Prologue: What Brought Us Here


Just before we get going here, thought I ought to point out to all newcomers that while this is a sequel, you shouldn't need to have read the first one for it to make sense and (hopefully) be a cracking good read. Everything important will be briefly recapped during the story; there'll be nothing you're (deliberately) expected to remember from what's gone before. Of course, I'm still going to recommend reading "Justice League: The Shroud of Fear" first, as well as its extended epilogue "Justice League: Far Away", because I wrote the buggers, but you don't have to if you don't want. To each his/her/its own and all that.

Anyways, I'll shut up now. Its time to get cracking on!

The war had already been waged for a century. War in a place that had known nothing but peace until the invaders had arrived. All the stories of it were true. It really was hell.

That was why they were determined to stop it as quickly as possible. They definitely weren't warriors. In fact, they abhorred violence. But they were smart. They knew that if they wanted to maintain their way of life they had to fight. They had to repel these invaders, who had made it perfectly clear that talking was not an option. Force had to be met with an even stronger force. For that, these peaceful beings would need to develop an aggression of their own. Subsequently, the underground facility was built, a place where they could find a way to beat these invaders.

However, the plan did not include the invaders discovering the bunker. It definitely did not include the invaders attacking them before their work had really even begun.

But that was what had happened. The entire facility had been in the process of being brought down around them. They had been trying to fight back, but they weren't as tough as the attackers. They had quickly known that they were going to die.

That was why they had made a new plan. Being creatures of peace at heart, it hadn't been difficult for them to make the tough call; they would sacrifice themselves to defeat their attackers in the hope that others would not have to suffer a similar fate, that others could achieve peace. To pull it off, their timing would have to be precise. That was why they had linked their minds, sharing their thoughts with each other to essentially give themselves one consciousness so that they could be sure the buttons could be pressed at the same time. It was the only way to make sure none of these invaders escaped the deep underground complex.

It was the only way to ensure that the complex became the invaders tomb.

At least, again, that had been the initial plan. When the bombs went off, none of them had expected what had happened next. For millennia such a phenomenon had been talked about, but everyone to the last man had been sure that it was just a myth. Now they knew different.

When the bombs went off, they had not died. At least, their minds didn't. Their bodies were obliterated, their thoughts were not. The linking of their minds had done something to them that none of them truly understood. It meant that even after their bodies were gone, they remained, linked, as one purely psychic being, a being whose physicality was practically gone.

But that wasn't all. The destruction of their bodies in the explosions had created a kind of energy cloud housing their minds. In the fraction of a second between the cloud's creation and the spreading of the flames, the cloud had enveloped each and every one of the invaders that had been in the bunker. Somehow, that had meant that the invaders minds had been absorbed into the mental cloud as well.

All of their bodies were gone, and yet the battles between them kept raging. They thought they had ended it all, that they had defeated the invaders and made their escape. They had thought wrong. Instead, they had just created a whole new battlefield for themselves. Their sacrifice had merely meant the battle had become one of wills, of mental energies trying to take control of the others, to take control of the cloud. They knew they had to keep the invaders at bay. Initially they had no idea what this cloud actually was, but the fact the invaders were here too meant that it could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. They could not let the invaders take control of it and unleash it on the rest of their kind. For the war out there would be raging on, with them little knowing of its progress. All they could do was hope, and to try and keep it that way.

For centuries that battle was fought. The fact that the entire underground complex had been buried deep, deep down beneath tonnes of rock and rubble had helped. Unfortunately the invaders greater numbers meant they were winning the battle of wills, but all that weight and material had still been pinning down even the energy cloud.

Until now. The cloud was getting free. The invaders had managed to lift it, up and away through the smallest cracks in the rock caused by blasts of the energy that made up this new being. That meant that they were scared. By now the war on their world could well be over. It would surely be over, one way or another. Their people could well be long since dead.

But even if they were, that didn't mean that a different world was not about to suffer because of them...


Me again. I know this was a bit clunky and short, but it was a rather necessary one-off evil. I just wanted to get the basic concept that I'm going for introduced here. More detail will come later on when appropriate but I didn't want things getting bogged down once the action got going.

You may have guessed by now who these guys are but if you haven't I'll not say. I'll just say that I'm following the Temple of Doom approach to sequels in pushing the boat out a little and trying something which is – hopefully – completely different. You'll find out soon enough that I'm intending to get the rest of the Founding seven a lot more involved than they were in the original too. But more on that story later...

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