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"But it's been three days, Takuma-sempai".

"I'm sorry, Yuuki-san. I believe Kaname has reason to all his decision. By means, I'm sure his deciding for the better of Kiryuu-kun"

With that, a moment of hope in Yuuki face was gone for a second but come back after.

"Well, if I can't see him now, perhaps do you mind telling me how he's been doing?"

The blond noble smile beautifully at this.

"Yes. The exact reason I was told to meet you, Yuuki-san. Kiryuu-kun is healing now, though he didn't awake ever since. But I'm pretty sure he will be fine. Kaname is a dependable person, you know"

If smile can be infected, then Ichijou's one must be contaminated into Yuuki. Only that, her smile is perfectly drawn in her lips. Almost as if she was the one invented it.

"I understand why you're fighting hard to keep this smile, Kaname", the noble thought.

"Yes, I know that. But Zero is dependable as well when it comes to self-suffering. I don't understand why he can't accept his own self. I can. Chairman Cross can, so does Yagari sensei. He was probably beyond mad before, but at the end of the day he actually cares for Zero. All of us do. I know he likes to keep feeling in himself, I get it. But it didn't kills him to at least come to us, whining or something"

Yuuki has her smile drops after the second sentence. It was replaced with sad then to angry. But her final words makes her hugs herself, trembling. There's a hint of tear at the end of her dark-brown eye.

"For at least once, I wanted him to be happy"

The room stilled in silence for a moment. Ichijou watches the girl sobbing softly, words lost on his tongue. When it reaches an awkward pending, he finally speaks.

"I'm sure he will. That day will come Yuuki-san."

Behind tears, Yuuki is trying to form a smile again. It's soothing to know there are other than a family to believe Zero's happiness in the future. After calming a bit, Yuuki speaks,

"Then when he will be back here?"

"I believe Kaname wanted him out faster as much as you want" to this, Ichijou rushed into another sentence,

"You know, to be stuck in a room after all he did before, Kaname sure an outdoor activity is the best for a moment."

He curses himself subtly. The last thing he wants is to give even a hint that both Hunter and Vampire Lord have eventually mutual feeling in the relationship: Hatred. But he dares to keep his words to his own. All obvious is only Zero's detests to the vampire lord, heck to all living and even dead vampires, including himself. What a hater.

"Then it will be the same for us as well"

A sudden voice comes in as a closed door open furiously, makes one of both occupant in the room startle. Since the other, you know, not human. So he did anticipating someone's presence. As the said figure enters, he is follows by a long-blonde hair man, settling himself in a table uninvited. Well, it is his office anyway. The other however, standing on his side, leaning himself on a wall with both arms on the chest.

"Makes it 'I'" the older blonde speaks, looking to his side.

Means his words specifically to the other older. Before the said person could spit any words, he continues.

"I would like him to be transferred into Moon Dorms, on the other hand"

Chairman Cross's firm words have all the residents in the room stun. Human or not human. A slam on the table is the reply.

"This is beyond joke, Cross. You wanted Zero to stay with all those walking predators?"

"Sheesh, Yagari. We have a guest here if you are blind. No offence Takuma-kun"

Chairman Cross said while throwing his 'sorry' face to the noble vampire.

"Non-taken, Chairman. Even though I wanted to"

A large smile on the Cross's face follows after that.

"Well, THAT is funny Yagari. You should learn from Takuma-kun how to handle things. You know, this poor table didn't do you anything harms", he said while stroking the part where Yagari throws his disapproval at.

"Don't you start, Cross. This is not about me. This is Zero's we're talking about"

"And I was talking about him to be transferred into Moon Dorms. Period."

"Then, what you said is wrong. What do you think it will make him better to be in there?"

"And what makes you think he will BE better here, Yagari?"

The room finally finds its peace. Both elders have their eyes locked. One with infuriated while the other calm, but firm.

Yuuki that was all forgotten in the room finally speaks up, questioning her confused and shocked mind.

"Yes, Chairman. Why suddenly that? You know how much Zero hates that place, no offence here, Takuma-sempai,"

The said person only replies with him lifting his both hands in middle-up, with small smile. Like father like daughter he thought.

"So, even if you forced him into it, I'm sure he will run off. That's his specialty", she continues.

"That the least of the problem" the dark-head man reply to Yuuki then change his view to the sitting figures beside him.

"If you may probably-intentionally forgotten Cross, he almost killed himself for the fucking 3 days before and casted a spell to his own. Spell, that I once taught him. Spell, to kill vampire. What makes you think being surrounded by not one but all of them will make him better, Cross?"

