Scratches and Accidents

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*Pony's POV*

" Darry where are the bandages?" I called.
" They're in the medicine cabinet. Why?"
"I ummm scratched myself by accident" I told him.
I heard Darry sigh and Two Bit make some joke about me being accident prone. Sure, my entire life was full of accidents. Mom and Dad's car crash was an accident. When Johnny killed Bob in self - defense, that was an accident. The church fire was just an accident. I hated accidents. I opened the cabinet and then applied the band aid on the small scratch on my inner elbow. It was one of several going up and down my arms. All accidents. I walked into the living room and tried to act normal. Then, I had to remind myself that nothing was wrong. It was just a silly little scratch.
" Hey Pony," Johnny greeted me, leaning on his crutches.
"Hey man," I returned the greeting.
The doctors said that Johnny' ll be able to get off the crutches soon, and then start on physical therapy. I remember that night in the hospital when Dally and I thought Johnny had died. Dally panicked and ran out. I stood there for a minute in disbelief. Before I ran out after Dally, I took another look at Johnny's bed. I could see the sheet rising and falling above his chest. He wasn't dead. When I reached Dally I managed to stop him from being shot by the cops. That prevented another accident. Then I fell feverishly unconscious, and was really sick and delirious for a while.
" So another scratch, Pony?" Dally asked me.
" Uhh yeah, I guess I should be more careful,"I said quickly.
Steve was coming out of the kitchen and he bumped into my arm. Right on some of my new scratches.
"Oww" I muttered.
Steve looked and me curiously and caught my wrist with his hand. He nudged my sleeve up with his fingers and looked at my wrist.
"Where did you get all those scratches , Pony?"
I tried my best to look sheepish
" Ohh, here and there I guess."
I couldn't say what I wanted to say. I couldn't let them see how far and fast I was falling.
He just nodded and went over to Sodapop.
"I swear kid, you must wrestle with rosebushes or something," Two Bit laughed.
" Or something is definitely right,"I thought.
" Hey guys, come on lay off him" Sodapop came to my rescue.
" You do seem to be getting a lot of cuts and scratches lately" Darry said.
" Ok, I'll try to be more careful," I told him.
" Good, because I don't want to see you get hurt," he said.
On the outside I managed a small nod, but on the inside I was laughing bitterly.
" I have been hurt, Darry," I thought.
" I've been hurt from the inside out, but it takes so much longer to heal on the inside."
I went over to the couch and sat down, putting my head in my hands.
" Schoolwork pressure or something?" Two Bit asked me.
" Yeah, something like that," I said and sighed.
I just felt, I don't know, crappy I guess. Almost as if I hadn't gotten any sleep in weeks and now I had a 1000 word paper due in five minutes, and I hadn't even started. Of course, this was not the case, but that's how I felt.
" You look a little tired Pony, maybe you should go to bed," Darry said.
Ever since I was sick, Darry's been extra paranoid about my health.
"Awww come on Darry, I'll be fine" I said.
He looked doubtful for a minute and then said,
"Ok fine, but if you get really tired then go to bed."
" Sure."
We all spent the rest of the evening hanging out, laughing, and talking. Somewhere during the wild conversation about catfish,I saw a mental image of myself. I was falling. Very slowly, and sometimes I'd stop. Then I'd just keep on falling. There was also a pain that went with the falling. It felt sort of like when Steve bumped into me. The image seemed to drag me down with it. I felt my eyes grow heavy, and within five minutes I was leaning against Sodapop, fast asleep. I felt myself being carried to bed and laid down. I could hear whispers of,
" I knew he was tired."
" Poor kid,"
" Little brothers."
I just slept, and when I woke up in the morning, I was still falling inside.

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