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Chapter 1; Death brings Love!

A 13 year old blonde haired boy was standing in front of a woman with long wavy black hair. Sticking out of the boy's chest was a large sword covered in his blood. The boy's blue eyes were wide and blood could be seen spilling from his mouth. The woman having wide red eyes quickly said "Naruto!"

Naruto grabbing onto the sword managed to garble out "I told you I had a very bad feeling about this Kakashi-sensei." He then slowly turning around ignoring the wide eyes of his comrades.

His blue eyes landing on the owner of this sword turned frosty. He giving a bloody smirk to the man said "I was saving this to show the old man, but I might not have the chance to do so." He putting the tips of his fingers together closed his eyes and started to push his chakra into his hands.

Opening his eyes he cried out "Shoton; Ballad of the Cherry Blossom!" From his hands a huge bright pink storm of crystals went soaring towards the man. The man gaining wide eyes switched places with a nearby log. He watching the log get shredded looked at Naruto with wide eyes.

Naruto smirking said "Not done yet." He clapping his hands together turned them so the fingers were resting on the palms. He then spreading his hand revealed what looked like a blade of blood.

Naruto then said "Chiton; Blood Wave!" The man gained wide eyes when from the blade a huge wave of blood came barreling towards him. He jumping felt the wave get his leg, making him grunt in pain.

Naruto spotting the pain in the man's face shut one of his eyes and said "It's all up to you after this one Kakashi-sensei, Kurenai-sensei!"

He putting his hand in the snake sign pushed as much chakra as he could through his body and cried out "Shiton; Withering touch!"

Everyone gained wide eyes when from where Naruto stood a dark aura spread out. This aura started heading directly for the shocked man. He could literally see that everything the aura touched wilted away and died. He trying to jump, got most of his body over the aura, but the leg Naruto had hit with his blood wave was still on the ground. The aura hit this like a freight train hitting a baby carriage or cabbage cart. The man screamed as his leg turned as black as the night and he lost all feeling in it. Naruto then fell forward pushing the sword out of his body and making it fall to the ground. The man quickly tried to get the sword but was shocked when he was rejected by the sword. He cursing jumped back when a absolutely furious Kakashi appeared in front of him.

Kakashi seeing red said "Zabuza Momochi you just tried to kill one of my students. It's time for you to die."

He then vanished from the eyes of the genin and Kurenai. Zabuza jumping back cursed as critically injuring that brat awoke the fury inside of Kakashi. Kurenai rushing over to Naruto removed his jacket and shirt. She spotting the wound quickly pulled out some bandages and first aid ointment. She applying the ointment to the wound, then wrapping it looked at his wide lifeless blue eyes. Biting her lip she turned to the battle Kakashi was having. She seeing that he was kicking Zabuza's ass turned to Tazuna and said "Tazuna-san please point the way to your home." Tazuna nodding took off running in the direction of his home.

Kurenai spotting this said "Hinata, Kiba, Shino carry Naruto to Tazuna's home." She turning to the wide eyed Sakura and furious Sasuke.

She said "Sakura go with them. Sasuke you go and make sure they're safe."

She standing up said "I will be helping Kakashi as much as I can."

Sakura nodding ran after team eight hoping that her brave and selfless teammate didn't die. Sasuke sending a quick glare at Zabuza moved to keep his teammate safe. Kurenai once they were gone watched and helped Kakashi stomp a mudhole into Zabuza.

Tazuna arriving home quickly opened the door and said "Tsunami no time to speak. Go get the big room ready, and bring every medical supply we have."

His daughter Tsunami blinking nodded and went to do what he said. Hinata and Kiba coming in carrying Naruto seconds later followed Tazuna who lead them to the room. Shino was right behind that group using his bugs to keep an eye out. Sakura rushing in behind him ran up the stairs following the trail of Naruto's blood. Sasuke coming in seconds later scanning the area nodded to Shino and slammed the door close. Upstairs in a large room, Hinata and Kiba laid Naruto down where Tsunami ordered them to. Tsunami spotting the damage done to Naruto said "Dad we're gonna need ice and a needle."

Tazuna nodding ran out of the room searching for the needle. Tsunami rolling up her sleeves turned to Hinata and Sakura and said "I'm gonna need your help."

Hinata nodding quickly moved close to Tsunami. Sakura also nodding moved next to Tsunami. Kiba moving outside decided to guard the door, Akamaru beside him ready to bite someone. Tazuna finally finding a needle grabbed as much ice as he could and rushed into the room. Tsunami taking the needle and sterilizing it attached some thread to it. She removing the bandages quickly and carefully started to sew the wound shut. She once the front wound was shut said "Alright we need to gently get him on his stomach."

Hinata and Sakura nodding gently moved Naruto to his stomach. Tsunami then stitched up the wound on his back. She then helping the girls gently roll him to his back said "Dad hold him up." Tazuna nodding held Naruto up.

Tsunami placing as many pillows as she could down said "Alright lay him down." Tazuna gently laying Naruto on the pillows watched as Tsunami took the ice and put it around the wound.

She standing up said "I've done all I know to do. We need to change the bandages every hour."

Sakura looking at Naruto with worry asked "Does someone need to watch him?"

Tsunami nodding said "Yes to make sure he doesn't start bleeding out."

Hinata was about to take first watch when the door opened up to reveal Kakashi who said "I will be watching him."

Sakura hearing this turned to Kakashi and asked "Did you defeat Zabuza?"

Kakashi growling said "No he managed to get away with the help of a masked accomplice. Next time we meet I'll have his head."

