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20 minutes ago...

Saturn's POV

How the heck did I end up in this position? One moment I'm perfectly fine, and in the next, I have this...this...demonic wolf/dog pinning me down.

Oh, well. There's only one thing to do in a situation like this...

With a quick lash of a paw and bite (more of a nip) to the neck, I managed to get off from under the 'husky'. Despite the fact that my fur was wet and dirty and my leg was apparently sprained, I began to limp-run towards the teachers in hope that it would discourage the dog form tearing me into little black pieces. Our creepy dog had another idea, though...

Unknown POV

I don't even know what happened. While I was chatting with the teachers about what I'd be doing at this school and all the rules that follow it, I noticed my dog was acting a bit weird.

Ok, maybe not a bit. The hell is he doing? Reluctantly, I open a mental link with him.

- What are you doing? Are you trying to get us caught?!-

I waited for a response over our link, but I never got one. I sighed. Why now of all times?

"Um, excuse me?" I asked, using the most polite voice I could muster (wasn't that easy either). "Can I go get my dog? He seems to be, uh, chasing something..."

Something must have clicked inside the teachers because they all told me to hurry with a look of horror on the faces . With a nod and small wave, I ran in the directing I'd seen my dog go.

When I was finally was out of the teachers hearing and sight range, I switch to a more familiar and darker form. Whatever that damned dog is chasing, it must be something worth his time for he's done the same. I sigh again.

Just don't kill it, Smiles...Well, at least not yet.

Saturn's POV


While I was running for the teachers, I suddenly felt something I never wanted to feel:

Something grabbed me by the scruff.

Naturally, when something grabs a cat by the scruff, it freezes and cannot move. Well, imagine that happening, but with a angry, demonic wolf-dog-possibly-Husky the one with me in an iron grip.

(Well, even if I could move, I wouldn't. This thing has teeth that can be the equivalent to a shark's...)

Not even a second later I found myself being thrown in the other direction. Luckily, I landed on my feet. Sadly, I landed on my sprained leg, so I fell down soon after.

With a small pained yowl, I tried to stand again only to hiss is absolute pain and fall back down. I guess I'm not going anywhere...

That is, if I hadn't heard the causer of my pain stalking me.

Forgetting about my about my sprained leg, I ran towards the forest near the school, hoping I could shake the smiling husky that was silently chasing after me (How the hell is that possible? Thing's like an assassin!)

Only one thought entered my head at the time:

Don't let him catch me ^

Luckily for me, when I rounded around a tree and fell, someone caught me and brought me close to their chest. Not bothering to think about who caught me or why the hell they were in the forest, I let my claws dig into the random person's arm just to make sure I didn't fall.

Not even a minute later, the weird dog came only to stop when it saw my random savior. Thinking I was safe, I relaxed only to tense up again at the sound of said person's voice.

"Is this seriously what you refused to answer me for?"

...Am I in Heaven now because that guy sounds like an angel...

Wait...No. No.

It's the other way around. I'm in Hell because that guy sounds like a demon.

Slowly, I turn to face my 'savior' only to flatten my ears so low it seemed like they weren't there.

This guy has no eyelids .A. What the fuzz?

The guy that 'saved' me had no eyelids, a pale white face, black hair, and this creepy carved in smile that reminded me of the dog in a bad, bad way. He wore a white jacket that seemed to make his insane looking expression more visible that before.

Oh, did I forget to mention this guy had a bloody knife?!



Unknown POV

Ok, I know it was a little cruel, but cruel is my middle name. When I finally caught up to whatever the hell Smile was chasing, I realized with great relief that it was just a black cat.

Well, maybe not just a black cat.

I felt a decent amount magic around it. Curious as to how that was even possible, I decided I might as well stop Smile from killing this odd cat. He was clearly drawing out the chase so he could get more enjoyment out of it.

When I found the cat again, it had tripped over something and was about to fall. Seeing as this was my chance, I grabbed it before it could hit the ground. I brought it up to my chest so it wouldn't scratch up my face (Because it's just fabulous to be fucked with -WO). Luckily, it only dung it's claws into my arm a bit.

Less than a minute later, my hyper dog in hunting mode came around the corner as silent as a leopard stalking a gazelle. When he met my gaze though, he froze, knowing he'd been caught. I chuckled in my head. Oh, you are BUSTED X3

I felt the black cat relax, but not entirely. I guess she's not completely domestic because only a feral cat will do that.

Focusing all my attention on Smile, I asked him a simple question that had a unexpecting result.

"Is this seriously what you refused to answer me for?"

That cat went into defense mode before I could finish the sentence. It tensed up to the max and looked up at me.

I couldn't help it.

It just HAD to happen.

The moment the cat made eye contact with me, it's ears just vanished, and I let out a amused-insane smile that just set poor kitty fucking fit! It looked about ready to attack me, but something seemed to be holding it back. It's tail twitch violently as if it were trying to lash but just couldn't.

With a amused chuckle, I carried the cat out of the forest with my dog-who had calmed and returned to a more friendly form-close behind. When I got close to the school, I changed forms again so no one would expect a thing. The teachers, apparently, had been waiting for me for the past 10 minutes, so I could continue going one playing the innocent act.

After all, who would expect such a good-natured boy like me to be something so evil? -w-

So, our 2 main 'pastas have been introduced (well, one of them. You should be able to guess the other)! Our black kitty cat friend has met these two as well, so she kinda knows what they without knowing what they are.

Trust me. Shit gets weird later on, but right now we are going back to where we ended last chapter since there is no use in explaining what happens inbetween the ending on this one and the ending of the last chapter.

Next time, we will focus on Michelle a bit more since our cat is still hiding and trying to calm her fur (as well as clean it XD).

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