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Edward POV

Emmett returned home two nights after Sarah had the baby. He'd still been ignoring everyone aside from Esme and Grandma Cullen, but that was more so because they didn't give him the chance to ignore them. After talking with Stefan last night and with Bella again this morning, I decided to call a family meeting before Emmett disappeared again.

"He's going to feel like he's being attacked," Bree said when she walked into the conference room. "Seeing us all here, just to talk to him," she said sitting down.

"He knows we call family meetings for everything that affects all of us, and this is no different," Alice said looking annoyed.

Seeing that everyone but Emmett and Angela were here, I looked over at Carlisle. I knew he would understand my silent request for him to go up and get Emmett and Angela.

He nodded over at me leaving the conference room. Everyone continued talking amongst themselves while I waited for Carlisle to return with Emmett and Angela. I looked over at Stefan and he simply nodded at me as if to say he had my back.

Despite him wanting to be upstairs in his and Sarah's place with her and Liberty, he made sure he came down for the meeting. I pinched the bridge of my nose, a damn habit I picked up when feeling irritated.

"Relax, baby," Bella whispered into my ear rubbing my thigh under the table. I looked into her eyes and wondered if the babies would have her eyes. I found that I was constantly concerned about Bella and the pregnancy. With all the shit we were dealing with, I worried about her losing them, and even the chance of something or someone taking her away from me. Carlisle soon returned with Angela and a pissed off Emmett.

"You summoned me, your highness," Emmett sneered walking into the room and pulling out a chair. "Sending my own father as your personal fetcher or some shit," he continued, dropping his big ass down into the chair. The entire room went silent as they all looked between Emmett and me.

"Grow up, Emmett," I replied inhaling a deep breath through my nose. He sort of laughed folding his arms over his chest.

"I will when you get out the pussy and be a man," he replied. Pissed off by his fucking blatant disrespect, I jumped up from my seat getting ready to walk over and remind him who the better fighter was. Emmett jumped up as well, and Bella quickly jumped in front of me placing her hand on my chest.

"Don't do something you're going to regret," she whispered to me. I glared over at Emmett as I watched Angela trying to calm him down as well.

"He doesn't have the balls," I heard Emmett say in response to whatever Angela said to him. I took another step toward him, but Bella pressed her hands into me even harder.

"Don't," she whispered glaring up at me.

"I never noticed it until now. She really made you a fucking pussy," Emmett spat over Angela's head with a grin on his face. "She had you pussy whipped before she even let you smell the pussy. I should have just gotten rid of her when there was still a chance at saving your manhood," he continued. Bella pulled one of her knives from where I wasn't sure, and tossed it right past Emmett's face faster than a bullet. It wasn't until the loud thud of the knife hitting the wall that everyone else even realized what she had done.

Emmett touched his face glaring over at us. When he moved his hand I saw blood, meaning her knife had cut him.

"Next time, it will be more than a scratch," Bella snapped at him.

"You Bitch!" he shouted pushing Angela out of his way and starting to storm over toward us. I gripped a screaming and pissed Bella, pushing her behind me as Liam and Seth tried pushing Emmett back. "I'm not fucking Black; throw another one of those fucking knives at me again and see what happens!" Emmett yelled. My nose flared as I tried to keep Bella behind me.

"Okay, this has gone too damn far!" Grandma Cullen yelled.

"Emmett, what the hell is going on with you?" Bree asked looking confused as she looked around the room.

"Whatever it is, needs to get fixed today. We are a family; this shit is not going down, especially not now!"

"Family?" Emmett said as if the word meant nothing. "Family don't mean shit to any of you. All of you are following behind Edward like lost puppies with your tails tucked between your legs because none of you have the balls to say what we're all thinking…" Emmett barked.

"What the hell are you talking about, Emmett?" Tanya asked rolling her eyes in her obvious annoyance.

"Edward is going to run our family legacy into the fucking ground. After that shit at the banquet everyone thinks we're weak and—"

"I don't give a damn what everyone else thinks!" Grandma Cullen snapped, cutting Emmett off. "We as a family have never given a damn about what everyone else thinks as long as they knew and understood we were not the ones to cross," she continued.

"They all think we're soft since you all let Edward be Don of this family," he said with disgust on his face.

"You're saying it as if he's running it alone! Last I checked it was the three of you!" Bella shouted from over my shoulder. Emmett glared at her, and I felt the need to protect her from a man I had trusted my entire life.

