Chapter 31: Nice Legs

January 2001

Harry's flat, London

The door to the bathroom is thrown open from the hallway, sending it crashing against the little shelf with Teddy's bath toys and scattering wooden merpeople all over the floor. Startled by the sudden disruption of what was supposed to be a relaxing, peaceful bath, Ginny's free hand darts out to her wand on the little wicker table next to the bathtub. To her relieve, the person plodding in sports a familiar shade of black hair and barely stands taller than the door handle.

"Teddy Remus! You scared me, you little Gnome." Ginny sighs and inspects the cut just beneath her left knee, where she slipped with the razor. A trickle of blood runs down the wet skin, tainting the water rosy.

"Sorry." Teddy, not sorry in the least, plops down in the middle of the plush bathroom rug and gathers his merman and mermaid figures in a row before engaging them in a wild chase.

Putting down her razor, Ginny points her wand at her scraped skin and mumbles a quick Episky before returning to her earlier operation.

"What you doing, Gin?" Teddy has taken to calling Ginny by Harry's nickname for her somewhere during the last week. The little boy is spending a record of 10 days straight at his godfather's flat before returning to his grandmother's home for Andromeda's big 50th birthday party.

"I'm shaving my legs." Ginny swishes her wand at another razor cut, at the back of her knee. She hisses out a curse under her breath. "Or trying to."

"Why?" Teddy kneels before the bathtub, clutching a ginger merman and a black-haired mermaid clutched in his fists. Resting his little chin on the rim of the tub, he watches Ginny intently.

"I'm going to be wearing a nice dress for Granma Andi's birthday, so I want my legs to look nice." Usually, Ginny couldn't care less about hairs on her legs. Most of the Harpies proudly refuse to shave their legs at all and more often than not Ginny keeps the shaving for date nights with Harry. Ginny gives Teddy a smile and adds, "And if Fleur can shave her legs with a baby on her hands, then I will too."

"I wan' my legs t' look nice, too! When do I shave my legs?" Teddy wriggles out of his Harpies-green pyjama trousers, and examines his chubby legs closely.

"Oh, Teddy-Bear. You don't even have hairs on your legs yet, love." The crestfallen look on Teddy's face gives Ginny's heart a painful squeeze.

"Ted, I told you to put away your plushed beasts, didn't I?" The little boy's face lights up the second Harry comes into the bathroom. Once again, Ginny notices how well Harry looks, the way he fills his sweaters now and the crooked grin he gives her as he catches sight of her naked body in the tub.

"Harry, can I shave you?" Teddy pulls at Harry's hand, trying to attract his godfather's attention. The boy looks tremendously excited by his own idea. "Can I?"

Harry, still slightly distracted by Ginny's state of undress, runs his free hand over his clean shaven cheek perplexedly. Ginny giggles at the sight, as Teddy pulls at Harry's black tracksuit trousers. Taken aback, Harry holds the trousers firmly in place. "Ted!"

"He wants to shave your leg." Ginny indicates her own more or less hairless legs with a broad grin on her face. The way she stretches her leg in the air, wiggling her toes, has Harry mesmorized for a second before Teddy pulls at his trousers again.

"Oh." Harry looks back and forth between the two, puzzled still. Ginny's brow is raised, daring him, while Teddy couldn't look more delighted. "Okay, sure."

Happy new year, my lovely Potterheads! I hope it's the best one yet for all of you ;*

This one was inspired by a story my mummy told me about my brother who was devestated when he was told he didn't have to shave his legs like my mum - now, Ginny is an original feminist and doesn't stand for that sexist crap but sadly Teddy's hair growth hasn't set in quite yet..

Also, I am IN LOVE with blvnk's bearded Auror!Harry you know that, but let's be honest, that's a look that establishes later (much later) in Harry's life. I think Harry (and Ginny) prefered a cleanly shaven look in his late teens, early 20s. The rugged look came later, when his kids were older... in fact, hey, let me write a little something about it!

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