Chapter 4…Cornered

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Daryl scanned the group of walkers, there were hundreds of them. They had been moving quickly through the small town hitting the pharmacy and then the small grocery store. They were almost home clear when they stopped in front of a small sporting goods store.

Daryl had hopped out and helped Carol out of the SUV. All three of them were joking and laughing. Ty had moved the truck to a better location when the herd came around the corner. Now Daryl was fighting for his life and Carol's life trying to get them back to the SUV. Daryl looked up to see Ty start to open his door. Daryl shook his head, waving the man away, "GET BACK TO CAMP! TAKE THE SUPPLIES! WE'LL BE FINE!"

Ty looked at the herd, "I CAN'T JUST LEAVE YOU!"


Ty nodded, throwing the SUV into gear he sped out of town, taking as many walkers as he could with him.

Daryl grabbed Carol's hand, "Come on."

He drug her to the door of the sporting goods store, opening the door he pushed her inside. Carol scanned the store looking for anything that she might use to block the doors. She had no idea what they were going to. She started pushing a set of shelves toward where Daryl was holding the door closed. When she got closer, Daryl helped her, blocking the door. Daryl nudged her, "Push against the shelves. I'm gonna find somethin' to tie the door shut."

Carol nodded her head, pushing against the shelves with her back, bracing her feet on the floor. She looked up as Daryl rounded the back of the counter where the cash register was. She gasped, "DARYL LOOK OUT!"

Daryl felt the rotten hands of the walker as it grabbed his shoulders. He twisted, shoving the bar on his crossbow into its mouth. He used his other hand to grab his knife and push it through the dead things head. The walker hit the ground with a sick thud. Daryl felt his body start to shake as the adrenaline coursed through his veins. He looked up at Carol who was trying to hold herself together as she pushed against the horde of walkers trying to get in at them. He couldn't stop just yet; he needed to find something for the fucking door.

He found a rope and moved toward the door tying it up tight. He nodded to Carol, "Come on, we best check this place out, make sure we ain't got no more surprises."

Carol just nodded her head weakly at him; she had no idea what to think. Her heart was still pounding in her chest. She had almost lost him right in front of her eyes. She knew in that moment that if he died she would follow and that thought scared the hell out of her. She reached out a shaking hand, "Are you alright?"

Daryl gave her that Dixon half smirk, "Yeah….come on."


Ty pulled up to the house that they were calling home. Michonne and the kids were already on the porch and she stood up when he got out of the SUV. He shook his head, "They're trapped back in town in a sporting goods store. I think if we wait out the night we can go back and get them in the morning."

Rick appeared on the porch, Beth following right behind him. Rick sighed, "This Carol's doing?"

Lizzie stood up her eyes fixed on Rick, "What is your problem with Carol? She's a good person! She takes care of ALL OF US!"

Michonne put a hand on Lizzie's shoulder, "Lizzie, let's help Ty unpack the truck."

Rick stared at the young girl, not sure what to say as Michonne steered her down the stairs with her sister toward the truck. Tyreese stepped up and glared at Rick, "We got over ran, Carol DID NOT have anything to do with that. Now if you're done being an ass, why don't you help with the truck?"

Rick nodded as Beth put her hand gently on his back, "Go on Rick, I'll stay with Judith and send Carl out."

Rick sighed following Ty to the truck. When they started pulling out bags, Ty made sure to get the one from the pharmacy.

Once everyone was inside unpacking, Ty grabbed a bottle of water and asked Lizzie to give him a hand. He walked to the SUV the young girl trailing behind. He lifted her up and put her on the tail gate of the SUV. He smiled at her pulling out the bottle of Prozac he found at the pharmacy. "Lizzie, me and Carol think this might help you think clearer."

Lizzie watched as he took out a pill handing her the bottle of water. Lizzie took the pill and smiled at him, "These are the same kind that my mommy use to give me. They do help, they make me feel calm."

Tyreese had never been so happy in his life, "So your mom gave you this pill."

Lizzie looked at the pill, "Yeah, I remember because she gave me one of the green white at breakfast and then one at night."

Ty nodded, his smile getting bigger, "Well go on take it sweetheart."

Lizzie took the pill and then sat there drinking some of the water. She looked up at Tyreese and smiled, "Are you going to get Carol and Daryl tomorrow?"

Tyreese nodded, "That's the plan kid. Can you do a favor for me?"

Lizzie nodded, "Sure."

Tyreese looked up at the house, "Don't tell anyone about the pills. Michonne and I will make sure you get them and then when Daryl and Carol get back they will too. We just want to help you sweetie."

Lizzie's eyes went to the ground, "I'm really sorry that I thought Karen and Dave were walkers. I was….well…sometimes I get confused…."

Tyreese didn't know what to say so he just pulled the young girl into his arms and gave her a hug. He missed Karen, he really did, but he knew that she would want him to help this little girl, help her get better or at least better than she was and that was all he could do. The girl hadn't meant to kill anyone, she was just sick and Tyreese found he had nothing but pity for the girl, his anger was gone.