"All everyone sees is Edward running shit. Stefan doesn't do shit unless Edward agreed first, he's like his fucking lap dog."

"Fuck you, Emmett," Stefan barked.

"Allowing someone outside of the family to run it is a sign of weakness, and now every fucking drug, mob, and mafia lord wants to challenge us for control," he continued. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Let'em! You think I can't protect this family?" I countered pointing at everyone in the room. It was then I realized that Angela and Renee were no longer in the room.

"I think you got your head too far up your wife's pussy to think like a Don, instead of some lovesick pussy," he sneered at me. "She got you so fucking pussy whipped you can't even see she's fucking playing you! It's no damn coincidence her sister is married to Santiago Volturi and you know it!" he shouted. I was sick and fucking tired of him talking about Bella. I stormed toward him, Alistair and Charlie catching me before I could reach him.

"Refer to my wife again and you'll be eating my fucking gun," I barked at him. He laughed, obviously not believing me.

"You get her permission first, Princess?" he replied. I took a step toward him again, Jasper having to help Charlie and Alistair hold me back. "We might as well call her Donna Isabella because she's the one carrying your balls," he continued.

"Stop this shit!" Grandma Cullen shouted. "I don't know what the hell is going on, but it needs to stop now," she said pointing her finger at Emmett and me.

"Juan Diego saved my ass in Colombia when I went to make a delivery. No one has any respect for us anymore; don't any of you fucking get that!"

"What happened in Colombia?" Carlisle asked, seeing that this was the first we've heard of it. I looked over at Stefan and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't all of you act concerned about me now."

"Just answer the fucking question, Emmett. What happened?" Alistair snapped at him.

"Some guys tried to fucking rob me—me! I'm sure it was some of Santiago's guys, too. All of you have been so fucking worried about this shit with Bella's sister and Edward's fucking cousin; it never occurred to my so called partners that we were being fucking played right into Santiago's hands."

"Santiago wouldn't have ordered some shit like that. I doubt he had anything to do with it," I said, honestly doubting he would risk the truce over some fucking money and drugs.

"Why—because he's your brother-in-law now, your fucking priorities are fucked up, Edward," Emmett replied. I was seriously fucking tired of his bullshit. It wouldn't have surprised me if Juan Diego set up that damn robbery himself trying to get us to turn on Santiago in hopes of breaking the truce.

"Why didn't you tell Edward and Stefan about your meeting with Juan Diego?" Charlie asked him.

"Because the only thing Stefan cared about was what craving Sarah was having, and that her pillows were fluffed. And the only fucking thing Edward cares about is his family. He's using our family to take care of the family that deserted him and Alice," he said pointing over at Alice as if we all didn't know who she was. "Oh – and his psycho wife and her devil spawn kid that probably isn't even his…"

"You know what, fuck you, Emmett!" Bella shouted reaching for something. I was sure it was another knife. I stopped her because I knew with her temper she was liable to kill him this time.

"This is my and Stefan's family, meaning we should be running shit. If Stefan doesn't want to do it, I'll do it on my own, but Edward can't be head of a family that isn't his," Emmett continued glaring at me. "He wants us to sit down and break bread with our enemies. He's not thinking about this family, he's thinking about his new family all because of her, and the fact that the sister she claimed was dead is suddenly alive and married to Santiago fucking Volturi," he barked. In our world I knew all too well how power changed people, but I would have never thought Emmett, of all people, would have been willing to stab me in my back for it.

"Emmett, stop talking like that. We're all family," Bree said shaking her head. "We grew up together! Edward is our brother," she continued with tears in her eyes now.

"We grew up with Seth, too, and a year ago you called him your brother, now you're fucking him. Shit changes," Emmett barked, and before anyone knew it, Esme slapped the hell out of him. He looked at her in shock.

"You hit me…"

"You got one more time to disrespect another woman in this room, and I'll do more than slap you," she warned pointing her finger at him. He looked over at me and then Esme.

"You always treated him better."

"Don't be fucking stupid, Emmett," she warned glaring at him. "You are my son and I love you, but I won't defend stupidity and disrespect, even coming from my son!" she shouted at him.

"What the hell is wrong with all of you!" he shouted glaring at everyone. "We're the fucking Mob, and no one takes us fucking seriously anymore! Grandma Cullen, you should have known better than to even suggest Edward be a Don."

