I wrote this and have had a lot of fun with it so I hope you enjoy it. I have extended it since I entered it into a contest.

I stare through the doors of the room Bella is in.

She hasn't seen me yet and I'm grateful for that.

I had to hold back my anger as I saw her lying on the bed. I let out the breath I am holding and try to calm down.

She is alive and safe now, but she is hurt.

She has a black eye and a cut to her head at least. The doctor has been given orders to give her a full check over; I need to know how hurt she is.

Then I need to drag her to a church and marry her.

I have never felt so scared as I did when we drove over to the hospital to be with her.

I turn around and see my father and elder brother looking at me. I signalled for them to follow me and we walk into my office.

"What the hell happened?" I shouted at them as the door closed.

I walk to the side table and started pouring some brandy then sat behind my desk.

"We don't know." Emmett looks as pissed off as I am.

"We have Sam, Crowley and Stanley going through the surveillance footage from her apartment block and the surrounding roads."

"When we find out who they are I want them dead." I look in shock at my normally calm and pacifist father.

"Dad." Emmett chuckles "I thought you were a pacifist?"

"That's my daughter we're talking about and no one, and I mean no one lays a finger on one of my children and lives."

He is infuriated and we all know it. I want to kill the person that did this to her. I want to rip them limb from limb.

"Don't worry old man, when we find the bastard you can have a piece of him too." Sam comments as he walks through the office door.

"The Docs just left."

"What did he said about our Bells?" Emmett asks

"She's going to be okay but she doesn't want to see anyone till she sees you, Edward." I stand up from my chair and walk to the door desperate to see Bella.

I turn around just as I get to the door "I want them found by the morning. I suggest we get the rest of the girls here and security doubled." I walk through the door and back upstairs to my Bella.

I stop just outside the guest room before knocking gently and then pushing the door open.

"E...DWARD." I look over at the bed and have to hold back the tears. She needs me to be strong for her.

I walk over to the bed and sit down on the side of it before I wrap her in my arms.

"Edward we need to tell everyone." I look at her confused.

We have been dating for the last six months and we have kept it secret from everyone including the family.

Bella and I want this to grow our way without the added family pressure while she finishes college.

Six months earlier.

I was lying in bed with Bella - my bed, she was slowly starting to stir and I pulled her closer to me.

"Morning." She mumbled before stretching and then looking up at me.

"Morning." I smiled back. I started running my hand up and down her bare back lazily.

"I suppose we need to talk now, don't we?" I had mumbled. I didn't want to talk; I knew she thought this was a mistake.

We had known each other since middle school and in my family's eyes Bella was as good as my sister.

"Mmmm." She said before rolling over and then gathering the sheet up and wrapping it around her body.

"I suppose we do." She walked around the bed heading for the private bathroom.

I had closed my eyes and sucked a deep breath in. I had to calm down, my nerves were shot.

How could I kill a man and be as calm as a cucumber, yet one look from Bella and my nerves would be rattled.

Before the breath fully left my body I was surprised as I felt my cock being surrounded by a hot breath and then warm wetness.

I popped my eyes open and looked at my cock to see Bella leaning over the bed and bobbing her head up and down my semi hard cock.

"Bella." I groaned as I had watched her taking me deep into her mouth.

Her hands had been gently tugging on my balls.

"Mmmm" she hummed around me. I placed my hands by my side and had started fisting and twisting the bed sheet under me to stop me from being forceful with her.

"Bella . . . . Fucking hell . . . . . woman. .. . . ." I had shouted as I shot streams of cum into her mouth.

I couldn't take my eyes off her. But I wanted to hold her and talk about what had happened the previous night and just now. "Get your butt on this damn bed."

She had let go of me with a pop and I had tried to move but she held me down.

As she stood I finally noticed she was completely naked.

The sight of her body had made my cock instantly hard again.

"You want to talk. Let's talk." She said as she crawled onto the bed and up my body slowly kissing from my feet up to my groin.

When she got near my cock she ignored it - no matter how much I had tried to get her to pay it some attention.

