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Right. Last chapter for The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn… It marks the end of a great journey… *laughs* Yea right. Anywho – this is my longest chapter. The last parts about each of them were only supposed to be a paragraph or so… but I got carried away as I went. I don't think you'll mind though. Enjoy folks!

*     *     *

"What are you doing?" Jen asked Sirius, wrenching the bag of balloons from his hands.

"I was going to help you like you oh-so-nicely asked me to." He replied, teeth clenched; and for good measure… "Dear sister."

"What did I say about you and decorating?" She asked, feeling her body temperature rise and her left eye twitch.

"That I'm better off reading your diary?" Then he took off.

"Get back here you stinking weasel!" Jen screamed as she chased after him, still holding the bag of balloons and roll of streamers (orange ones).

Sirius ran into the kitchen, said a quick "Hi!" to Anubis who was lying in his basket, wearing a party hat Jen put on him earlier, and ran out. Anubis watched him go. Jen ran through, also said a "Hey pups!" and kept going. Anubis barked and followed. He always loved chasing Jen more…

"I don't think Remus would appreciate what you've written about him!" Sirius yelled behind him, running through the living room. Jen screamed. Anubis barked. Sirius ran up the stairs and into the Black library. "Might make him blush!"

Jen made it to the library and found no trace of her dear brother. Anubis came behind her, party hat askew. "You better not be in you crawl space!" Jen yelled, on the verge of a temper tantrum. "You know mum doesn't like it!"

"And apparently, neither do you!" He yelled back, muffled because he was stuffed in his 'crawl space'. You see, whenever Sirius wanted to be alone, he squeezed between two towering bookshelves up against a wall. Jen had been able to fit back there as a child, but puberty had ruined her chance of ever getting back in. Anyways, once in there, there was a little cubby that Sirius could sit in, like a little cave behind the bookshelves. It was about 4 feet in height, 6 feet in width, and 4 feet in length. Their parents didn't enjoy the idea of it. He might not be able to get back out, or it could get stuffy and he'd pass out – no one knowing where he was, or being able to get him out easily without getting him stuck anywhere.

Oh sure – you'd think they could magic the shelves away – but that was just it – they couldn't. With the manor being built over a hundred years ago, there were certain spells that couldn't be broken. That 'crawl space' was made for children during the war. If the house were to come under siege, they would hide there. No magic or fire could penetrate the barrier surrounding the hole. Overall, Sirius enjoyed the power his crawl space held for him.

"Sirius," Jen said, plopping down on the hard burgundy leather couch, panting, "please just come out. I know you haven't read my diary. I just hate it when you say you do." This was the best time to talk to him. He couldn't walk away or be easily distracted. "Just… bake some cupcakes or something. You like cupcakes." Jen said to him like he was two. Anubis jumped up on the couch and laid his head upon her lap.

"I don't want to bake cupcakes." Sirius replied stubbornly. Jen could tell his arms were crossed. She rolled her eyes, and tried to sound reasonable.

"Brownies? I know mum bought some milk chocolate shavings…" she cajoled. "And little peanut butter balls…"

"Peanut butter balls?" Came Sirius' hopeful voice.

'Good… knew that'd get him.' Jen mused. "Yes, and you can add them to the batter to get little spots of peanut butter in your brownies…" she said in a singsong voice.

Shuffling was heard from behind the bookshelves, and Sirius slowly came out. First a leg, than an arm. His body, and other appendages came out along with his head. He had a sheepish look about him.

"There's my boy." Jen got up and gave him a hug. "I really don't want you near the helium." She teased, playfully shoving him.

"You really don't think I read your diary?" Sirius asked as they, plus the dog, walked out of the library.

"Not my real one." Jen said with a smirk.

"Oh you mean the one with the 'JB + RL' in little hearts all over it isn't the right one?"

Jen's eyes grew wide. "You little-" she grabbed the party hat off Anubis' head and started stabbing Sirius in the back with it. "-little piece of shit!" She yelled.

"Ow! Ow – mum!!" Sirius screamed as they toppled to the floor by the stairs.

"Piece. Of. Shit. Piece. Of. Shit." Jen repeated with each stab. The party hat was looking more and more crushed as Sirius became more and more bruised.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Mrs. Black yelled, coming up the stairs. "Language Jennifer. Can't you two act 17 for once?" She dropped her hands at her side and looked at her children pleadingly.

"But mum he's reading my diary!"

"But mum she's stabbing me!"

Bark, bark, bark.

"That's enough. Jennifer – go back to decorating. Sirius… make some food. Anubis… go find Orion."(Mr. Black) She waited for Sirius and Jen to stand and go back to getting ready for the party before heading back to her work with the kneazle.

"I was joking with the 'JB + RL' thing…" Sirius said, rubbing his shoulder. "I only guessed." Jen didn't say anything. "Aw Jen, don't be mad."

"I'm not mad. Just… not mad." She put the demented hat back on Anubis. "Just don't joke about it anymore." She watched Anubis go through his doggy door into Mr. Black's study.