Sakura hearing this nodded and walked out of the room promising herself to get stronger. Hinata walking out of the room looked at Naruto and sent a silent prayer that he survived this. Once everyone was out of the room, Kakashi finally took a deep breath. He looking at Naruto closed his eyes and started praying that Naruto survived this, because if he didn't Kakashi would be wrecked and Naruto's adopted sister Yugao would kill him. Kurenai walking into the room minutes later actually moved to Naruto's side and bit her lip. She closing her eyes started to pray that Naruto survived this.

What none of them knew that Naruto had not only died right there but right now was sitting in a plush room in heaven. He didn't know where he was but he was liking the comfy bed he was sleeping on. It wasn't like the one his Nee-chan Yugao had that they both had to share at times. This one was large and seemed to be both warm and cool at the same time. He leaning back into the bed was loving this, when suddenly a loud scream of "WHAT!" shook him from his paradise. He then felt the door to the room he was in get blasted in. He spotting the smoking remains of the door on the ground looked towards the door and blushed darker then the Kyuubi's fur. Standing in the door was a woman with long flowing pink hair, that seemed to sparkle. She had the perfect heart shaped face, that made her plump lips stand out. Her eyes were shaped like almonds and were a light green. Her skin was pale and almost luminescent. She had the perfect frame that made the snow white kimono she was dressed in fill out in all the right places. All in all this woman made his Nee-chan and her friends, including Kurenai looked like drag queens. That word suddenly made Naruto's blush vanish and a disgusted look appear on his face. He had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting several of them. Hell one of them was his Nee-chan's boyfriend at the moment. He then blinked when the woman picked him up and started to inspect him like he was some kind of toy. She dropping him on the bed said "This is unbelievable. Some fool actually killed you."

She then placing her hand on his forehead, watched what happened. She opening her eyes said "So you died protecting Yuhi Kurenai from the surprise attack of Momochi Zabuza."

She smiling softly said "You're so sweet." Naruto blushed hearing her say this.

She then sitting down beside him said "Your death however presents a very big problem."

Naruto looking at her asked "How so?"

She sighing said "You are the chosen one. You were 5 years from now supposed to fight a great and powerful evil, that if not defeated would take over and destroy the world. You were also supposed to unite the elemental nations and bring peace to the world."

He hearing this blinked and said "Woah!"

She smiling said "Woah indeed. You just died though protecting one of your big sisters friends from a man who thinks himself as a demon."

Naruto blinking asked "Why don't you make someone else the chosen one. Like Sasuke-teme?"

She snorting said "Because he is part of the great evil and has a heart of pure darkness. He is and always will be a spoiled pampered little boy."

Naruto hearing this asked "So I take it you don't like Sasuke-teme?"

She snorting said "Not just him but several others that I can't tell you about."

Naruto sighing asked "What are you going to do?"

She looking at him said "There is always the option of sending you back."

Naruto looking at her said "Not happening."

She quirking an eyebrow asked "Why not?"

He looking at the ceiling said "Without me Nee-chan can finally have a good apartment and a comfy bed. She'll be free of the curse of the demon fox and the hatred my name carries."

She hearing this said "But she'd be missing her little brother. One of the few things she enjoys and looks forward to."

Naruto said "She'd have her friends and her boyfriend."

She then asked "What if she didn't have Kurenai?"

Naruto blinking asked "What are you talking about?"

The woman waiving her hand in the air said "Observe."

He looking at the air gained wide eyes spotting Tazuna's bridge, with the bodies of Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, Tazuna, his family, and Zabuza all laid out on the ground. The sound of grunting could be heard. The air then moved to something that made Naruto's eyes widen even more. Laid out on the bridge being raped by a bunch of men with weapons was Kurenai. She had blood leaking out of her body and was covered in the sexual fluids of the men. Standing away from this was a short man wearing a business suit, with a cane in his hands, and yellow tinted shades on his face. This man smirking said "That's what you get for messing with my business bitch." He then laughed. The air then turned to normal.

Naruto turning to look at her asked "What the hell was that?"

She said "That was the future."

He shaking his head said "It can't be."

She nodding sorrowfully said "This is the future without you. Gato continues to oppress and enslave wave, Kurenai is left on the unfinished bridge raped to death as a reminder to all what happens to those who defy him."

Naruto shutting his eyes jumped off the bed and said "I'm not gonna let that happen."

She hearing this asked "How are you going to stop it, you're dead remember?"

He opening his eyes looked at her and said "Send me back."

She hearing this said "In order to do that I'd have to make you my child, and elevate you from a simple human into something more."

He not caring said "Send me back."

She getting up from the bed said "You'd no longer be human. I'd take the power of the Kyuubi from you, and it would be painful."

Naruto looking at her dead in the eyes said "I said send me back."

She smiling brightly at him said "So be it Sochi-kun."

Naruto hearing this gained wide eyes, but it was too late as he vanished. She giggling snapped her fingers and the soul of the Kyuubi appeared in her hand. She setting the sleeping fox down on the bed snapped her fingers and the room transformed from pure white, to orange, blue, purple and black. On the wall paintings of the 4 hokage appeared, along with pictures of Yugao, Hana Inuzuka, Anko Mitarashi, and Kurenai. On the wall an exact replica of the Kubikiribocho appeared with Naruto's blood still on it. The door then appeared on the hinges again to reveal it open.

Carved into the door were the words "Do not fear the darkness, for it brings the light. Do not fear blood, as it pumps life through the body. Do not fear death, as there is life beyond it. Do not fear my child, as the love of your mother will always be with you." She walking to this door, gently touched the oak wood and said "You are the child of Izanami now. All is within your reach my child!"