She went up my belly button then over to my nipples and started flicking my nipple bar several times which caused me to groan and get even harder.

She snickered then started kissing up my neck and jaw.

"Bella." I had groaned before I felt her hand wrap around my cock.

I had figured she was just going to give me a hand job.

Boy, had I been wrong.

Before I knew it she had her lips on mine and my cock had been surrounded in heated moisture as she plunged down on to my cock. We had both moaned when I had been fully buried in her pussy.

"Bella . . . we need to stop." I had mumbled before going to her jaw.

I thought I was right, we needed to stop.

We needed to talk, but my body didn't want to.

I kissed her deeper and buried my hands in her long hair as we fell backwards in our fight for dominance.

She sat up and placed her hands on my chest as she started slowly lifting herself up my cock.

"I love you Edward." She said before sinking down on me fast. "Always have." I groaned at her words.

I couldn't take it anymore; I had needed her to go faster, harder even.

"Look at me." She demanded as I went for her hips to start forcing her on me harder.

My hands never made it to her hips she batted them away from her body, barking at me not to touch her.

I looked up into her eyes and I could see the love and lust mixed together.

"Look at where we are. Watch as you move in and out of me."

I did as she told me and looked down to where we were joined.

I threw my head back and moaned at the sight of my cock disappearing and then reappearing from her heated core.

"I love you Edward . . . . . I want to be yours . . . . . Please let me love you." her pleading had just added to the tightening and burning that ran through my body.

I snapped my eyes open and looked at her face. I pulled myself up and wrapped my arms around her before taking her lips.

"Only if you let me love you too." She had groaned and I felt her muscles fluttering around me.

"I never thought you felt the same." She groaned.

"Bella . . . . . please tell me. . . . . . You're close, baby. . . . . . I can't hold on much longer." I panted before I grabbed one of her breasts and sucked on it.

"Edward." She screamed through her orgasm.

I grunted and started thrusting erratically till I came hard in her.

We fell back onto the bed with her on my chest panting.

"Jesus, woman." I mumbled and bury my hands and nose into her hair taking her scent in.

"So where do we go from here?" she whispered into my chest.

"Where do you want it to go?"

"I want you." I felt the tears falling on to my chest. I rolled her over so I was on top and looked into her eyes.

"You have me baby." Kiss. "I'm all yours . . . . ." Kiss. "I've only ever wanted you." Kiss.

She smiled at me and buried her hands in my hair before she yawned.

I got off the bed and picked up the sheet again before throwing it over her. "Let's get some sleep."

We fell back to sleep in each other's arms after a third round of hot steamy sex.

Nothing further was said. It didn't have to be; she knew how I felt and I knew how she felt.

*End flash back*

"About what?" I ask as I walk to the bed and sit next to her.

"About us." She mumbles and looks at me. I move a strand of hair away from her face and look at the bruises.

I note every visible injury I can see on her face, planning to inflict the same to the bastards that attacked her.

"Bella we agreed not to say anything." I say confused.

"I know but we have no other choice now." She looks so small and scared.

I've not seen her as scared as this in years.

The last time she looked this frightened, I had walked into her home and pulled her out of the pantry when Charlie was charging around the house trying to beat her up in a rage.

I cup her good cheek and gently rub my thumb over her lips "Bella, what's got you so scared? Please talk to me baby."

"Please don't be angry at me." She begs and turns her eyes down as she mutilates the tissue in her hands.

"Bella I would never be angry at you, this isn't your fault baby." I try to reassure her as she looks up. "You did nothing to deserve this."

"Edward . . . . . . I'm pregnant." She stutters quietly through tears.

I stare at her in shock then my eyes slowly travel down to her stomach where my child was hidden and back up again.

The fury hits me at the bastards that attacked my Bella.

She was my woman and not only that but they also attacked my unborn child.

"Dad, Emmett." I shout at the top of my voice not taking my eyes off Bella.

I hear the door open and their footsteps before the door closes.

Bella is looking frightened at me, and I can't help it I'm so mad.

