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He has fade in black. No doubt of it. It's dark, shallow and hollow. But above all, Zero feels almost like, heavenly? How? For all the years he knows deep down in core he will never be in peace either in life or the afterlife. He doesn't ring a bell, but he knows by heart he must be dead by now. Willingly. Gladly. Finally. But then, why he feels warm? Held? Comfortable? Suddenly a strike of light hits him. What is that? A light of hell's fire? Oh, that must be it. Instead of burning to the expected fire, Zero feels like he's been calling into the light. Then he thinks he feels a cool fluid flowing through his gorge. Is he drowning?

Never mind. As long as he's not alive, he doesn't care. Yet, the cooling liquid doesn't seem like masking him. Unexpectedly his once forgotten heart feels beating. In fact, it's beating rapidly. What happens? Aren't he supposed to die? After, he finds himself panting, wheezing and all's coming back to him. The day his family being attacked by a snowy-haired pureblood, the night he felt his first hunger, the time when he almost drain Yuuki, the day when a brunette pureblood force him to take his blood in the dungeon until at the momentous night where he tempt to suicide and the last reel shows Kaname's crimson-eyed and glistening canines blend with a fumed façade portrayed on his face. But there's some hint of, concern?

"Mmph? Mmph!", is the only Zero manages to sound when his faltered violet-eyed open to complete shape in prompt as he registered his current situation.

A pair dark-chocolate orb stare bore into his while his wrist nailed into the silverette gasping mouth, bleeding. Zero may think that he himself forcibly bitten the said body part. But when the wrist itself stays stiff in the silverette mouth as he trying to pull it away, he knows it's the otherwise.


His effort repeats but to no avail when flows of the rosy fluid through his gorge gags and force him into drinking it. The dark-chocolate eyed owner hisses visibly when his gnawed wrist meets bloodied grips from the struggling figure below. Pissed as Zero never intended to stay still, Kaname yanks the silverette locks only to have Zero slating and freighting him more. The once bleached divan has now dyed with an angry color splattered of the once slumbered figure. Zero didn't realize he has his eyes shut before Kaname yanks him again but only brutally this time.

The pureblood technically slams the snowy-coloured head into the pillow. He then rewarded by Zero's faint yelp and the deadly grips now are nowhere but on Kaname's wrist. Without letting any second passed, Kaname grasps the hurting vampire's hand with his now free and smack hard right above Zero's head.

Above all, he keeps his bloodied wrist glued in the silverette mouth. His obduracy won't let it go not unless he makes sure Zero has taking the blood all he needs, replete and fully healed. All the wasteful time he spent to only this day, waiting for the level E to awake, will he ensure ends, today. The pain of viciously bitten combined with clawed nails into his skin is nothing he can't hold, but his patience is. He let Zero having his way for almost 10 minutes right before he sobered up and starts to trashing, fighting.

"I am no patient person, Kiryuu. Not with you. You will now behave and 'eat' like a good dog or I assure you, you will be laid on this bed for more than fucking three days."

The once cool dark-hazel orbs have now brightened into an auburn dye together with sharp elongated canines emerges. If eyes could kill, then he is now officially dead. By the time, Zero swears he feels like drowning. Drowning with overpowered deadly aura from the pureblood as if trying to swallow the poor silverette whole. With his now pathetic and threatening position, Zero didn't need a minute to comply with the pissed pureblood. For the first time, the silverette obeys Kaname without knowingly he has his fear and trembles show tangibly to the now sneering vampire lord.

His cause to fight back has switch off at the very moment and as the brunette's wish, he is now 'eating like a good dog'. After a silent moment of drinking, Zero has his eyes reflects the pureblood and suddenly his hunger arise. The silverette almost ripped out the flesh raw but couldn't when Kaname tighten his grip on Zero's hands, become tenth times painful than before, bleeding. Zero let out a cry that only to have it swallowed into his own mouth.

Almost gagged by the non-stop fluid diving into his throat, Zero feels a trail of finger, circling on his chest. Not before he registered the other's intent, the digit suddenly plunges in. Zero's scream finally audible this time as he manages to escape from Kaname forcible wrist, as his back arches, whimpering. Again, in a swift moment, the said digit plunge out and second after the hole it left, closed. Almost unwounded.

"Finally", the vampire lord says after.

Zero wanted so much to scream out loud right in the face of the brunette but instead, a heavy cough is his only reply.

"Then my fucking job is done here".

Seriously, his temper will always harsh whenever he is around the silverette teen. So does his words.

Before Zero tries his second attempt to bark at the brunette, suddenly there's a flashback of previous incident in the back of his mind. His opened mouth that failed to spit words becomes stilled and his eyes widen with glances of levels of emotions. Stunned, angry, sad. Kaname notices Zero silent tantrum. He is about to talk further but Zero outcomes him.

"Why? Why do you even need to interfere?"

It was almost a whisper. It took the brunette by surprise. Zero was always but not soft. But that voice. If Kaname was a human, he'll only hear a mumble.