"Ok." Sirius agreed. "As long as I get to read one page."

"Bite me-OW!"

~     *     ~

"Welcome to Sirius, Jen and Mel's birthday bash '76!!" The helium consumed voice of Sirius screeched to everyone. A loud applause came next, drowning out Jen cursing Sirius for draining one of their party balloons.

The entire ensemble went as followed: Sirius, Jen, Mel, Lily, James, Remus, Arabella, Gus, Peter, Genie, Dakota, Ivani, Dennis, some Hufflepuff's (Tegan Fawcett, Emily Hyatt, Laura Hennessey, Ryan Patron), and some Ravenclaw's (Piotrek Yurt, Valerie Garnette, Hunter Fawcett).

"Everyone help yourself to some snacks, drinks and piñata." Jen yelled to everyone.

"There's a piñata?" Piotrek asked, looking around. Piotrek (pronounced Pee-yo-trek) was more commonly called Yurt. Makes life simpler.

"Thank you for pointing that out Yurt." Jen said, shoving a ruffled Mexican shirt (red, pink, yellow and orange) over Sirius' head. "Right here!" She pointed to him showgirl style. Sirius cheered and helped her get him in it. She stuck a sombrero on his head, complete with tassels. Maybe it was the helium that was getting to him… we're not too sure…

Everybody hung around in groups, ate and talked about the past school year, marks (more commonly discussed if a Ravenclaw were present), their summer plans, and classes for next year. If you got bored of the conversation in one group, you hopped to the next one.

They ate dinner (pizza, crisps, butterbeer, with ice cream and brownies (with peanut butter balls in it) for dessert) and later they all went for a sunset swim. No one questioned Sirius' new spotted bruises dotting his left shoulder, except for Genie.

"Oh Sirius what did they do to you?"

"I was attacked by a savage squirrel. Savage squirrel!" He yelled so that Jen heard him across the pool.

"Maybe you shouldn't be reading the squirrel's diary!" Jen yelled back. Both burst out laughing. Genie just shook her head, muttering about 'idiot family squabbles…'

The Black's pool was shaped like a huge cartoon dragon.

Its large head was a sauna, 3 feet deep. You could comfortably seat twenty people around the edge of the dragon's head and still not have anyone's feet touching yours in the centre of the sauna. The neck of the dragon was the shallow end of the pool, going about 3 feet deep. The body was the main part, the deep end, reaching 10 feet deep. The legs were for only one or two people to relax in each. They were only 2 feet deep. Each claw was to hold drinks, and keep them cool. The tail rose out of the water as a spiralled slide. One of its wings shaped swimming area that the martini bar sat in, while the other wing lifted up as a shelter to shade you. The bar stools were lifted a few inches out of the water. (A/N: Oh God that'd be so cool… and to answer your questions: Yes, I like water.)

The boys were having water fights, and sliding down the slide. Of course this wasn't done smartly… five would go down the tail at once, causing them to crash together under the water and get kicked in the face, kneed in the ribs, etc. Then they'd go back up and do it again. (Who said Ravenclaw was for the clever?) Then they were playing a game of Marco Polo, (cheating by looking under water of course. Except for James who couldn't see without his glasses underwater if his life depended on it) and anything else that would keep them occupied.

All eleven of the girls relaxed in the sauna, letting the bubble jets work their magic. Which wasn't far from the truth either. The bubble jets targeted any sore muscles you had, and massaged it until it was good again, then moved onto the next one. If you moved, the jet followed wherever you went unless you left the head of the dragon. The girls floated in the water, the only part of them touching anything solid was their necks on the side, and the back of their heads resting on their towels for pillows. The water jets kept their bodies floating half a foot from the surface.

"Oh!" Arabella exclaimed, hitting Lily's knee that was poking through the water's surface with her toe. "I talked to Carl yesterday and this morning." She said happily. This got everyone's attention. Lily clapped, splashing water, and prodded her on. "Well, he asked me out!"

"Who's Carl?" Tegan asked.

"And is he cute?" Emily added.

"He's a muggle that lives across the street from my aunts, and yes – adorable." Ara told them. "He's going to be 20 later this year, which is cool because I'll be turning 18 in December." All the girls' jaws dropped. "I know." She continued when no one said anything.

"Well how the bloody hell did you do that?" Jen asked.

"I don't bleeding care as long as it worked." Ara laughed. "But anyways… just thought I'd clear that up. Let all of you know that I am no longer single and will be more… occupied this summer." She smirked, but none of them could see because their faces were all facing the darkening sky. The pool water lit up, and glowed a deep azure. "And what is holding my foot?" Ara asked, looking at the other girls. With all the bubbles floating in the middle of the sauna from the mixing currents, it was hard to see the bodies beneath it.

"I thought maybe one of you were holding or touching my feet…" Laura said. They looked at each other. None of them were close enough to touch without stretching. The boys weren't as loud anymore…

Before Jen could comment she was pulled underwater (bubble jet following her left shoulder it was working on) and down the dragon's neck. The bubble jet stopped and disappeared. Each girl followed one by one, screaming, some being pulled beneath the water, and others lucky enough to stay above until they were all in the body of the pool dragon.

