Chapter 32: Midlife Crisis

June 2018

Potter House, North England

The clock above the Potter's breakfast bench is just cheerfully announcing 10 o'clock in its warm Welsh accent when James trudges into the sunlit kitchen, mumbling a low Morning in greeting. Not bothering to hide his yawn, he drops into his usual spot next to his mum and grabs the milk from next to Teddy. As he digs into breakfast, everyone else carries on with their own.

It's the first day of summer break and the sun shines bright and hot outside, promising perfect conditions for a trip to the Burrow. Albus is already talking his mum into picking up Rosie before going swimming in his grandparents' pond, while Lily is happily chatting with Teddy about the new puppy she hopes Albus gets for his birthday.

James has nearly finished his breakfast when Harry addresses his second oldest across the table. He was held up at a meeting the night before, missing out on picking his son up at King's Cross. "So, who won the House Cup this year?"

"We lost by 40 points to Hufflepuff. Dom was dead chuffed. I had to stop Freddie from throw his pudding at her." While Dominique is perhaps James' second favourite cousin out of the bunch, her look of absolute superiority after winning the House Cup for the second time in a row made James want to throw a hex at her. Sadly, wands have been strictly prohibited inside the Great Hall at mealtimes ever since a legendary duel between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff pupils in Teddy's 6th year. "And they only won because our regular Keeper wasn't allowed to play in the last Quidditch match. Ferguison is shite as Keeper." For the first time since his parents waved him off after Easter break, James looks at his father, already apologizing for his language. "Sor- Merlin, what happened to your face?"

"It's a beard, James." Harry explains calmly, grinning at Teddy who pats his little brother's head tauntingly, much to Albus and Lily's amusement.

"Don't worry, Jamie, you'll be able to grow one someday too."

"I know what it is," James grunts as he flaps away Teddy's hand, "but why is it there? And why is ther so much of it?"

"The boy who lived," Teddy motions towards Harry exasperatedly, "is having a mid-life crisis."

"Teddy." Ginny's reprimand is half-hearted at best. James and Teddy are cackling at Harry's withering look, Albus joining in.

"What's a mid-life crisis?" Lily looks at her mother curiously, her green eyes big as saucers.

"It is not a mid-life crisis." Harry harrumphs indignantly before Ginny can answer their youngest. Though he tries to hide it, suddenly concentrating on his half-eaten banana, Ginny can see him redden ever so slightly under his much-discussed facial hair.

"Well, it's not a quarter-life crisis. You're half a step away from being ancient, old man."

"Teddy." Ginny's reprimand gets drowned in Albus and James cackles.

"I bet Ron agrees with me." Teddy shrugs and happily takes a sip of his tea.

"Well, Ron is thinking about getting one of those ridiculously expensive hair growing potions, so…" Harry grins at Teddy and stands, starting to clear the table of their breakfast remains. Ginny files the information away for later and sends the dishes flying into the sink.

"Alright. Al, go pack your bag for the Burrow, please. James, if you want to come along you need to be ready in half an hour. Lil, I don't think your tutu is the right outfit for flying lessons. Why don't you change into your new short leggings?" Once the kids are racing up the stairs, yelling and rumbling all the way, Ginny turns to the only one left at the table. "Will you be at the Burrow tomorrow for dinner?"

"Wouldn't dare to miss it." Teddy stands and grabs an apple from the fruit basket on the counter. "I think Vic is having this Sunday off as well, so we could pick up the littles early if you want."

"And nick some breakfast while you're at it, I take it?" Ginny grins as Teddy stows the apple and a pack of rice cakes into his satchel.

"Of course." Grinning back, Teddy plants a smacking kiss on Ginny's cheek before hugging Harry tightly. "I got to go, but I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright. Try to remember Lily's book she left at your flat last week." Ginny sees him to the door and watches him walk the considerable distance to the apparition point at the edge of the property before waving one last time as he spins to disapparate.

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