I wrote this because I've been building scenarios in my head since the last two episodes, and the wait is killing me, so I thought I might as well do something while the wait is over. Sorry if this suddenly becomes obsolete because it will obviously differ from the plot of today's episode, but I'm probably going to write it through, even if it's horribly different, because I still can't get this story out of my head. Hope someone likes it anyway.

It's heavy Stydia, but everyone's in it. It's mostly told from Lydia's point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf, but if I did, I would ship everyone with everyone and it would be very confusing, so be glad I do not.

My first Teen Wolf fic. Aaaaaah! Here we go!


by HappyValentina

It was pitch dark and cold.

The sound of the hammering reverberated further away and then stopped, echoing faintly for a brief moment. Her head suddenly didn't hurt anymore.

But she was choking.

It felt like being underwater. Under icy water, and her entire body seemed to be going numb, faster, faster. She blinked hard, and her eyes stung. Her lungs ached horribly, and her throat stung, like she was swallowing needles.

With her last wavering effort, she pushed herself with all her might upward, or what she hoped was upward, toward the surface. She needed air. She needed light.

The silence turned slowly, steadily into a low humming, like a rhythmic chanting growing closer, closer...

Lydia opened her eyes and gasped, scrambling for support and trying to discern her surroundings. She realized she was still in her car, and the chanting was only the chorus of the song playing on her radio.

She was covered in cold sweat, her hair sticking to her temples and the back of her neck. She started shivering, even if it wasn't that cold inside her car, and her chest felt heavy and tight. She must have fainted; she had screamed so loud that she had made herself pass out.

Her breathing slowed, even if her heartbeat didn't. She could not for the life of her remember what she had been doing all this time in the school parking lot. It was dark, and she had wanted to go home hours ago, but it wouldn't have made a difference. The sound of the hammering had been driving her crazy, and she just knew that no matter where she went, she would still hear it, and it would still be unbearable.

But now the hammering had stopped. So sudden, and so inexplicably. It did not make her feel better. It wasn't a good sign.

Without thinking too much about it, she put her car on 'reverse' and backed out of the parking space. She wasn't too sure of where she was heading, but she needed to move, and she needed to move fast. She swerved too quickly toward the right and almost didn't see the two people crossing the lot right in front of her, and she squealed and slammed on the brakes. Isaac jumped in front of Allison protectively, and Allison screamed.

"Oh my god, Lydia! Be careful!" her friend shouted, running up to her window. Lydia barely had the presence of mind to lower the window.

"I'm sorry! I didn't see you! I have to go, I have to hurry!"

"What's going on?" Allison asked worriedly. Isaac came up behind her, running his hands over his head in relief.

"I have to go to the hospital," Lydia said urgently. There, that was it. The hospital. She should have gone with Scott. Why didn't she go with Scott?

"The hospital? Are you okay?" Allison asked.

"I'm fine. But something's wrong. I have to go," Lydia said, looking apologetic and putting her car on 'drive' once more.

"Wait! We're coming with you!" Allison said, gesturing to Isaac to get in the back while she rounded the front of the car and hurried into the passenger seat. Lydia barely waited for her door to close when she was speeding off out of the parking lot and onto the street.

"Whoa, okay. Do you think you could slow down a bit?" Isaac said, grabbing tightly onto the door handle and the back of Lydia's headrest.

"I can't. There's something very wrong going on and we're going to be late," Lydia said in the most controlled voice she could muster. Allison put on her seatbelt hurriedly and stared at her friend concernedly.

"What are you talking about? What's going on? Did you have a vision or something?"


"Is it something to do with Stiles?"

Lydia didn't answer. Instead she just pressed down harder on the accelerator, and the engine roared a little louder as they picked up speed.

"Seriously, we're gonna get stopped by cops and then what are we gonna do?"

"I don't care. I have to get there."

"Lydia, what did you see?" Allison pressed.

Before they knew it, they were pulling into the hospital parking lot, and the sight was totally unexpected, although not completely unfamiliar.


People were running out of the hospital in every direction. Vaguely familiar faces, staff members and patients and visitors all rushing out, cowering behind cars, behind bushes. There was a long electric cable whipping around from the roof, sending sparks everywhere. The roof of the hospital was like a mini-fireworks display. The lights inside the hospital flickered incessantly, as did the lamps outside.

There, at the far end of the lot, stood Kira, or at least Lydia was pretty sure it was Kira. The girl seemed to be hypnotized by the whipping cable, even as it swung around violently and headed in her direction.

Kira seemed to be frozen in panic, actually. She yelled out something, but just before the cable could reach her, two figures swooped down and tackled her to the ground, laying on top of her protectively. In the dim light from one streetlamp, Lydia could make out it was Scott and Derek, just before the cable whipped wildly around once last time and then the power went out completely.

The hospital and all its surroundings were sunken into darkness. The only illumination came from Lydia's car lamps, and the lamps of other cars as people drove off, and the blue and red blinking lights of ambulances as they pulled away.

Lydia gasped.

"Darkness," she whispered, mostly to herself. Allison covered her mouth with her hands, and Isaac pushed himself forward to have a better look at what was going on outside.

"Shit," Isaac whispered, his eyes glowing amber slightly as his werewolf powers kicked in. "I can see Scott and Derek, they're helping Kira up. We should probably drive around and pick them up, Lyd- LYDIA!"

"Lydia! Where are you going? Lydia!" Allison shouted.

Lydia had unlocked her door and was trying desperately to get out of the car, but something held her in place.

"I have to go! I have to see-!"

"Lydia, you're still wearing your seatbelt! Come on, let's just drive around the lot and pick them up, before-"

Lydia leaned over Allison's lap and wrenched the glove compartment over, shoving the contents out clumsily until she found what she was looking for: a flashlight. She took advantage of Allison's momentary distraction to undo her seatbelt quickly and jump out of the car.

"Lydia! WAIT! LYDIA!"

Lydia could barely see where she was going. She could hear Isaac jump out of the car and she assumed he was running after her.

"Lydia, the hospital is that way! You're going in the wrong direction!" he shouted after her. His voice sounded farther away than she expected. She had no idea how fast she could run.

"He's not in the hospital anymore!" she shouted back, her voice a lot stronger than she expected as well. She heard him calling for Scott and Derek, heard them shouting at each other, and Allison calling her name over and over, but it grew further and further away, and suddenly all she could hear was her own labored breathing as she ran, unable to see anything at all, and yet knowing exactly where she needed to go.

Sorry for the shortness. I had to cut it off because I haven't finished the next part, and my hands hurt, and the EPISODE'S ABOUT TO START OMG OMG OMG.

Good luck to everyone, I hope we all survive.