"All I want, all I did, it has nothing to do with you. So, why"

Zero who was on the bed lying, now has his back lean on the bed's headboard, hand clenching his shirt while the other crushing his snowed hair. The mini-war before was all forgotten. All his senses now are focused on the previous night. It was so close. Very close. He can felt how he was relieved when he knew he was about to die. He can be peace, at last. That's what he thought. He was so close that it became so far. How pathetic is that? He can't even make himself killed. He is a failure among the failure. Zero was so into self-destructive that he didn't realize that he is trembling hard.

But Kaname saw that. There was a pregnant silent. For the first time the vampire lord is really being taken aback. It was the first time he saw the lilac-eyed vampire acting like that. He will never show his vulnerable side. Never in months ago. He only heard from Yuuki when the sweet girl came to him, weeping while talking about how Zero's degradation daily life. How he will lock himself in his room for mostly 5 days without eat and drinks, how Yuuki heard Zero's throwing up every night as he failed to swallow blood pills and how he chained himself in the dungeon for every end of the week that Chairman Cross and Yagari found him drinking his own blood. That's why he agreed to the stupid promise for taking care of Zero for the first. For Yuuki. He wants nothing but that troubled face on his future-lover to be disappeared. He wants Yuuki to be smiling again. Right?

Without his consent, he starts walking slowly towards the teen vampire. There's something about the lilac-eyes that brought him closer. Confuse? Sad? No. It's almost like, afraid? No. It's different. It's something that again he has no data with. Somehow it has drawn him in. There's an urge. But he couldn't put words into it.

"You don't understand. You'll never understand. No one, will"

Zero comes again. Only this time he sounds broken.

Both didn't realize how their distant towards each other are now closing as also how Kaname didn't realize his hand reaching towards Zero. Somehow his chest cringes. He was about to pull him when the floor creaks, startling both vampires.

Zero grasps how pathetic he acted in front of the vampire lord. As when he tries to recoil himself, unleashed any anger within to cover the façade, he realizes how close Kaname is been to him. In instinct, he slaps away the hand and explodes. As he always do.

"What the hell that you try to pull?! All you vampires are fucking beast that are nothing but filth! Especially you, fuc- Uhh!"

Before Zero manages to finish, Kaname clasp his hand around the skinny vampire's collar. All the unfamiliar and crushing feeling in his gut just now was gone. All in is a pure anger. What the hell did he allows himself to feel that way? Even for a second? For a Level E? And then letting him talks low to him? He is Vampire Lord for hell's sake. The 'thing' here is nothing but a trash to him. Nothing! His once calm dark-brown orbs are now glowing red as fire.

It feels like hundreds kg of cement wrapped around the silverette neck. But that's not the only that Zero could feel. The whole room's gravity has focused on him. Literally. The air likely didn't exist at the time. So does in his lungs.

"Twice. Twice, Kiryuu", the vampire lord starts to speak as for a one gratifying view in his front. Zero whimpering hard to breathe.

"If I ever heard you talk that foul word to me again, I swear I will make sure that you suffer so damn much that you won't even know if 'death' is even exists. I will make sure that the end of the day nothing of you will be left. Not even a dust".

The brunette's voice may not loud enough to intimidate, but his low, husk and half-growling tone and words is more than a deadly weapon. Every living vampire will likely kill themselves with that. But as different as he is, Zero is not one of them. If anything that can kill him right now, is lack of oxygen.

Knowing that the deathly-grip won't loosen, not in any urgent seconds, the silverette starts blowing punches to the brunette. To his frustration, Kaname is nothing but stiff as brick. He didn't even flinch. Zero is may be a Level E, but when in terms of strength he is as compatible as any nobles that Kaname has in his cycle. He is a Hunter after all. He then clawed Kaname on his every part of body that he managed to reach. Hand, chest and face. But any cut close almost instantly. Zero curses subtly.

He may be that suicidal but this time it is not about having a chance to die, but in term of pride, dignity and arrogance. Without this three, Zero is not Zero. If he lack in strength then he is sure full of all of them. If he is meant to die here, (finally) then at least he can do is to retaliate.

Kaname who seems lost in his temper actually having a debate in his mind. He study the snow-haired vampire, seeing him struggle with all his might. His once pale face is now painted with shades of red. His lips gawk opens, struggling to suck in some air. His hands that once thumping on his torso now are everywhere, scraping him, exactly like a scene of girl's fighting. He chortles in subtle. Darkly.

What exactly that this dupe-suicidal, malingerer and Level E vampire has to do with his life? Yes. As Yuuki's adopted brother. Her family. Her part of happiness, and he will do everything in his might to ensure that. He was always knew what to do, what to say and how to act. But all that calm and calculated routine will always fails when it comes to Zero. Mostly is because he despised him and wants nothing but to rip him apart. But when he saw Zero's broken moment at that second, something in him shrink. If it was Yuuki, he will embrace her, whisper some soothers and kiss her. Then the precious girl will be quiet, embarrassed. Her cheeks will turn pink, and her sweet smile draws. How about Zero then? What will he do? How will he act?

