First alternate, episode Hollywood Babylon

Dean and Sam were checking out LA when they heard a phone ring. It had a song that wasn't from their time. Looking around, Sam spotted a familiar face.


"Yo Sammy!"

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm playing an angel who comes to save the heroine in some cheesy horror flick. Apparently the director overheard me correcting the chick's Latin, because their translation was totally botched."

"Dude," said Dean, tapping Sam on the shoulder when he spotted the main character in the film.

"I can get you guys on the set if you want," grinned Gabe.

"How the hell did you get on a movie?" asked Sam.

"One, I'm a hot guy who can speak perfect Latin. Two, I actually know a thing or two about the supernatural. And Three, I sorta confunded them into thinking I was the guy who saves their ass at the end of the movie," said Gabe.

"So what, you're the angel who sweeps in to save the hot chick?" said Dean.


"That is so unfair," said Dean.

"You can be my assistant, and Sammy here can be an extra," said Gabe.

"Count me in!" said Dean.

"Why are you even here?" asked Sam.

"Because some idiot put an actual necromantic summoning ritual in a damn movie and I felt the chick reciting it out of order," deadpanned Gabe.

Now Sam knew why he was there. Gabe would never let something as annoying as necromancy pass.

"Besides, the dumbass director has me doing the ritual since I can speak Latin better than Tara."

Gabe leaned against the trailer.

"The irony is that the original script was actually pretty good. I can't wait to see the guy's face when I blast the spirits back to wherever he called them from using the counterspell," grinned Gabe.

"So why do you need us?"

"Screentime anyone? Besides, I need you to keep deaths down to a minimum."

"Found our summoner...little shit doesn't even understand why forcing a ghost to murder is a bad idea," chuckled Gabe.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Sam.


"On what?"

"If the dumbass knows what happens when you brake the talisman. I've read ahead of the script. When confronted by Sammy, he does the stupid thing and breaks the talisman controlling them. They get pissed and kill him, while the director puts the whole incident in the script."

"And you're here again why?" asked Sam.

"Screen time. Might as well have some fun with this, besides how often does someone like me in up in an actual movie that isn't a porno?" snickered Gabe.

"Good point," said Dean.

"So when do we nab this loser?" asked Gabe.

"Let me finish lunch," said Dean.

The kid who summoned the ghosts didn't make it, as Gabe had correctly guessed that he would break the talisman without realizing the consequences.

Before they parted ways, Gabe slipped something around Sam's wrist.

"What's this?"

"Emergency dog whistle. Azazel's going to make his big move soon, and I would rather not see you dead. You activate this by concentrating on Hunter, and he'll appear wherever you are. I already attached the other end to his new collar. This activates, I come straight to wherever you are," said Gabe.

"What's his big game?"

"He doesn't need soldiers Sam. Demons are stronger and more useful than any psychic. He needs someone to lead them, someone with the gift. Which is why I'm also giving you this. A kit for any demon you come across. It has salt, iron, the works. Keep it on you at all times," said Gabe seriously, handing Sam a bag.

"What is he going to do?"

"Last man standing. He only needs one psychic Sammy. If I help you now, then Lilith has trouble grabbing Dean later," said Gabe bluntly.

Dean had to sell his soul in order for Lilith to take him to hell.

"Gabe...what do I do?"

"Azazel can't bring out his army. If one of the psychics goes missing, then stay together," said Gabe seriously.

Sam spent the better part of a month memorizing Hunter's appearance. When the time came he would have to call the hellhound to him, otherwise he would be in serious trouble.

Three months after Gabe slipped the bracelet on Sam's wrist, he went missing in a diner full of dead people with sulfur in his wake.

The race to find Sam was on.