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That really annoying recap that you can skip on the DVDs...

Harry goes on a random camping trip with his 'family' and encounters a Wendigo, setting him on the path to become a hunter. Eight years later, Harry summons Loki, AKA Gabriel the arch angel, in order to learn Enochian symbols and instead starts off a chain-reaction.

A few months after dealing with the Toad via bringing Loki to Hogwarts, Harry meets the Winchesters for the first time. At the end of fifth year, Harry brings in his Hunter contacts to deal with Voldemort so he can live his own life and begins traveling with either Gabriel or the Winchester brothers and begins a company to provide internet and cell phone service to hunters which he called the Monkey Magic Corporation. The company is a major hit and quickly rises in the business world, not that he pays attention to it.

When Dean is sent to hell, Harry steps in to keep Sam from killing himself with depression, and to keep Ruby from getting her claws into him. When Dean came back, Harry fills them in on things that no one bothered to tell either brother...that they are the chosen vessels for Lucifer and Micheal in the war to come, and that Lilith was going to be breaking seals now that Dean had come back. In order to keep the angels out of the loop, Harry helps Dean contact Castiel, the angel of Thursday who saved Dean from hell's grasp.

Shortly after the rising of the Witnesses, Gabriel tells Harry that the Winchester brothers aren't the only ones dealing with fate...Harry has two prophecies hanging over his head, one of which has never been completed before in all the 'resets' that happen when the world is about to end. It is then that Harry finds out that God and Fate have been essentially turning back the clock, and that it's Fate's fault that he had gone on that ill-fated camping trip and encountered the Wendigo.

Shortly after the Weasly twins flee to America, Harry learns that Dumbledore isn't as Light as he claims and makes plans to deal with him after the war.

Harry, as a joke, creates a website he calls the "Hunter Kill Count" which ranks every hunter in the world and the site takes off.

Sometime later, Harry learns of a stranded angel by the name of Anna, and takes her to Gabriel for sanctuary. This leads to the question of why Harry can pick up on angel chatter, as they have no idea who his angelic half belongs to, leading to a short trip to the past where Harry finally takes his NEWTs. It is there that he finds out that Gabriel had been at Hogwarts James Potter, his father. With this new information, Harry realizes that the killing curse threw Gabriel out of his vessel and gave him partial amnesia, while explaining why the two had gotten along so easily.

When the angels take note of the increased activity, Harry returns to his own time and very little changes between the recently discovered Father/Son duo, even though cambions are usually killed on sight by angels.

Harry also discovers his animagus form, which is a bi-winged alicorn with a golden pelt.

When Harry goes to help Dean with Sam's addiction to demon's blood, he is captured and ends up fulfilling both prophecies at the same time by killing Lilith and dragging Voldemort to hell with him, where his father's grace protects him from the demons awaiting him.

In Hell, Harry finds six Grace Vials, all that remains of an angel's grace when an angel falls into Lucifer's domain...including Lucifer's grace, which was lost when he fell into hell.

Upon his return, Harry notes that the relationship between the Winchester brothers has frayed and is stuck rescuing Dean from Zachariah's scheme to make him say yes to Micheal when he is trapped in an alternate future that had happened a while ago. When they return from that future, Gabriel comes clean to Castiel and the Winchester brothers about what was really going on and what would happen. Because of the fact he dragged Voldemort to hell when he had the other two Hallows, Harry is the unofficial Master of Death until Death rises from the pit and they are able to complete his ring to send Lucifer back down to his cage.

Harry has achieved what Gabriel calls a 'partial ascension' due to his rise from the pit of hell without falling, meaning he is more angel than human, despite being Death's current master. Another side effect is that Harry now resembles Gabriel's current vessel more strongly than he does a green-eyed James Potter with a lightning scar, as this scar had been erased upon Voldemort's destruction.

During his first official hunt, Harry stumbles upon a young cambion named Jesse and rescues him before either side finds him and offers the boy sanctuary and training, as well as a new job for his parents and essentially claims Jesse as his own younger brother, having wanted one since he was younger.

In order to deal with Dumbledore once and for all, Harry returns to England and systematically destroys everything tying him to England and 'kills' his Potter identity, no longer wanting anything to do with the sheep that had tried to destroy him from the inside out. He also frees his godfather from an illegal arrest, which had been a trap for 'Harry Potter'. At this point he takes the name Gabriel Winchester Evans as his main identity, and leaves his Harry Potter one behind for good.

Harry has offered to teach the Winchester brothers magic, since their natural cores had been freed from both angelic (Dean) and demonic (Sam) influences. The brothers are currently going through all seven years of magical education.

A few months in, Sam and Dean are called by a former hunter to a psychiatric hospital for a hunt...only Bree forces them to get out some long seated issues before they go as a precaution, leading to open counseling sessions for every hunter where they can safely vent.

Bree is confronted by Zachariah and with the assistance of Gabriel banishes the angel to heaven until he learns his lesson. He is later confronted by Lucifer but leaves before anything really happens.

Bree and Sam, tired of the unspoken tension between Castiel and Dean, lock them in an angel proof room for a week.

After Dean and Castiel finally resolve their unspoken tension, Zachariah tries to kill both brothers by murdering their parents in the past, sparking a race to get to Mary and John first...there was one catch though. Bree finally learns the identity of the hunter who saved his life during the incident with the Wendigo that set him on the path of a was himself!

Upon his return to the present, Bree comes down with a mysterious illness caused by close proximity to Death using Necromancy. While the situation is resolved easily enough by the brothers, his condition forces Gabriel to smash one of the Grace Vials which sends Bree straight to Heaven...where Zachariah is waiting for him.

It is in Heaven that they get confirmation that God cannot act until after this spat between Micheal and Lucifer is over, and that Bree's status as Gabriel's son is actually the doing of Fate. Bree is also surprised to learn that while he is allowed into Heaven, he will never find peace until his task is completed. In this case, putting an end to Lucifer so that he is either dead or sealed away forever as the incomplete seal had forced both God and Fate to 'reset' the world multiple times already.

In Heaven, Bree also comes face-to-face with his dead mother, Lily Evans. She is less than happy to learn the real reason why she had yet to see James since they died together.

Soon after his return from Heaven, they encounter the Whore of Babylon, which lead to Castiel telling them that there had been countless Walkers in history, though Bree was the first one who was only half angel and half human. Bree also settles on a name to go by when disguised as an angel and decided to call himself Kibeth after the character from one of his favorite series. Castiel is less than happy that he has to seal Bree's grace temporarily, as such a thing is normally against the rules because Bree is a higher class of angel compared to Castiel.

A few weeks later Adam Winchester, Sam and Dean's younger half brother, is resurrected by the angels as a stand-in since Dean refuses to agree to be Micheal's vessel. Bree takes Dean's place using polyjuice and attempts to help rescue Adam, only to nearly be captured by Micheal who takes Adam by force.

Bree's power as the Walker kicks into full gear, sending him back to the initial try at sealing Lucifer back in the Pit permanently and he must now make his way through the various alternates until he finds his own time line once more.

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