Alright, this is the last part before book one of Seeking Redemption ends. Basically, the first eight chapters was a huge lead in before Lufia tells her story of life before Devur, Aguro, Jerin, and the Sinistrals. We see lots of things beforehand, and as told before, a LOT has strayed off course since then.

To all the readers and reviewers, to the wonderful people who have sponsored this story on your sites, and to Tatio, Natsume and Neverland Company for making Lufia, this story has been one of the most successful stories I have written to date in the fandom. Hopefully, some of your out there will put down your thoughts as to what will happen when book two starts. I would love to hear what everyone's thoughts on the next part are.

And now, for the conclusion of book one.

Part VII: At Last, Reveal Your Past, Lufia

It was after Aguro had closed the door that Lufia had tensed up, even being in the arms of her friend. She glanced around nervously, feeling something chill her. The woman shivered and took a deep breath. "It seems we are not alone in this place," she said softly. "I feel something I should not be feeling."

"I feel it too," Lufia heard Jerin respond, rising from the couch and going over to the door. "It's an eerie feeling, whatever this may be." Her hand touched Lufia's shoulder, as if to stabilize her, or to comfort. Lufia could not figure out which as she turned her head around, seeing Aguro look confused, Devur glancing at the door, and Majainae still stirring a concoction in her cauldron. "Can't you chase ghosts away, witch?" Jerin snapped.

Ghosts? Is this the feeling that makes my skin chill? My nerves sing with anticipation? Lufia pulled Devur's arms away, hearing a few grunts of protest, but went up to the door. It would explain why I feel a familiar presence. Brother—

"No, of course not!" Majainae barked softly. "I can only summon ghosts, if need be. And no, I did not summon a ghost." Her hands never stopped stirring the concoction.

"Then why would there be—"

"Hush, Jerin," Lufia commanded. "It will do us no harm. Just the feeling of it being a ghost is enough to make your nerves jump." Her hand was held out as she wiped her starting tears away from her eyes. "I guess even my brother was worried, ne?"

"Brother?" Aguro asked in surprise. "You can't mean Daos! How could he have been—"

"Daos is not but a Sinistral, knight of Lorbenia. In order for the Sinistrals to live, they must have the blood and soul of an innocent soul. Even if my name does not imply that, I suppose it was a foreshadowing for the events which have passed." A hue had appeared behind Lufia and there stood a young teenage boy with short purple hair. But unlike Daos, his skin was not that of a lizard. Rather, he looked ordinary. His clothes were old and worn, they could tell, and his eyes reflected sadness. "It is nice that you haven't been…taken again, Sister. I do still feel hardship at how I died."

"Don't blame me, Daemon," Lufia spat at him. "It was not my fault that they stripped you of your love for me. Nor was it my fault at how Daos tormented you." Her voice had shook uncontrollably as she reached to hug the ghost, but alas grabbed air. As was to be expected.

"Daos was a soul then?" Devur asked, grabbing Lufia's shoulder to calm her. "Then what is Erim? Amon? Gades?"

"They are all souls as well," Lufia responded. "How do you think we could last that long? Each innocent has a part of the Sinistral embedded in them when they go up to Arek's castle to be indicted."

"I'm afraid even I don't understand, Lufia," Jerin replied, sitting back down on the couch with Aguro and going through her bag. "Perhaps you could elaborate on this for us?"

"I thought we agreed not to write it down, Jerin," Aguro whispered in her ear. "She is—"

"Let her write our story down, knight," Daemon responded. "Perhaps after this, even you might reread it and try to understand the trials and pain we have had to endure." The ghost had transparently put his hand on his sister's shoulder as well. "It is good you found love again. But Daos is seething in his grave that you will not allow Erimela to be free."

"Daos can shove it for all I care, Daemon," Lufia coolly retorted. "I took back my identity when I fought Arek years ago at Devur's knighting ceremony. And I do not intend on letting Erimela manipulate me anymore." Turning to the rest of them, she sighed. "Ok, let me explain. Erimela was Erim's real name. Erimela, Daos, Amon and Gades were Arek the Absolute's children. But as time passed, each child died, and Arek sought to make them incarnated souls."

"Incarnated souls? You mean…magic summons that sorcerers could use for power?" Jerin asked, her eyes mirroring confusion. She took Aguro's hand as the Lorbenian was lost in all the conversation.

If only it were that simple, Lufia thought, but as she was about to speak, Daemon had spoke for her.

"No, Jerin of Belgen. It is not as you describe at all." As he paused, the ghost coughed and patted his chest before continuing. "The Four Sinistrals died, and Arek kept their souls contained within his castle. Their ghosts lingered freely until four individuals decided to be Arek's test subjects. When this was done, Arek realized that his children had incorrect matches for bodies and mindsets, and thus, set to 'kidnap' children to take the place of the living host."

