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Chapter 18

Yamato entered the classroom 10 minutes after Naruto's clone had dispelled. He noticed the tense atmosphere in the back of the class and only nodded his head and left via a leaf shunshin. The class looked around with confused expressions when they realized that the jounin sensei didn't so much as introduce himself or call his team. They turned towards the back of the classroom and noticed Naruto, Hinata and Karin were gone; leaving a sleeping Nara behind.

Karin had tracked their sensei all the way to training ground 1, which was on the outskirts of the Konoha. She was followed closely by Naruto and Hinata. Yamato stood in the middle of the training ground staring at his team with a raised eyebrow. He could see the look of contemplation on Naruto's face, as well as the the worried looks the girls had.

"Is there something I should know about?" He asked curiously. Before the girls had a chance to speak, Naruto spoke up.

"Nothing you need to worry about sensei. Lets just get this meeting over with." He said irritably. He had already came up with a basic outline of a plan, but he wanted to talk to Hinata first. His plan was downright insane; even by his standards. However, If he could pull it off… He shook his head and banished the thoughts from his mind. He focused his eyes on his sensei and waited for him to begin. Yamato saw Naruto's focused stare and nodded slowly. He could obviously see that something was bothering Naruto, so he decided to make this quick.

"Alright, well if you guys were ordinary academy students, I would be giving you guys some sort of test to determine if you were really worthy of being genin." He said in a bored tone. "Obviously, you guys are anything but normal. However, that doesn't mean i'm going to let you off the hook." He said with a smirk. "We are going to have a 2 vs. 2 spar between each other." The team looked as impassive as ever, they have already had a few spars between themselves. Yamato continued, "However, you guys have to go full out." Hinata and Karin kept a blank look on their faces, but Karin seemed to be a bit more excited. She had never seen the two hanyou's actually go full out. EVER. Naruto however narrowed his eyes slightly. 'Did the Hokage ask him to evaluate our true skills?' He thought suspiciously. He quickly schooled his features and gave Yamato a bright smile.

"Alright lets do this!" He said excitingly before calming down and striking a thinking pose. "BUT if we do go full power I can guarantee people will come to see where the massive chakra spike is coming from, sooo…" He walked towards the exact center of the training ground and started to mould his chakra into his fingertips, He bent down and started to draw up a seal made of his chakra on top of the grass. He had learned a thing or two when he took a look at Uzumaki scroll of sealing that his mother had left him a few days ago. He had also learned of something rather shocking… But now was not the time to think about such things; He had to much on his mind as it was. He watched as he finished the last stroke of the seal as the chakra seeped into the ground and pulsed across the training ground.

"Now no one will be able to feel our chakra output." Naruto said as he walked back towards Hinata and Karin. "There's also a genjutsu making it seem as if the training ground is unoccupied." He wasn't worried that someone would stumble upon them accidentally. Karin would be able to warn them before they even got close. Yamato nodded his head in satisfaction, but on the inside he was mentally recording all of Naruto's skills. The Hokage sat in his chair depressingly as he saw that the genjutsu also affected his crystal ball.

"Alright good. How about girls against us guys?" Yamato asked curiously. Hinata and Karin both nodded their heads excitingly. Hinata had never truly unleashed the flood gates of her youki completely. She knew neither had Naruto; they had never found the need to. Sure they've used up most of their youki via Jutsu or chakra control training, but they had never fully tapped into the full power of their youki from the beginning. Naruto seemed to know exactly what she was thinking and shot her a quick glance and shook his head 'no,' discretely, making her raise her eyebrows in confusion but nod nonetheless. Yamato missed the the discreet message between the two as he turned towards Naruto.

"You ok with that Naruto?" The Hanyou grinned from ear to ear as he nodded his head.

"Of course I'm ready, I haven't been able to cut loose for a while now." He said in an excited tone as he jumped back away from the girls. Naruto saw that Karin was about to take off her blindfold and discreetly flared his youki, stoping her cold. She looked at him with a confused expression until he moved his chakra in a way that meant 'no.' They had come up with a few non verbal ways to communicate with each other using chakra flow. Karin brushed back a few strands of hair and brought her hands back down to her side. She didn't know why Naruto would tell her to not take off her blindfold, but she trusted him enough to follow his lead. Yamato also jumped back beside Naruto and got in his fighting stance. Naruto and Hinata deactivated their resistance seals but Naruto kept the weighted clothes that he wore on. Naruto closed his eyes in concentration before his henge faded away and he unleashed a portion of his youki. He stood proudly in his Hanyou form, six mighty tails waving excitingly behind him. The ground also seemed to be cracking beneath him.

