A King in The North.

Esme Blyth watched as rain pelted violently against her window. The Storm Lands truly lived up to its name. Esme pressed her slender hand against the glass. The door to her chambers creaked open slowly and Trisha, Esme's head maid, entered the room.

"My Lady you must get ready. Your Lord Father and Lady Mother have requested an audience with you." Trisha said as she walked toward the chest that held Esme's few gowns.

"Did they tell you why?" Esme asked her silken voice ringing through the air like a bell. Trisha shook her head causing her frizzy blonde hair to fall in her face.

"They did not My Lady... They only informed me that it was urgent." Trisha said as she walked over to Esme, a dark red gown folded carefully across her arm. Esme sneered at the dress.

"Must I wear that?" She asked as she slowly stripped out of her night gown. Trisha gave her a look.

"You Lady Mother insisted that you wear it My Lady." Trisha said then she pulled the gown over Esmes head. Esme scowled at her reflection. The dress was tight in the torso and busom causing her already large breasts to strain against the fabric, the skirt constricted her movement severely.

Esme was forced to sit down while Trisha pulled her thick ebony curls into a tight bun and while her maid was distracted Esme quickly hid her favorite dagger in sheith attached to her thigh.

"Come quickly now. Your parents are waiting." Trisha exclaimed as she gently pushed Esme out of her bed chambers. Esme sighed and forced herself to take small hurried steps. She reached her Father's study in no time at all and quickly pulled the doors open. Esme curtsied respectfully to her Mother and Father. Looking closely you could tell that Esme shared more of her features with her Lord Father then with her Lady Mother. Esme and her Father shared the same curly ebony locks, pale skin, tall stature, and fierce silver eyes. Esme did, however, look like her mother when it came to her beautiful features for she and her Mother shared the same curvaceous yet still slender body, creamy complexion and regal features.

"Father. Mother. You summoned me?" Esme asked politely. Her father nodded.

"Yes. Your Mother and I have just received word that Lord Eddard Stark has been arrested by the bastard King Joffrey." Lord Octavian snarled angrily.

"Esme my dear. Your Father and Lord Stark believed that a union between our kingdoms would be most beneficial. We arranged a marriage between you and Lord Stark's eldest Son Robb... With his Father in the dungeons of King's Landing Robb Stark will be gathering as many allies as he can to rally against King Joffrey. He will arrive here in two days time if the letter we received from Lady Stark is correct." Lady Juliana said with a sad smile.

Esme's jaw clenched angrily. She had always known she would have to get married. Seven Hells she should feel lucky, as a seventeen year old many women her age were already married and had children of their own... But she hadn't even been aware of this arrangement between her Father and Lord Stark and for all she knew neither had Lord Starks son, whom she had never met before.

"Very well... Mother, Father I bid you good morning." Esme said before she calmly turned on her heel and left her Father's study. Once the door was shut Esme ran as fast as she could toward her bed chambers. Once she was in her bed chambers Esme quickly ripped the insufferable gown from her body and changed into a light blue tunic, a pair of black breeches, and soft leather boots. Then she grabbed her sword and began making her way toward the training grounds.

The Blyth family had always been known for their superior warriors, even the legendary Unsullied warriors could not compare to those living in the storm lands. Even the women were expected to know how to at least wield a sword.

"Hello little sister. You seem angry." Esme scowled and turned to look at her elder brother Mordred.

"Mordred, has Mother sent you to try and sooth me?" Ravenna bit out angrily to which her brother chuckled.

"No sister. I am not here for that purpose. Father informed of what happened this morning. I am sorry that you were unaware of the betrothal." Mordred said with a frown as he looked up at the darkening sky. Esme sheathed her sword.

"I know that one day I would have to wed, Mordred... But why wasn't I told? It is my life they are bargaining with after all." Esme said with a frown. She was hurt by her parent's actions. Mordred sighed and ran a hand through his silvery blonde hair.

"I know you are hurt Esme, but Robb Stark is a kind man who will make a loving husband." Mordred assured his sister as best he could. Esme laughed and playfully nudged her brother.

"Perhaps... It's going to rain." Esme said before she began to walk back into the keep. Esme sighed, she knew her marriage to Robb Stark would be an asset to their lands for he was the future Lord of Winterfell, but would he make a good and loving husband. She hoped so or else her life would be filled with misery for the rest of her days.

"Lady Esme! Lady Esme! Look at what I found!" Mavis, Trisha's four year old daughter, exclaimed as she appeared in front of Esme. Esme smiled at the small child with red hair and blue eyes. Esme crouched in front of the child.

"What did you find Mavis?" Esme asked with a smile that showed off her pearly whites. The young girl held out her hands to reveal and injured bird with iridescent black feathers and amber eyes. A crow the symbol of house Blyth. Esme smiled and stroked the small birds uninjured wing.

"He's injured very badly M'Lady." Mavis said with a frown.

"Well that won't do will it? Come we shall go see the healers." Esme said as she gracefully stood from her crouch. Mavis' eyes beamed happily.

"You mean you shall help him?" She asked hopefully to which Esme nodded her head.

"I shall try." With that the two of them began making their way toward the healer's tower, and for a brief moment all of Esme's worries over the marriage disappeared entirely.