"I should have known better?" Grandma Cullen said turning and glaring at Emmett now. "Let me tell you something, Emmett, since you think you know so fucking much! I know that having Edward as a Don was risky, but I was sure that if any three men could handle that pressure it was you, Stefan and Edward."

"Why not just leave it to Stefan or better yet me…"

"Because you're not capable of thinking of anyone but yourself!" she shouted cutting him off. "You haven't even noticed that your wife left the damn room in tears after you pushed her into the wall!" she shouted at him. Emmett looked behind him and then back at Grandma Cullen. "You've put this entire family in jeopardy over a woman, or have you forgotten already?" she snapped at him.

"That was different?"

"Oh yeah, it was fucking worse because you continued to bring Angela around the family even after you found out she was FBI. You didn't care about the family, only you getting your little dick wet! So don't you dare fucking stand here and judge Edward and Stefan for taking care of their wives."

"I was right about Angela," he replied that being his only comeback.

"Well, thank the lucky fucking stars, but it doesn't change the fact that you put your wants before this entire family. Risked your parents' freedom, your sister's, mine and for what?"

"I love her."

"Exactly – because you love her, you risked everyone else's freedom for her, so how dare you stand here and judge anyone of being a pussy? The old Emmett would have killed Angela on sight after finding out she was FBI. So, if you want to imply Edward is a pussy for falling in love, well look in the fucking mirror, pussy," she snapped at him looking completely livid.


"Save it! You're starting all this shit over something Juan Diego said to you! Juan Diego has been trying to dig his claws into this family for years, and he's using your gullible stupid ass to cause a rift in our family! Whatever little shit you had against Edward, you let slip around Juan Diego, and he is feeding on it like the little fucking leech that he is…"

"…Juan Diego saved my life."

"Bullshit! Juan Diego set you up. You can guarantee that the fucking robbery was faked to gain your trust. If you were really capable of being a Don, you would have known that and said something to Edward and Stefan about the ordeal. Luther is probably rolling in his fucking grave listening to this shit!" she said, shaking her head as she sat down. Emmett looked at everyone in the room, and his eyes locked with mine.

"When I'm right about this and she stabs you in the back, just remember you picked her over us," he said and then he left the room.

"Well, didn't that go swimmingly," Alice said after a few minutes. I turned to Bella and she had tears coming down her face. I could tell she was pissed off. She looked up at me and then over at Esme and Carlisle.

"I'm sorry," she said to the both of them. "He pissed me off and…I just saw red," she said running her fingers through her hair.

"I know, honey. He deserved it," Esme said shaking her head as she tried consoling Bree, who was still obviously hurt by what Emmett said to her. They both left the room to go check on Angela. I looked over at Jasper and Liam.

"Get Maxx and locate Juan Diego and bring him to me – alive," I ordered. They both nodded and quickly left the room. Alice and Tanya both looked at me and I knew neither of them were happy with me sending Liam and Jasper away right now, but they didn't say anything.

"What are you going to do with Juan Diego when you have him?" Alistair asked.

"Show him what happens to anyone who messes with this family," I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Be sure to make him an example to anyone else thinking we're weak," Grandma Cullen said before leaving the room.


It wasn't until the word got out that I was looking for Juan Diego that I truly realized how much power being Don entailed. Within hours Jasper got a call regarding Juan Diego's location. Instantly Maxx and Liam went to pick him up.

I sat in my living room on my third glass of scotch waiting for Maxx and Liam to return with Juan Diego. I refused to sleep until I had his fucking head mounted on my wall. Bella had fallen asleep hours ago despite her trying to wait up.

My phone vibrated and I looked at it seeing it was a text message.

I have an early Christmas present for you ~Maxx

I finished off my drink and got up carrying Bella upstairs to our bedroom. I placed her between the sheets, and then ordered Halo to lay with her. I walked into our walk-in closet and pressed in the code to pop open the secret compartment. I picked up two of my guns and a hunting knife.

Leaving the room, I made sure it locked behind me and then left the house. I knocked on Emmett and Angela's door and waited for one of them to answer.

"Edward, what's wrong?" Angela asked, and I could tell I had woken her up.

"Nothing you need to worry about. You all right?" I asked her. She nodded, obviously not wanting to make eye contact with me.

"I know you love him, Angela, but don't think you have to stay with him just to stay with us," I informed her. She looked up at me as if to see if I was serious. "If Bella ever left me, I can promise you no one in the family would cast her out—you're no different," I assured her. She smiled at me and whispered a "Thank you."