"But you may also, probably-intentionally forgotten, Dear Yagari," the said person pop a vein above his brow at this,

"for the past few weeks Zero had suffers, locking and chaining his own self and drinking his own blood. Do you think he will be better like that, Yagari?"

To that, the hectic room calm down once again. Both arguers are may now hushed, but their eyes displaying an active quarrel. Ichijou see through that and the silent is nothing but a pressure to it. He sighs to that. Probably a word from other than human is needed?

"Are you suggesting that Kiryuu-kun is needed to be under inspection of Kaname then, Chairman Cross?"

Both elders turn their view to the noble at this.

"Finally, someone's with rational" the blonde-older speaks, jeering his eyes to Yagari.

Before any tantrum throws between the two again, the noble vampire continues.

"I believe Kaname is all open heart in favor with you for that, Chairman. But we are all well known how Kiryuu-kun's response will be right? If he rather chose suicide than accepting any help, I'm not sure how we can reason him then"

The older blonde sighs to that.

"True. But no matter how much he resist, Zero can't fight what he is. He is a vampire and as much as how he needs to breathe, he needs blood"

"Say something we didn't know, Cross" Yagari retort in prompt.

"That's the problem Yagari. We know. He knows. But all he is, is only denial. And what I'm suggesting, we need him to admit who he is. With all his heart"

As Cross words sink in into Yagari's thought for a moment, he finally sighs. Defeated. Yes. True. For all the young turned-hunter did was self-refuting. They've tried everything but in the end is nothing. The only one who can solve it, is himself and all that he need is support, persuasion. And so far, their support is not enough. If it requires some hard ways, so be it.

"Well, I second to that. That's our only hope now. Because last time I checked, I couldn't do more help. Zero had rejected me"

Yuuki's sudden words. Her facial is an obvious poignant. It's the reason Zero's worse state for now. Because she couldn't help.

"Yuuki", came the chairman.

He needs no explanation. He remembered. For firsts, Zero will take Yuuki's blood, for some nights. But for some unknown reason, he had stopped. And the suffering started. Cross take that as Zero was actually scared. Because if he continues, it means he accepting himself.

For so many times, the dark-haired man comes again with sigh, followed by his final words.

"When? When do you plan to submit him into the dorm? I suggest not too soon. We all agree to send him with an open heart don't we? So we need some plan for that"

Cross almost immediately hugging the dark-headed but fails when Yagari push him back to his seat, and continues.

"However, if something weird and bad happens, I will take him out by my own. No room for discussion"

"Sounds like a deal", Cross replies with an enormous smile draws.

"So what's the plan?" comes Ichijou.

"Well, we need professional for this. And I believe Kaname-kun is the best of all. I'll ask him to talk Zero into his transfer. Probably he needs some 'vampire talk' for this. Since last time, ours fail"

"That's your plan? Have you forgotten how much he hates vampires, especially him?"

"It's worth trying, Yagari. Besides, it's one-sided. Kaname-kun doesn't have such tempers like that. He is a good leader and he speaks rational and sense. Above all, he's a good kid"

Ichijou silently flinch for that. Only if they know. Only if they know how that serene man could turns 180 when it comes to Zero. Only if they know, how his eyes can be murderous in less than second when they set to Zeros. But again, he prefers to keep it to himself.

"So when will you do that?" asks Yuuki.

"Well, first thing first. We need to pick up Zero once he's conscious. The rest, I'll handle. I hope you can inform Kaname-kun about that will you, Ichijou?"

"Yes. No problem"

Somehow, it excites the blond-noble within. He is curious where this plan will be going. He is curious how his childhood friend will act to handle the situation. But at the same time, he feels sorry for the vampire lord. Oh, how miserable his life will be from now on.

He stares down to the limp figure beneath him. He was stark naked. The moonlight rain peeked between curtain hangings lazily on top of the window, focused down on the pale snow-haired teen bare body, almost mind-blowing. His signature locks shines in angelic, his slant collarbone streak is in proper length and his well-planted nipples color is visibly lighten contrasting his pale skin. It was unimaginably beautiful. Kaname wanted to linger to the south, but damn, he is fucking hard. How he supposed to know that certain Level E will looks like this when exposed? To tell the truth, he expected him to turn off when he stripped out Zero. It was his first with a man, anyway. But then, all he did was star-gazed Zero for more than he needs to.


