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When I finally catch up to her she is turned away from me wiggling her hips as she dances to the background music.

I slowly walk forward to wrap my arms around her as we start to dance together; with her swaying and trapped in my arms we start to seduce each other slowly to the music.

I keep her back to me as I kiss up and down her collarbone unclipping the hooks from the front of her bra.

When it falls to the floor I gently grab her breasts and cup them in my hands.

She wiggles her hips harder into me making me moan as I suck on her earlobe.

My hands release her breasts as she turns around and looks at me.

She leans into my arms and presses her body against me.

"Edward," The lust in her voice makes me shiver.

I close my eyes and just feel the charge in the room and the feel of her body grinding against mine.

I need to centre myself because I want this to be about love.

Slow and passionate not just a fuck. She licks my ear lobe as she leans up before whispering in my ear.

"Fuck me now."

I growl throwing my plans to the wind.

I bend down and rub her pussy teasing her before shoving her against the wall, rip her panties and listen to her scream as I thrust forward and bury myself in her core.

"Shit baby." I strain as I pull out slowly only to thrust back into her hard and fast.

Bella's hands go for my hair and she buries them there and starts tugging. My head goes back as I stare at her.

I watch the single sweat bead trail from her neck to the valley between her breasts.

I keep thrusting hard and fast listening to her moaning and shaking her head.

Her muscles pulse around me and I feel the tightening burn through my muscles.

I need Bella closer to coming; she's just on the edge but I'm struggling to keep hold.

I lean forward and suck in her nipple then gently nip it as she screams and shakes in my arms.

I pin her to the wall with all of my body weight while I thrust a few more times and come deep inside her.

I slide down the wall with her panting in my arms as we just hold each other.

The feel of her breasts heaving against me is relaxing and I can't help but to bury my head between them as she throws her head back.

"Edward, let's go to bed." She whispers from above me, when she finally has control of her breathing.

I take a deep breath before letting it out.

"I can't love." I whisper regrettably. I should have taken dads advice, but she deserves to know I won't be here.

"Family business?" She asks, upset and rejection is soaking through her voice. She starts to untangle herself from me.

I have two choices bend the truth or be completely honest. As much as it hurts me I have to be honest. This is important to her just as much as it is to me and the family.

"Not exactly." I sigh as I pull her closely to me. "I'm going to deal with Charlie." I feel her breath hitch in anticipation.

"I want to be there." She says in a tone I've never heard before. I sit on the floor shell shocked watching her while I process what she said.

"Bella..." she cuts me with a glare.

"That was not a request Edward." She seethes through her teeth. I close my eyes and take in a deep breath before standing up and looking straight at her, walking towards the wardrobe.

"Bella, No." I don't want her or our babies anywhere near him.

I watch her head snap up and look in my direction as she stares straight into my eyes.

At that moment I see every bit of pain Charlie Swan has ever caused her and some that I never knew about.

I find my feet moving me forward and hugging her closely . She turns her head and buries her face in my neck.

"Edward, please. I won't be alone with him. There's no need to worry about me."

"I worry about you and my babies. It is my job to protect and worry about you."

I whisper looking down at her stomach and gently rubbing circles on her small bump.

I'm worried about all of them.

What if the stress is too much?

It would kill us if anything happened to any one of them because I let her get over stressed.

What if Bella falls in the warehouse?

I know the lighting will be bad.

What if he hurts her emotionally?

I know he won't be able to physically hurt her but how do I protect her emotions?

To be honest those worries are nothing compared to my biggest fear.

That she will see the monster I am and hate me for the rest of her life.

I press a kiss to her bare shoulder before whispering my fears plus more.

"I'm afraid to scare you. To make you fear me or dad or any of the men in this family. We swore an oath to protect you and we can't do that if your scared of us."

"Edward, that man caused me years of hell and I need answers from him not you or dad or anyone else for that matter. Nothing you ever do can be worse than anything he's already done."

I feel my resolve break and look into her eyes. She's right she needs this. She needs the peace that only his answers will ever bring.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes before speaking.

"Fine but it's under conditions - non negotiable conditions."

"Edward." she whines with annoyance. I press a hand to her stomach and look into her eyes.

"I have to protect my family." I watch as her scared expression breaks with understanding.

"I have to make sure the woman carrying my babies stays safe, that all of them stay safe."

"What are the conditions?" She asks looking up at me.

"One," I hold up one finger. "You are never to be left alone with that man - so don't ask." She nods her head and I continue.

"Two," I hold up a second finger to her.