Karin gasped as she felt the unholy amount of youki that he was giving off. She could feel the pressure of being weighed down before his overwhelming chakra, but she would still able to fight. She had never felt it when it wasn't being held back by Naruto's will. Yamato didn't feel it as much as Karin, but you could tell he was feeling the pressure as his body sagged a bit and his muscles tensed. The thing that astonished Karin so much was that she could tell that only HALF of his youki was being released, the other half was still being restrained.

Before she could even get accustomed to his power, another presence filled the training ground as Hinata released her henge and unleashed half of her youki as well. Hinata had gotten the hint from Naruto that they would not be fighting to their fullest in this battle, but she was still confused on why. She was also getting a little horny after feeling the force of his powerful youki wash over her. She was definitely having a few naughty thoughts in the back of her mind as she settled into her original taijutsu. Naruto paused and sniffed the air before chuckling to himself, getting odd looks from Karin and Yamato. He winked at Hinata before settling in his own taijutsu stance and waited for sensei to start the spar. Karin quickly settled into a loose stance before steeling her nerves. She could tell that Naruto and Hinata weren't going to go full out in this spar, and she knew Naruto would tell her why later on. Yamato noticed that everyone was ready and nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Go!" Yamato shouted before blurring towards Karin and trying to kick her in the ribs, but before she could even get there Hinata's shadow stopped him in his tracks for a split second before releasing him, making him lose his balance and get kicked in the face by a smirking Karin.

Naruto had already been locked in a taijutsu match with Hinata as his fist and feet were covered in dark black youki. He had converted his youki into the element of darkness and was furiously trying to land a blow on his elusive mate. She was weaving in between his attacks as she internally converted her youki into it's water element; making her extremely flexible and hard to hit. It took a lot of concentration to extend her shadow to trap Yamato, even if it was only for a split second. It had distracted her just enough for Naruto to clip the side of her right arm with his youki covered fist that burned some of her skin away; her flawless skin was replaced with a patch of dark red that seemed to be eating away at more of her skin. She quickly jumped away and channeled her own youki to stop the eroding effect of his youki. She smiled sweetly at him before she slowly got back into her stance.

"That hurt Naruto-kun" She said in a deceptively sweet tone. Naruto started to sweat as he felt her start to draw out more of her youki. He chuckled nervously as he saw her slowly start to walk towards him.

"Please don't hurt me." He whispered in a haunted tone as she flash stepped into Naruto's guard and lashed out with a hard punch to the face. He moved his head to the side quickly, avoiding the punch but feeling a stinging sensation on his cheek. That's when he then noticed the water that she had formed around her hand that had cut his cheek open. Naruto flared fire nature chakra around his body, forcing Hinata to jump back before she could be burned. He kept a constant flow of fire chakra swirling around him, making the area around him burning hot, as fire encircled him. Hinata grinned as she saw what Naruto was doing and expelled her water chakra the same way; creating a vortex of water that surrounded her. They coiled their muscles at the same time and sprinted towards each other; making a burning path of fire, and a path ripped to shreds by the violent water.

Karin moved her head in the opposite direction where she had kicked Yamato because she had felt his use of a substitution; a shattered log lay broken next to a tree. Yamato cursed mentally when he realized that Karin knew where he was and released the small genjutsu that he placed over himself to make him invisible.

"Damn." He muttered under his breath as he went to engage her in taijutsu. He was sure that he was faster and stronger than her in close ranged combat, but to his shock she was able to dodge most, if not all of his attacks and weave in between them with unnatural grace. It was like she knew what he was going to do before he did it.

