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The forest was teaming with life as the sun was shining through the lush trees of green with birds singing and white clouds floating in the blue sky. Insects happily flying around. The forest was beautiful.

"Slendy!" An excited voice cried, breaking the peaceful silence. "Slennnnddyyy!" A tall and slender man dressed in a rainbow polka-dot suit with a matching top hat entered the clearing of the forest with a grin of a black mouth and black eyes. If he had irises and pupils, they would be beaming. "Have you seen Offender?" He approached another tall man, but faceless and wearing in a black suit and tie.

"Probably looking for a girlfriend," a third brother smirked. Trender was his name and the third youngest. He dressed like a simple human would in skinny jeans; a white under shirt with a tan sweater vest; and converse shoes. He was sitting by a tree and reading a book with glasses over his eyeless face.

"He has been gone lately, hasn't he?" Slender, the eldest brother, questioned as he looked at the sitting slender brother. "Hopefully he-"

He was interrupted by the sound of steps crushing on grass by an annoyed, tall, and thin man dressed in a black coat, slacks, leather shoes, and a fedora over his bald, white head. A thin frown was on his lips and hands in his coat pockets.

"Found him," Trendy neutrally called.

"Never mind," the eldest brother muttered.

Splendy beamed at the sight of his second-eldest brother. "Offend-"

"Leave me alone, Spendor," Offender growled as he carried on walking straight.

The child-like Slender brother frowned, crushed by his brother's words. He hated seeing his brothers sad and Offender was certainly bothered by something.

"I'll talk to him," Slender mutter softly, following his agitated brother.

Offender carried on walking passed his brothers and to a nearby pond. He stood by the edge, looking down at his faceless reflection with heartache and disappointment. He tried to change. Oh, God, how he tried to change from a dark and deranged predator to a true creature with a heart. He just wanted someone, a human woman, to be called his. After all his years of using them, he finally wanted to have that once special woman. He was wasting his time, he knew he was because how the hell would anyone love him?

"Offender?" A cold voice asked from behind.

"What?" He asked with his smooth voice colder than his very own organ called a heart.

"Did something happen?"

"Yes," he growled. "I'm a monster and always will be one." If he had eyes, he would be glaring death into his rippling reflection.

His older brother sighed, stepping beside him. "Trying to still change, I see."

"It's not about lust anymore, Slend. I want more than that," he admitted.


Offender said nothing.

Slender slowly nodded his faceless and pale head. "At least you're trying, brother, that is all you need."

"You don't want me to fall in love," he emotionlessly stated.

Slender never trusted humans and was never fond of his brothers trying to be with them, let alone talk to them. However, he wanted them be happy and if it made Trendy happy to be like them, then so be it.

"I just want you to stay alive," Slender replied, then walked away.

Offender heavily sighed as he hung his head, just wishing and hoping that for once, he will not be seen as a monster. Just once would be nice.