Hey everyone, it's me Dr. Indigo. Listen, I just want to apologize about the recent lack of updates of Lost Girl. Full disclosure, I'm less than two semesters away from graduating college with a double major so I've been super swamped lately. The good news is I won't be taking any classes this summer so I'll try to finish the story then. In the meantime, here's a short but humorous Digimon Tamers one-shot I wrote a while back but never uploaded. I hope you all like it. PS. Digimon is owned by Toei Animation. I own nothing.

Pet Names

"What the hell did you just call me?" Rika asked in a calm yet threatening voice.

"I…. Uh…. Well… you see…" Takato stammered in terror as he tried to back away from his clearly angry girlfriend. "I… I didn't say anything?"

"Oh yes you did!" the Digimon Queen said in a biting yet even tone as she backed her boyfriend into a corner. "Now… what did you call me?"

"Rika please, it was an accident. I wasn't thinking and it just slipped out."

"Tell me what you called me before I knock your teeth out!" the redhead growled threateningly; raising her fist for emphasis.

"Well… I may have… accidentally… called you a certain… pet name that you may not…"

"Spit it out!"

"I may have called you… Pookums…" Takato squeaked out as he closed his eyes and prepared for the worst.

But the worst never came. Takato stood there for what felt like an eternity waiting for the first blow. After a time he opened his eyes… then quickly wished he hadn't. Rika was glaring at him intensely; her eyes narrowed in hate and her face flushed with rage.

Then, finally, she struck. With one swift motion she grabbed her boyfriend's cheeks and started pulling on them with great force.

"Pookums! You called me Pookums?" she asked in a calm yet violent tone. "Do I look like a Pookums to you?"

"Well I…"

"No! I don't! Because Pookums is what an old lady names her poodle! Pookums is something you call a dainty little creampuff who wears too much pink! If anything, I look like the girl you'd dump Pookums for!"

"Please Rika! I'm sorry! I'll never call you that again!" Takato pleaded as his face was painfully stretched in two directions.

"Why would you even call me something so disgusting in the first place?"

"I… I just thought it sounded cute…" Takato squeaked as Rika continued to mercilessly torture his tender cheeks.

Then, much to his surprise/relief, the angry redhead released his face and adopted a devious smirk.

"So… Takato, you think 'Pookums' sounds cute huh?" she asked in a voice like poisoned honey.

"Um… maybe…"

"Well you're right. It is pretty cute."

"Y-You think so?"

"Yep, in fact, that's what I'm gonna call you from now on."

It was at this point that Takato felt a wave of shock and horror wash over him.

"What! Now wait a minute Rika!"

"Too late!" said the redhead cruelly as she grabbed her boyfriend by the arm and started dragging him toward the door. "From now on your name is Pookums."

"Rika, Please! Can't we talk about this?" Takato asked pleadingly.

"Nope it's decided. Now hurry up Pookums. I think it's time we show everyone just how much you love your new name."

As Rika laughed with wicked glee, Takato let out a pitiful sigh of defeat.

'Why'd I have to open my big mouth?'

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