Authors note: This will be a godlike NaruHina! BUT they will have to work hard for the power that they will obtain. First fanfic, but I will try my best! This will be a grey Naruto with a bit of bloodlust.


CHAPTER 1 Torture and A Friend?

Screaming... That was all that could be heard inside of a small cottage on the outskirts of Konoha. The cottage was bleak and seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time. On the inside, it was almost completely dark with only a few candles to light the room. The paint had long since chipped away and the only thing that was inside was a chair and the 3 individuals that occupied the small house. The 2 men were dressed in the usual Konoha chunnin uniform along with a small boy no older than 5 years old. The small child looked as if he hadn't eaten in days. His skin was pale and and blood seemed to have covered his entire body, making his clothes and hair seem to be dyed red while blood poured out of his mouth from the blow to the jaw he had just received. If he wasn't in his current state you would see that his hair was a bright yellow almost golden, with the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen. 6 whisker marks adorn his cheeks, 3 marks on each side that looked like exotic birthmarks but served as a reminder of who he really was. This boy was none other than the orphan Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuuriki, or demon container of the most powerful Demon in existence, The Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Please... Please just stop! I'll do whatever you ask. Just... Just don't hurt me anymore." Said Naruto in a weak and tired voice. Something like this happened every so often but he never knew why it happened and it was never nearly this bad. Naruto was currently on a chair with his arms and legs strapped tightly so that he could not escape. His wrist were already broken from his vein attempts at loosening the restraints. The 2 men that were torturing the poor boy put on a sadistic smirk when they heard the boys pleas, it sounded like music to their ears for the demon of the village to be in so much pain. The chunnin knew that they couldn't just kill the boy because the demon would escape his human form and destroy the village again, but they sure as hell were going to make it suffer for taking the lives of their families.

"Shut up demon! You deserve this and so much more for taking my brother away from me!" Yelled the still unknown chunnin. He grabbed the bloody kunai that was still dripping from Naruto's blood, he drove it straight into the little boys hands leaving it impaled into the chair.

"AHHHHH" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs, coughing copious amounts of blood as he did. This was getting to be to much for the boy even with the the demon inside him trying to keep the boy alive by healing him. A few seconds past and the kunai was starting to be forced out of Naruto's hand while it was shrouded in red chakra. This put both chunnin on high alert thinking that they may have damaged the seal in some way, but a few more seconds past and the kunai simply dropped to the floor and the wound sealed.

"Mirabi look. The demon is starting to heal even faster!" Stated the second unknown chunnin.

"I can see that Uchiha!" Snarled Marabi, "but it doesn't look like it can harm us so we are still in the clear." Mentally patting himself on the back for having the foresight to steal a seal from his clans library to prevent people from feeling any chakra or hearing anything coming from the cottage.

"Hey watch your tone Hyuuga! I am only working with you on this because I want my revenge on the demon." Yelled the Uchiha while he pulled another kunai out of his pouch.

"Hmph, whatever. Lets just start finishing up here and give the demon a going away present." smirked Mirabi as he gestured for the Uchiha to past the final blow. With a sadistic smile he stood in front of Naruto, who was trying his hardest not to past out from all the blood lost, and very slowly started to push the kunai into the boys stomach. The blade pushed through the skin with a sickening squelch and embedded itself to the hilt in his abdomen. The two chunnin let out a dark chuckle at the soundless scream that the little boy made and shunshined to their respective clan houses never noticing a intricate looking seal appear on Naruto's stomach before he passed out.

Naruto woke up in a sewer with the water being at least ankle deep and was so dirty and cloudy, you couldn't see the bottom of the water. looking around He saw what looked like 3 pipes glowing with energy running along the wall of the sewer. The top one was the smallest and it seemed to glow a familiar light blue. The second was grey and didn't seem to have any special energy flowing through it. The last, and biggest of the 3 pipes seem to glow bright red and had a malicious and vile aura to it and seemed to travel the opposite way of the other two pipes. Naruto felt a strange connection to the red energy and started to walk alongside the red pipe and eventually stopped in front of a huge cage with a piece of paper on it that read 'seal'. Naruto didn't know what to do, but the powerful aura that was coming off of the cage did not seem to frighten him; If anything, it calmed him down. Minutes passed and Naruto stayed standing before the cage working up the courage to go in. He might have felt calm, but the cage in front of him was huge and he didn't want to disturb whatever or whoever was in there. So as He was about to turn around he heard... Breathing? Turning back to the cage he saw 2 giant slit eyes that were bloodshot red looking straight at him. It took a little for Naruto to think of the right words to say but eventually he got tired of the silence and blurted out...


The eyes that stared at him seemed to hold amusement in them at the tone and boldness of the little boy in front of him. All of a sudden the lights of the dark sewer seemed to light up all at once and inside the cage was a giant 2 story tall fox with blood red fur and 9 long tails thrashing mindlessly behind him while he grinned down at the boy. Showing his two sharp and elongated canines. Now most people would have been to scared to even think and would have run as fast as they could to get away from the large fox. Naruto on the other hand just looked at the Kitsune in awe, he had never seen something so big and furry. Naruto ran up to the cage, not even bothered by the bars and slipped through and jumped onto the giant paw of the fox.

"AWESOME!" Naruto screamed as he laid his head on the fox's fur, no longer remembering the horrible torture that he had just experienced.

The fox just sat there in stunned shock. Very few could even stand the Killing Intent and chakra output that naturally came off of him, but this little boy seem to not even be bothered by it.

"I am impressed. Most people would run away screaming… Why are you not afraid boy?" Asked the fox, He was curious to what the little boy was thinking.

"Why would they run away?" Asked the confused Naruto as he tilted his head to the side giving him a cute look.