"You listen to everything Dad and I say. If we tell you to leave, you leave." I raise a third finger.

"Jake and Sam will be coming with us and they will be driving you back here. You will then get into bed and rest till I get back."

I can see her about to argue but I shoot it down.

"Ben said to take it easy since you've had a taxing day."

She still seems like she wants to fight me on it so I throw my back up in there.

"If you don't like it we can put it to a vote." I watch as she weighs things up in her mind.

I know she's strong and can protect herself but she's stubborn.

Thankfully we found a way to fight it years ago and it still works.

I still shake in anger and want to laugh at the same time when I look back at the first time we used the vote on her.

*Flash back to summer 2002*

Dad and I are at a sit down while Bella is at a charity fashion show with Mum.

We are an hour into the meeting when Dad's phone rang.

He ignores it then my Bella line starts ringing. The Bella line as it is called is a phone specifically used for Bella emergencies.

I excuse myself from the room and answer it.


"We have a situation with Mrs. Cullen and Bella." I wait for more information but the fucking idiot doesn't give me any.

"What the fuck has happened?" I shout at the dip shit on the other end.

"A fire started and we were evacuated from the building but in the rush to get out Bella got separated from us. We can't find her anywhere."

"What?" I shout before turning and running back to the meeting room.

I take a deep breath before barking at him.

"I am on the way. You better hope you find her safe and sound." I hang up the phone and quickly but calmly walk back to the meet.


"What is it?" Dad asks looking at me.

"Bella's missing; there was a fire at the fashion show. She got separated from Mom during the evacuation from the building. Her security detail can't find her."

"Which show is it?" Liam MacDonald asks looking panicked himself.

"The Step Up to Cancer fashion show."

"Shit, my Siobhan and Maggie are there." He stands up and signals for us to follow him.

He leads us out through the restaurant and to three SUVs now waiting in front of the restaurant.

"Do you boys want a lift with us?"

"Yes please. Thank you Liam." Dad says calmly but I could hear the anger boiling.

We got into the car and as it starts off Liam calls Siobhan to discover Maggie has been separated from Siobhan as well.

Dad types on his phone before calling Mum. As Liam speaks to Siobhan trying to calm her down.

"Carlisle!" I can hear Mum's panicked scream through the phone as she answers.

"Esme, we are on our way." Dad said calmly.

"Bella is gone. My baby is gone!" She cries again before we hear her shout at someone else. "I don't care, I am not leaving till someone finds my baby."

"Carlisle, tell her to get to Siobhan. She is outside the main entrance. We're around the corner so we can search for the girls together. The girls might also be out front."

"Esme, Siobhan and Maggie MacDonald were there and Maggie is missing too. I need you to go to Siobhan."

"Carlisle, my baby!" Mum wails. "We are on our way with Liam we will find her Esme." Dad says trying to reassure all of us.

As he calms Mum I twitch with my knee bouncing with the need to be there so I can find Bella.

We pull up outside a restaurant as traffic is at a stand still.

"We need to walk it's only around the corner." Dad keeps reassuring Mum as we run to the theatre.

"Esme, we are just around the corner. I'll see you in a few seconds go find Siobhan love." Dad says gently before hanging up the phone.

We find both women huddled under an umbrella from the rain with six men standing around them.

"Siobhan, where are the other men?" Liam asks as he hugs her.

"I sent them in to find Maggie."

"Esme?" Dad said as he holds her tightly. I look around to try and figure out who is missing and notice that there are six of our guards when there should be eighteen if you include the distant secret ones.

"We figured if we teamed up then we can send more guards to find our girls quicker."

Mum replies looking around frantically for someone to bring Bella to her.

My phone rings again and I don't recognise the number so I cautiously answer.

"Hello?" I listen for clues in the background. I hear faint crying but not a lot otherwise.

The faint crying is stopped by a voice I know anywhere.

"Edward, Help!" Bella cries into the phone.

"Bella, where are you?" Everyone turns to me and goes silent as they wait to hear what is going on and where in the building the girls are.

"In a car trunk. A black lamborghini. I stole the guys phone when he hit me."

My blood boils at the word hit, no one strikes Bella ever.

"Bella, is Maggie with you?" I hear some crying and mumbling. I signal to Dad and we run back to the car with Liam on our tail.

"Edward, she held the phone so I could dial your number." She replies in her Duh voice.

I hear some distant mumbling

"Maggie says to tell you it's the man that came to visit her dad last week."

I turn to Liam who looks like he is about to rip my arm off my body for the phone if I don't give him answers soon.