"It's because I do." She whispered as she ducked under his last punch and elbowed him in the gut. She could tell exactly what he was going to do depending on the flow of chakra in his network. Whenever someone was about to punch, their chakra automatically flows towards all the necessary muscles needed to actually punch. Even without enhancing your movements with chakra. It was like the precognitive abilities of the Sharingan. Yamato doubled over in pain and felt his head shoot back from the impact of Karin's knee to his forehead. He recovered quickly and caught the next kick that was aimed for his ribs. He tightened his grip on her ankle as he threw her over his shoulder and into the ground; resulting in a spiderweb crack on the place of impact. Before Yamato had the chance to stomp down on her chest, she quickly substituted herself with a nearby log and threw a couple Kunai at her sensei from his right side, giving away her position. Yamato turned and deflected the kunai that were thrown at him and was about to return the favor. However, before he could launch his own kunai, his danger senses went off as he felt a large spike of chakra come from behind him.

"Suiton: Suiryuben." (Water release: Water Dragon Whip) She whispered. He turned to see another Karin exhaling a large ball of water towards him.

"Shit." Yamato muttered before jumping out of the way of the incoming ball of water. Just when he thought he was a safe distance away, the ball of water exploded into several tendrils of water. One was able to impale him in the shoulder before he was able to start wildly dodging the persistent tentacle-like water jutsu. He quickly got tired of dodging and swung a handful of kunai at Karin, forcing her to drop her concentration on the jutsu and escape. Just when they were about to continue, they both started to see the clearing fill with a hot steamy mist that was becoming more and more dense. They glanced over at Hinata and Naruto fighting to see the clashing opposing elements intertwine as the water instantly turned into a steamy mist once it touched the scorching hot flames surrounding Naruto. The entire training ground was now flooded with mist.

Hinata smirked as he saw what the effect of their battle was having on the environment. 'Karin should definitely have an advantage in this mist.' She thought as she continued to meet Naruto's fiery blows with her own water enhanced punches. Naruto soon noticed that the clear disadvantage that Yamato would have in the current environment, but he was too engaged in the ferocious taijutsu battle to care. 'He'll manage.' Naruto thought simply as he continued his fight with Hinata. Neither of the two hanyou noticed how hot the steam actually was while they were fighting; their perspective elements cloaking them from the harsh environment that they created. The aura of flames and water clashing together like raging beast.

Karin and Yamato got worried when they saw that the mist was settling in, but they were getting frantic as the temperature of the mist continued to rise, feeling their skin start to turn red from the incredible heat. Karin focused her chakra to the bottom of her feet as she tried to escape the boiling hot mist that Naruto and Hinata were fighting in. She reached the apex of her jump, but was still surrounded by the mist. There was no chakra within the mist so she couldn't actually sense it with her mind's eye, but she could definitely feel what was happening and how it was being done. Just before see was about to land and try something else to get rid of the mist...

"NARUTO! HINATA! STOP!" Yamato yelled at the top of his lungs, hoping to be heard over the raging elements that encircled the two hanyou. Luckily, their enhanced hearing allowed them to hear him as they abruptly came to a halt. Naruto's fist was inches away from Hinata, and her elbow was also within striking distance. The harsh elements that they wielded masterfully dissipated at their wielders will. Naruto sent out a huge pulse of his chakra, dispersing the mist easily. The training ground cleared up to reveal and dome of wood and Karin, who was laying on her back panting. Slowly the dome opened up to reveal Yamato with his skin as red as a lobster with a pissed off look.

"That mist could have boiled me to death if I had stayed there any longer! Look what you did to Karin!" He shouted as he pointed towards where Karin was. Naruto and Hinata looked towards their teammate lying on the floor on her side, resting her head on her hand and staring at the group with an irritated yet calm look. Her skin was as flawless as before the fight had even started. A thin coat of sweat lining her skin, with dirt spots spread sporadically across her body.

"I don't even wanna know what a collaboration jutsu between the two of you would look like, but i rather not be on the receiving end." Her tone was light as if she were scolding them. Naruto rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as Hinata blushed out of embarrassment.

"We're sorry." The two hanyous said simultaneously. They were not out of breath in the slightest, and their chakra and youki reserves were barely used. Naruto and Hinata both had their heads down as if they were being reprimanded. Karin couldn't fight the smile that tugged at her lips; she hopped to her feet and waved her hands at them dismissively.