"Because I'm a demon. I am The Kyuubi no Kitsune, strongest of the 9 demons." Kyuubi stated in a regal tone.

"W-what?! How is that possible? The Fourth Hokage defeated you!" Naruto said as he hopped of his gigantic paw and started to slowly back away. He heard that demons kill people and he didn't want to die!

The Kyuubi saw his reaction and frowned. He didn't want Naruto to be afraid of him. He saw all the torture he went through and all the hate that the village had given the little boy throughout the years, all because of him. He felt guilty and wanted to pay the child back but he knew that it was still to early for Naruto to know the WHOLE truth so he would just give him what he needed to know.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you I promise." Kyuubi said and Naruto visibly relaxed when he heard that but still kept his guard up.

"No human can kill a demon so what your da... I mean, the Fourth Hokage did was seal me into a newborn baby. That baby was you Naruto." explained Kyuubi while Naruto had a look of shock. It all made sense now, all the beatings and the cold glares were all because of Kyuubi! Naruto's look of shock quickly turned to one of rage.

"It's because of you then! You're the reason I am hated by everyone!" Naruto yelled tears threatening to leak out of his eyes. Kyuubi saw this and sighed, Naruto was right about it being his fault but he wanted to try and make it up to him.

"Look Naruto, I know it was my fault but that's why I want to make it up to you! I'm thousands of years old and I can teach you so much. I want to help you grow into the most powerful shinobi that has ever walked the elemental nations!" Kyuubi declared with a smirk as Naruto sat there doing his best impersonation of a fish. He couldn't believe that someone would do anything kind for him, especially training him to be a ninja!

"You... You would do that? But why? You are suppose to be a demon. Why would you want to help someone like me..." Naruto said in a small, sad voice as he put his head down. He still didn't fully forgive the Kyuubi, but if he turned Naruto into a great ninja and helped him out he would definitely forgive Him. Kyuubi just smiled...

"Because Naruto I am not as evil as everyone thinks, and I will be damned if I let my container be weak. With me by your side we can do anything." Kyuubi said with a grin that Naruto happily returned. He liked thinking about how powerful he might become when he gets older, and he was getting giddy just thinking about it!

"Ok Kyuubi-sensei! I will be the best ninja ever and I promise I will make you proud!" Naruto exclaimed while pumping his fist into the air with a large grin. Kyuubi just chuckled at Naurto's antics.

"Ok kit, I know you will do great. Now there are some things you need to know and some things I will tell you later on, but for now I will tell you about your training. When you wake up you will be almost fully healed, I want you to get to the apartment the old Hokage gave you and sleep. Tomorrow morning we will be training three things: your body, mind, and stealth. I will be teaching you one jutsu for now that will help but that's it for now. When you wake up I have already established a mental link so that you could talk to me whenever you want." Kyuubi explained as Naruto was soaking up everything he said like a sponge. He didn't want to disappoint his new sensei after all.

"Ok I can do that! How do I get out of here again?" Asked Naruto sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head in an embarrassed fashion.

"One second kit, I have one question for you... What do you think about becoming a half demon?" Kyuubi asked with a smirk as he saw Naruto's ears perk up at the question.

"What do you mean half demon? Will I be a fox like you?" Asked Naruto slightly put off by the idea of turning into a giant fox. The Kyuubi just chuckled at the boys confusion and decided to clarify.

"No, nothing that extreme. But you will change... Your Hanyou (half demon) body will be perfect by human standards and you will look to be around 18 but you will not age anymore. Your chakra will also be more powerful than it usually is and you will also gain another supply of 'chakra' called youki, which is what demons use instead of chakra. Your youki will be many times more powerful than your chakra and it will be very hard to control but I will teach you in time. You will also have heightened senses that would even surpass the Inuzuka clan. And you will be physically stronger and faster than most humans your age should be. The last thing that will happen is that you will grow fox ears and tails. The number of tails you have will show how powerful you are." Kyuubi let out a sigh. He wasn't expecting to talk so much and give him all that information knowing he would probably have to repeat it, But he thought it would be better to just get it out of the way. Naruto throughout the entire explanation was getting more and more anxious by the second.

"Kyuubi-sensei of course I want to be a han... A handyou! It sounds awesome!" Naruto exclaimed running around the cage aimlessly. Kyuubi couldn't help but smile at the sight. He was afraid that Naruto wouldn't want to be a demon and Naruto's power would be drastically decreased if he had refused to be a Hanyou.

"It's H-a-n-y-o-u Naruto. And good! Your training will start tomorrow but i warn you. Your body is not ready to become a hanyou yet so you will have to wait at least another 2 and a half years maybe more before we can do it. Now get out of the seal by focusing on leaving the seal and you should end up where you were." Kyuubi said while holding back a yawn. He had been healing Naruto this entire time and it was making him tired. Naruto was a little sad that he would have to wait a couple years but brightened when He thought about the training he was gonna receive. So with a quick bow and a wave Naruto started to focus on leaving the seal, but as he was fading away his eyes snapped open in shock. How could he have forgotten to ask such an important thing.

"Umm, Kyuubi I was wondering... I know your title is Kyuubi no Kitsune but... Do you have a real name?"

Naruto asked slightly nervous because he didn't want to make his first and only friend mad at him. Kyuubi gained a shock look but quickly schooled his features and smiled at Naruto. No one had ever asked for his name before so he thought it was only fair to give that piece of information to him.

"My name... My name is K-ur-ama kit" Kyuubi said having a hard time not stumbling over the name that was so foreign to him. Naruto smiled brightly and nodded

"Ok Kurama-sensei! See you tomorrow" Naruto said and he closed his eyes and faded from the sewer. Kyuubi looked at the spot that the blonde was just standing and smiled. 'This will be very interesting' Kyuubi thought as he fell asleep behind the cage resting his head on his giant paws.