As Zero saw Kaname advance forward to him, he braces himself. Whatever happens after this, it is his end. He has done everything, only if air is enough in his lungs, only if his Bloody Rose in his grip, only if he is stronger. He didn't realize he shuts his eyes when they're wide open in prompt, stuns by a sensation in his lips.

He expects pain, he expects death but what he didn't expect is Kaname kissing him.

They are still for a moment. Zero didn't realize how his air pipe is tighter than before so does Kaname didn't realize that he actually, technically, kissing the vampire teen. Not until it feels like forever, Kaname grasps. He finally retreat a bit, loosen up his grip, obviously confused for his unplanned act. Period. Zero on the other hand was flabbergasted. The poor silverette, struggling to either finally breathe in free or trying to figure out what was just happened. His mind is all but astound. He didn't realize that his face that once covered by red now turns pink, the once pale lips tinted in ruby and his wheezing breath now hitches in delicate.

That's how Kaname thought at least. And he thought more.

"Same. It's the same face Zero made at the other night"

Indeed it is. What the auburn-head didn't realized that he also made the same response as he did on the other night. Lust. The only thing that is different is that he doesn't think. He doesn't think the consequence, the remorse, nothing except one: More. He wants to kiss Zero more. To make him do his face like that more, to feel his lips more, to feel the heat more. Again. Lusciously.

When Zero finally manages to do both: breath and grasping the situation, he focuses his strength to his right foot and kicks the motionless vampire lord in the gut, who is in between inches from him. The fucking bastard was too close, so as that fucking lips. The brunette was taken aback by that. He was kicked to backward, almost hit the other end of the wall. His stomach throbs.

"What was that for?! What are you trying to"-

For more than twice, Zero is unable to finish every of his sentence. The once heavy gravity has now clouded by dark aura emitted from the brunette. It was almost pushing him to the ground. And if Zero doesn't realize, he is. Factually. His knees fell. It feels like a heavy rain of pressure pouring in the room. Onto him. Zero is shock, confuse and above all, trembling. This is a first time he confronted such aura from the brunette. He probably forgotten but he remembers now, that the figure stands all mighty in his front is a Vampire Lord. 'The King'. It takes everything of him to not fall completely on the floor and thankfully but unfortunately it doesn't seem to happen at all. With a flash step, the grand vampire standing inches from him. He clamps the wobbly silver-head's cheek with his palm. In result, Zero forcefully has his head up to face the brunette. But he hopes he didn't.

Kaname has his fangs elongated all glory and the orbs, if it is possible, Zero saw a flames of fire in it. And something more. This makes him startled and..afraid? Something about the eyes is different. He never sees it before. Kaname eyes are always calm, intimidate, murderous, but never this. That's why he's afraid. He didn't know what to do. To his surprise, again, Kaname slams his lips into the silver-head teen. Only this time it's bruising, and piercing. The brunette is kissing and biting into Zero's mouth. As a predator eats it prey. As if it is not enough, there's tongue included.

Then everything is a déjà vu. Kaname's hand once again drives home around Zero's neck. Zero yet again trashing and throwing punches to Kaname. But he knows the drill. The fucking bastard is a 'human wall'. That's however, is his least problem. Kaname was so into it that he once more jammed the silverette's air pipe only right now, it's tenth times more than before. As the result, Zero starts to see blurs. Even so, the brutal kiss seems will never stop, not even to pause. Nothing but silent is heard in the room. The only sound manage to heard after is the disturbing wet sound, a thudding and a whimpering of a silver-head. It goes on for 5 minutes if Zero ever counted.

His struggle slowly degrading and finally, Zero last attempt is to clutch dependably to the brunette's hem auburn shirt. Gradually, his eyes hardly shut and the hands on the Kaname's shirt are fall completely. The snow-haired teen fall limply beneath the vampire lord, grasping Kaname back into the reality and his fumed calm a bit. He immediately retreats, collecting his once forgotten breath back into his lungs. Luckily, his hand stilled clamping the fainted vampire, saving him from dropping hard onto the floor.

He watches Zero for some moment, thinking (finally) in subtle.

"What am I doing?" he finally speaks didn't bother to have any answer at all.

It almost like he doesn't understand his own body anymore. He never does something unplanned, out of league and never without benefits. But what he understands right now, right at this moment, he wants Zero. Everything. He narrows his crimson-fire orbs, taken aback by his own thoughts. Want him? Want Zero? How could things lead to this?

Kaname stroke the silver-head's cheek. Somehow it feels right. Then he stops at the lips. He didn't realize how soft it was. He didn't realize how good it is. He was taught and told that everything that he ought to do, it must first be prepared, designed and thought. But what happens if it is unprepared, ingenuous and absurd then?

By that, he picks Zero in his arms and thumps him hard on the bed. To his relief, the skinny vampire doesn't flinch. He stares down at him, thinking. Again. Usually he never says it. He won't. It was never his style, his norm. He's everything but not unsure. But he makes exception today. Besides, he strayed too many times in less than week from his usual anyway. It was all because of this Level E. If anything, he will blame him for all.

"Here goes nothing" he finally said.