"Is Emmett here?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I made him sleep in the guestroom," she said stepping back so that I could come in. I walked into the house and headed straight for the guestroom. I slammed the door open and cut the light on.

"What the fuck!" Emmett yelled sitting up in the bed and covering his eyes.

"Get up," I told him picking his shirt up off the floor and tossing it at him.


"I said get up," I repeated with more force in my voice. He looked at me and then rolled over. Feeling irritated I pulled his big ass out of the bed. "Get the fuck up, Emmett," I barked at him.

"What the fuck is your problem?" he yelled at me.

"Currently, you and this shit you've created," I replied.

"Man, I'm not dealing with this shit right now, I'm trying to sleep," he said getting up from the floor.

"You're not sleeping tonight. You're going down to the cells with me," I informed him referring to the cells we had in the basement. He looked at me as if to check if I was serious.

"The cells? What the fuck for?" he asked, and I saw the panic in his face that he tried to mask.

"Juan Diego," I answered and I watched his eyes grow large. "We're going to get the truth once and for all."

"You got him to come…here?" he asked.

"Get dressed and come on," I said before turning and walking out of the room. Angela stood in the living room looking concerned.

"I'll have him back in an hour or two," I told her. She nodded, and I walked out of their place to wait in the hallway for Emmett to come out. He didn't take long. We both got on the elevator and headed down to the cells.

When the elevator doors opened, I could hear Juan Diego threatening to have Liam and Maxx killed for kidnapping him. Emmett and I walked off of the elevators and followed Juan Diego's voice.

I smiled at what I saw once they were in my sight. Maxx was holding a gun to Juan Diego's head and Stefan looked as if he was only seconds away from telling Maxx to shoot him.

"I thought you called him here to talk," Emmett said, and I looked over my shoulder at him.

"What gave you that idea?" I asked, and Stefan laughed causing Emmett to glare at him. I walked over to Stefan and handed him one of the guns I brought down.

"He saved my life; I'm not going to stand here while you fucking kill him," Emmett said taking a step toward where Juan Diego was sitting. Liam quickly blocked him from getting any closer. I could tell by the look on Emmett's face he was surprised by Liam's reaction.

"Move, Liam," Emmett barked at him. Liam didn't as much as flinch from the position he was standing in.

"I'm in charge, in case you forgot, Emmett," I said signaling Maxx to lower his gun. He did so quickly taking a step back away from Juan Diego. Emmett looked at me with a scowl on his face and his fist balled up at his sides.

"So, you're going to kill the man who saved your brother's life?" Emmett asked, and I let out a hearty laugh at the balls he had at referring to himself as my brother now.

"Now you're my brother? When you're trying to save a snake like Juan Diego? Not when you implied I was going to ruin the family I fucking bleed—not when you disrespected my wife…more than once, and not when you accused me of fucking your own damn wife," I said rolling my sleeves up as I spoke. "No, I wasn't your brother then," I said shaking my head.

Emmett didn't respond as he watched me walk around him and over to Juan Diego. I pulled out the other gun I brought with me and handed it to Liam, then I pulled out the hunting knife.

"I don't like bullshit or liars, so I'm going to only ask questions once or I'll start cutting off limbs one by one," I said looking at Juan Diego and then Emmett.

"Whatever Emmett told you, Edward, was a lie," Juan Diego quickly rushed out as he looked at me with fear. "I have always respected you, I wanted you to marry my Maria," he continued in his pathetic attempt to beg for his life.

"Talk," I seethed, placing the hunting knife at his throat.

"It was all Emmett's idea. Whatever he told you is a lie, it was his idea," Juan Diego said throwing Emmett under the bus like I knew he would.

"What the fuck you talking about?" Emmett asked. I grinned as I crouched down in front of Juan Diego.

"I believe whatever you told him was lie, but what he told me you said, was the truth and we both know it," I growled stabbing him in the leg with the hunting knife. He started to scream out in pain.

I pulled the knife from his leg after twisting it. "Let's start with this shit about Bella," I said standing back up. I looked between Emmett and Juan Diego waiting for one of them to start talking.

"Don't both of you start talking all at once," Stefan said sarcastically.

"Fuck you, Stefan. Only a pussy like you would be okay with being Edward's bitch," Emmett barked at him. Stefan stormed over and punched Emmett twice before he had time to react.

I inhaled an irritated breath knowing it was only a matter of time before Stefan went to hit him. Emmett swung back hitting Stefan and the two of them went at it for another five minutes before I told Maxx and Liam to break it up.