Carol and Daryl spent the next hour making sure the building was cleared. They had found two additional walkers and quickly finished them off.

Neither spoke much during the sweep, both lost in their fears at almost losing the other.

Carol felt a burning in her blood, the same burning she had been experiencing lately whenever Daryl was around. She need something to prove to herself he was there and alive. Her eyes tracked him as he looked under the shelves for threats. As he bent over she got a powerful urge to put her mark on his ass cheek. She shook herself, trying to get the mental image out of her mind, only to find herself swept up in another image. Daryl had stood up and raised his arms above his head. As he reached up, he grabbed two of the shelf braces.

Carol could feel the heat pooling down low. She could see him tied to those shelves as she rubbed all over him, slapping that ass, nipping at his shoulders, pulling his hair back and sinking her teeth into that neck. Unknowingly she let out a moan of pure want.

At her moan, Daryl's head whipped around. His eyes holding promises of dark desire, he let go of the shelf and walked the few steps towards her. He could smell her, could almost taste her on his tongue. He felt the blood flowing fast to his crotch and all he could think about was being inside her. He needed to be inside her, to remind himself that she was here and she was his.

He stopped with less than a foot between them and raised a hand to her cheek.

His voice deep and husky as he spoke to her, those eyes still burning with everything he wasn't ready to say. "Carol." was the only word he could get out.

She reached up and slid her arms around his neck, pushing her fingers in his hair. "Yes"

Both of them knew this was going to be quick and hard, yet they didn't care. They both needed this connection of flesh and souls.

Hands ripping at buttons as clothes were quickly shoved out of the way, teeth nipping and biting laying ownership to the other, Daryl spun her around and pressed her against the shelf, his body flush with her back. She could feel the throbbing from his cock and felt the answering call within her.

"This ain't gonna last long." He said as he guided himself into her wet warmth.

One of his hands grasped her hip as the other ran up and down her front. He cupped her breast and pinched her nipple. His thrust hard and quick as he watched his body slide in and out of her.

Carol purred at the feeling of him pounding himself home within her, the feeling of his hands on her.

She pulled his head down and flicking his ear with her tongue whispering "Harder, please god harder!"

Crying out "FUCK!" he put both hands on her hips and bent her further forward. He widened his stand and with every drop of energy he had, every bit of muscle he possessed he rammed into her.

Ten wonderful strokes later had them both screaming the others name as they came.


Sharing smiles Carol and Daryl took a few minutes to get their breathing under control and to get dressed.

The looked around the store for some supplies to get them through the night as well as anything that could be used as a weapon.

They had found some packs of freeze dried foods as well as some tents, sleeping bags, hiking boots, clothes and lots of items that could be turned into weapons.

Daryl remembering meeting the Governor's guy Martinez and how good he was with a bat, he now had a better appreciation for them. There were also hockey sticks, climbing spikes and ropes, clamps and archery supplies. All in all not a bad haul.

They scrounged up some hiker's packs to load as much as they could, making sure to take all the food and drinks they could find.

Carol made them up a sleeping area while Daryl hauled everything towards the exit.

She was feeling the sweet burn from their "quickie" and wondered if they would have a chance at more tonight. She knew this may be one of the few times they would have this much time alone together and there were so many things she wanted to do to him and for him.

Daryl walked back to the area Carol had set up. He stood and just watched her as she put everything together. He felt a bit bad for how rough he had been with her, but also felt a thrill when remembering her whisper of "Harder".

He had wanted to be with her for a long time, knew he had feelings for her, but was afraid to get close to her. He was afraid he would hurt her, not just physically but emotionally as well. He never wanted to hurt her in any way, but he couldn't leave her, never for long.

Both had suffered abuse and neglect by those who were supposed to love them, both had issues with trusting others and both knew what it was like to not having power over their lives. After her thing the night before, asking him about power and trust, he couldn't keep his mind off how powerless they had both been in their lives.

He trusted her to not hurt him and if there were things she could do for him to bring that peace he had found with her, he was willing to do anything she asked.

Her voice cut through his musing, "Hey, where'd you go?"

"Nowhere," he said with slight smile. If she only knew where his mind went…

'Come sit with me, we've got some things we need to talk about."

He could hear how nervous she was and wondered what made her feel that way. He almost worried she was going to tell him that new developments in their relationship was a mistake. If she did he was going to do everything in his power to convince her they were meant to be together.

The only other things he could think of that would make her that nervous were things he really wasn't sure he needed to hear. He pretty much figured out that Lizzie was the one that killed Karen and David, what he didn't get is why Carol and Ty were keeping it from the others.

He was so pissed at Rick fucking Grimes for the way he was treating Carol and knew he would be hard pressed to ever forgive his former "brother" for leaving her in the first place. He wanted the truth to come out just so he could rub it in Rick's face.

"M'k," he said as he walked over and took her hand.

He sat down on the bed she had made and pulled her down with him. He tried not to feel hurt when she slipped her hand from his, but as she clasped her hands together, he knew she was getting herself ready for whatever it was she had to say.