"What's wrong Edward?" I get up off the bed and look at them. "I want whatever bastards that did this found NOW." I point to Bella.

They look at me as if I am crazy as I pull at my hair.

"I'm sorry." I hear from next to me in a quiet timid voice.

I snap out of my anger and look down at my girl.

She's shaking on the bed in full blown hysterics now and I smack my head for being a moron.

"Bella you need to calm down this isn't good for you or the baby." I say gently.

I hear a gasp from the door way and look up to see mum standing there.

She has her hand over her mouth and tears in her eyes.

I look at my dad and see his fists clenched at his sides.

"You're not angry at me?" I look at her again and smile gently.

"No Bella never, I'm angry at the bastards that did this to you." I kiss her quickly on her good cheek and wrap my arms around her protectively.

I can't help but to splay my hands over her flat stomach.

"Bella, what can you tell us about the people that did this to you?" Sam says with his usual calming voice.

I can hear his anger even though he is doing a better job at hiding it than the rest of us.

"I know who did it." She turns to me again. "I'm sorry Edward I tried to fight him back but he got angry and started hitting me."

"Bella, who is it?" Dad asks as he moves forward.

"His name is Riley Biers." I catch Sam, out of the corner of my eye, pulling out a pen and paper and he starts scribbling notes. "He's in my English Lit class. I told him no and to stop . . . and to leave me alone. He wouldn't take no for an answer."

I let out a breath when I realise this isn't mafia related.

I sit back and pull her into my chest as Sam leaves and mum rushes forward.

"My poor baby." Mum cries as she gets on the bed and I climb off. "He did all this because he got you pregnant, Carlisle I want him found now." She barks at dad.

I laugh at mum's conclusion on the baby's father as dad mutters a 'yes dear' to her.

"Edward, this is not a laughing matter." She glares at me.

I press a kiss to the top of Bella's head before placing a hand on her stomach.

"Mum, it's my child Bella's carrying." I grin. "And as for you." I look at Bella before catching her chin "What is there to be sorry about?" and kiss her.

Mum squeals and dad's jaw drops while he looks at us.

"Well, finally you two got it on." Emmett crows.

"Edward." I look up at my dad. "If you ever break my daughter's heart there will be no place on earth that you can hide from me."

"Thanks Dad." I smile knowing he has no problem with the situation between me and Bella.

"I hate to break this up but we have that meeting to go to." Sam says from the doorway.

"Sorry love I've got to go. I'll be home as soon as possible."

I walk out as dad walks forward and kisses Bella's head telling her he loves her.

"What have you got?"

"The bastard was picked up outside a bar, drunk. He's at the dock side warehouse."

We get to the top of the stairs and I smile as Alice and Rose run past us heading straight to Bella. By the time we are down the stairs all we can hear is squealing.

I nod to Alec as we get to the door.

"You're to stay here and keep an eye on the girls." He looks dejected but I need someone to watch Bella and I trust him.

We arrive at the warehouse half an hour later and we pull into the dock yard.

"I get first punch at the bastard and this is going to be drawn out. He is to suffer." I open the door and get out of the car.

"I get seconds." Dad growls.

"Dibs third" Sam chips in

"Why do I have to go last?" Emmett booms.

"Cause you weren't quick enough." Sam says and opens the doors.

We walk in to the warehouse and see a brown haired guy tied to a chair fast asleep.

"Someone wake this bastard up now." I shout. One of the runners throws water all over his head.

"What the fuck? He yells and then looks around the room.

"Where the hell am I?" He barks and then pulls on the restraints "Do you know who I am? Let me go now!"

I grab my gun from my trousers and point it at his head.

"Do you know who I am?" The guy looks at me. "I am Edward Cullen, boss of the Chicago mafia."

"What do you want with me?" He says fear appearing in his voice.

"I want some information to start with."

"I don't know anything. Please, my family is rich. They will give you whatever you want. Just let me go."

"Do you know Isabella Swan?" I ask in a neutral tone.

