A/N: These several chapters are the result of a discussion in a facebook group. I came up with the basic scenario, then wondered how it would work during different time periods of Maria and Georg's relationship. They will not be in time order (obviously, as the first one they were engaged, and now they are not) but simply in the order that each occurred to me. Many thanks to the many gals in the group for encouraging me. If you'd like to join the group, just message me.


The buzz of the electric lines going down was the last thing Maria heard before the entire von Trapp villa was plunged into darkness. She jumped in surprise, in the process dropping the books and toys she'd brought with her from Gretl and Marta's room all over the floor.

Drat, how will I ever see to pick these up? She dropped to her knees, feeling her way along the floor to pick up the things she'd been returning to the nursery. She briefly considered leaving them, but feared one of the girls waking and tripping over them in the night.

When she was sure she'd found everything she'd dropped, Maria sat in what she believed to be the middle of the hallway. It was completely black, the Captain insisted on all doors being closed at night. Even if they weren't, the inky blackness of the nighttime storm wouldn't have shed any light at all, anyway. She stood up, and feeling her way along the wall, tried to orient herself and make her way to the nursery door. She touched the door immediately in front of her and started counting, not realizing she'd traveled too far-and the door she began with was not the door to Gretl and Marta's room. Nor was she headed toward the nursery as she intended, but in the opposite direction.

A loud crack of thunder made her jump again, but this time she held tightly to the items in her arms. It was the sound she didn't recognize, that sounded like something slamming behind her in the hallway, that caused her heart to stop and made her open the door she had her hand on and run inside. She quickly shut the door behind her and leaned against it, as another flash of lighting made the room she'd entered bright as day for a moment. And her heart stopped a second time as she saw, directly in front of her, the Captain. Dressed in nothing except his undershorts. Tight undershorts that left very little to the imagination. She was most definitely not in the nursery.

"Oh, my." Maria could barely breathe at the image of her employer that had now permanently etched itself into her brain. The surprise of the sight, and the heat that was creeping through her, had caused her to drop her armload of playthings again, and to speak her thought out loud.

"Fraulein? What are you doing here? Are you all right? Is one of the children sick?" she was surprised by the obvious concern in his voice.

"No, I, uh, oh, I'm so sorry, sir, I seem to have lost my sense of direction in the darkness."

"I should say so. What were you doing wandering the hallway in the dark?" This time he sounded closer, and Maria stayed where she was, leaning against the door.

"I was putting away some toys from the...well, anyway, I dropped them when the lights went out and I guess I got turned around and um, there was a noise and..." she sensed him very close to her now, before the next flash of lightning revealed just how close he was. The thunderclap at nearly the same instant that made her jump, right into his arms. She could feel his body heat through the thin linen of her own nightgown, which both unnerved and excited her.

"Never mind that now," he leaned forward, his face nearly touching hers. "Does anyone know you're here?" his voice was low and husky, which sent a wave of something she was beginning to recognize as desire course through her. She put her hands up, as if to keep him at bay, but the feel of his warm skin and the tickle on her palm from the hair scattered across his chest did nothing but heighten her own feelings. A more perfect example of a man she couldn't imagine, as he pulled her close and he nuzzled her cheek. Oh, help she thought, as her body responded to him on its own.

"Mmm, no, I don't think anyone saw me come in here," she sighed, trying desperately and failing miserably to keep her voice even. He knew as well as she did that there really was no one, other than the children, in this wing of the house. The rest of the staff was in the other wing; and his guests had left the villa for a few days; Herr Dettweiler off in Innsbruck investigating more acts for the festival; Baroness Schraeder in Switzerland visiting a sick friend.

As she tried to steady her breathing, she couldn't help but notice that Captain von Trapp smelled of whiskey, sandalwood, and lavender, which mixed with his own musky fragrance and tantalized her senses. His lips on her skin make her weak in the knees, and she was very glad she was propped between the door and his body, or she'd collapse in a heap on the floor. "I didn't...ooh...see anyone. There was a loud noise in the hall, though, that's when I...when I..." Maria could no longer continue speaking, as all coherent thoughts left her head in favor of responding to the kisses they now shared as his mouth finally captured hers. They stayed that way for a long, luscious moment, before he pulled back to regain his composure.

He took her hands in his, and led her to the settee between the balcony doors and the fireplace. The storm continued to rage outside, but Maria was no longer aware, and the Captain did not care. He prompted her to sit down on the rich, navy fabric, then sat beside her. He put one arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer, and she felt his other hand rest on her leg. She shivered in response.

"Ah, if no one knows you're here, then you don't have to leave," he whispered in her ear, his mouth brushing her skin, his breath leaving fire in its wake. His tongue grazed the soft curve of her earlobe, which made Maria inhale sharply as she felt a tug deep within her.

"Captain, I... I really should go. What if one of the children wakes up ..." she let her voice trail off. She didn't want to finish what she'd started to say, because she didn't want to go.

"If they were going to, they would have by now," his voice so low it was nearly a growl. "How do you do it, Fraulein? How do you completely captivate me, with a single glance? Light a fire in me that I thought was out forever, without even trying?" Again he looked at her, this time his eyes seeking the answers to the questions he'd asked, and her soul aching to providing them. She had no words to give him, so she simply rested her forehead against his chin, and took his hand. Their fingers intertwined, and Maria shivered again at the feel of the simple yet intimate gesture.

"Oh, Maria, I have wanted you for so long." he groaned, passion clouding his voice and his thoughts. He could feel the warmth of her body through the thin, white linen gown she wore; beckoning him, enticing him, tempting him beyond what he could stand against. He began to let his hand travel up, past her slim hip, skimming past her tiny waist. She held her breath as he passed the mound of her breast, and traveled on to her shoulder, where he again leaned down to plant a kiss.

In her head, she knew she should stop him. He was at least slightly drunk; while she'd not consumed any spirits she was equally intoxicated by the feelings he was arousing within her. The fact was she did not want him to stop. Not now, not ever. She wanted this, this life, this home, this man. This feeling, always. She brought her hands up, touching his hair, running her fingers through the chestnut strands that were far softer than she'd ever imagined. And she had imagined this. So very many nights, as she lay waiting for sleep to come.

"Say my name," he asked her, in between the kisses he was peppering along her collarbone.

"Hmmm?" she questioned, not sure she'd heard him correctly, his mouth busy on her neck.

"Say my name, Maria," he lifted his head, and his eyes burned into hers. "Say it, I need to hear you say it."

Her clear, blue eyes were enormous as she returned his gaze, and did as he asked. "Georg." his name a whisper from her soft lips.


"Georg," she purred, as he ran his fingers through her hair, just as she was still doing to his. Their actions mirrored one another; so in tune were their hearts and souls.

"Maria. My Maria," he lay his head on her chest, her softness a contrast to his own strong lines and sharp angles.

Yes, yes, I'm yours.