."

"Yes it will.  Anywhere near the island is bad.  It's worse than the most horrible thing you can imagine and then multiply that by about twenty thousand and that's Azkaban.  It doesn't matter what part of it you go to, it's still Azkaban."

"We do have until July to get this cleared up."

"Great.  It's almost June now.  We have about a month to convince the Ministry that this damn thing is a terrible idea.  Like that'll ever happen."

"There is a chance someplace that the Ministry will listen."

"It's not bloody damn likely that they will."

"No, but it is a chance."

Sirius closed his eyes once more, praying for a chance out of this forsaken situation.  It would be a cold day in hell before he would return voluntarily to Azkaban. 

{Author's Note:  And that's the first chapter for Into the Flames.   I know I enjoy torturing my characters too much.  I have a basic plot out line in my head write now.  I refuse to write it down.  I tried to do that once.  It failed miserably when I lost the piece of paper I wrote it on.  Real helpful, wasn't it?  But this may have a plot yet!  Just ignore my Spanish.  I think its right and Jess can probably vouch for me if it isn't.  I'll explain that part eventually.  I think there will be a lot more flash backs in this one that will bring a bit light onto some people's pasts.

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