Billy had seen her before, she was his dream girl, she was the only reason he came to the laundry room on these specific days. He never had the courage to talk to her, he had tried but with no luck, he had just mumbled near her and then walked away, luckily she wore her headphones allot so she didn't hear him. But today was the day. Today he was going to actually speak to her, not mumble, speak, real words. He took a deep breath and walked over to her, he noticed she had her headphones in so he would have to get her attention. He lifted his hand to tap her on the shoulder, he once again took a deep breath...and another...and another. He had stood there for almost a minute, he new people would start noticing, so he just had to do it, tap her on the shoulder, say hi, introduce himself and start a conversation, but instead he pulled his hand away from her shoulder and walked back to his laundry. He was ready to leave when someone tapped him on the shoulder, "I'm so sorry, you don't have a spare quarter do you?" He knew it was her

She had never spoken to him before, but he had heard her voice, she had been on the phone a few times before. He remembered the first time he heard her laugh, he couldn't stop smiling. She also hummed allot, along to her songs, but this was different, she was talking directly to him this time, so he had to be cool, he had to wipe the big smile he had off his face turn around to her, giver her a quarter and start a conversation. "wha..." he started, not good, not what he had planned. "What?" He asked turning to look at her, she had never been this close to him, she had once bumped into him by mistake but that was only a second. "Um, a quarter" she said smiling at him in confusion, taking the other headphone out her ear so she could hear him better. "You know, like what we use to make the machines work" she commented sarcastically with a smile. Billy laughed awkwardly and reached into his pocket pulling out a whole bag of quarters and passing it to her. "Wow" she exclaimed looking at the bag he gave her, "I only needed one but thanks" She took the bag and walked back over to her machine. Billy stared over at her trying to compose himself enough to start a conversation, once again he mumbled and mouthed words that didn't quite come out, he sighed and almost turned to walk away when she said "Catch" he caught his bag of quarters she tossed to him one handed, she smiled, "I'm Ivy by the way" She said jumping up to sit on top of one of the counters closer to him, "I know" he said lost in the surprise that she was actually talking to him. "I mean, I'm Ivy...No your Ivy, I'm Billy".

"Guess who I talked to today" Dr. Horrible said to his evil companion and best friend who gasped in return "Bad horse" He said looking hopeful, "No" Dr. Horrible said, although he wanted so badly for Bad horse to get in contact with him, he was happy that he had spoken to Ivy. "Then who?" Moist questioned, thinking for a moment then "Not Ivy?" Horrible smiled at him. "Really?" he said surprised, Horrible had spoken about her allot but never to her, he always said he would but never actually did. "What happened?" He asked taking a seat on the couch and trying to open a jar. "She asked me for a quarter" he got lost in thought thinking about how they had talked for over an hour then he had walked her to her apartment across the street from his. He was so lost in thought he had forgotten he was in the middle of talking to Moist he sat waiting patiently for him to continue, before continuing for him, "so you gave her one?" Horrible snapped out of it looking at Moist, "I gave her the whole bag" He said getting lost in thought once again, before noticing a letter, with a familiar sign on it, "Moist" He shouted.