Why won't he pick up the phone? Who else did she have? She would have to come up with a plan herself she had wasted enough time waiting for Doctor horrible to help her. What could she do? Just her, should she go and talk to Captain Hammer? Should she talk to the Mayor? Yes that's what she would do.

Ivy went to the town hall the queue was huge and security was everywhere, this was good and she knew the mayor would go through the back way so she made her way there, his car was there without him so she knew he had already gone in, she made her way up to the men in black, "stop there" he said in a harsh voice, "I need to speak to someone I know of a threat to the mayor" the man looked uninterested, he cleared his throat "that's great haven't heard that yet this evening" he looked passed Ivy who frowned up at him, "I heard it myself a real threat against the mayor" she waved her hand in front of his face to get his attention he rolled his eyes and looked down at her, "look lady" he started "there is security all over this place and captain hammer is with the mayor trust me you have nothing to worry about" he looked passed her again "exscuse me" an impatient lady from behind Ivy said, she pushed passed her as she smiled at the door man and he nodded back, Ivy quickly tried to follow her through the door but the man put out his arm causing her to stop "nice try" Ivy sighed she didn't have time for this, she walked away from him muttering under her breath how wrong he was and headed for the main doors where she knew she would get it.

Once inside she still didn't have a plan and she was running out of time although she didn't really know what Captain Hammers plan was anyway, she looked around, she knew this building well, she did catering here a few years back, the room was packed and Ivy noticed they hadn't let anyone onto the second floor, this was a balcony with seating so would have been perfect for tonight but no one was there and the main room was so packed you could barely move. Ivy spotted the waitors and waitresses, they wore all black with black and white aprons and all hair up, Ivy was wearing all. Lack of she could find an apron she could blend it with them, she squeezed her way to the kitchen and snuck her way to the coat room where in the side hung up where the aprons, she quickly put her hair into a pony tail with the hair band around her wrist and put the apron around her waist, now at least she could blend in behind the scenes.

She headed back to the main doors she needed to get up the stairs she knew something was going on up there, suddenly there was clatter and a gasp, Ivy turned to see Albert the town drunk on the floor with a waitress who was holding a tray of drinks, this gave Ivy her plan. She ran over telling everyone to carry on it would be fine, she got to the waitress, "are you alright?" Ivy asked as she helped her up off the floor, "yes I'm fine, I'll get security to get rid of him" she went to leave but Ivy took her arm "oh I'll do that you go get cleaned up" she smiled at the girl, "you sure?" Ivy nodded and sent her on her way. "Hi Albert remember me?" She struggled to pull him up off the floor, "what? You? Yes I know you" he smiled as he touched her nose, Ivy flinched but still tried to stay friendly, "you'll never guess what Albert, there are people upstairs who want to kill the mayor" she knew it was a bit cruel but she didn't have a choice and he was crazy anyway, "I've been saying that for years, no one ever believes me" Ivy stopped and looked at him "I do Albert and I need your help" Albert smiled.

Ivy knew how to get upstairs the hidden way she just had to be fairly inconspicuous which was hard with a drunk on your arm. They headed up the stairs Ivy constantly telling Albert to sush, they got the second floor and Ivy poked her head round the door, she could see three security men, that was all, she expected more but if this was it this would be easier than she thought, "Albert listen, there are some men over there, we have to tell them what's going to happen to the mayor ok?" Albert nodded along Ivy wasn't sure if he understood a word she said, "also Albert I'm really nervous she you may have to drag me along side you" she barely had time to finish as she snatched her arm harder than she was expecting and said "oh don't be silly" he stormed his way over to the guards pulling Ivy with him and shouting at the top of his lungs "the mayor is going to die" the security took action straight away with two of them grabbing Albert and one pulling Ivy away from him, "are you ok?" He asked holding her shoulders, Ivy held her chest gasping for air, "yes" she breathed "I don't know what..." suddenly she swooned, the guard caught her and helped her to the seating area, "I'm sorry I..." she breathed heavy, "I'll get a medic" he said as he went to walk away Ivy took his arm "no please I'm fine I just need to sit for a minute" the guard bent down in front of her, Ivy wasn't now sure how to get rid of his when suddenly his walkie talkie spoke asking him for assistance, he frown and then looked at Ivy, "please go, I'll be fine I just need a minute" he frowned ones more but then when his colleges said the man was fighting back she stood up, "wait here I'll be back" she smiled and nodded and he smiled back at her then left.

The room they had been guarding was locked like she knew it would be, she also knew there was another door that everyone forgot about, she quietly went through it as she did she realised Captain Hammer was on the stage giving a speech and worse people were clapping for him, how they could be so fickle she didn't know. Ivy went into stealth mode looking out for anything, she was at the back of the balcony when she noticed she wasn't alone there was a man at the front almost looking over the balcony at the stage and worse, he was armed. Ivy stepped closer walking around the seats in front of her but as she did she realised who it was in front her, Doctor Horrible, "Billy" she gasped putting her hands to her face, the man turned around his googles covering his face, she paced up to him "what are you doing here?" He spat but Ivy frowned "you're not Doctor Horrible" she stated, the man looked surprised "yes I am" he said holding his head high, Ivy gripped the googles from his face, "no you're not she shouted" she knew it wasn't him from his voice and actually he was a lot taller than Billy and a different build. He went to speak when she heard an eruption of clapping and cheering then the mayor say thank you. Quickly the Doctor Horrible impersonater grappled his lazer from the seat it had been resting on and held it over the balcony, "stop" Ivy shouted as she tried to wrestle it out of his hands "let go" he shouted back at her as he pulled it closer to him, they both struggled to pull it out of each others grasp when suddenly and all too quickly he let go causing the laser to point over the balcony and shoot, with that the man was gone but that wasn't the worst of Ivy's troubles she looked over the balcony to see the mayor laying dead on the stage and every face of every person to lived in the town staring up at her.

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