Chapter 1

I met the love of my life three years ago, although she didn't know it yet…

I gazed into her emerald eyes from across the room and I was transfixed. Time stood still as I was in awe of her radiant beauty. Frozen. But she didn't take a second look at me – I mean, why would she? I was the invisible one who you bumped into in the corridor but didn't really notice; the one who sat in the back of the classroom taking constant notes and never taking questions. She had no reason to notice me, well; that was until the morning that I saved her life

You see, it started like any other morning: I woke up, brushed my teeth, showered, ate breakfast and then headed to class. It was on my way to class, as I crossed the road that separated my dorm block from the rest of campus when I crossed paths with the emerald eyed, fiery haired Goddess. She bumped into me, however; to her I was not invisible and she turned to look at me, her eyes lingering upon mine, and that was when everything seemed to run in slow motion…

I look at her - admiring her – wh en a loud, deep horn honks. I glance to my right and see a large sixteen wheeler hurtling towards us. I instinctively grab the girls hand and yank it in my direction – causing her to ram into me, thus; causing her to inevitably fall on top of me as we both topple onto the pavement behind. She lets out a loud, confused squeal as she peers around in bewilderment. As the eighteen wheeler speeds past, her eyes turn white and her face goes pale. She continues to lay on me for a while, shock overtaking her body and mind as she begins to tremble.

"Hey," I utter in a whisper, trying to bring the redhead from her own mind.

She turns to me but stares through me vacantly.

"H-Hello?" I ask again in a hushed tome, yet somehow more abrupt.

My calls seem to register as her vacant eyes begin to flicker with life and make contact with mine.

"Huh, sorry?" She responds, confused and shaken up.

"Ar-Are y-you o-o-okay?" I stammer, my shy personality making a dreaded debut.

"Because of you," she states matter-of-factly. "Thanks," she adds appreciatively.

"No-No pr-problem," I manage to stutter back.

She looks down at me pinned to the by her body and slowly gets to her feet, offering me a hand up. "Sorry," she mutters apologetically.

I accept her apologetic hand and clamber to my feet bushing off the dirt from my pants and shirt.

She peers at me, her head cocked to the side. "You're bleeding," she announces guiltily.

I look at her in confusion and then turn my attention to my elbow where there is a slight throbbing, blood oozing from a deep graze.

"Let me help you with that," the redhead insists taking hold of my arm and examining the wound closer. "I mean, it's the least I could do for the person who just prevented me from becoming human road-kill," she announces diverting her attention from my elbow back to meet my eyes. Her green eyes - chasms of pure mystery as they embrace my soul whilst she looks deeply into mine.

"Really, it's the least I could do for the person who just saved my life. I need to do something to show you I am truly grateful of that you did," The redhead babbles softly, stroking my arm. "Oh, and by the way, I'm Willow," She utters offering a smile along with her name.

"T-Tara," I stutter back with a half nervous smile, sweeping my hair behind my ear.

"Well, Tara, let me help you clean up that cut." Willow demands softly, her eyes bearing down into mine.

"I-It's j-j-just a s-sc-scratch," I lie knowing it is a little more than 'just a scratch'. "T-T-Thanks a-anyway."

"I'm not taking no for an answer," Willow retorts with stubborn eyes. "I've got a first aid kit back at my dorm so that I can clean it up properly for you," she states looking back at the wound, gravel and dirt mixing with the blood.

"B-B-But –" I whimper.

"Not taking no for an answer," she insists as she takes my hand in her own, coaxing me back into the direction of my building.

We walk silently hand in hand until we are stood outside a large dorm building. My building…

"Y-You live here?" I ask, confused by the fact I had not seen her hanging around the building before, and I would have noticed a Goddess of such stature and admired her silently from afar.

"Yeah, I was in Jefferson but since the fire I didn't want to live there anymore, so close to where people died –" Willow murmurs, her eyes full of sadness and the tone of her voice full of sorrow.

I remember back to last week when a mysterious fire started in the Jefferson building, five people died and half the building was condemned. Lessons were cancelled for two days and a massive remembrance memorial was held in their commemoration. "I-I'm s-s-sorry," I stutter nervously, embarrassed by my nerves I look sheepishly down at my feet.

"You live here too?" Willow asks looking at me, changing the subject as we enter the building.

"Y-Yes," I announce. "215," I add.

"Well, one request if you please. Please don't have loud sex… the ceilings are very thin," she chuckles trying to hide a teasing grin. "Or, bettering that, inform me before you have company round so I can either go out or get some earplugs."

My face flushes in embarrassment, both at how open Willow is on the subject and the fact that she thinks that I am straight. "Y-You didn't hear last night, did you?" I tease.

I see the look on her face as she looks completely taken back by my response. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so crude. I'll shut up now," she says gesturing zipping her lips.

A smile creeps on my face and I look at her completely in awe of her presence. I can't help but crack a small giggle.

"You were kidding, weren't you?" she confronts me with a teasing disappointed shake of the head.

We enter a hallway identically to my own and Willow gets a key out of her pocket.

"We're here," She announces as we stand outside room 115. Well, hello neighbour.