The boys were on the side of the pool (the dragon's stomach) laughing. They had roped all the girls' left ankles (compliments of Sirius, Piotrek and Ryan), and used a make shift pulley to drag them all out.

The girls made it to the body and were left to float, but without the pull of the ropes they began to sink. One by one they swam to the surface coughing, sputtering and swearing. They heard the boys laughing and Jen let out an ear-piercing scream.


~     *     ~

After the 'pool party' part of the… party, everyone got dried off and went inside for cake, and present opening. Sirius, Jen and Mel thanked everyone who gave them gifts. Some people had given Sirius and Jen their gifts at school on their actual birthday.

Sirius, Remus, and James snuck off after both activities unnoticed.

Everyone sat in the Black's living room, chatting and thinking of leaving now that it was late.

"Well, mum got me a job at Flourish and Blott's," Hunter said, "And dad got Tegan a job at Madam Malkins. That pleased her."

"Oh my Gran got me a job at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. La dee da…" Mel said, shaking her head. "But at least it's my own money. I'm going to buy some dress robes this year…"

"Ladies and Gentleman." Came three high, squeaky voices. "We would like to wish you adieu." James, Remus and Sirius (back in his 'piñata' shirt and tasselled sombrero) came through the door. They each held a balloon in their hands, and had one extra being held beneath their arms. (A/N: I warn you now, I think I was on crack or something when I thought of the next part…)

"One, two, three…" Remus counted. All three of them sucked back some helium from the little holes they bit in their festive balloons.

"Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo

I've got another puzzle for you.

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dee-"

They sucked back some more helium.

"If you are wise you'll listen to me.

What do you get when you combine us three?"

More helium.

"Throwing you all a marvellous party?

What are you at looking at us like that?"

Sucked out the last bit of helium from their first balloons, and let them rocket to the floor.

"What do you think – we look like prats?

I don't like the looks of it…"

They bit a new hole into their last balloon, and sucked some more back.

"Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah

If you're not Slytherin you will go far."

Everyone cheered, and the boys took some more helium.

"You will live in happiness too

Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do-"

They took a big swig of helium, and squeaked their loudest:

"Doompadee Doo!"

Everyone who wasn't hysterically laughing clapped, and cheered; Mr. and Mrs. Black included. The three boys bowed, and shook each other's hands, taking deep breaths.

"Thank you, I'll be here all week!" Sirius waved to his audience.

The guests got their belongings and began to leave, via Floo or car for some of the muggle-born or half-muggle parentage. Lily had just recently got her fireplace connected to the Floo Network.

Jen walked behind Sirius after everyone had left.

"That was very funny of you guys." She said, her voice laden with helium.

Sirius laughed and turned around. Jen whacked him in the face with a blue balloon.

"Oh that's it!" Sirius yelled, still laughing as Jen giggled with a small amount of helium left in her voice.

And so the balloon war began…

~     *     ~

"Hurry up Lily dear – you don't want to be late for your first day of work!" Mrs. Evans called up the stairs.

Lily groaned and rolled over. "Why does it matter?" she mumbled to herself. "My dad's the bloody owner of the restaurant…" She rolled out of bed, and grumbled her way to the bathroom. She had a shower and put her hair into a messy bun to dry. She applied some mascara and lip-gloss to liven herself up a bit.

Lily walked down the hall to her room and rummaged through her closet for her new work clothes: an above the knee black skirt, a white blouse and knee-high black socks.

Giving up, she walked out of her room, still in a towel. "Mum where are my work clothes?" She yelled over the banister. Lily could smell the pancakes and bacon.

"I put them on your bed while you showered." He mum called back.

"Thanks." She walked back into her room, and lo and behold there they were: neatly ironed and folded on her bed. 'Jeez… she made my bed too…' She put them on and looked at herself in the mirror by her door. "Feel like I'm back at bloody school…" She said looking at her uniform. "Hello, welcome to Prism Restaurant and Bar, how many today?" She put on her best smile (a good fake one) and groaned at her reflection. "I look like a ditz."

"And a freak." Petunia said from Lily's doorway.

"Bitch." Lily glared at her sister and slammed the door in her face.

An hour later Lily was getting into her car with Petunia and her father.

"Ready for work girls?" Her father asked, adjusting his mirror and looking at them in the backseats, arms crossed and looking at opposite windows.

"Yes daddy." They replied.

"Daddy, why can't I waitress?" Lily asked. "Hostessing will get boring…"

"Because you're only 17 love. When you turn 18 you can waitress like Petunia." Her dad replied, stopping at a stop sign, looking around, and turning left.

"Don't blow anything up freak." Petunia sneered quietly, looking out her window at the sunny morning sky.

"Don't break any mirrors by looking into them Petty." Lily sneered back.

"Petunia, make sure your sister knows what she's doing today. You've worked here for a month already." Mr. Evans said, oblivious to the insults.