"Oh that dried up bitch. She's not worth the chase." Before I get to hurt him dad punches him in the stomach.

"That's my daughter you're talking about you sick bastard." I watch as Riley gulps.

"I didn't know man. I've been trying to get her attention for months. I just wanted to have sex with her."

"And that gives you the right to beat her up?" I question before throwing a second punch in his stomach.

I signal to Emmet and he walks over to the table filled with props for torturing our guests.

"I want him strung up and stripped now." I walk back over to Sam and give him my coat.

As two of the runners untie him from the chair and then they hang him up.

While his clothing is being stripped from his body I put some rubber gloves on and pick up the ginger wedges before smiling at Emmett.

I signal for him to follow me with the salt and a scalpel before going over with the ginger in my hands.

"You battered a member of my family and not just any member. No, you had to hit the woman carrying MY child." I seethe as he gulps.

"I am telling you now, you are not leaving this building alive and your death won't be quick."

As I say that I walk up behind Riley and wedge the ginger root up his ass making him scream.

I hold my hand out and Emmett hands me the scalpel.

I walk to his front and find someone has brought a chair for me to sit on.

Taking his cock in one hand I start slicing into it deeply into it but not enough to remove it. All the while he screams.

"Oh shut up, this is nothing yet." I bark. He whimpers and then starts begging. "For the love of god someone gag this asshole." Sam walks up and stuffs a knotted tie in his mouth. "Much better."

I hand Emmett the scalpel and take the bowl of salt from him before taking Riley's cock in my hand and rubbing the salt into the cuts.

I then punch him hard in the stomach before taking the knife off Emmett again and cut his balls in half and dunk them in the salt.

He screams before fainting. "Someone wake the asshole up." I bark as Sam walks forward and plunges a syringe into him - I can only presume it's full of coke or heroin.

I pick up the knife again to continue before being interrupted by a phone ringing.

I raise a brow at dad as he walks out of the room to answer it.

I turn around and get on to cutting Riley up some more.

Before I can rub the salt in dad reappears and walks behind Riley signalling to me to come over.

I walk over and look at his face.

"Bella woke up screaming from a nightmare and if she doesn't calm down the doc wants to forcefully sedate her." He looks at me concerned.

We both know where we stand on sedating my Bella. We won't do it because it causes more harm.

"Edward the stress isn't good for her in her condition. She needs the rest and be calm for the baby."

I run a hand through my hair and make my mind up on what's more important.

"Call them back the doc is not to sedate her no matter what."


"Just do it." I bark

I turn my back to him and smile at Riley "Well it seems like my time with you is over Riley."

I start taking my clothes off as a runner walks forward with a ruck sack.

"Have fun boys but before you leave here take your clothes off and burn them with him."

I put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt before leaving the building.

It takes 45 minutes to get home.

I leave the car at the top of the drive and throw the keys at Alec.

Walking upstairs I find the doc arguing with Esme.

"You are not sedating my baby." She screams at him.

"Mrs. Cullen it is in her best interest. The stress is not good for her."

"You are not sedating her. She doesn't need it." I bark at him. "But Mr. Cullen. . . ." before he gets any further I pull out my gun and point it at his head.

He gulps and I bark at him to leave before I do something he will regret.

Giving the gun to Esme I walk into the guest bedroom and find Bella curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed.

"Hi." I whisper before wrapping myself around her.

"Hi" she sniffles back and tries to smile.

"Why don't I run us a bath and then you let me pamper the gorgeous mother of my child."

"Okay" she whispers and I get up off the bed and carry her back to my room- our room after today she is not going back to her flat.

I deposit her on the bed and kiss her before walking into the bathroom and start the bath.

Bella is my future and I'm going to show her how much she and any child she carries into this world are my everything.

Nothing is enough, too much or too hard for my family.

I start the bath and light some candles. I also throw some towels on the warmer.

I look down and realise that the floor may get slippery so I make a note to get some bath mats purchased tomorrow and put a towel down to prevent my girl from falling.