Unbelievably betrayed and pissed by his own self, the vampire lord put all those away at the back in his mind and proceeding to the paused intention. He begins straddling the silverette and leans down until he is inches away from the teen's face. Stroking Zero's face has become his habit lately. To his surprise, Kaname is rewarded a small moan from Zero. He swears something in him snapped. In prompt, his once cool eyes brighten, his canines lengthen and his shaft throbbing painfully.

The brunette closes their distant by kissing the unconscious hungrily yet keenly. Hmm, he groans. The snow-haired tastes like vanilla. How's that even possible? Whatever. He could do this all day. Sated, he moves south to the snow-haired's neck then. Licking, biting, but not enough to cut. Hmm he groans again. If he hears himself, Kaname would probably go between embarrassed or ashamed. Yes. Cause he sounds like a pervert old man. But hey, he do realize he is a 100, right? Kaname could hear Zero's pumping beats and blood flows. It's calm. He wonder, if it will remain the same if Zero awake at this moment. What will he do? How's he react? By instinct, the brunette slowly punctures in, right above Zero's tattooed neck. And he didn't do it soft. How can he? He is so eager he wanted nothing but to screw him off like tomorrow didn't exist.

As he expected, the silver-head grimace, but not long. Kaname downed more but leisurely, savoring Zero's life source. He could taste his own in between the mixture of it. He's in ecstasy. If this is how being high is, then he understand why human do drugs. He won't mock them anymore in the future. He never tastes such good elixir before. Not in people, not in drinks. Never. He sinks more, didn't realize it dives deep, aching. There's a small movement beneath that Kaname fails to aware, so he just indulge himself. Not after he grasps how suddenly the lilac-eyed body goes tense, he stops in a moment.

The said vampire has his both hands clipped the bed sheet hard. His snowy brows knitted together. But his eyes remain close.

"Fair enough", Kaname thought.

Intentionally, he bits down again, changing the angle purposely to the vein.


Like a switch, that is enough for Kaname to bit harder, instantly. He sure some veins cut.

"Urghhh. Hu-hurt…"

Zero's finally utters a word.

The vampire lord ignores that, proceeding. Zero continues his small struggle. More than minutes, his both hands able to grab other than the poor chalk-colored sheet, that on the verge of shredding, to the brunette's shirt. When he feels he took hold of a humanly-like part, Zero snaps open his eyes only to have it gape wider to recognize he has someone, on his top. However, he didn't see a face. Wait? That someone has no face? No head?

When his thought go wild into a horror, a painful-gnawed on his left column answer his wrong perception. To add more, he manage to grab a hold of hair, subtly relieve it is a head. Zero finally takes in his reality, where there is actually someone, with a complete figure, is now biting his neck somehow, somewhat, is taking his blood. When he was about to pull his hold of the said hair, the bit became excruciating.


The lilac-eyed vampire now is trashing. His back bends upward, his feet dig deep into the bed and he clawed the head. When Kaname feels his hair is about to tow off from his skull, he retrieves his canines, hissing, revealing himself to Zero. The auburn-head shows his turned scarlet-eyes, derision his fangs with half-full blooded lips. When Zero acknowledges the brunette existence, he shrieks inside and is about to punch the said bastard but at halt when Kaname is one step ahead of him. In revenge, he yanks Zero's head as well, resulting the silverette to yelp and force to change his vision to the ceiling. Nevertheless, the grip full of hair of the auburn-head is stilled. It's a competition. And to the elder vampire surprise, he lost.

Zero punts him right in the gut, rewarding the silverette a free space to immediately jump off from the messed divan. It was not that hurt, but it takes Kaname by shock. Twice. Somehow his gut is fond to Zero's knee lately. When he thought where in hell the turned-hunter has gained some strength, when not more than hour ago he was in his mercy, he hears a loud thud.

Zero has his knees falling on the floor, his left hand covers the exact spot where his bite mark was while blood flowing through his digits down to the torso. His both lilac orbs narrowing, as if seeing hard to have a clear vision to his front.

"What the hell-are you doing?" come his hoarse-breath question.

Nonchalantly, the vampire lord let himself out of the bed as well, walking gracefully towards the weaken teen. His mahogany-slack top is three buttons down. His dark trouser is nowhere to be found instead a colorless boxer hang perilously low, enough to give a hint of thick curls and a huge lump proudly apparent. Ah. If only Zero could see this. The lilac-eyed is void to that, apparently starting to have blood loss.

"The obvious", his short reply.