"Yes father." Petunia turned to Lily. "Don't associate with me."

"Oh Petunia don't be stupid. Everyone knows we're sisters. We've only been going there since we were born." Lily rebuked. "Our bloody pictures are at the front."

As Prism Restaurant and Bar came into view near the Thames River in London, Lily sighed. It was going to be a long summer.

~     *     ~

"James I've pulled a few strings at the Ministry, and guess what." Mr. Potter said happily, biting into his French toast. "This is very good Stelphie."

"Thank you Mister Potter, sir." The carrot nosed House-Elf replied, watering some plants.

"What?" James asked, still in his pyjamas, pouring syrup on his French toast.

"No, no you have to guess."

James smiled and rolled his eyes. "You got two weeks off this summer instead of one?" He tried.

Mr. Potter paused. "… No, but I assure you this is nearly as good." James didn't say anything. "You'll be able to come in and help me with my case files for around a month or so."

James' head whipped up. "Are you serious?" Mr. Potter nodded his head. "That's groovy!"

Mr. Potter looked like he was going to question, but decided against it. "So you'll be paid, get benefits – the whole nine-yards. I guess you'll be my… assistant at the office." James opened his mouth but Mr. Potter silenced him. "Only at the office James. If I'm called out on the field, you're to stay with Frank Longbottom. He's just beginning and has yet to finish his field training. Without proper teaching it would be suicide for you to come with me." James nodded. "Good. You start in a couple of days. When I get back tonight we can go to Madam Malkins and get you fitted for some work robes."

"Sounds great dad." James replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"And just think what your friends will say-" he took in a sharp breath, and whispered, "what Lily will say." He nudged James as Stelphie cleared the table.

James blushed, smiled and got up. "The work robes look nice?"

"James, you'll look smashing." The two Potter men smirked at each other, and the elder Potter through his arm around his son's shoulders. "Lily will love you in them."

"So what kind of things will I be doing exactly?" James asked, washing his hands.

"Well, there are some annoying secretary jobs, like filing, but other than that, you can help me with some case files. I know it sounds confidential, but these are of the Death Eaters that are better known. Following their moves, and trying to anticipate their next attacks."

"This is so cool." James said happily, giving his dad a hug. Mr. Potter seemed surprised, but hugged his son back. When they pulled apart, James asked his father something that had been on his mind for a while. "Dad, how did that thing go with Mr. Fletcher and the Corselle family?"

"Ah yes, well Mr. Fletcher and I have been working on it, but it is difficult knowing who to ask to join us. These days some men are more into their reputation than helping their fellow wizard. We have made progress, but we do not have much substantial evidence. We are working on it though James, trust me on that."

"I do, father, but it's just been so long… I was only wondering." James said with half a smile. "Perhaps we can find something when I go to work with you." He said with a laugh.

"Perhaps James, although I don't want you found with anything that has to do with this little side project. Now you have a good day, and I'll see you for dinner. Bye son." Mr. Potter gave James and light punch in the arm.

"Bye dad." And his father disapparated. It was going to be an exciting summer.

~     *     ~

"Gramps – where did you put my apron?" Mel yelled, looking through the laundry baskets.

"What are you looking for Melissa?" Her Grandpa Roe called from the recliner he was seated on, reading the Daily Prophet.

"Her apron!" Grandma Roe yelled at her hard of hearing husband. "For work at the ice cream place!"

"She's headed off to work? Why is she doing that? We don't see her all school year, she's going to parties, working... We have money to send her to school!"

"It might be hanging outside to dry love." Grandma Roe told Mel when she walked by, touching her arm.

"Thanks Grams." Mel rushed into their small backyard over grown with weeds now that Grandma Roe couldn't do the gardening anymore. Grandpa and Grandma Roe were Mel's mother's parents, her Grams a muggle, and her Gramps a wizard. While pondering how her Grams got her a job in Diagon Alley, Mel picked her apron off the line. She folded it and threw it into her bag with the rest of her clothes. She went back into the quaint house and grabbed the Floo powder vase.

"Did you pack a lunch, dear?" Grandma Roe asked.

"No I'll buy something at the Leaky Cauldron on my break. Bye Grams." She gave her a hug and kiss. "I'll be home at five tonight Gramps." She spoke loudly to her Gramps, giving him a kiss on the head.

"Be home for dinner." Grandpa Roe told her as she threw the Floo Powder into the flames.

"Just go dear." Grandma Roe said softly, shaking her head and smiling. Mel smiled and shouted out for Diagon Alley. While she spun and sped through the Floo Network, she thought about the coming months. It was going to be different living with her grandparents. She stepped out when she spotted the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hullo Tom." She said, dusting herself off.

"Good day Miss Gorman. Starting a job today?" Tom asked her looking at her partial uniform.

Mel rolled her eyes. "Yes… unfortunately. I can't just laze around, can I?" She made her way to the back door. "See you for lunch!" She called. Mel opened the door, took out her wand and counted the bricks. "Three up, two across."