"Ya, ya whatever. I'm just concerned that Yamato-sensei got to badly injured." She said as she tried to stifle a laugh. Naruto shamelessly chuckled at the slight jab and Hinata put her hands to her mouth, letting out a cute giggle. Yamato looked in shock at Karin and noticed that her skin was not burned in the slightest. He was starting to get the feeling that he was the weakest out of the three supposed 'genin' here, and to be honest, it scared him. The biggest reason he had stopped the fight early was to make sure Karin wasn't too hurt from the mist. Sure the mist hurt like hell, but it was mostly for his students safety. Yea… That was it. He never let his train of thought show on his face as he put on a strained smile.

"Well you guys are certainly ready to be genin," He joked. "Now you guys go and get some rest. I'm going to go report your success to the Hokage." He said as he left the area with a quick shunshin. Karin raised an eyebrow and looked over at her best friends.

"Well he was hiding something." Karin said nonchalantly. "And are you gonna tell me why you're being so secret all of a sudden?" She asked Naruto in an impatient tone, as she crossed her arms underneath her breast and tapped her foot on the ground impatiently. Naruto's featured hardened and he gave her a serious expression; Karin immediately knew that whatever this was, it was serious.

"Please, just trust me for now Karin. I have a lot to consider and I cant afford to say to much. Could you trust me for now?" Naruto asked in a sincere voice, although his face remained serious. Karin audibly gulped before nodding with only slight hesitation.

"You guys are probably the only two I do trust." Karin whispered as she looked down a bit sadly for a second. She quickly shook off the depressing thoughts that were invading her mind and looked up at Naruto with a bright smile. "So I could wait till your ready to tell me." Naruto gave her a small smile and nodded.

"I will tell you soon. I Promise." He said reassuringly. Naruto stretched out his arms high above his head and yawned. He dropped his arms over Hinata shoulders and gave Karin a two finger salute. "See ya tomorrow sis." He said before the two disappeared into their shadow. Karin was left at the training ground with a happy smile across her face from hearing Naruto call her sister as she shunshined towards her home.

The Kitsune hanyou were now sitting inside their living room with Hinata's feet stretched across Naruto's lap as she laid comfortably on the couch. Her eyes were closed and she was humming a happy tune. Naruto was rubbing her feet soothingly for a few minutes before he choose to speak up. He had been thinking about what he was going to say for a while now; he was sure Hinata would agree with his plan, but he was in desperate need of his mates advice. Leaving Konoha would have been a tough choice for most of Konoha's shinobi, but definitely not for a person who had been ridiculed and scorned by the same village He was sworn to protect. Naruto's decision was made the instant his mate had bee threatened.

"Hina-chan," He started slowly, knowing he got her attention because she had stopped humming. "I think the Hokage suspects you of being involved in the death of your clan." He saw a frown on her face start to develop but she still had her eyes closed. "I sent a shadow clone to follow the Hokage and I don't think it is safe for us in Konoha anymore." Naruto admitted to his life partner. Hinata's eyes were now open as she propped herself up with both her hands.

"So that's what got you so worked up." She said to him in a soft voice. "Ok, well I'm assuming you have a plan?" She asked him curiously as she tilted her head to the side cutely. Naruto chuckled as he kissed the top of her forehead.

"Of course I do." He said with a foxy grin. Hinata smiled and lowered herself back onto the couch. "First, I need to start increasing my training if I want to be as strong as I could possibly be." Hinata nodded approvingly of the idea. She knew whatever plan Naruto had; it involved getting stronger in some way. "Second, I want to get some of our friends to come with us." That didn't catch Hinata off guard either. It was obvious that he would want to keep some of the few people he cared for with him. "And I want to create our own Hidden Village." He said in a rushed tone. Hinata shot straight back up from the couch and gave Naruto a very confused look.

"You know how much work starting a new ninja village will be?" She lectured with a stern glare. "You need ninjas, civilians that depend on you for their economy, the approval of the lands Daimyo, and not to mention, lots and lots of money." She finished before her cold hard features melted into a bright smile. "But I do know one thing…" She said as her hand moved to caress Naruto's cheek. "If there was anyone that could do it, My man could." Her melodic voice washed over Naruto as all his previous worries and stress dissipated at his mates assurance. "But you should really think about this Naruto-kun. Why not talk to the Hokage himself and try to straighten things out?" She asked curiously. Naruto looked at his mate with a thoughtful expression before nodding slowly.