When I'm happy with the bathroom I walk back to the bedroom. What I see makes me smile.

Bella is asleep in the middle of the bed with her hand resting on her stomach.

I walk up to the bed and place a gentle kiss on her head before unbuttoning her shirt when I get to her stomach I lean down and place a kiss on our little ones hiding place.

"Ciao piccola Sono tuo padre e tu e tua madre che amo. Ti prometto che farò tutto quanto in mio potere per proteggere entrambi. si vorrà per niente la mia principessa."

"If you promise her the world now she'll expect it when she gets here." I look up at my soon-to-be wife. I place another kiss on her stomach and crawl up her body.

"Did you enjoy your nap Mrs Cullen-to-be." She laughs loudly.

"Edward I will not marry you because I'm pregnant." She says firmly.

"Bella this is my baby and her or his mum we are talking about it is expected for you to marry me."

I brush my hand over her good cheek.

"And it expected that we do marriage, sex then babies so far we are last two first."

"There you go so all that's left is marriage, then wham full house." I say trying to fight her argument.

"I'll think about it." She places a kiss on my lips before sitting up "Is the bath ready?"

"Yes my love" she gets up and drops her shirt on the floor. I gasp at the bruises on her body.

There maybe none on her chest but her back is riddled with them.

"Is it really that bad?" she asks and I look into her eyes. I want to lie to her but I feel like she doesn't want me to lie.

"Love, please don't lie to me." She pleas at my silence.

"Turn around." I say figuring this is the best way to show her and pull out my phone.

She turns and I take a photo of her back.

I walk forward and wrap my arms around her and place the phone in her hand.

"Oh." Is all she says before turning in my arms and running her hand through my hair.

I look into her eyes and kiss her passionately.

She jumps up wrapping her legs around my waist.

I place my hands on her leggin covered ass.

"Love you have too much clothing on." She starts pulling at my t-shirt.

"Bath." I start walking her into the bathroom.

When we get near the bath tub I tap her bum and she lets her legs go.

The second her feet touch the floor, we start ripping each other's clothes off between kisses.

I get her into the tub she hisses as the water surrounds her.

I get in behind her and pull her to me I'm not going to have sex with her till we talk.

"Baby, we need to talk."

"I don't want to." She grumbles and leans forward i pull her back.

"Isabella, we are going to talk now."

"I've already told you we are not getting married." She snaps at me.

"I want to talk about this one." I say pulling her back to my chest and spreading my hand over her stomach.

"Oh." She turns a beautiful shade of red and i press a kiss to her collar bone.

"How long?"

"How long what? How long till she arrives or how long have i known?" she asks.

"Both" I mumble rubbing my hands over her body.

"I've only had it confirmed today but she is due in six months."

"How long have you suspected?"

"The last two weeks."

"So no stomach flu."

"No just morning sickness" she smiles her hand goes down to her stomach as she turns her head to my neck. "Are you really okay about this?"

"The baby? Yes. Your refusal to marry me? No." I state firmly.

"Why is me marrying you so important?" she asks.

"Because as far as your safety and the baby's is concerned. You're a target for every other mafia family now."

"They don't know about me." She states mater of factly.

"They do and if they don't they will soon. Our son will make himself known soon and he is the next heir to the Cullen family." I turn her chin to me "Baby I am not letting you go anywhere without protection either."

She turns in my lap and pushes my legs together.

"Edward I am not going to marry you because I am pregnant."

"Baby please my name is what will protect you the most." I look into her eyes hoping she can see how desperate I am to protect her.

"Edward I will not marry you for the baby." She kisses me and slowly runs her hands down my body till one is grasping my cock and the other is pulling on my nipple ring.

"I will marry you when it's because of love not the life I'm carrying." She kisses me deeply muffling my moans as she sinks on top of me.

"Bella . . . . . . I want to marry you . . . . . because I love you." I whispered around her lips as she grinded on me slowly.

"Prove it." Is the last thing either of us says before we engulf ourselves in each other.

Next up Carlisles point of view and how does Edward convince Bella to marry him.