A brief moment between newly found sisters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin as they recover from their defeat in episode 18

It was dark. That's all she knew. Granted, she barely knew anything else anymore. Her mother was now her enemy, and her previous enemy became her sister. Sister. The word tasted unfamiliar on her tongue. In fact, it was that very sister that carried her to the Nudist Beach hideout. Satsuki was only conscious enough to see the grim look on Ryuko's face as she picked her up off the barren ground.

Pathetic. Here she was, beaten within an inch of her life, and Ryuko, who also had taken some serious damage, was carrying her. Carrying her. Satsuki Kiryuin. The girl who she sworn was her enemy. But she couldn't say they were enemies now. To be honest, Ryuko had no idea what they were to each other anymore. They weren't friends. The notion of being sisters was thrusted upon them at a time that was severely inconvenient. So what exactly were they to each other?

Allies. That was the word Satsuki had refused to call Ryuko at the beginning of it all. But now, she had no choice. Whether she liked it or not, Ryuko was the only family she had left. Her father was dead, and her mother was a monster. She almost felt envious of Ryuko being as blissfully ignorant to her origins as she was.

But Ryuko was ignorant no more. And She wanted answers. Answers to questions Satsuki couldn't answer even if she wanted to.

Satsuki stared at the black ceiling above her head. She couldn't really see anything since it was so dark, but she could hear the rapid tapping of a sneaker next to her right ear. She didn't have to look up to see who was sitting next to her.

Ryuko frowned down at the older girl. "You're awake." She grunted, handing her a glass of water.

Satsuki sat up, wincing. She noticed that someone had changed the bandages on her chest and arms. It was probably Mako. She would have to thank her later once she was healthy enough to get up. "Yes. How long have you been sitting there?" She asked, her frown matching the younger girl's.

"Long enough to know you talk in your sleep..." Ryuko hesitated. "...Sis." There was a long pause between them after that. The battle between them and Ragyo had been nearly a week ago. It almost felt like a dream to them both. "Look, we don't have to act all sisterly to each other and make up for the years that we were apart, but right now, we need to form a bond. So that we can form a proper plan."

She had a point. Satsuki was impressed. She had never seen Ryuko think so rationally before. She gave her a curt nod, sipping out of the glass. "Why don't we start with the small things? Like favorite colors and things like that?" She suggested.



Both snorted.

"Figures." Ryuko commented, rolling her eyes. "Favorite food?"



Ryuko giggled. "Okay, this is kind of fun. Hmmm. Biggest fear?"

"My-" Satsuki stopped herself. "Our mother."

And then suddenly everything stopped being fun. And Satsuki was quiet, and Ryuko was angry. The red strand of life fiber in her hair burned red. She silently clenched her fists as Satsuki closed her eyes. Senketsu opened his eye. "Ryuko. Your blood is boiling. Is everything okay?"

"How could you ask me a damned thing like that?!" Ryuko growled, seething through her teeth. "Ragyo Kiryuin is the reason why my father is dead! And why my only sister is bedridden! I want her head on the end of my blade!" In a blink of an eye, Ryuko was up with one sneakered foot on the chair she had been sitting in and her scissor blade in her hand pointed towards the ceiling. Some how, it shone brightly even though there was no light.

Satsuki was astounded. They had been against each other up until this point, but now all of a sudden, Ryuko was defending her. It felt weird, she hadn't experienced it in a while. Actual love. Even if it was a little situational and rushed, Ryuko was still pissed for Satsuki. Because at the end of the day they both had the same common goal: Take down Ragyo Kiryuin.

"You may not want to count me as a sister, but I swear on my father's grave I will protect you, Satsuki Kiryuin!" Ryuko pointed to her with resolve in her eyes that made her blood pump.

"Very well." Satsuki decided. "I shall do the same for you, Ryuko Matoi. After all, I am the oldest, and I cannot have you making the Kiryuin name look bad." She held a hand for Ryuko to shake.

Ryuko smirked, taking it. "Oh trust me, that won't be my doing."