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This is a dead scene forever now.

Nothing will ever stir.

The end will never brighten it more than this,

Nor the rain blur.

The water will always fall, and will not fall,

And the tipped bell make no sound.

The grass will always be growing for hay

Deep on the ground.

And I shall stand here like a shadow

Under the great balanced day,

My eyes on the yellow dust, that was lifting in the wind,

And does not drift away.

-Medusa, by Louise Bogan

Deep below the wreckage that was once Sunnydale High School, two entities met before the Hellmouth. One chose to wear the form of Buffy Summers. The other wore the form of a young woman with short, dark hair, green eyes, and a dusting of freckles across her button nose.

"Been a long time," Not-Buffy remarked with a bitter sneer.

The dark-haired girl shrugged, "Hey, you were the one who said you didn't want me visiting so much."

"I didn't want you rubbing in the fact that you could come and go while I'm stuck in this pit," Not-Buffy spat.

The girl sighed, but kept silent. She wasn't about to get drawn into the same old argument of who deserved what. Nor was she going to rise to the obvious bait of her counterpart wearing the very form she once chose. "So," she said instead, "Any particular reason you wanted to see me?"

Not-Buffy scowled. "You've been interfering."

"How d'you figure?"

"You sent those dreams. To the Slayer, the Watcher, those witches. You warned them I was coming."

"I figured they deserved a sporting chance," the girl shrugged, "Oh, and that's not all I did, by the way."

Not-Buffy's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

The girl smirked, "I sent the Slayer a few visions while she was in Heaven. Just showing her what she could've had if her head wasn't buried in the sand. And it worked." The girl smiled at Not-Buffy's growing rage. "I'm afraid I beat you to the punch. The Slayer is with her Intended now. The Claim's been made. It's only a matter of time before the Powers decide to Call the rest."

"I'll stop them," Not-Buffy spat, "I'll kill them all."

"No," the girl shook her head, "I don't think you would have, even if I never stepped in. The Slayer's stronger than even she gives herself credit for. But at least now, the cost won't be so high." She held both hands out in a helpless gesture. "What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic."

Not-Buffy suddenly shifted into a new form; that of the Master. "You're a fool," the First Evil hissed.

"Now, that's no way to talk about your twin," the First Good smiled. Whereas her dark twin took the forms of the dead, she wore the images of those whose lives were yet to be. That was why she was able to appear as Buffy Summers when she visited Michael Poole over a century ago. "Wanna know how I know I'm right?" she indicated the body she currently wore, "Some years from now, this girl's parents are gonna conceive her. I wouldn't be able to look like her if it wasn't inevitable now. And guess who Mommy and Daddy are." Her face split in a delighted grin.

The First Evil shrieked in rage as its twin vanished, leaving only her mischievous laughter behind.