I stand in the entrance to Willow's room as she places the key in the lock before pushing it open. Inside, a room identical to my own, a small quaint room with a kitchen area off to the right, however; instead of my solo double bed there are two single beds in its place.

"Home sweet home," Willow states as she ushers me in.

I enter the room and cautiously peer around, intrigued, yet slightly jealous of Willow's mystery roommate. Willow enters and walks over to the kitchen, reaching into a cupboard she pulls out a small green bag with a white cross on it.

"Take a seat on my bed and I'll be with you in a minute," Willow announces professionally.

I peer carefully at the two beds, both of which are very different from each other. One has cushions and many cuddly animals neatly placed upon it, whilst the other seems empty and lifeless in comparison. I sit on the bed with the cushions and cuddly animals, which reflects Willow's bubbly personality.

Willow peers around at me and smiles. "Good choice," she utters as she walks over to me, green bag in hand.

I can feel my breath get heavy as I feel her close beside me as she takes a seat.

I unexpectedly jump as she grabs hold of my arm to examine my elbow.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Willow states sympathetically.

"S-S-Sorry," I reply staring down at my lap, beginning to tremble at her touch.

"Hey, you don't have to worry, I don't bite – usually…" Willow says smirking as she strokes my upper arm.

I reluctantly pull my arm away – afraid to let this feeling get the better of me.

"Sorry, am I hurting you?" Willow asks, solemnness in her eyes as I peer into them.

"N-No, sorry," I mutter moving my arms back to Willow's touch.

Willow gazes at me thoughtfully; her eyebrows furrowed together as though trying to work me out. She shrugs her shoulders and her face lifts. "No big," she replies.

I gulp suddenly, feeling my hands sweat and my cheeks flush, overwhelmed with emotion. "So –" I cough hoarsely clearing my throat. "S-So, who's your roommate?" I ask trying to change the subject.

"Buffy," Willow replies with a smile. "She's my best friend. We both went to Sunnydale High School, you probably heard about it on the news a while back –" she adds looking over at the other bed.

"Oh," I say trying to seem cool. "Th-The g-g-gunman a-attack?" I ask peering quizzically at Willow.

"Well, actually it wasn't exactly a gunman. It was a boy called Johnathan. He was one of the unpopular kids in school who virtually had no friends and mainly kept to himself. One day he just couldn't take it anymore, so he climbed to the top of the school and tried to kill himself with a rifle.

"Wh-What h-happened?" I ask intrigued.

"He fired one shot but his hands were trembling so much that he missed. The whole school panicked and we were evacuated from the premises, everyone screaming - all except one.

"B-Buffy S-Summers –"

"Exactly! My best friend ran off to apprehend the gunman. When she found Johnathan he had the rifle pointed at his head. After an hour she convinced him that his life was worth living, then; the police arrested him for bringing a deadly weapon to school and was later admitted to the psychiatric section of a hospital. That day, Buffy was a real life super hero," Willow rejoinders.

"W-Wow - " I whisper speechlessly.

"How about you, you got a roommate?" Willow asks taking an antiseptic strip out of its sterile packet and placing it onto my wound.

"N – Ow," I whimper, pulling my arm instinctively away from the strip as it stings painfully upon my open wound.

"Sorry," Willow articulates apologetically. "I need to clean it out, otherwise it may get infected, wouldn't want something so beautiful to get infected and gross now, would I?" she continues holding the strip already absorbed with blood.

What did she say? Did she just call me beautiful? I ask myself as I avoid eye contact with the redhead, however; I reluctantly pose my elbow back close to her.

She takes the wipe to my skin and I close my eyes as it makes contact, grimacing from the pain. She continues to wipe away the dirt and the gravel with the strip; I bite my lip in an attempt to stop myself from whimpering aloud.

The pain subsides slightly but my eyes remain closed as she takes the strip away. I feel Willow press a large bandage on my arm and she wraps it around, tying it neatly. Next I feel a pressure on the bandage and I open my eyes and peer down in intrigue, there; on my bandaged elbow are Willow soft, perfect lips. I catch her eyes with mine and instantaneously the sting of my wound subsides completely. I feel my breath become laboured as she edges closer to me, her face inches from mine. She leans in and brushes my lips with her own. I close my eyes.

"Thank you for saving my life," she states trying to figure out my response from her actions.

I gulp heavily and open my eyes slowly, confused. 'Is she gay? Was it just a kiss to say thank you?' I look at her, unsure as how to read into it. I knit my eyebrows together trying to work it out.

Willow sees the look on my face and leans in, kissing me again, although this time more passionately, as though answering my question. She leans back and takes my hands in hers.

"Okay -?" She asks looking at me genuinely, asking me whether that was fine by me.

"Oh yes," I whisper breathlessly.

I catch the smile form on Willow's face. "Good, because I want to take you out," she demands looking honourably into my eyes.

I look back dumbfounded but nod my head. "I-I-I'd l-l-love to," I reply giddy in what feels like love.

On that day I truly came to believe in love at first sight. Not only had I saved her life that day, but she continued to save mine too…

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