"The man that came to see you last week has taken the girls. They are in his trunk." His face turns red then purple in anger before he says anything.

"Shit. That's it! I'm going to kill the bastard!" He barks angrily.

"Liam, who is it?" Dad asks.

"Felix Alexandrov from the Russians." He sneers.

I feel the blood drain from my face.

Felix Alexandrov is a top end mercenary for hire who specializes in kidnappingand is a violent fucker.

The last person he kidnapped was found dead six weeks later spread eagle and tied down in the desert.

They had been pegged down alive and left for their slow death to arrive.

"Bella, do you have any idea where he is taking you?"

I bark into the phone trying to stay calm before we possibly lose the connection.

I hear more mumbling before I hear her say "Are you sure?"

"Edward, Maggie says we just passed the Treasure Island show and we're heading toward the airstrip."

"Shit, Liam, they are heading toward the airstrip."

I panic now because if Felix gets the girls in the air we won't be able to track them.

"I have men there already." Liam says before getting on his phone and starts barking orders at someone.

For the whole journey to the airstrip I talk to Bella and Maggie talks to Liam.

By the time we get to the airstrip Liam's men have Felix surrounded and are just waiting for our orders.

We watch as he stops the car and gets out; we then charge around it pinning him down.

I run to the trunk and pull it open to see both girls tied up and huddled together.

"'Edward." Bella cries as I reach for her. I hold Bella as Liam gets Maggie out.

I focus on calming Bella down., who is crying hysterically into my shirt.

"It's okay...You're safe now ...I've got you." I whisper in her ear as she clings to me even with her hands bound her grip is tight on my shirt.

Dad comes and unties her legs as he looks her over and I do the same as he unties her hands.

It was then I saw the huge black eye she had. I walk her with Liam and Maggie to the car and pop her in.

The minute we shut the door on Bella she starts freaking out.

I rip the door open and she flies into my arms screaming about being left alone.

When she calms down again a few minutes later I look at Dad before Bella.

"Bella, you need to get into the car and go back to the hotel."

"No" she screams shaking in my arms.

"Bella," Liam says gently. "Do you remember me?" He spoke to Bella quietly as she turns her head to him.

"Do you know who I am?"Bella shakes her head and buries herself deeper into me.

"You came to my home last summer for the week to stay with Maggie and Siobhan - my wife."

Bella nods and Liam just carries on talking.

"You ran around the house playing with Maggie and on one particular night I came back to find you with my family having a picnic in the front room."

I feel Bella's smile in my shirt.

"Why don't you and Maggie go back to my house and make us a picnic dinner?" Bella looks at him wide eyed. "I'm very hungry and your cake is one of the best I've ever tasted."

He tries to put his hand on hers but she flinches and he pulls them back straight away.

"'Just don't tell my wife." He whispers just loud enough for us to hear.

"I vote that you go to your hotel, collect Esme and go to my house and make me some more of that lovely cake please."

I hide my shock at Liam begging Bella to do the one thing we are trying to get her to calmly do.

Liam is a hard man and I've never seen him be soft or calm on purpose like this.

She looks over at Liam then to Dad. "I vote for cake too." He says pouting at her.

She then looks up at me.

"Can you come with me please? We need ingredients from the shop." She whispers quietly.

I look at Dad and Liam to see both nodding.

"Of course. I vote for cake too. Mmmm Cake." I get a giggle out of Bella and then she calmly climbs back into the car and waits for me to join her.

I hug Dad and thank Liam for his help.

When I get to the hotel Mum and Siobhan are waiting out front and get straight into the car.

*Present day*

It turned out Felix was hired to collect Bella on one of the sale contracts Charlie made on her.

To make life more fun and to punish Liam for saying no to him collecting her on his territory, he decided to take Maggie too.

He intended to auction off both girls virginities then rape them all while filming it to then post to Liam.

After that night the voting system stayed if two of us say something Bella has to do it.

There is no counting the number of arguments we have saved by using it.

"Okay let's go." Bella says as she stands up and walks to the wardrobe pulling out a pair of jeans and a shirt.

I follow after and we quietly get into the shower to clean up before getting dressed.

While I finish dressing Bella stands in the doorway framing her small bump with the open shirt.

I grab my phone and quickly snap a photo before Bella realises.

I walk forward and press a gentle hand on her stomach and look into her eyes.

"Everything okay?"

"I'm scared." She whispers looking up at me.

I pull her into my arms and bury my nose in her hair. "

I'm here for you." I whisper as her whole body leans into mine.

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