Her count was officially up to 20. She'd even made a teacher run into a desk. Smiling gleefully, Kagome almost skipped down the hallway towards the senior lunch room. It was ironic; she wasn't the type to attract attention, but this was actually fun today! She suddenly stopped and scowled at the door leading to the lounge.

'If it weren't for the fact that Morinozuka was trying to undermine me at nearly every damn turn, it would be a lot more devastating... Hmm, I think I'll go climb my tree today too.' The miko blinked when the door was opened for her by one of her classmates.

"Here you go, Higurashi-chan!" Kagome's face went blank. It was one of the snarky boys in her class. "And, may I just say that you fill the girl's uniform out... quite nicely."

She snorted in an unladylike fashion and casually flipped him the bird as she passed through the doors. "And, may I just say that your oily tone is incredibly abrasive and aggrivating. Talk to me like that again, and I'll punch you in the pearly whites."

He laughed and followed her to the lunch line. "But you can't get into fights here at school, Higurashi-chan."

"I didn't say I would hit you in school, dumbass." She smiled in a way that usually made people run away in fear. Instead, he froze and stared at her in dawning horror before bowing politely and simply walking away. Kagome blinked a few times and smirked. "Huh, I must have scared him shitless." She turned and came face to chest with Mori. He was literally right behind her. "Woah. Back up there a bit. Way too close to the personal space." Was it her, or did he look a little annoyed?

Honey latched onto her arm and greeted her a little more excitedly than usual. And was it just her, or was his smile a little more strained today? "Hi Kago-chan! We decided to eat lunch with you today! Do you know what you're having?"

Staring at the line and the selections on the menu, Kagome sighed and shook her head. "I'm skipping lunch today. I forgot to bring my bento, but you guys have fun with that line there."

"Already taken care of," Mori announced quietly, gesturing to the two trays he was carrying.

"Oh. Well. I'm going outside and sleeping in my tree, then."

"No. You're not tree-climbing in a dress," the stoic male grunted, narrowing his gaze at her when she raised a brow. When the hell had he become so chatty with her?

"I'm pretty sure you're not my father, Morinozuka." Crossing her arms, she stared down the tall boy in a contest of wills.

"Don't be childish, Higurashi." It was honestly the most she'd heard him talk in a while.

"You can't stop me," the miko growled, turning on her heel and starting to head for the door leading outside. A pair of hands grasped her around the upper arms, stopped her in her tracks, and spun her around. She stared incredulously up at the quiet Host, unbelieving that he'd actually decided to touch her. The trays had been transferred to a worried Honey.

"Just come sit with us, Kago-chan."

She immediately bit out a caustic "No!" in reply and started to struggle.

"Come sit down. You're making a scene," Mori murmured. Kagome glared furiously up at him.

"Make. Me." He eyed her for a moment before finally shrugging.

That was how Kagome found herself tied down to a fluffy chair in the Senior Lounge loudly complaining (screaming obscenities) while Honey fed her spoonfuls of Poached Salmon in between breaths.

"I've decided I hate this dress after all!" the girl snarled spitefully before fish was shoved in her mouth.

'I do too,' Mori thought miserably, 'Especially if this is the headache I get.'


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