"Tsuna, could you pick up some groceries for me?"

I looked up, somewhat startled by the voice. I had turned in my seat, my eyes wide. I had been spacing. The sound fluttering of papers behind me made me process what had just happened. I turned and realized the breeze from the open window had knocked my incomplete homework off the table. I hurried to pick it up, I needed to reply to Papa before he got worried.

My door slammed open and a panting man appeared in my door way, "Tsuna!"

I stared at the man from my crouched position, an exasperated look on my face, "Mou, Papa, I just dropped my papers. I was going to go downstairs." I stood up and placed my homework on my desk.

Papa relaxed immediately, seeing me safe in my room. He seemed to just realize what he had done and had an embarrassed look on his face, "Ah… gomen ne, Tsu-kun."

I sighed and walked over to my bedroom door, "Don't 'Tsu-kun' me," I saw a doorknob shaped dent in the wall from Papa slamming the door into my wall, "Look what you did to the wall!"

Papa bowed his head sheepishly, "Ah… I'll call someone over to fix it."

I couldn't help but feel bad for the person I knew Papa would call.

"About those groceries…?" asked the meek voice coming from Papa.

I looked at his disheveled appearance. His hair was a rat's nest and there were bags under his eyes, "Sure." I sniffed, he smelled somewhat bad too.

He gave me a bright smile, even as I pushed him out of my room and down the stairs, "Really?" I just nodded. Once we got downstairs he handed me a post it note and some money, "Thank you Tsuna, I've been backed up on work."

I walked to the front door and put on my shoes, "Don't worry about it Papa, I'll be back soon." I waved behind me as I walked out the front door, "Ittekimasu!"

He waved back as I left, "Itterasshai."

I don't remember much from my life before Papa. It was all black and white flashes, as cliché as it sounds. I could vaguely see the dark faces of my parents and a sister, a twin. I don't remember the words they said to me, or the actions they did, but I could feel the imprint they left in me. Papa told me they died, I don't believe him.

I'm Tsunayoshi, no last name, but in school and in official files I use Papa's last name. My biological family is apparently dead and Papa adopted me at a young age. I'm 13 years old, a student from Namimori Academy, middle school division.

My Papa is Byakuran Gesso.

And this is my life.