Chapter 8


I know that some of you are disappointed that the story is just 8 chapters short. But if I would write more I would loose track of the topic and then I would loose the ideas for it and it would become rather a

Someone wanted twins or triplets. I decided for the twins because triplets would probably be the death in that time.

"Mama!", little Amira shouted happily at Regina who scooped her little girl up and twirled with her around. Her other daughter Arwen hugged her leg tightly and Regina scooped her up too. "How are my two precious little girls?",Regina asked and kissed their cheeks. She looked up to Emma who gave their horses to the servants. She walked towards them and kissed Regina softly. She directly felt four tiny hands pushing her back slightly. "Eeww, Moms!",the twins declared and Emma and Regina chuckled.

Regina put their 5 years old twins back on the ground and took Emma's hand. "Did you enjoy your riding lesson with your mother?",Regina asked and led the twins to the castle. "Yes! Ma let us jump over a little branch.",Arwen told Regina and took Emma's other hand. Amira took Regina's hand and smiled up to her. "I love you, Mama.",she whispered and Regina smiled at her. "I love you too.",she whispered back and they entered the castle.

"Grandma! Grandpa!",the twins squealed and ran to Cora and Henry who scooped them up and peppered them with kisses. "Hello, little sweethearts.",Cora said and held them close. "Where is Anna?",Arwen asked her grandmother and Cora sighed. "She still fights against her fever. You can't see her yet.",she answered and the twins sighed saddened. "I hope she gets better soon. We miss her.",Amira said and Arwen nodded. "Yes, tell her that we love her.",she wrapped her arms tighter around Cora.

"Will do.",Cora answered and rocked Arwen on her hip. "How was your ride?",Henry asked Emma who smiled. "Good. Both stayed on the horses and even did small jumps today. They will be as good as Regina soon." "I doubt that.",Regina commented and Emma chuckled. "I love you.",Emma whispered and kissed Regina. "Oooookay! Stop now before we end up with a lot more grandchildren.",Henry said and Regina grinned. "Mother taught me how to prevent pregnancies.",Regina told him and nudged his shoulder.

"I don't even want to know that!",Henry said and laughed. "We'll keep an eye on the twins and you two can have fun." "But not that kind of fun!",Cora said when the women wanted to sneak into their chamber. Emma pouted and Regina grinned. "We will go to the lake if you don't mind looking after them." "No. Go. We would love to have them. Anna is sleeping right now and at least one of you really needs the break.",Cora looked at Emma who nodded. "Thanks, Cora.",Emma answered before she left with Regina.

Cora and Henry led the twins to a play chamber and sat at the side together while they watched them. "Next month will be your 42nd birthday... Do you want a ball or should the of us just celebrate alone?",Henry asked and kissed her neck. "What do you have in mind?",Cora asked and Henry smiled. "Something like Emma and Regina's honeymoon. But a bit shorter.",he answered and Cora kissed him lovingly on the lips. "I love you so much, Henry.",Cora whispered and he chuckled. "I love you too. I love your eyes. I love your laugh. I love your humor. I even love your snoring at night.",he told her and she smacked him playfully.

"I don't snore.",she said and he laughed. "You do but I don't care because it sounds just too cute to be something bad.",he answered and wrapped his arms tighter around her. "Well, I love your character. Your calmness. Your strength. Without you I probably would have become a pawn in Rumpelstiltskin's plan. Some coldhearted bitch without soul. You are my rock in hard times. You are my whole world.",Cora whispered against his lips and than just kissed him. He deepened the kiss and caressed her body. "And you are mine.",he answered. They smiled at each other before they finally realized the world around them again.

Amira and Arwen were calling their names and seemed pretty annoyed by now. "Grandma! Grandpa!",they whined and they smiled apologetically. "Yes, sweethearts?",Cora asked and they sighed relieved. "We are hungry!",Arwen said and the couple chuckled. Arwen definitely had inherited Emma's stomach. "Well, we have to do something against this ,don't we?",Henry asked and tickled Arwen. "St-op, Grandpaaaaa!",she squealed and laughed. Amira helped her sister to fight her grandpa off and ended up tickled too.

They looked completely like the other. They had inherited Regina's black hair and most of her face. Her soft nose. Her chin. But their eyes definitely were from Emma. But most of all their behavior was so much like Emma. They could eat like they had starved for weeks but wouldn't gain a pound. But they were also caring and loving. They were kind and brave.

Cora and Henry scooped the twins up and carried them to the dining room where they ordered the servants to make a bit food.

Regina and Emma arrived at the lake and directly undressed and jumped into it. "Remember our first time here?",Emma asked when Regina swam towards her and wrapped her arms around her. "How could I forget? That was the moment I knew that I want to spend my life with you.",Regina answered and dipped her under the water. She felt Emma tickling her and squirmed. Emma came back over the surface and chuckled. "You can do better than that.",she mumbled before she pulled Regina under the water and kissed her. "That's for our first kiss here.",Emma said when they came up for air again.

Regina smiled and just hugged her close. "My mother's birthday is soon. Father wants to make a birthday-honeymoon for her. Would you mind keeping an eye on Anna for a few days?",Regina asked and Emma shook her head. "I love Anna." Regina looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "But I love you more.",Emma quickly said with a goofy grin. "Good girl.",Regina answered and sighed contently.

The secret of the black knight was revealed and she was happy that it was revealed to her and not some other woman. She was happy that Emma was HER wife and just HERS.

I can write a sequel but that will have to wait a few weeks/days. I promised sequels for 2 other stories and had to finish this one first:D