"And for the none, you'll know..soon"

Zero definitely doesn't like the sound of it. As the vampire slowly approaching, there's a weird glance to the crimson eyes that coils him from the inside. Kaname had been acting weird ever since that night. So does before. Then the previous scene where Kaname kissing him out of blue replaying in his mind. Weird. Too weird. I need to get the hell out of here he thought. He doesn't dare waiting to see what else the pureblood bastard has in his sleeves. Though trembling, he immediately stands himself up, posturing a defense pose.

Out of habit, he's trying to retreat Bloody Rose from his pocket but star-struck when he realize that he doesn't only forgotten he has no possession of the precious gun, but also he is barren to nothing.

"What the fuck-?"

Then pure panic hits the silverette. As if a solved puzzles. No. It can't be. No. Kaname didn't intent to- No.

As if the vampire lord could read mind, he swiftly seen before the panicking teen, hold his waist like a sweet lover but pulls it hard into his own body. Zero gasps. With glorying grins, Kaname leans down whispering a treacherous tone near Zero's ear.

"I told you. You will know"

The lilac-eyed rounded-up.

"Fuck you!"

Zero outburst. His once long forgotten strength come again as he pounds Kaname on the face, with full force. This time it does hurt. Kaname sent flying backward but doesn't manage to hit the opposite wall. Zero needs more force to have that happen and to his frustration, it was his only-coped fatal blow. He is once again fall on the ground with hazy sight but to no avail when a hand catches home to his waist again. When he thinks he saved, in a nauseous speed, he is knocked down hard, back to the bed, and Kaname once again bestriding him.

The auburn-head chuckles freakily saying,

"No Kiryuu. Fuck you"

Zero's heart stops a beat. When it's finally not, Zero trashing madly beneath the terrifying vampire. His entire body screams terror. Fuck! He needs to get out! Out! He is going to be raped!

"Get off!"

He is battering, lashing, grazing, and any possible clause to state but everything is nothing to the vampire lord. His punting is impeded as Kaname's legs prevent it by spreading his from side to side, leaving Zero's lowered part out in the open. As if terror is not enough, he could feel something poking his flaccid shaft and he knows immediately what it is.


Realizing he can do nothing from below, his hands sauntering from left to right, hoping and praying to God, to reach something. Anything! Because Kaname's crimson-animalized eyes watch him disturbingly that he wants nothing but to make it look away. Because that thing he sensed before is dangerously stroking his anus! He doesn't even realize when and how Kaname strips his below. When he thankfully able to hold somewhat feels like a vase, he smashes hard to the right side of the brunette's face.

The time freezes in moment. In result, Kaname's head is dreadfully force to his right with a loud break while in a second blood flowing from his temple down to the ear. If Zero thought it is the best time for him to dash off, then he thought wrong. The legs on his are un-budge and immediately, his whole body weighs tenth times as if the bed swallowing him in. He couldn't move. Not even a finger. Again. He was forced down by the same deadly-aura from Kaname. He is only able to look as when Kaname slowly turns his head to the freaking vampire teen, the crimson-animalized orbs are now mix with fume.

"I was thinking to be gentle, Level E"

With that poisonous word, Kaname vigorously pushed forward, his swollen shaft break into the unprepared entrance.


Zero eyes are gawking open, as if almost leaving its socket. His stomach felt like it had been shoved up to his throat. His whole system screams pain. Without Zero has chance to cope to the odd and angry intrusion in him, Kaname starts thrusting. Agonizingly. Kaname's length speedily grazing in rough between his anal canal, forcing blood to gush out. A strangled scream tore from the poor snowy-haired gorge. His hands dependably holding to Kaname's shirt, while his head is distressingly turns left to right, as if the stinging aches will stop by that. There's a hint of tears at the back of his eyes, but his arrogant pulls them back in.

Kaname release a painful groan. The muscle ring clamps tight that his pumping shaft feels burning. He watch the suffering silverette, a subtle serves him right in his thought. But he can't carry on like this. He doesn't care if Zero is not feeling good, but not to him. He thrusts forward again, twice to thrice, waiting for the ass to loose.

"Urgh! Thrust.


Haaah! Thrust.


Aarghh!" Thrust.


When nothing changes, he tries another. He slaps hard the buttocks. Instead, the entrance squashes him more, resulting Kaname to hiss loud. Irritated, he grabs the snowy-hair vehemently, spitting another poisonous tone.

