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Peter and Charlotte came down a few minutes later with a suitcase of stuff for me to take.

I would have packed it myself but they said I was taking too long and took over.

"stupid impatient vampires" I mumbled rolling my suitcase out to Jaspers's car earning a smirk from Peter and a chuckle from Jasper.

I walked around to the front passenger seat and sat down,"so are you going to tell me where we are going yet?"

I gave a pointed look to Peter who had already shushed both Charlotte and Jasper when they tried to tell me earlier.

Peter's smirk grew "nope, you're just going to have to wait and see" I groaned loudly "fiiiiine" I whined looking at Jasper who had a smug "I know and you don't" look plastered on his face.

"Why are vampires such assholes" I grumbled looking out the window as Jasper started to drive.

I sat staring out the window for what seemed like forever but was only probably about 30 minutes, I have always liked to watch the land slowly drift past while I'm in the car I'm not sure why but I find it soothing to watch all the different colours and shapes glad that even though I won't get to see everything in the world but at least I get to see this small part of it.

Then I noticed the eerie quiet inside the car.

Quiet is fine and all but not when Peter is around, I noticed that from almost the minute I met him. Silence usually means he's up to something.

I turn around to look at the two red eyed vampires, who look back at me with small calm smiles.

"What's up with you two?" I say raising an eyebrow,but it isn't them who answers it's Jasper.

"I may have been um.. accidentally projecting your emotions" he says looking slightly embarrassed.

"Oh.. well I guess that's okay, I mean a little calm never hurt anyone. Right Peter?" I say with a wink at Peter who just chuckled.

"Don't encourage him sugar" Charlotte joined in causing Peter to pout.

"I can be calm!" Peter defended crossing his arms.

"Sure you can" Charlotte said kissing him, "now stop pouting you look silly captain of the war pouting, you'd never hear the end of it if Garret caught you doing that" she said and leaned into him.

I looked at Jasper who was fake gagging at their short display of affection and laughed "hey you're apparently a Major so you shouldn't be scared by a little PDA" I laughed poking his shoulder.

He laughed with me before refocusing on the road ahead.

I closed my eyes relaxing into the seat before I must have fallen asleep.

I opened my eyes to see bright red ones staring back at me I jumped and screamed.

Only after I had accidentally hit my head on the roof did I notice it was only Peter who was hanging over the back of my chair.

"God you're such an ass Peter!" I said rubbing the small bump on my head, he tried to reply but it just sounded like gibberish because he was laughing so hard, his blonde hair swaying while he leaned upside down over the back of my seat.

He eventually stopped and put on a fake sad face "I'm sorry bell" he said adding a pout to his little act.

I glared into his deep red eyes "I don't accept" crossing my arms to prove my point.

"Awww but bell I really didn't mean to scare you" he said as a look of mischief slowly overtook his face.

Now I was scared "how about I make it up to you?"

The look was still there "how?" I asked raising an eyebrow "like this" and then he kissed me...

'What the fuck just happened?' I thought looking at Charlotte who shrugged then pointed to Jasper trying not to laugh.

Jasper was glaring at Peter with a look that could probably make Ciaus run screaming.

I burst out laughing and Peter grinned "you jealous Jay?" I teased as Peter finally sat back down.

"If you wanted me to kiss you you should have just asked" I joked.

He looked down and mumbled something that I could barely hear. "well maybe I do".

My face went blank 'oh my god' I thought, I looked back at Peter and Charlotte who looked just as shocked 'I guess I heard right then' I thought as I turned around and looked out my window using my hands to hold my head up.

I sat like that for the rest of the drive and let me tell you that was no easy task the drive was so long I was actually worried my arms were frozen like that by the time we stopped at a large set of iron gates.

The gates were black with a swirl design that got more and more complicated the closer it got to what looked to be a crest in the centre.

I also noticed a sign painted on the left hand side of the gate stating "Private property, enter and die!" Which I didn't doubt for a moment.

We pulled up in front of a huge cabin that looked a little more like a wooden mansion.

Where are we?" I asked starring at the huge building "our place" Charlotte smiled and walked inside.

The inside was beautifully decorated with antique furniture and what I'm assuming were tokens from their pasts.

" this place is amazing!" I smiled at Charlotte who returned my smile "thanks sugar, now your room will be the last one down the left hall" she said pointing as Peter ran down and pointed as well before running back.

"The one next to it is Jaspers but I will warn you they're connected to the same bathroom in the middle will that be a problem?"

She looked worried for a second before I replied "no that's fine I don't think Jasper would mind accidentally seeing me in just a towel" I winked at Jasper before turning back to Charlotte.

"okay well I'll let you get settled, Jasper can you help her unpack Peter and I have some uh.. Business to attend to" she said before turning and running off Peter not far behind.

I rolled my eyes "come on then" I grabbed his hand and walked into the room pulling him and my suitcase behind me.

We worked together to put my clothes away first slowly working our way through all the clothes they had packed before I turned around and saw the only thing left was underwear, my cheeks flamed and Jasper must have felt my emotions spike because he spun around and saw what I was looking at.

I felt a small projection of lust coming from him.

My entire face was now bright red and I ran and stuffed the underwear into a drawer before I could get any more embarrassed.

I looked over at jasper whose eyes had darkened considerably since we first walked in here " you shouldn't be embarrassed Bella" he said lowly walking towards me until he was directly in front of me 'I looked down at the floor.

He put a finger under my chin and lifted my head so I was looking him in the eyes "you're beautiful Bella you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about" he said dropping his hand.

I smiled at him before leaning up and kissing him quickly.

He looked shocked for a second before smiling "what was that for?" I laughed "I owed you one for earlier and don't worry I wanted to kiss you too" I winked before grabbing my pyjamas and walking into the bathroom.

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