Diagon Alley opened up before her, and she stepped through the crowd. She made her way to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, and into the small shop. "Hello Mr. Fortescue." She said, putting the apron over her head, and tying it around her waist.

"Hello Melissa. You start in a few minutes. Go wash up first though." He said, smiling at the soot that was still in her hair. "Looks like it's going to be a busy day."

"Alright then." Mel sighed as she went into the staff bathroom in the back. It was going to be a tiring summer.

~     *     ~

"Get up Peter hun." Mrs. Pettigrew cooed, pushing her son's hair from his eyes. "Come on, it's a new day."

Peter yawned and stretched. "Good morning mum." He mumbled, slumping back into his pillow, closing his eyes.

"Oh no you don't. We're shopping today. I have the day off, and you're going to help me clean out your Grandfather's old room." She said, opening Peter's blind and window, letting in a cool summer breeze and morning sun.

"You mean you didn't-"

"I couldn't Peter." She said quietly, turning to face her son. The sun shone brightly on her golden hair, and sparkled in her tear filled blue eyes. "I'm so sorry for what he did to you."

Peter rubbed his left arm. "There was nothing you could have done mum."

"I should have been there to begin with-"

"Well it's a little late for that now." Peter said shortly, throwing his legs over the side of his bed, and crossing his arms.

Mrs. Pettigrew sniffed, rubbed her tired eyes, and walked to his bedroom door. "Breakfast will be ready when you decide to come down." She started to close his door.

"Mum I'm sorry-" Peter said quickly, rising from his bed.

"No, no you're right. It's all in the past." She gave him a tired smile. "See you in a bit." She closed the door.

Peter sighed and sat back down on his bed. He reached over to his desk, pulled open the top drawer and took out a letter. Skimming over it, he rubbed his tired face.

"How am I going to get to the meeting without my mum knowing… or my friends?" He looked at a picture that sat on his dresser of the Marauders in Hogsmeade, third year. He put the letter back in its drawer and grabbed some clothes for the day. Getting changed, he repeated the key words of the note.

'Don't be noticed, don't get caught, and don't forget your masks. No one is to know one another here.'

It was going to be a tricky summer.

~     *     ~

"Arabella, Carl just called." Janine said, shaking Ara awake.

Ara shot up, nearly colliding her head with her aunt's. "Is he still on the phone?" She asked groggily, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"No I told him you were asleep. But he said he was going to pop over in an hour to take you to the movies." Janine said, nudging Ara playfully.

Arabella rolled her brown eyes and scooted to the end of her bed, taking her blankets with her. "And I have an hour to shower and get ready?"

"And don't forget eat."

"I don't need to eat, we're going for lunch, too." She hopped off her bed, the blankets collecting in a pile on the floor.

"You are going to make your bed, right?" Janine asked as Arabella quickly ran a brush through her hair.

"Yes, yes." She picked up her make-up bag. "Janine can you look through my closet for some muggle clothes while I shower?"

"What's wrong with what you're wearing now?" Janine asked, raising an eyebrow humourously.

Ara looked down at her night shorts and one size too small t-shirt from The Who's concert she went to two years ago. "I really don't think-"

"He'd mind? No, neither do I." Janine smirked, walked up to Ara and ruffled her hair. "We are too much alike, you and I."

"That's why I know you'll choose something good for me to wear." Ara walked to the bathroom, towels in hand. "Oh – and magic away any cat hair, please."

"Yes ma'am." Janine saluted.

Ara rolled her eyes and closed the bathroom door.

Fifty minutes later, Ara was finishing up her orange juice when Carl knocked on the door. She downed the last gulp.

"I'll get it!" She said happily, and kissed her Grandmother on the head before running out of the kitchen. Ara ran down the hall (taking a second to glance herself once over in a mirror) and went into the small front foyer. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. "Hi." She breathed.

Carl turned around and gave her a bright smile. "I brought you these." He said, handing her a bouquet of sunflowers and a kiss on the cheek. Carl stood just over six feet, with short brown hair and light grey-blue eyes. He was nicely built. Janine called him 'wiry' with a nice ass. That usually received a nice blush and slap from Arabella.

Arabella thanked him and invited him in. "I'll just put these away – oh! And mind that the cats don't go outside."

Carl laughed as five cats meowed their way to him and the door, sniffing at the edges. "Are they all yours?" He called to her.

Ara was filling a vase with water in the kitchen. "Some are my aunts and Grandmothers, and some are mine."

Janine walked through the kitchen from the living room, and to the front foyer. "Hullo Carl. Where did you find the sunflowers?"

Carl rubbed the back of his neck. "Yea, I kind of picked them from my garden. Hope my mum doesn't notice."

Ara laughed as she came back and put her shoes on. "I love them just the same." She gave Carl a quick kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. "Bye Janine."

"Bye Ms. Figg."

"Have fun you two."

Ara and Carl climbed into his car and buckled up. She could barely contain her excitement, but kept up a calm façade.

"So what are you doing for work?" she asked him.

"Actually, I just finished a short course at a University in France, and am going to teach." He told her, pulling out of the driveway.