It wasn't unknown for us to solve our issues by fighting. It was how Emmett and I let out our aggression after the whole Angela being a fed shit happened. I remembered Bella telling me she didn't like that we solved our issues this way; she worried we were going to kill each other one day.

Breathing heavy, Stefan walked over to me. He looked over at Emmett and then back at me. "Sorry," he said. I nodded knowing he was apologizing because we didn't have time for this shit right now. I looked at Emmett, who was screaming at Maxx and Liam to let him go.

"Let him go," I told them. They both let him go and Emmett started toward where Stefan and I stood. I blocked his path looking him in his eyes.

"You want a repeat of the other night?" I asked him. Emmett might have been bigger than me, meaning when his hits landed, they hurt like hell, but I was faster and the better fighter.

"Why bother asking him questions if you're just going to kill him anyway?" Emmett asked, and I figured he was talking about Juan Diego again.

"Because I want to know what he knows," I replied, and then smiled at Emmett. "About everything…" I added.

"I don't have anything to hide," he said his entire body getting stiff. I knew he was lying.

"And yet, you hid your new friendship with Juan Diego from me," I retorted and his nose flared in obvious irritation.

"Because you think you fucking know everything…it's either your fucking way or no way. I was fucking tired of always following behind you—we're not kids anymore, I'm a grown man now," he said taking a step closer to me.

I grinned stepping closer to him as well. "Exactly, meaning your grown-man decisions have grown-man consequences. The only fucking reason you don't have a fucking bullet in you for the shit you've pulled, is because of our family," I explained to him.

"They're my family, remember. You don't have anyone but Alice and we both know you don't have the balls to shoot me," he laughed with a grin on his face. Morally, I should have probably just let his disrespect go and continued dealing with Juan Diego.

But we all know I'm not a highly moral person.

I reached my hand behind me, and I soon felt Stefan placing the gun I handed him earlier into my hand. I showed Emmett the gun, placing it under his jaw.

"Do you really want to fucking test me right now, Emmett? You disrespected Bella as if she was just some bitch, and then knocked her the fuck over as if she isn't pregnant, and threaten her and my fucking unborn children's' lives. Brother or not—if it wasn't for the love and respect I have for Carlisle and Esme, you'd be fucking dead; you got that shit," I explained to him pressing the gun into his jaw with each word.

"Fuck you!" he spat.

"Maybe I should just get it over with…" I said and then I squeezed the trigger. He jumped looking at me with shock and fear in his eyes. "It's that easy; next time they'll be something in the clip," I warned him. I turned handing the gun back to Stefan, and I watched him place the bullets back into the gun.

I knew Stefan wouldn't give me a loaded gun, not the way Emmett's been pushing my fucking buttons lately. I looked back at Emmett, and for the first time in weeks saw the man I called my brother.

"Move," I told him. He stepped out of my way without so much as a word. I walked over to Juan Diego again and looked at him.

"I want you to tell me every fucking thing, or not only will I make your death slow and painful, I'll make you watch me kill Maria first," I informed him and watched his eyes go large as he started to look around the dark room probably expecting Maria to be here.

She wasn't; I had no intention of going after her—as long as he didn't bullshit me.

"You kidnapped my little girl?" he asked and I grinned.

"Come on, Juan, we both know Maria will go wherever I tell her. I didn't have to kidnap her," I replied with a grin.

"I'll tell you whatever you want – just let her go," he said quickly. I smiled just as Maxx brought over a chair for me to sit in. I sat down right across from him.

"Start from the beginning."

"When I heard about the three of you running the Australia family after you made the truce with Santiago, I knew it wouldn't be hard to break you all from the inside. All of you have always tried to portray the perfect family, but no three men can share equal power. One gets hungry for more, history proves it…"

"…so you went after Emmett?"

"He was easier to manipulate; he had already betrayed all of your trust before with the FBI agent," he said and it pissed me off that Emmett betraying us by being with a Fed was public fucking knowledge. "Plus he's always been trying to prove himself to your family. Ever since he attended school with my boy Leo, may he rest in peace," Juan Diego continued. I looked over at Emmett and then Stefan.

"What was your plan exactly?"

"To blend my family with yours, to get all of you to turn on Santiago and start a war," he answered honestly.

"You thought that was going to work by getting Emmett to turn on us?"

