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It's Time

"This road never looked so lonely, this house doesn't burn down slowly…"

Miles away in Italy there was a knock on Santiago's office door. Feeling annoyed he yelled for the person to enter. The door opened slowly with a creak. Santiago looked up to see who his visitor was. He grinned seeing his best friends, Jared and Embry dragging William Black into his office.

"I started losing faith in the both of you," Santiago said getting up from his seat behind his desk. Jared tossed William further into the room and shut the door behind himself.

"He was a little more difficult to get to than expected," Jared said glaring at William. Embry walked over to the bar in the room and poured himself a drink.

"The bastard kept trying to avoid us," Embry said annoyed.

"Now why would you avoid Jared and Embry, William?" Santiago said coming to sit in front of him. William looked up at Santiago nervously. It was one thing dealing with Aro, but his son Santiago was another story.

William was able to control Aro because of the information he was able to blackmail him with. Santiago was much more careful about the things he did.

"I—I wasn't avoiding them," William lied.

"Were you avoiding me?" Santiago asked.

"No, of course not, Santiago."

"Then explain to me how my family loans you over fifty men to finally be rid of Carlisle, Alistair and their wretched family, but I seem to be the one burying my father," Santiago replied crossing his arms.

"Well see—I wasn't actually there and…."

"…you weren't there? You requested our help in obtaining Edward, Carlisle and Emmett and we agreed if you helped us take the entire family down. But you weren't there to save my father?" Santiago asked ready to just kill William now.

"We had a plan, and Eleazar was there and…"

"…where is Eleazar now?"


"He's dead?"

"Yes, Alistair killed him."

"Really?" Santiago asked interested by this news. He hadn't heard much about what happened back in the States seeing that he didn't generally care. That was his father's territory.

He could never understand his father's desire for America, or their women. He especially didn't understand his father's need to have a goomah. Jane may have been his mother, but even he knew she was still more than attractive in her old age. He never bothered meeting any of his father's goomahs because they meant nothing to him and he felt he would be disrespecting his mother if he did.

He would never even consider cheating on his wife, she meant everything to him. He always considered his father a stupid man who let his need for control cloud his better judgment.

"Yes, he admitted to it," William finally replied.

"Did you arrest him?"



"He argued self-defense. They all did," William replied also surprised at this fact himself. "Alistair, his aunt as well as his son and daughter-in-law were extradited back to Australia though," William continued hoping that would make things up somehow.

"Who killed my father?" Santiago asked wanting to know.


"The Target?…why should I be surprised. His father steals Uncle Amoro's bride who spawns that bastard's children. Why shouldn't it be his fucking son to kill my father and my brother…"

"I'm sorry," William said unsure of what else to say to him.

"Sorry? You've let this fucking family destroy mine!"

"No, they're smart. They cover their tracks and then Edward fell for Bella."


"Martinez, I mean Phillip's other daughter," William explained. Santiago looked at Jared and Embry. He had heard that the FBI agent his father ordered to be killed once he found out of his betrayal still had a living daughter.

"Are they aware that she is the daughter of a FBI agent?" Santiago asked.

"Yes, they've taken her in as one of their own."

"Interesting how they work. I have never understood them," Santiago said looking at Jared and Embry once again. Though he hated the family, he's always enjoyed the way they worked together.

He always told his father that he could have learned a lot from Luther instead of trying to kill him.

"Your father always said they were a strange group of people," Jared agreed causing Santiago to smile.

"Yes, the old man did know strange when he saw it," Santiago replied with a smile.

"Bella, also used to be your father's goomah…"

"What!" Santiago screamed. Quickly, his office door flew open with his mother standing there.

"What is with all the noise?" she asked looking around the room. Her eyes locked with William and then she quickly looked away.

"Business mother…"

"Well, you woke Santo from his nap."

"Well, where is his mother?"

"Out with your sister, so once you are done with business, come and tend to your son," she said before walking out of the room and slamming the door behind her. Santiago ran his hand over his face.

He looked back at William.

"Explain," he said knowing William would know just what he was referring to.

"Well um, she pretended to be someone else. I tried keeping track of her after you know, but she's smart. Phillip—Martinez as you know him taught her well. By the time we figured out what she was up to Aro had already hired Edward to kill her."

"Only he didn't…"

"…no he didn't."

"This is the reason my father claimed to have in going after Edward? Over a fucking whore?"

"It would appear so…"

"I will never understand that fucking man," Santiago barked pulling at his hair. Inhaling a deep breath he looked back at William. "Where is Edward now?"

"We don't know."

"You don't know?"

"All of them left the States a few days after everything happened. We don't know where they went."

"And you call yourself the fucking FEDS."

"I do have some information…"

"Hope that I find it useful or I will have to have Embry and Jared here teach you a lesson you won't soon forget," Santiago replied. William swallowed hard hoping that what he recently discovered Santiago would find interesting.

"I have news that they plan to return to the States now that the case against them has been dropped…"


"I don't know, but they are remodeling the building they all lived in and hiring new people."


"And I think if we plant one of our own, maybe to get closer to them."

"You've tried that and if I'm not mistaken I heard someone say that she's a traitor and why you couldn't get any of them. Also that she actually married Carlisle's boy," Jared replied with a raised brow.

"No shit?" Santiago asked surprised by this news.

"No shit, they pretty much lost everything they had on them apparently thanks to the little bitch…" Jared continued. He had overheard some agents talking about it when he went to get William.

"Yes but…"

"No, no, William. I will handle it," Santiago said cutting William off. He honestly wasn't even certain he wanted to continue in his father's footsteps by going after Edward and the rest of his family. They never bothered him here in Italy, but with his father gone he would have to take control of their operation in the States.

"On another topic William, I must say you are not the great FBI agent you had us believing you to be. We spent a lot of money on you to get where you are and you have not done our family a great service in the twenty plus years we've known you. What reason would I have to keep you around…"

"Would you kill the man who gave you the best thing to ever happen to you?" William asked hoping that would work. To this day he hated ever getting into business with this family, but now he did whatever he had to do to survive.

"No, I guess for that I do owe you one. Consider this a pardon, but you and your pigs are to remain out of my dealings."

"What of Edward and his family?" William asked hoping that he would do him the favor of killing them all.

"Honestly, I am undecided. My father and my brother both had what was coming to them, but they are my family. For now, do what you please regarding the scum that is Edward and his wretched family but if I change my stance you are to back down, understood?"

"Whatever you wish, Santiago."

"Good, did you come here with your wife and children?"

"Yes, they believe we are here for a vacation. Jacob needed one after his accident," William said not wanting to admit that Bella had incapacitated Jacob.

"Ah, young Jacob. Maybe he and Carmen will hit it off and we can all become family," Santiago said with a smile. William swallowed hard unable to voice why that would not be the best idea.

He had already thrown one man he called his friend under the bus to keep his secret from this family and he was willing to do anything to make sure Santiago did not discover his secret either.

"Yes, maybe," William agreed swallowing hard and hoping he didn't lose his life.

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