"Teach, eh? What course?"

"Uh… it's sort of a World Civilizations course. I went to the Université Paris IX Dauphine to answer your next question." He said with a smirk.

Ara laughed. "Perceptive… ok, then why France?"

"Um, my mum is French and I played on their football team. No one can kick that chequered ball like me." He added with a wink of his grey-blue eye. Ara laughed. It was going to be a great summer.

~     *     ~

"No Sirius."

"But mum, why not?" Sirius whined. Jen sat at the table eating her Shreddies, watching the scene unfold before her. Sirius was dressed for the day and stomped his foot like a child, and her mum was putting on some lipstick in the mirror out in the hall.

"Because you're not going into Hogsmeade everyday. I'm not letting you Floo that far day in and day out. It's in Scotland, we're in England." She said, coming back into the kitchen.

"But muuuuum."

"No Sirius. Try Gambol and Japes if you really want to work in that sort of environment… But I have to go. Have a good day loves." She gave them both a kiss on the face. "Don't break, kill, horde, sue-"

"- maim, curse, prank, hurt, glue, set aflame to, tear down, rip or poison anyone/thing." Sirius finished for her, rubbing off the lipstick smudge on his temple. Jen smirked with a mouthful of soggy Shreddies, a red lipstick mark on her left cheek.

Mrs. Black clucked her tongue.

"Love you mum." Jen said before Mrs. Black disapparated. "So she won't let you work at Zonkos this summer again?"

"No." Sirius plopped into the chair across from his sister. "I guess I could try Gambol and Japes." He sighed. "But Zonkos is so much better!"

"Just don't say that if you get an interview." Jen said, patting his head as she walked past him, bowl in hand. Sirius watched her put her dishes in the sink. They began to clean themselves with soap and cloth.

"I'm going outside for a stroll with Anubis." Sirius said, whistling for the dog.

"Have fun." Jen called, going through the hall, Anubis running past her in the opposite direction.

"I will." He grabbed an apple to go, and left out the back door, Anubis behind him.

Sirius and Anubis strolled past the dragon pool and the pond that Jen and him played in as children. He looked over the rolling grounds from the small hill the estate sat upon. He glanced over the wild gardens below, and the forest beyond.

"What do you say Anubis? Garden or forest this time?" Sirius asked, finishing off his apple and throwing the core to the Doberman. After chomping and swallowing the fruit nearly whole, Anubis barked a few times.

"Forest it is." Sirius started running down the small hill, and through the gardens. As he ran through the 6-foot tall sunflowers, he transformed into Padfoot.

Following Anubis' scent and the sound of his paws pounding the ground, Padfoot ran through the rest of the garden, and met Anubis on its outskirts. They ran into the forest and play fought rolling around in the dirt. Anubis found a large branch on the ground and ran towards Padfoot with it.

Padfoot looked at it dubiously. Play with a stick? Who the hell plays with sticks? Anubis charged him, half dragging the branch on the leaf-covered ground. Padfoot jumped over it as the dog ran by. He barked at Anubis and chased him, grabbing the other side of the branch, looking into Anubis' great brown eyes, growling. He wanted the stick now. It was his stick. Whoa wait… He wanted the stick? That better have been his animal side coming out…

Growling and jostling with the branch in his mouth, running away with it and getting stuck between two trees unable to find out how to work around it… Padfoot could have laughed. Being a dog was so much easier. It was going to a fun summer.

~     *     ~

Jen walked up the stairs to her bedroom, fifth to the right and across from the sunroom. She opened her bedroom door and saw two House-elves cleaning. Pumney, amber-eyed and hook-nosed, was dusting and straightening the books Jen had taken out of her trunk the week before. Gorgey, flat-nosed and green-eyed, washed the windows and mirrors.

"Hey guys…" she said, flopping down onto her bed. She picked up a magazine from her pile. 'Witch Weekly, eh? Ooo… Ludo Bagman.' She flipped to the corresponding page and read about the new, cute reserve beater for the Wasps.

"Does the Little Miss want Pumney and Gorgey to leave?" Pumney asked when Jen let out a long sigh fifteen minutes later.

"Oh no, that's ok. I'd like some company." She replied with a smile, putting the magazine down.

"Should Gorgey go get Little Master?" Gorgey asked, pointing out one of Jen's windows over her desk; consequently the one that overlooks the wild garden and forest, basically the backyard.

"No, no. I've known you two all my life. Surely you don't mind being around me?" She joked. The House-elves began to apologize profusely. "Oh sorry – I was joking guys."

The House-elves sighed. "Little Misses, Gorgey and Pumney have always liked looking over the little masters, especially as little children, when Misses couldn't." Pumney said, her big amber eyes happy.

Jen put on a fake smile. "Yes you two did a wondrous job." She leaned over the side of the bed and whispered conspiratively. "But sometimes I wonder if you dropped Sirius once or twice." She pulled away with a small, real smile, although it was saddened. Pumney and Gorgey giggled, covering their mouths with their little hands. "Could you guys leave now though, I'd like to get some rest."

