Okay guys.

I know. It's been forever. I cannot even begin to apologize enough for what I have put yall through. Basically, a lot of stuff happened and I forgot how good it felt to write. I haven't even really read fanfic since I last updated. I just recently read a Hunger Games one and realized just how much I missed it.

So then I just had to go back and read mine. And it all just came rushing back. So what I'm saying is: I'm alive, I'm sorry, and I'm back.

I won't update very often, or even soon, and I'm very sorry. I'm actually going to have to reread Divergent to even remember so many things that I've forgotten. Please please please send in suggestions, I really need them now more than ever.

Yall really are the best. It's been a year and I just read reviews that are saying yall are still checking for an update.

So give me some time, though you've given me so much already, and maybe a few ideas, and I'll do my best to give you a hell of a story.

I love yall and I'm so incredibly sorry.

Read on and stay classy:)


Yall deserve to know my real name. You've given me so much. Thank you.

(ty comes from the last letters of my name-KaTIE-KaTY-Ty)