"It was working. Everything was going perfect until Emmett started getting paranoid about you fucking his wife, and he started losing his fucking cool. I told him if he kept going off the way he was, he was going to ruin everything," he answered and I looked over at Emmett again.

"What have you been taking, Emmett?" I asked him. Only drugs made Emmett as paranoid as he's been these past few weeks. He flicked his nose looking from me to Juan Diego and then back to me.

"A little coke…" he whispered. My jaw clenched as I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"What was the plan you made with him?" I asked. He inhaled a deep breath and pushed his hands into his pockets. "Don't get fucking quiet now, answer me!" I shouted at him jumping up from the chair and getting in his face.

"The plan was to get Angela, Bella and Sarah alone somewhere, and make it look like Santiago's guys kidnapped them. Then Sarah and Angela would turn up after you and Stefan believed it was Santiago who had taken them…"

"Do you hear how fucking stupid you sound?" I asked mugging him in the head. "You were going to have your own wife kidnapped."

"You would have never fell for it if they only took Bella, not with Santiago being married to her sister, plus she would have fought back if Angela and Sarah weren't in danger, too," he rushed out. I shook my head and realized he didn't say that Bella was going to turn up.

"What were you going to do with Bella?" I asked him. He looked at me, but he didn't answer me, and I knew it was probably best I didn't know. "You were going to betray me—the guy who took a bullet for you! I fucking killed for you, and you wanted to betray me because you let a fucking piece of shit like Juan get into your head!" I continued to shout at him.

"He said Bella was…"

"…don't you say her fucking name! You don't have that fucking privilege anymore!" I interjected. "When you see my wife, you call her Mrs. Masen until I tell you otherwise," I informed him. He looked at me as if to check if I was serious.

"You're going to treat me like I'm just some pussy you hired off the street?"

"You're lucky I don't put a bullet in your fucking head, and I'm allowing you to breathe right now," I replied with my fist balled up at my sides. "You were going to have our wives kidnapped! And for what? Because this sorry piece of shit told you Bella was lying!"

"Juan didn't tell me, Amoro did," Emmett yelled catching me by surprise.

"You've been in contact with Amoro?" I asked stepping back from him to keep myself from choking him the fuck out.

"He said he was tired of Santiago blaming everything on him and he wanted to make amends for the shit that happened, and thought you should know Bell…" he paused when he saw the look on my face. "…Mrs. Masen was a trap set by Aro and Santiago. I knew you wouldn't listen if I came to tell you, because you've been pussy whipped by her from the first fucking day," he continued. I shook my head unable to believe he'd been conspiring with fucking Amoro behind our backs.

"You're a fucking idiot, Emmett," I said running my fingers through my hair. "Amoro was fucking playing you. What proof did he give you to make you trust him over me?" I asked him.

"A recorded video between Bella and Aro before you met her," he replied, as if he knew more than me. "I watched it, her sitting on his lap. The shit was trifling. She was saying how she'd do whatever he asked her to. He said even kill the Target, she said consider it done, and they fucking laughed," he answered as if that should have been all I needed to hear. I ran my fingers through my hair.

"You remember Bella saying she pretended to be his goomah to get close enough to kill him, don't you?"

"And yet, she didn't kill anyone; best fucking cover, isn't it," Emmett replied back obviously set on the fact that Bella wasn't who she said she was.

"Okay, then if he knew she was Bella and it really was a setup, answer this: did he by any chance call her Melanie in that recorded video?" I asked him, remembering Bella telling me that was the fake name she gave Aro when she was his acting as his goomah. I knew about every conversation she ever shared with Aro, she told me all of them.

"I don't know, Amoro didn't play the entire video for me to…" he stopped talking as if he realized that he was a fucking moron.

"He only played you the part he knew you'd eat the fuck up," I finished for him. "Let me ask you something else, are you the reason Jon was able to stay off the grid so Jasper and Seth could never spot him?"

He looked down at his feet. "He was coming to the States to get Bella after Amoro staged the kidnapping," Emmett said, and all my resolve was gone as I punched him in his face with so much force he fell to his knees.

"I won't kill you—but I want you the fuck out of this building tonight. Don't worry about trying to let your parents, wife or sister know, I'll do that," I said before walking away from him, Stefan following behind me. I stopped and looked at Maxx.

"Take care of Juan," I told him holding the hunting knife out to him. He nodded coming over and taking it from my hand. Stefan and I left the cells and headed back upstairs. I needed to somehow go tell Angela that her husband had planned to have her kidnapped.

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