"Of course Little Misses." They replied, and left, leaving Jen's bedroom door ajar.

Jen rolled over and stared at her pale yellow wall. Yes, the House-elves looked over her and Sirius a lot as children. Her eyes began to fill with tears. Their dad was an Auror, but still spent time with them. But then he got promoted to an Unspeakable… The tears left her eyes and flowed to her pillow, soaking through its soft surface. God, they were only 5 when he stopped playing with them. Who cares if they love him and he dies on a mission? She'd rather have known him than not when he does die, whatever the age may be. Jen wept, clutching her pillow, curled into a foetus position. She didn't hear Sirius call her name from the kitchen.

"Now daddy can't play with you two much anymore." He had said. "He has mean people to go after, and doesn't want you hurt." Damn him. We are hurt. She cried into her pillow, punching it as she remembered her childhood…

"Daddy's home!" Sirius and Jen would yell.

"Daddy's got work to do." And then he'd close the door to his study, locking his children out until dinner came.

"Damn him!" Jen yelled through her sobs, her body shaking. She didn't hear the footsteps running up the stairs. "Damn him!" she sobbed louder, pummelling her pillow with clenched fists.

"Jen? Jen what's wrong?" Sirius asked, running into her room, wrapping his arms around his sister, and pulling her onto his lap. "Jen, tell me what's wrong." He wiped the hair that clung to her face by her tears, and cradled head under his chin.

Jen clutched Sirius' shirt and cried into his chest. Sirius held her, and rocked back and forth stroking her hair, rubbing her back and kissing the top of her head.

"I miss daddy." She cried softly after ten minutes of silent tears.

Sirius' eyes shut tightly. 'So that's what this was about…' He held her tighter against him. "So do I." He said quietly, rocking her again, trying to sooth the pain from her that they both felt, and have ever since they were children.

After another twenty minutes of holding each other, Jen pulled away.

"I have to go." She sniffed and rubbed her tired red eyes. "I promised Remus I'd pop by at one." Sirius opened his moth and Jen covered it with her hand. "Troy is there." She wrenched her hand back, with a disgusted look on her face. "You licked me!" And then she rubbed her hand on his chest, wiping it clean. Sirius smiled. "Is that bark in your teeth?"

His smile faded quickly. "Maybe." He picked at his teeth and looked at the brown specks. "Yep."

"You are so weird." Jen said, brushing her hair. "Now get out, I have to change." She gave him a final hug with a 'thanks'. Jen sighed as he left and looked at a picture of their family while her and Sirius were 3-years-old. Mr. Black holding his children, Sirius on his lap, her on his shoudlers. "I love you daddy." She whispered, putting the frame face down on her desk. "I love you, but wonder whether you love me too." It was going to be an emotional summer.

~     *     ~

"Hey little brother, I've got to get going. Meeting at one o'clock." Troy said, buttoning up his robes.

"Sure sure." Remus replied from the kitchen, leaning in the corner of the counter, drinking some milk. "Want me to pick up any groceries?"

"Uh… milk if you drink it all, we're out of eggs… popcorn, and some chicken. Got that?"

"Milk, eggs, popcorn, chicken and beer. Got ya."

Troy rolled his eyes. "No beer. Mum and Dad wouldn't have wanted me to make you a fake I.D. or anything-"

"Troy, I was kidding." Remus said, looking for the 'muggle money for muggle things' jar. It was cleverly disguised as the Cookie Monster. Neither Troy nor Remus knew who he was, but Troy got it in from a man by the name of Arthur Weasley at work. Apparently he had charmed it for his son, and it drove his wife up the wall. It was charmed to speak in its Cookie Monster voice when you opened it. Remus opened the cookie jar ('C is for cookie!') and counted 18 pounds and 37 pence.

"And no girls. What's her name?" Troy asked, tying his shoes.


"Right, none of her. See you later. I won't be back till eight o'clock tonight." Troy disapparated, making sure to be away from any windows.

"I know." Remus smirked to no one. After twenty minutes of freshening up, and changing, the fireplace fire turned green, and Jen stepped out.

"Right on time." Remus said, going over to her and kissing her lips softly.

"Hullo love. Troy gone?" She asked, helping Remus dust the soot off her clothes. Remus nodded. "Who named this place 'Lupin Pad'?"

Remus laughed. "Believe it or not my humour lacking brother. We're going to have to pick up a few groceries at some point, just down the street."

Jen nodded and looked around, still standing with her back to the fireplace. Directly in front of her was a mahogany table set with four chairs. There were windows on either side of the fireplace. Across the window to her right was a light grey, low-back couch, with two adjacent matching chairs, and a TV between them. Straight ahead of her on the opposite wall was the door to the hall. Across the window to her left was the small kitchen that, with Jenn-Air. (A/N: That's what mine is called. It's that island in some kitchens with the stove on top.) Everything was in one big room. Looking to her left was the hallway to the bathroom and two bedrooms.

"How'd you get a fireplace in here and get it connected to the Floo Network?" Jen asked.