"They…inhabited you?" The witch had finally spoke. "It's mind control, only they become fused with you."

"Right, which was why I was brought back to life all those times," Lufia said.

"Tell me something, because I don't understand how you are reincarnated all those times," Devur said, sighing. "I mean, you're a human too, right?" Stroking her hair, she seemed to ease onto him and she shook her head.

"No. When a Sinistral fuses with someone who is like them, they will, in essence, become that person. Their spiritual force allows them to return to life at Arek's will. I have to because I am responding to what Erimela is doing."

"There is no way to get a Sinistral out of that person once their have been broken of will," Daemon interjected, before someone else could ask another question. "They thrive on four things: Chaos, Destruction, Terror and Death. Two of the individuals they pick must be strong of will. The other two can be as stupid as they like. However, since we are brother and sister, it was a perfect sellout for our stepfather to turn us over to the Sinstrals after nearly killing Dad."

"So Roman is—" Devur spoke.

"Yes. He is her father, as well as mine. And he is just as worried as I, and the rest of you are." Floating over to her sister, Daemon gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Remember, Mom and Dad love you, as well as I, and as well as Kayath and the rest of us. Tell our story. You can't hold it all forever, even if you think you are to blame."

The tears flowed freely down her face. "But what if they—"

"They will accept. They did after Erimela tried killing them, didn't they?"

Well, damn, Daemon has a point, Lufia thought again. They did. Why wouldn't they?

"They will accept, Sister. Give Dad our love. Mom still wishes she could make dinner cause Dad always burnt the turkey."

She laughed. "Yes, Dad still does burn the turkey." Wiping the last of her tears out of her eyes, she dragged Devur over to sit on the other couch. "Thank you, Dae. For coming, I mean."

"Well, you are the only one of us still alive besides Dad who knows the story. Not to mention, you both can live as long as you like, considering your sorcerers . . . I only wish I could actually comfort instead of hover, reminding you of the failure we have caused."

"You aren't hovering, Daemon," Lufia told him. "You're just reminding me, I suppose, but not hovering. If we had Dual Blade when we escaped, maybe we would have had a chance. But that was not found until 'Iris' and Maxim came along, one hundred and ten years later." She looked down at her feet now, shame overcoming her. "And if we had it, maybe—none of this—"

"This still would have happened, because of Erimela, Lufia. You have to remember it is Arek who controls when his children are revived, not us. If it was us, then indeed, this would have never happened again." Daemon had sighed softly. "But go on, tell them. I have to get going now. Mom will wonder what is taking so long."

"If you have to go," Lufia said, "then you have to go. Take care now."

"Thank you for coming, but please don't try to scare us like that," Jerin muttered. "It's frightening for us to feel a ghost!"

Aguro shook his head. "…And I still don't know much of what's going on."

"You never do, Ag," Jerin laughed. "If you pay attention, you might get some of the major points." Then she gave him a noogie and the two were in a wrestling match on the couch.

Devur cleared his throat, trying to get the two to stop, but instead looked at Daemon. "At least we got to see the true side of Daos."

"I am not Daos. I am only the host body. I only died because I was destroyed by the Dual Blade. It will not be long before even I am reborn, and forced to fight against you. But before that happens, please listen. This might help next time, and avoid unnecessary death." With that he began to disappear.

"Ghost," Majainae called out. "If you like, I can make you stay for a while with the potion I made." She held a vial out for him. "Would you want that?"

"Your potions will not work, witch. I thank you for the gesture, but this is not something I need to be present for. She will do well enough to tell the story on her own." Then Daemon disappeared and Lufia was left to wipe more tears away from her eyes.

"Now I can see why it's hard for her to actually fight Daos," Aguro whispered.

"Daos is no problem. My brother, on the other hand, is," Lufia snapped. "But he's right, I suppose it is time to tell…otherwise, I'll go insane. So if you shut up, I'll tell you." Yawning a moment, she curled up against Devur and got herself comfortable. "In the morning. I'm tired."

"The morning?" Jerin all but shrieked. "You did—" Aguro shook his head and pointed to the direction of the inn. "Oh. Okay. We can wait till the morning then. I suppose we could use the next day to think and listen. And get food too."

"We should have eaten the turkey," Devur told her. "Even if he did burn it again."

And at that, the others chuckled, knowing that the night would end on a good note. But as she fell asleep, Lufia noted that if she had to tell her story, she wouldn't want it to be anyone else other then the friends she had with her now.