She took a deep breath and looked over at him. "There are so many things I want to tell you. I just don't know where to start."

She watched that smirk that she loved so damn much curl his lip. "Start where ever ya need too."

She gave a little huff of a laugh, "Do you want to know what happened with Karen and David?"

"Don't need ta hear it, I trust ya. I do wanna know why Ty is helpin' ya cover for her."

Carol nodded, she had expected that question. "I was going to tell Ty the same thing I told Rick, that I was the one that did it. Lizzie gave herself away. Once Ty found out, he decided to help me because she's a little girl."

"Why ain't cha tellin' Rick and the rest?'

"I told you how I felt when Rick confronted me, I was worried what he would do to her. I can't lose another child, Daryl, not if I can help it. We are trying to find meds to help her, but I just don't know if it will do any good. I got to try." She finished with a small sob.

Daryl wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to his chest. "We'll do the best we can, but ya got to remember that there's only so much you can do. I've got ya back, don't ever forget that."

They sat quietly for several minutes before he spoke again, "Ya know I was worried ya was gonna try and get rid of me. Trade me in for the big guy."

Carol nuzzled her face into his neck, "I've waited too damn long to get you Dixon, not about to let you go now."

Daryl started to feel a stirring in his body again. God! The things this woman did to him!

"Well, you got me now, so what ya want to do with me?" He hoped her answer was the same as his. He got a flash of her lying on her back, legs spread wide as she begged him to take her.

Carol, also got a flash, the same one she got earlier, Daryl tied to that damn shelf as she marked him, loved him, gave him everything just as she took everything from him.

She felt a throb deep inside as her body remembered the feel of him inside her.

She pulled her head away from him and looked him in the eye. She could see the passion building inside of him, her body answering the call of his.

"Do you really trust me?" she asked a glimmer in her eye.

"I trust ya, I trust ya more than I've ever trusted anyone." He saw something move across her face. There was that passion, but there was also want, need, and love.

He leaned his head down, his lips barely brushing hers, "I'm yours." He said as their lips met.


Tyreese laid back on his bed roll; he could hear Rick and Beth out on the porch. He wasn't sure who they thought they were fooling. Anyone could see that the two were either doing something or working on doing something. He got it he really did. He would love to have someone to do 'something' with; it had been ages since a woman touched him. Hell, he hadn't even gotten that far with Karen. He groaned at the stirring in his pants.

He rubbed the palm of his hands against his eyes, he had to focus. He was keeping watch over the kids and he needed sleep if they were going to get Daryl and Carol back the next day.

He heard the creak of floor boards and looked up to see Michonne standing over him. She didn't say anything, she just sank onto the ground and sat cross legged next to him, "How's the girl?"

Ty sat up on his elbows, "She's fine. Took that pill for me like a champ. Said her mother used to give her one in the morning and one at night."

Michonne nodded, looking up at the door of the bedroom that Mikka and Lizzie were sleeping in. "Well, at least we know you got the right stuff."

Ty sighed, "Yeah, she said she was sorry for doing what she did."

Michonne nodded, "Are you alright with what she did?"

Ty laid back down his arms folding under his head, "No, but I understand. I understand what Carol did too. She was just trying to protect the kid and after the way Rick is acting I understand that too. Now I just feel bad for all of them."

Michonne's eyes narrowed, "But who feels bad for you?"

Ty chuckled, "I'm fine."

Ty closed his eyes and sighed, then he felt Michonne's hand on his stomach, making his eyes snap open. She watched his face as her hand slipped down under his waist band. Ty's voice came out shaky, "Michonne?"

Michonne shook her head, "Shh, just relax, you need to release some tension. Just let me."

He stared at her face as her small strong hand engulfed his shaft. He was already half hard just at the feel of her hand on his stomach. Now her hand was slowly working him up. He flexed his thighs to keep from cumming just from her touch, he had no idea what the quiet woman was doing, but he wasn't going to stop her as her hand worked him up and down.

Michonne knew the pain that Tyreese was in; she knew that he needed something too. She had been asleep and had woke from one hell of a dream and she needed to feel something. She needed to feel him. The dream had been about the two of them and after she helped herself, she couldn't get him out of her head and she needed to feel him under her hand. She was silent as she worked, loving the veins and hardness that glided under her hand. She loved watching the way his breathing picked up, the way his eyes softened.

Tyreese panted as she increased her speed, "Michonne….."

Michonne gave him a small smile, "I know…let go…"

Tyreese felt his balls tighten and he groaned loudly as his hot seed spilled all over her hand inside his pants. He drifted into a peace that he had forgotten existed. His eyes closed, a smile on his face, thankful for whatever power that moved Michonne to do this for him.

Michonne smirked as she withdrew her hand, she leaned down kissing his cheek, whispering to him, "Let me know when you're ready, I'm not going anywhere."

Then she got up slowly, heading back into her room. Tyreese laid there, still almost panting, staring at the ceiling knowing he had to get up and clean up. But for the moment he was awe struck by what just happened. She had given him something, knowing he needed it and for that he would make sure he returned the favor.

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