Sansa sighed softly as Sonya brushed her hair. Her wedding was in an hour, when her mother had informed her that she would be marrying Mordred, Sansa hadn't been against it exactly.

"You look lovely, Lady Sansa." Sonya said as she began to pull the thick braids into a bun.

Sansa said nothing. She stared at her reflexion. Cersei had tried to marry her off to Tyrion, thankfully Sansa had avoided that when she had been kidnapped. Sansa self consciously rubbed her side.

"Lady Sansa... Mordred is a kind man, you will be happy." Sonya said before she turned to fetch Sansa's wedding gown.

The gown was made of dark green silk and covered in golden Myrish Lace. The dress was fitted and the sleeves were little more then ribbons that wrapped around the arms. The dress was relatively simple to those she had seen in King's Landing but it was far more beautiful.

"I thought I would be happy in King's Landing." Sansa muttered as she stood.

Sansa allowed Sonya to slip the gown onto her body and adjust the tightness. Once that was finished Sonya drapped a thick bride's cloak around her shoulders. The two slowly made their way from the room.

"Sonya," Sansa whispered, "I'm frightened."

"There is no reason to be. Mordred shall be gentle." Sonya replied with a gentle smile.

That really didn't help matters much. It wasn't the marriage bed that frightened Sansa, it was Mordred. She had seen him angry, she had seen him cut men down without a second thought, and that frightened her.

Soon they were in the Gods Wood. Lady Catelyn and Lady Julianna were standing beside Mordred, who spoke politely with both of them. Mordred wore a dark blue doublet with silver ravens embroidered into the fabric.

The wedding went by in a blur for Sansa. She said her vows, she felt as Mordred removed her brides cloaked and drapped a silver and blue cloak around her shoulders, she watched as the priest wrapped white cloth around their joined hands and then she kissed him. No longer was she a Stark by name, now she was a Blyth. Sansa Blyth.

She allowed Mordred to lead her to the Silver Keep where they were to celebrate their marriage. Mordred held her hand in a firm but gentle grip. For a brief moment Sansa thought of Joffrey, he had held her in a similar way... Once.

"Would you like to dance, Lady Sansa?" Mordred asked.

"I would be honored."

The two stood and walked onto the dance floor. Sansa sighed softly as Mordred led her across the floor. He held her close to him, his hand resting oh, so gently on her waist. Sansa enjoyed his warmth.

"You dance well." Sansa muttered.

"Not nearly as well as you."

She blushed that pomegranate blush of hers. The blush that made people who looked at her giggle and point and snicker behind their hands. She hated her blush.

"You're beautiful when you blush."

Sansa looked up at him. "T-Thank you." she stuttered.

Once the music ended Mordred led Sansa back to the table where the couple would receive their gifts. Sansa watched as Mordred was presented with swords and other such objects. Sansa was presented with Dornish perfumes, and silks from Merreen.

Once many of the guests were dancing and drinking Mordred turned to Sansa. "I know I can never replace the companion you have lost but maybe this could be a new friend." Mordred then reached down under the table, grabbed a small box and placed it on Sansa's lap. With tentative hands Sansa reached out and lifted the lid. A small gasp left her lips as her eyes fell on the small wolf pup.

"The bitch left it behind... I figured you could care for it." Mordred said.

Sansa looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you." She said.

Sansa almost yelped when someone yelled for the bedding ceremony to begin. Sansa swallowed hard as men surrounded her, they pulled at her dress and at the pins holding her hair in place. Sansa's slippers were slipped off of her feet.

Sansa glanced over at Mordred. Women flocked around him so tightly that all Sansa could see was the top of his silver blonde hair. Sansa was led through the Silver Keep, her clothes fell to the ground behind her and by the time they reached Mordred's bed chamber she was in nothing but her small clothes.

Sansa stood in the middle of the room, rubbing her arm gently, when Mordred came into the room she pursed her lips. Mordred was quite attractive. Sansa could feel herself trembling despite her best efforts not to.

Sansa blushed under he intensity of Mordred's purple eyed gaze. She breathed deeply as Mordred placed his hands on her waist. His hands were large and warm on her heating skin.

"M-Morded." She hadn't meant to stutter.

"I shall be gentle." He reassured.

Sansa knew deep down that Mordred didn't want to hurt her, but she was still scared. She remembered the mob, how the bony dirt covered men forced her onto her back. She remembered how they tore at her skirts as well as their own breeches. It wasn't a pleasant memory.

Soon Sansa was a withering mess, Mordred kissed and sucked at her skin and pleasured her in a way that she would never have thought possible. She gasped loudly as his finger slipped into her wet heat.

"Mordred." She cued while gently tugging at his silken curls.

Then Modred was kissing her neck and his manhood pressed against her thigh. "I'll try not to hurt you." Mordred promised before he lined himself up and pressed himself into her. Sansa's finger nails dug into muscular back, her eyes squeezed shut and for a moment all she felt was pain.

Then it was gone and the pain was replaced by pleasure. Modred reached between their bodies, his finger rubbed against the small bundle of nerves there, sending more pleasure to course through Sansa's body. She cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her, Mordred followed her right after.

Mordred pulled out of her and carefully layed out beside her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her closer, and burried his face in her hair. Sansa smiled, her large eyes closing.

"Thank you," She whispered.


"For being kind to me."

Mordred chuckled against her hair.

"You deserve to be happy. You deserve someone who can make you happy. Sansa you're a beautiful woman and only a cowardice fool would dare to make you feel otherwise. Now sleep."

Sansa smiled, her hands gently keeping Mordred's arms around her and then she slept.