"Loosen up, Level E or I'll ensure I'll split you apart that you won't be able to feel your ass anymore"

In between the unspeakable pain, Zero heard that, and to reflect Kaname, he uses the same venomous tone. Tough guy indeed. But he let out another piercing cry first.

"You pervert- arghh!-fucking-urrgh-bastard!"

The auburn-head vampire veins popped on his brow. A grin draws, but he cut his teeth while he speaks.

"Well, I'll take that as a 'no'". Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

"Gaaaarh! Fuck!"

Knowing Zero's ass won't stop securing him down hard, Kaname leans forward and his fangs pierce breaking into the turned-vampire neck. Zeros breathe hitch to that. This time, he aims the un-tattooed one. If he bit painfully before, then now he intends to conflict other into it. Change of plan. If Zero's pain means pain to him as well, why doesn't he try pleasure then? This is sex anyway. It meant to gain pleasure. His didn't get turned on for nothing. He wonders how's Zero response will be. Will he panting hard? Will he screams ecstasy? Will he plead Kaname to go harder? Will he calls Kaname's name when he cum?

Shit. If possible, the vampire lord's length grows bigger inside and it becomes two times tighter. Both vampires cry out and groan out loud. It has become more unbearable. Immediately, Kaname sucks in the skin adoringly, kindly biting and licking Zero's column lusciously. Back and forth. Hmm. He remembers this sensation.

"Ahhh", comes the silverette.

Kaname eyes shot up instantly. What he sees is nothing he ever seen. To make sure, his gaze linger to minutes. Yes. He sure. What he realizes that Zero doesn't is the lilac-eyed teen enjoying his current action. Teasingly, he does one more time.


If Zero didn't get caught in too deep to the weird yet delicious commotion by Kaname's bite, he will realize Kaname grins are extended till to ears. He also didn't realize that his overfill insides has loosen an inch, allowing the shaft within to get comfortable. Grasping the eventually opportunity, Kaname grabs both Zero's thighs, leaning them down almost touching Zero's both shoulders and thrust in deep.

"What- Aahh!"

Hmmh! That's good Kaname thought.

Too good. His another thought when he thrust again.

He sigh satisfaction as he reaches the hilt, circling, and then pulls out his loin almost completely only to plunge deep home. Again, and again, and again.

Zero on the other hand flabbergasted to the new feeling that shot his entire being. It's still painful, the fullness in his butt still feels uncomfortable, but there's a hint of delight. Kaname's thing has reached to the deepest of him, tapping a certain bundles of muscle that knock him good. Nevertheless, his obduracy fails to believe that the pureblood bastard will ever give nothing even for a simple word of 'good'. His mind is packed of confusions and denials but not until Kaname's fangs did what they did before. When his lower is at full force and speed, his drinking now is nothing but intimate. It drives Zero crazy. His vision full with haze, his mind is a messed and his body quiver a pure bliss.

The room now fills with anything but a disturbing loud thumping of flesh to flesh, a noise of creaking bed, and satisfied groans from the pureblood merge together with painful but almost content moans of the lilac-eyed. The pureblood has retrieves his fangs and stop his gulp because he meant to only focus to fucking the snowy-haired teen rough and rushed.

For almost like forever, Zero who lost in his foremost bliss, feels a heavy pressure in his now stiff and throbbing dick. Leaks of pre-cum swirling from the slit down to the entrance hole, makes Kaname erratic thrusting become sleek encouraging him to push forward faster and stronger. With final cry but without warning, Zero instantly throws out his cum, didn't realize it spread both to the above auburn-head vampire's chest and to his own. When he reliefs completely, exhaustion and fatigue hugs him taut, leading him into darkness in prompt.

In the mean time, Kaname only found his limit minutes after, halting his length deep inside and blurting out his release with a shaky groans. Once he takes in that Zero has fainted himself, he settles out. He intentionally pulls out slowly, already missed the tight heat that hugs his already flaccid length. All sweat and content, Kaname thumping his body down next to the bed-mate, ignoring any messed spread out either onto the bed or onto him.

When his high finally lowered, he stares to the sleeping figure beside. Zero's silver-locks are all messed up, his slender neck filled with both dried and fresh blood, his lean chest covered by milk-like liquid and his thighs are painted with blood in between that blend with Kaname's divulging cum from deep inside his ass.

Once again, Kaname hand strokes the silverette's cheek, gentle and stops at his swollen lips. When he finally caught by fatigue, his finger pinch his temple, let out sighs and talks to his mind almost unbelieving.

"I just had sex with a messed-up vampire and a virgin-hunter"