"Well I guess it's only fair that I give the old man a chance to explain I suppose…" He said begrudgingly. He hated to admit it, but maybe he was acting a bit too rashly. He knew that his ambitions were going to take some work, but with Hinata by his side, he felt as if he could do anything. He smiled lovingly at her before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss that lasted for quite a few minutes. Once they separated, Naruto rested his forehead onto hers.

"I love you Hime." He said in a low and soft voice. Hinata felt a tingle down her spine, as he said her three favorite words. She pulled her legs back towards her as she switched positions on the couch as her head was now resting comfortably on Naruto's lap. He started to pet Hinata's head in a relaxing manner before something that he had forgotten popped back into his head.

"Oh, and Karin's an Uzumaki." He said nonchalantly. He laughed as Hinata's head shot up again for what had to be the second time in a matter of seconds. She gave him a look that meant 'Explain now.' and so he did. He explained that he had been looking into the Uzumaki's scroll of sealing for some new seals that he could try and master, when he had came across a sort of family tree. It had had all the names of his previous ancestors and who they were married too. He wasn't planning on looking trough the whole thing, but he had noticed that one of the last names that were there was Karin's. He understood that it could have been any Karin, but there was too many similarities in her Uzumaki traits that Naruto noticed. She had his clans healing ability, their infamous red hair., She even had that brash attitude that his clan was known for. Hinata smiled after his explanation and hugged him tightly.

"I know how important family is to you. I'm happy for you." She whispered as she held him. She pulled away from him and reclaimed her, now dubbed 'comfy zone', on Naruto's lap before she finished. "Why don't you ask her to come live here with us? We definitely have enough space." She asked him in a care free tone. Naruto smiled down at his vixen before lowering his head towards Hinata's ear and nibbling softly on her neck and ear.

"Great idea." He whispered into her ear as he continued his pleasurable ministrations. Hinata moaned at the feeling of his tongue brushing softly against her neck and pushed Naruto back and straddled his lap; capturing him in a lust-filled kiss. Naruto's arms were now wrapped tightly around her slim waist and his hands roamed to the small of her back, going lower as the kiss grew more heated. They were both startled when they heard a small yet demanding voice ring through the living room.

"You guys could at least TRY and remember I'm staying here now." Hanabi said in an irritated tone, as she glared at the couple. She was not ignorant to the act of kissing and why it happened; the Hyuuga felt that it was necessary for her to know of all aspects of life as potential clan heir. Hinata blushed embarrassingly as she awkwardly climbed off of Naruto and walked toward her sister. Naruto gave Hinata's little sister a pointed glare before pouting and grumbling something under his breath that suspiciously sounded like 'cockblock.' Hinata made her way to her sister and bent down towards her. It had slipped her mind that her sister was going to be living with them from now on.

"We didn't forget about you Hanabi-chan." Hinata said sweetly. She was just happy that Naruto and her were still under their henge before she came into the room. She decided that she needed to get that little revelation out of the way soon. She gave her sister a tight hug before pulling back and giving her a flick on the nose. "But try not interrupt my Naruto time again. Ok?" She asked in her deceptively sweet voice, and her unnerving smile. Hanabi audibly gulped before nodding quickly. Hinata's whole aura changed as she gave her sister a genuine smile and nodded. "Ok then, How about me and you go and grab some ice cream and have a little girl time?" Hanabi smiled brightly at her sister as she quickly pulled Hinata by her hand towards the door. Hinata giggled at her sister's excitement as she was dragged out of the house.

Naruto sat on the couch of his living room with a small smile adorning his face, as he watched the two girls leave. 'Is this what it's like to have a family?' Naruto thought sincerely before going out to get some late night training. He hadn't even been pushed that hard in their earlier sparring session, and he now had a firm goal set in his mind. One that would drive him to achieve greatness. To be the most powerful Kage to ever live. He would do it for the safety of his 'family' and to protect his soon-to-be Hidden Village.

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