"I really have no idea, it was like that when I got here." Remus answered, rubbing the back of his neck. "Needs colour though. Think I should give Troy my copy of 'Spell Yourself Designer' for a week or so, shouldn't I?"

Jen nodded and took of her shoes. "It is nice though…" She looked around for a second. "Oh to hell with conversation." She wrapped her arms around Remus' neck and kissed him once on the lips. "We're finally alone." She pushed Remus to the back of the low-back couch, kissing him fervently. Remus turned them around so that Jen was against the couch, and sat her on it. In one fluid motion both were laying on it, Remus on top. It's a miracle the couch didn't tip.

Remus began kissing her neck and Jen ran her hands down his chest. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, she pulled it up over his head and threw it over the couch. Remus kissed her on the lips again, stronger than before, as she smoothed her hands up his exposed chest and over his shoulders. Remus started unbuttoning the top of her shirt, working his way down, and pushed the material away.

Neither heard the lock click on the door.

Remus ran his hand over Jen's bare stomach, slowly to her back. He made it to the clasp of her bra when the door swung open.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry!" And the door slammed shut behind the man, but he was now in the apartment, turned around, face pink. But his face colour was nothing like Remus and Jen's.

Remus and Jen both shot up. Jen began to fumble with the buttons of her shirt while Remus looked to where his shirt was thrown. Ah yes – near the Jenn-Air. He jumped over the back of the couch, grabbed it and pulled it on.

"Can-can I turn around?" The man with sandy blonde hair asked.

"Romulus?!" Remus asked in disbelief, trying to catch his breath after his and Jen's snogging session and how his heart rate shot through the sky when the man came in, thinking it was Troy.

Romulus turned around in shock. "Remus?" He looked between the two teenagers before him. "Well this wasn't the reunion-" he motioned to Remus "-or the introduction-" he gestured to Jen "-I would have hoped for… but at least it dulls down anymore embarrassing moments to come." Romulus said, light blue eyes twinkling.

Jen covered her flushed face with her hands. 'He's right with that one…' she peeked through her fingers. 'They look identical. So that's what Remus'll look like in 8 years?' She smiled. 'Damn right.'

Remus and Romulus were sharing a brotherly hug.

"So littlest brother… where's little brother?" Romulus asked, looking around. "And who might this lovely lady be?"

Jen stepped around the couch and put her hand out." Jennifer Black, I'm Remus' girlfriend."

A look of realization passed over the older brother's face. "Sirius Black's sister? Yes I believe I've met you." He shook her hand nevertheless. "Romulus Lupin."

"Well I think I'll leave you two to catch up…" She said, making sure her buttons were done properly.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your… time together." Romulus said, congruently giving them a sympathetic, and mischievous smile.

"No that's alright, you haven't seen each other for a few years. Bye love." She gave Remus a kiss on the cheek.

He said goodbye and she left back through the fireplace. Remus turned to his brother. "Well… welcome. Did you just get Troy's letter from last April?"

"Yes, only a week or so ago. I've been on assignment and you can't be contacted out in the bush." Romulus answered, putting his jacket on the coat rack. "So how are you holding up?" He moved his luggage away from the door.

Remus took a deep breath and thought. "I'm doing ok. Worried about getting back to Hogwarts' Willow for my transformations on time though."

"Does she-"

"Yes she knows." Remus cut him off, rubbing his face. "Want a drink?"

"Yes that'd be great. Milk please." Romulus responded, easing himself at the table. Remus gave Romulus his glass of milk and sat across from him. "Thanks." An awkward silence settled over them, Remus drummed him fingers on the mahogany wood. "So were you two going to… you know." He made a gesture to the couch with the glass in his hand.

"Well we'll never know now, will we?" Remus said dryly.

"I really am sorry. Troy gave me a key when he first moved in, and the letter said come back as soon as I could. I thought you were Troy at first than I thought no… No Troy should be at work, and he's not the kind to snog in the middle of the day on a couch… but then I remembered that his hair is darker brown."

"Yea well… better you than Troy. She wasn't supposed to be here. So if you wouldn't tell him…" Remus said, going a nice shade of pink.

"Never even crossed my mind." Romulus said with a wink.

"Good. You deduced that it was me in that split second you saw us?" Remus asked.

Troy laughed. "No, I did have some time as you two put your clothes back on."

Remus' mouth dropped. "We were not that… unclothed…" Sighing, he looked around. "Before you unpack, and I don't know where you'll sleep I might add-"

"I'm not sleeping on that couch after what I saw."

"- you can help me get some groceries, and we can talk there. I'll fill you in." Remus finished, ignoring his brother's last comment with a roll of his eyes.

They got ready and Remus grabbed some muggle money from the Cookie Monster cookie jar. ('Someone is stealing my cookie!') They headed out the door and down the hallway to wait for the elevator.

"I'll buy some beer then, shall I?" Romulus asked. "I looked through that fridge of yours…" He said with a shake of his head.

Remus laughed and they stepped into the elevator. It was going to be a great summer.

*     *     *

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